February 24, 2012
Score like never before at KISS® by Monster Mini Golf®.

No matter if you’re a Rockstar or a Roadie, this scorecard app is fun for all ages.

JAMB Innovations, in conjunction with Monster Mini Golf®, are pleased to announce the KISS® by Monster Mini Golf® scorecard app. The app is now available for pre-sale purchase in the iTunes App Store.

The scorecard app will enhance your experience at KISS® by Monster Mini Golf® and keep your group’s score at the same time. Integrated with the Las Vegas location’s par information, the app will keep tally of you and your friends’ score at all times. The 18 holes are “JAMB” packed with KISS® inspired facts and graphics. Included at each hole is a “KISSTORY Lesson” letting users test their knowledge about the band and its members. With nearly 200 facts, users will enjoy a new experience each time they return. Also make sure to share your “hole-in-ones” on Facebook or even Tweet your final score!

Direct iTunes Link:

“We are thrilled to be a part of this collaboration,” commented Adam Bitterman, CEO of JAMB Innovations. “The mini golf experience has been elevated to a new level.”

JAMB Innovations worked exclusively with Monster Mini Golf® to produce a second golf scoring app. The original app “Monster Mini Golf” helps keep score at over 30 other Monster Mini Golf® locations. The app has been featured in the Top 200 Sports Apps in iTunes for 28 consecutive weeks.

Make sure to participate in the pre-sale and count down with us to the Grand Opening on March 15, 2012! KISS® by Monster Mini Golf® is available in the iTunes Store for $0.99.

Direct iTunes Link:

Program Features:
Countdown to the grand opening 3/15/12
Cumulative scoring of 18 holes of miniature golf
Location specific par information
A KISSTORY Lesson at every hole - nearly 200 KISS facts
Share Hole In Ones on Facebook (coming soon to Twitter)
Share final score on Facebook
Share final score on Twitter (requires iOS 5 or greater)
Over 25 KISS themed wallpapers to save as backgrounds
Integrated Spinner for in-store challenges
Jump to hole - start anywhere on the course, or skip past slower groups
Multitasking - use your other apps at the same time
Settings - toggle KISSTORY Lessons or Sharing for a faster golf game
And much more!