September 01, 2010
KISS Alive at the Mohegan Sun

by Christopher Annino

Connecticut wanted the best and Connecticut got the best, the hottest band in the world, KISS! They played at the Mohegan Sun on August 19th and a crowd of lucky KISS followers, known as the KISS Army, gathered in droves to witness one of the greatest shows on earth. What other form of entertainment offers a fire breathing demon monster who can jump 50 feet in the air, a flamboyant front-man flying around the audience, a levitating drumming cat man and a man from outer space playing guitar licks that are out of this world?

The band filled arenas and stadiums for 40 years and is a part of Rock-n-Roll history with their legendary stage theatrics and countless albums sold worldwide - including their current one, "Sonic Boom." With their larger-than-life personas and devotion to their fans, KISS sold millions of albums worldwide.

KISS's current line-up consists of the original founders, lead vocalist/guitarist Paul Stanley and bassist/lead vocals Gene Simmons and new members, lead guitarist Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer on drums.

Minutes before KISS took the stage, the band was inducted into the Mohegan Sun's Walk of Fame. During the induction, Paul Stanley jokingly said to the crowd, "Why aren't you all in the arena enjoying the opening bands [Tester, Envy, and The Academy Is]?"

Flames and fireworks spouted as KISS ascended onto the stage on a hovering apparatus. The show was full of their Platinum songs, including, a rare rendition of Led Zeplin's "Whole Lotta Love" by front man Paul Stanley.

"My first kiss concert was in 1979 at the Springfield Civic Center. I was 7 years old and I was amazed then, and I am even more amazed now with what they can do. KISS is ageless," said Karen Gianetti, Springfield, MA.

After performing their fist encore, KISS dedicated $170,000 to the Wounded Warriors Fund, for war veterans wounded while serving our country. "The brave men and women who serve this great country of ours are the real hero's and we have great respect for each and every one of them" said front man Paul Stanley.

KISS then went on to play another two encores before ending with there signature song "Rock and Roll all Night."