Tribute Bands

Paul Matsu as Paul Stanley
Gene Kosimmons as Gene Simmons
Ace Take as Ace Frehly
Peter Cross as Peter Criss
kannon as Ace Frehley
Poul Fujita as Paul Stanley
Erock shingo as Peter Criss
Jack as Gene Simmons
KISSDOLLS are a Nagoya Japan based KISS tribute band. The prototype of KISSDOLLS was born in 1996 but it took some time to complete the line up. The first live was performed at last in December 1999 and performances have continued since then. Our show reproduces KISS from 1977. We mainly play the KISS classics of the 70s just as we remember seeing them when we were young.
Please remember there is a cool KISS tribute band in the East!!
Perry : guitar / vocal
Kuma : guitar / vocal
Madam : drums / vocal
Seazer : bass / vocal
Without Make-ups, With KISS Spirits! UNHOLY was formed in May, 1992. Since then we are holding live shows 2 or 3 times per year. We have performed 40 or more KISSongs until now, especially many songs which other bands seldom perform. (Example : Mainline, Room Service, Ladies In Wating, Dirty Livin', Naked City, You're All That I Want, Saint & Sinner, Exciter, Betrayed, Unholy, I Just Wanna, Master & Slave, In The Mirror...etc) Please come to see us out of the world!!
PS10 N@ul as " Paul Stanley"
Gene Sinammons as "Gene Simmons"
Ace Friendly as "Ace Frehley"
Ueric Singer as "Peter Criss sometimes Eric Singer"
We HEAVY KISS was born in Jan 2002. Costumes are that of the "Destroyer" but renewed as Farewell Tour. Our home ground is Tokyo, rock'n'roll show consists of the blood, fire breathing, smoke, singing in the audience space, each members solo, throwing picks, special present for audience, guitar smash and more... Come and see our KISS spirits!!!
Melon Simmons as Gene, Paula Maki-nley as Paul, Mousse Frehley as Ace & Betty Criss as Peter
If KISS members were women, how they're going to dress up and move on the stage? TORPEDO GIRL is an all-female tribute band to KISS. This is the ultimate way of expressing our love to GENE, PAUL, ACE and PETER!
We formed a band last spring. The reason was quite simple ; we just wanted to PLAY KISS on the stage just like other male tribute bands. Our first show was on October 15th, 2000. Almost 100 KISS fans came and enjoyed our show. We were very happy to have fantastic night. We also proved that women could do!!
"The KISS Japan" are without a doubt the most exciting KISS tribute band on the scene today in Japan. Since formation in 1992, the KISS Japan created a buzz among KISS fans in Yokohama city area. The band is made that concept of "Destroyer" and "Rock And Roll Over". However we love to play every KISS songs for our shows. 'Cause we don't have limit. Why don't you come to Yokohama to see our shows! You're more than welcome. Lots of love from the KISS Japan, Yeah!
Paul "shinbaly", Gene "satoshi"mmons, Ace "katsuly" & Peter Criss(man)
Hosshy Hoshinosuke as Paul Stanley, Ace PrehlyDog as Ace Frehley, Eric Barr as Eric Carr & Co-Gene Simmons as Gene Simmons
MAKIN' LOVE have our gigs once a month, maybe No.1 KISS tribute band in Asia, touring each town of each prefecture in Japan.
The band consider it most important thing in our concerts that we re-construct the fantasy and pleasure of the real KISS concert for Asian people . That is to say, MAKIN' LOVE shows the Rock and Roll spirits easily and simply for the audience in Japan or each country of Asia to get it out into their hearts and minds. In fact, people who's never ever seen the KISS show experienced MAKIN' LOVE's show and most of them bought the KISS CDs or Videos. We MAKIN' LOVE is some kinda promotion band of the KISS.
"We admire KISS -The Hottest Band In The World - We want to let you experience their great PERFORMANCE, great SOUNDS and great ATMOSPHERE."
Paul Stanley : Andreas Diegel, Gene Simmons : Stephan May, Peter Criss : Gunther Willms & Ace Frehley : Cory Newell
Nik - Vocals
Mike - Rhythm Guitar
Carsten: Lead Guitar
Oliver - Drums
Volker - Bass
Shandi: Background vocals
Christine16: Background vocals
Mick, Farmer, Wasley & Mada
We got the name KISS THIS from the film Detroit Rock City. After seeing KISS on T.V. and watching a hole lotta video's we new KISS would play a great part in our life. We went to see DRESSED TO KILL (UK) and they inspired us even more, so we all got together learned our parts and we get loads of hints and tips from other KISS tribute bands.
We are only teenagers, not very old. (14, 15, 15) years old. We go over the the same things every time we practice so we know what we are doing when we come to do a gig.
Carl / Peter, Danny / Ace, Darran / Paul & Mark / Gene
"We were gonna play a halloween show a few years ago and decided to be it a bit different and play the gig as kiss and thats where it all started. I was Eric Carr back then but now i'm usually Peter, I change it about a bit !"
"Parasite will play any song recorded under the kiss name...if someone wants to here a song then we'll have a go at playing it no matter from what era of the band it's from. W are here to give kiss fans what they want and what kiss can't...WE ARE KISS FANS FIRST AND FOREMOST !!!!"
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