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Aug 08 2010
Check out these great photos of the KISS Army at last night's Boston-area concert!

Each one of these photos was taken by fans at the show who shared their great pics with the world via the KISS LIVE SHARE CoolIris application. KISS is the first band in the world to launch this app, and the KISS ARMY is being called upon to start taking great pictures! Want to join in the fun?

Download the free app from iTunes or Android Market at KISS LIVE SHARE and get started!
Aug 08 2010
An Eastern New Mexico University graduate has displayed her art in 1,100 locations, worked with rock band KISS and made her mark on the New Mexico Lottery.

Jessica Quintana, who graduated from ENMU in 2000 with a bachelor's degree in fine arts, designed the new popular KISS scratchers.

"They were fun," she said.

Lottery spokeswoman Linda Hamlin said the KISS lottery game launched June 22, and within four days, 80 percent of the 1,100 New Mexico Lottery retailers had the tickets on display and for sale. That is one of the fastest responses, she said.

Hamlin said the lottery has received e-mails from people around the country and around the world asking if they could buy KISS lottery tickets. People can only buy the game in New Mexico, except for the tickets Hamlin found for sale on eBay for $10 and $50.

Official retailers sell the KISS tickets for $5 each.

Hamlin said the KISS scratchers got started when lottery CEO Tom Romero, a KISS fan, invited the band to be featured in a lottery game in December. Because the group's image is licensed, the designers needed to work with the members on the tickets.

Quintana, a veteran in working with licensed material, created tickets with photos from the band, received approval from lottery employees and sent the designs to the KISS manager.

The manager sent the designs on to KISS members Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley. Quintana said the group was on tour in Europe, but responded in about three days, compared to the three weeks some licensers take.

Quintana received messages saying "Gene" and "Paul" each wanted a different guitar used.

"That was really surreal to feel I was on a first-name basis with these superstars," she said.
Aug 06 2010

Take pictures at KISS concerts and see them stream onto the Big Screen! Just pick the concert that you're at from the list in the app, start snapping pictures, and everyone in the audience will see your photos on the Big Screen!

Photo highlights will also be displayed on KISSonline and be eligible for great KISS prizes . Relive the best moments of the concert through the embeddable Cooliris 3D Wall on KISSonline and .

KISS is the first band in the world to launch this application and the KISS ARMY is being called upon to start taking great pictures now!

This is how it works, It's so easy.

1. Download the free app from iTunes or Android Market at KISS LIVE SHARE.
2. Open the application.
3. Select the KISS concert or event you would like to join.
4. Snap a photo with Liveshare.
5. See everyone's photos on the Big Screen, on your phone, and on
Aug 06 2010

The cover of Indiana magazine Nuvo features a tribute to the hottest band in the world! KISS makes their first ever appearance at the Indiana State Fair on Monday, and Gene Simmons promised the Grandstand will be rocked with "the most explosive show since the Beatles played there" in 1964.
Aug 05 2010
By Antony Bruno

KISS is going back on tour, and you know what that means - all sorts of KISS-licensed stuff. This time around, the Masters of Merch are going digital with KISS Liveshare, a mobile app that lets fans share photos taken at the show on screen during the show, as well as with friends on Facebook and Twitter.

The app was created by Cooliris, in partnership with KISS and Live Nation Merchandise.

Aug 04 2010
KISS becomes first band to introduce live interactive concert photo experience for fans!

KISS (, the iconic American rock band that has sold more than 80 million albums, played for millions and become an integral part of the American culture, has just notched another first in their long list of stellar achievements: Liveshare by Cooliris featuring KISS (, an exciting mobile photo-sharing application that will launch on KISS' The Hottest Show on Earth tour this summer.

Fans attending The Hottest Show on Earth tour, KISS' biggest, loudest, most over-the-top concert tour ever that kicked-off July 23 in Cheyenne, Wyoming, will become the first to have photos of KISS, themselves, and their friends experiencing the raw power and excitement of a live KISS concert, appear live on giant KISS video screens.

Through a free downloadable app, KISS fans can snap photos during the concert with the highlights being displayed on the KISS jumbo screen. Users will also be able to share photos to Facebook and Twitter, bringing their friends into the live concert experience.
Aug 03 2010
Here's the exclusive interview as appears in our August Anniversary Buyer's Guide


Most lists of 100 things to do before you die involve travel to exotic locations and participating in some sort of extreme sport, but if you are a musician your bucket list should also include attending a KISS concert.

