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Over the past few years we've had David Ryder-Prangley and Robin Guy (Rachel Stamp) as Paul and Peter respectively, Pete Friesen (Alice Cooper band) as Ace, Chris Dale and Alex Elena (Bruce Dickinson band) as Gene and Eric respectively, and Alex Dickson (Emma Bunton band) as Ace, Paul and even Vinnie on ocassion.
Schoolgirl Kiss is a tribute band with make-up, pyros and schoolgirl outfits! That's what happens when you can't afford the Dynasty costumes. We only do one London gig each year at KISSMAS, which is usually just before the rest of the world celebrates Christmas. Email us at the address above if you want us to let you know where the next KISSMAS celebrations are.
Gary Banton / Gene
Ashley Brooks / Paul
Danny / Ace
Richard Sawyer / Peter
" A drummer willing to do anything to make it' is snapped up by a rhythm guitarist/bass player duo. Soon after, a lead guitarist answers an ad by the trio." Now that story sounds all too familiar but in the uk in early 1990 history or should i say kisstory repeated it self and gave birth to Dressed To Kill .The band are now very well established all over Europe having toured extensively and appeared at many European kiss conventions.
Individual member photos by Russ Peake.
Paul Ztanley
Peter Crizz
Gene Zimmonz
Aze Frehley

The band formed in 1992 (The Hooligans) but have only started to dress in costumes and make up in '97, changing their name to KISSCOVERS.
KISSCOVERS played "Psycho Circus" song in December 1999 for a "Psycho Circus Party" at Rolling Stones in Milan. Mercury Italy sent a promotional advance demo to KISSCOVERS to learn it and the band played the song before people ever listend the album version. The same night during a Gene Simmons phone called interview he introduced the band with a famous phrase: "YOU WANTED THE BEST YOU GOT THE BEST...".
Giacomo Gigantelli as Paul;
Marco Zani as Gene;
Marco Ferrario as Ace;
Roberto Zanoni as Peter.
Konfusion Starchild, Gene Blood, Ace KK, and Peter Cat Eyes
The band formed in mid ’93, when two of the members met by chance at a rock party and, figured out the common passion for the hottest band in the world, decided to conceive KISSKONFUSION. Paul and Ace, after a short trial, met Peter and Gene in a recording studio and, ascertained the similarities with each character, the 4 started out the band’s musical activity. Today KISSKONFUSION can boast of an organized Management and an awesome Staff, that allowed the band to achieve an enthralling live show in which everyone has his own exact and essential role. Konfusion Starchild, Gene Blood, Ace KK, and Peter Cat Eyes are all extremely grateful to all of these people.
Dave, Jan, Alex & Andy
Marlena "The Sex Symbol" (Paul Stanley)
Miki "The Demon" (Gene Simmons)
Barbara "The Cat Woman" (Peter Criss/Eric Singer)
Beth "The Egyptian" (Vinnie Vincent)
Sergio "Space Ace" (Ace Frehley)

The Hottest Tribute To Kiss After the American Girls Of Kiss in Playboy... the girls grab guitars and drums and it comes KISSEXYng time!!! Cos if Kiss were naughty ladies, they'd certainly be KISSEXY!!!! Kissexy formed in 1993.
In 1995 the band plays at the European Kiss-Konvention Tour (Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland, U.K.) Host of the tour is Ace Frehley, "shocked" from their sex appeal! In 1999 the band plays during a Kiss tribute night organized by Kiss Army International in Milan to celebrate the return of Kiss to Italy. Kiss ask to meet the band backstage and they all shoot a photo together... Paul Stanley says laughing: "You can play tonight on our stage, but we'll keep the money!!!".
Bepaul Stanley, Frank Simmons, Jonny Frehley, Gamba Criss
Electric Circus was born 7 years ago after a wonderful Kiss concert in Milan. The costumes and guitars are the same as the originals and the show with it's pyro, blood and smoking guitar, re creates a real Kiss concert. The people like the band because they play 101% KISS and when sometimes somebody asks for a Paul's or Gene's autograph, that's a great compliment! Thanks to all the people who support us, we are proud to be a Kiss tribute band!

Enter the incredible world and reincarnation of the true KISS experience from the early years. The "Original" Kiss Army will shock all of your senses. The blood... smoking guitars... pyrotechnics... and smoke billowing stage is where the four top KISS impersonators in the business will elude you into believing that you are back in time with the hottest band in the worl D ...KISS ! With dead-on accurate vocal stylings, costumes, wardrobe and a sound that's second to none, this group leaves no stone unturned. The Original Kiss Army rocks, shocks and titilates all that come into contact.
Paul, Paul, Paul and Paul!
ROCK n' ROLL all night with PAUL, PAUL, PAUL and PAUL!
By far, the most out of control manifestation of KISS misfits ever created. They'll adore you and they'll floor you...they'll absolutely destroy you.
Winnipeg Rock City in Manitoba, Canada is where The Stanleys call home, however they intend on taking their campy rock 'n roll roller coaster to the far reaches of the globe. They've taken all the energy and excitement of a 70's style KISS show and catapulted it a few steps further. With over the top antics and grease paint, THE PAUL STANLEYS deliver a KISS experience unlike no other.
Jim as Gene Simmons Dave Lafreniere as Ace Frehley Andy Fournier as Paul Stanley Nathan Calhoun as Peter Criss
We are a tribute to the greatest band in the world!
Started in 1997, Double Platinum has only preformed 1 gig at a Halloween bash, due to finding the right band members. We do have the costumes, boots & Make-up down pat, so please…. Stay tuned for updated pictures. We are wearing the Alive costumes.
Our set lists consist of mostly songs from the first 2 Alive lp’s.
Watch for a show coming near you.
Jeff Hill as all four original members of KISS!
Jeff Hill has been a magician and illusionist for most of his life. His performance style is a strong blend of classic and contemporary magic, with the energy and attitude of a rock concert. As a performer, Jeff has always claimed KISS as a major influence and finally decided that it was time to use magic to celebrate his favourite rock band! Drawing from his own repertoire, he selected routines that would suit the character of each member, as well as which klassic KISS tunes would accompany each set. The result is an original, one of a kind tribute act that will thrill and amaze KISS fans everywhere!
Jeff Scott & Jennifer Power Scott
We perform with pre-programmed drum, bass and keyboard lines. We began this act in 1998, shortly after the completion of my Gene costume and an appearance at a local pub. We play Halloween parties, festivals and, yes, we even played an anniversary. Our repertoire consists of Dr. Love, New York Groove, Detroit Rock City, Hard Luck Woman, Rock and Roll All Nite and more.
Spiro Papadatos as Gene Simmons Steve Georgakopoulos as Ace Frehley Dean Georgakopoulos as Paul Stanley Glen (Archie) Gamble as Peter Criss
You wanted the best... you got the next best thing... ALIVE! During KISS' non-makeup era, Canada's ALIVE was keeping the fires burning (literally!) for fans of the classic '70's lineup. Songs from ALIVE! and ALIVE II were performed the way you remembered them complete with all the blood, smoke, fire and bombs that made the KISS shows of the '70's legendary.
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