Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons to open Rock & Brews restaurant in Chesterfield, Missouri

Paint your face white and black and get ready to rock and roll (and eat) all night. Rock & Brews, the restaurant concept that counts rock superstars Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons of KISS among its founding partners, will open this fall in Chesterfield.

“This is more a lifestyle than a restaurant,” Stanley said in an interview Wednesday. “People who come here pretty much make it their home — their hang out.”

In fact, finding a place where Stanley could hang out with his own family helped shape the Rock & Brews concept.

“As I got older, I found that to go out with my kids and spend time during the day meant I’d have to eat cardboard mac and cheese with a waiter dressed like a giant rat,” Stanley said. “So the idea (behind Rock & Brews) was in one sense to address a need I had. If you address your own needs, you address the needs of others.”

Rock & Brews will occupy the stand-alone building at 17258 Chesterfield Airport Road in the Chesterfield Commons shopping plaza.



On this day in KISSTORY - May 26, 1977, KISS announce their debut KISS Marvel Comic book and deposit their own blood in the comic book ink at the Marvel printing plant.

Gene recalled the event:

As the KISS comic book project moved along, someone came up with the idea of putting real blood in the ink. It wasn't me - maybe it was Bill Aucoin. We got in the DC3, one of those big prop planes, and flew up to Buffalo to Marvel's printing plant, where they pour the ink and make comic books. A notary public actually witnessed the blood being drawn.




KISS Freedom To Rock Tour will visit over 40 cities starting July 4th in Tuscon, Arizona and will travel the country throughout July and August and will close September 10th in Huntington, West Virginia.

The KISS Freedom To Rock Tour will bring epic rock to many cities it hasn’t been to in over 10+ years and four brand new cities as well. KISS specifically wanted to take the Freedom To Rock Tour to its fans in markets that haven’t had the chance to see them in some time or ever at all. This  tour will rock those markets and allow fans across the country to see KISS.

Opening for KISS will be Recording Artist Caleb Johnson (American Idol Season 13 winner) for shows July 4 – August 10 while the All-Star rock band THE DEAD DAISIES will open for KISS for shows August 10 – September 10. The “Freedom To Rock” Tour is produced by: National Shows 2 (nationalshows2.com), Frank Productions (frankproductions.com), and CMoore Live (cmoorelive.com).

CLICK HERE to to purchase tickets and Meet & Greets for the Freedom To Rock Tour now!



The KISS ARMY was out in full force yesterday around the world for the KISS ROCKS VEGAS Movie Event!

Thanks to everyone who shared your photos and kind words with us!  We're glad you had such a great time!


How To Be A Rock Star Dad, By Legendary KISS Guitarist Paul Stanley

By Stephanie Soh / AskMen UK.

This article was originally published by AskMen UK. 

Dolled up to the nines with a black star painted over one eye, wielding an electric guitar, and towering in platform boots against a backdrop of some rather dramatic looking hellfire. This isn’t a look you’d usually associate with fatherhood, but Kiss guitarist and dad of four, Paul Stanley, is in the habit of doing both. “My kids think ‘Dad’s famous, dad’s cool, dad’s in Kiss’. But at the end of the day, there facets to everybody, nobody is one dimensional. It’s just another side of dad.”


Interview With Paul Stanley And Gene Simmons As 'KISS Rocks Vegas' Hits Theaters

By Mark Hughes / Forbes

This week brings KISS Rocks Vegas to theaters for a one-night only event, delivering a stadium-style concert experience to audiences at the cineplex. And the sound mix in Dolby Atmos creates something no other concert films have achieved in their attempts to bring live music to theater audiences. I had the pleasure of seeing KISS Rocks Vegas at a special screening with the band themselves, and beforehand I spoke with singer-guitarist Paul Stanley and singer-bassist Gene Simmons. Before I get to the interviews, let me explain my history with KISS, my interest in audio for cinema, and why this movie was so special to me personally.


Rock Icon Paul Stanley's Five Favorite Films

by  / Rotten Tomatoes.com

You wanted the best? You got the best!

The hottest band in the world is hitting the big screen for one night only, this Wednesday, with Kiss Rocks Vegas. Members of the Kiss Army will be flocking to the theaters, but even backseat fans and those millennials who may not be as familiar with the astonishment that is a live Kiss concert will have a chance to see the legendary show from the comfort of a local cinema.

We had a chance to see an advanced screening of this blistering treat for the eyes and ears, but unbeknownst to us, the band itself was there to mingle, watch, and critique its own film, being the ultimate perfectionists one might expect. Not one to miss an opportunity to get a Five Favorite Films interview with rock royalty, we whipped out the portable recorder (which Mr. Paul Stanley himself nostalgically referred to as a vintage “Norelco”), and sat down to chat with the lead singer/guitarist/starman. Amidst exchanging inappropriate jokes with bassist/singer/demon Gene Simmons, lead guitarist/spaceman Tommy Thayer expressing the thrills of producing the film, and drummer catman Eric Singer interjecting comical banter about watches, cars and genitalia (Stanley joked that he was an interview “hijacker”), we were indeed able to get the sought after info: the movies that move Paul Stanley of Kiss.

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