For the last 35 years KISS has staged a spectacle unlike any other in the rock and roll business—one that keeps getting bigger and better every time they go out on the road on tour. This year's tour, called "The Hottest Show on Earth," is a two-hour extravaganza filled with enough fireworks and pyrotechnics "to bring down low-flying aircraft," promises KISS rhythm guitarist Paul Stanley.

"When we go on stage, we want people in the audience to go, 'This is what a rock concert is supposed to be!" says Stanley. "Our show started out by us wanting to get up on stage and show people how it was supposed to be done. We wanted to be the band that we always wanted to see but never saw. We still go out there every night and try to be the ideal band."

Fans can always count on seeing bassist Gene Simmons spewing mushroom clouds of fire, Les Pauls that shoot fireworks, and more confetti than a Wall Street ticker tape parade celebrating a World Series victory by the New York Yankees. This year's tour includes massive video screens that give fans close up views of all four band members in performance, multi-colored flame explosions, and hydraulic platforms that lift band members high into the air while spraying out more fireworks and pyro.
Aug 03 2010
'KISS' Scratcher Brings $50,000 in Good Fortune to Alamogordo Fan

ALBUQUERQUE - You could say Judith "Judy" Aguirre got a KISS for luck.

Aguirre, who lives in Alamogordo, New Mexico, won $50,000 playing the New Mexico Lottery's "KISS" Scratcher. "I love KISS and I love Gene Simmons," Aguirre told lottery officials in Albuquerque. "When I heard the game had come out, I just had to play."

Aguirre, a KISS fan since the 1980s and a loyal viewer of reality show "Gene Simmons Family Jewels," bought the ticket Tuesday morning. After winning $10 and $15 on "KISS" tickets played earlier in the month, Aguirre said she never expected her next ticket to reveal a five-figure sum.
Aug 03 2010
Dale "The Demon" Torborg made a rare appearance at a charity event in Orlando this past weekend benefitting breast cancer research. Real Radio 104.1 Monsters in the Morning asked The Demon to take part in order to raise money for "Rock Pink" ( The Demon was one of the highest bid on celebrities at the event helping to raise over $36,000 for breast cancer research. The Monsters main DJ, Russ Rollins a huge KISS fan, joined Dale Torborg at the last KISS show at Cobo Hall last year.
Aug 02 2010
KISS is featured on the cover of the latest Guitar Center catalogs. The catalogs also feature a four page interview with the band, and an ad for Guitar Center sweepstakes that includes KISS.

Aug 02 2010
Check out this fan's awesome KISS tattoo!

Thanks to Joe Penn for sending KISSonline this clip of his tattoo.

Aug 01 2010
Check out these cool KISS Army photos taken by the KISS Army at this weekend's KISS shows in Cincinnati, OH and Hershey, PA. KISS fans used LiveShare to get their photos on the big screens and KISSOnline!

CLICK HERE for more info on KISS LiveShare

Aug 01 2010
More photos of the KISS Army taken by the KISS Army at this weekend's KISS shows in Cincinnati, OH and Hershey, PA.

KISS LiveShare
Aug 01 2010
Winchester man has assembled an 896-piece collection of rock band

By Monty Tayloe / The Winchester Star
Photo by Scott Mason/The Winchester Star

His grandparents say that when 4-year-old Benji Knee came to live with them in 1976, the obsession had already begun.

Born with Down syndrome, he brought his favorite toys to make the move easier: Four long-haired dolls - one each for Peter Criss, Ace Frehley, Paul Stanley, and Gene Simmons - the original lineup of the face-painted hard-rock band KISS.

"They're the hottest band in the world," Benji said 34 years later, standing in front of a dresser stuffed with KISS T-shirts.

His dolls are now just a small part of a 896-piece KISS collection that has taken over his grandparents' basement, his bedroom, and now even the family living room.

"This is his whole life," said Benji's grandfather (and retired city treasurer) Walter "Skeeter" Knee, 75, standing in the basement Benji calls his office.
Jul 31 2010
We've now passed the 1 million fans mark on Facebook! The Army, the tribe, the family continues to grow at a pace that staggers even us. Anyone who has seen us on one of the last two tours knows we've taken KISS to a whole new level. You deserve it. We deserve it. It's only getting better. We're only getting stronger. We're only getting started.

Thanks a million!

You Wanted The Best, You GOT the Best!

Paul, Tommy, Eric and Gene

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