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Jan 21 2014

Have you seen these young kids, Chaotic Five? They Rock!

Here they are performing "Rock and Roll All Nite" at the Hard Rock Cafe to celebrate Paul Stanley's birthday!

Kumiko Furuyama


Jan 20 2014
Thanks to Ernesto Cingolani of Italy for sharing this great KISS birthday cake with us!

Jan 19 2014
KISS is everywhere indeed!!! Fresh from the Hard Rock located on the Las Vegas Strip...I might have to fight 'em for the display!!!

Glen "Butch" Rhodes


Jan 19 2014
702 Scene visits KISS by Monster Mini Golf.

Jan 18 2014
Check out these great KISS tattoos! Thanks for sharing them with us!

Keep them coming!
Jan 17 2014
Here's Paul Stanley and some friends at Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood Boulevard launch of the Hard Rock’s limited-edition KISS Signature Series: Edition 32 T-Shirt and Pin, benefiting City of Hope.

KISS has partnered with Hard Rock Cafe on Limited Edition KISS merchandise supporting City of Hope.

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Jan 17 2014

Photo by Antonio Calanni/AP

Even if you like the rock band Kiss, and the bratty superhero antics of its founders, Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, their appearance at the end of John Varvatos’s show in Milan qualified as a cringe moment. With models standing around them, the rock legends fist-pumped the air — Mr. Simmons stuck his tongue out, of course — and Mr. Varvatos looked pleased to be with his new mates. His clothes this season have a sleek toughness, with scaly metallic finishes and feathered fabrics that made you think of animals. Maybe that’s a link to Kiss. Still, the group’s presence seemed out of context, like someone photo-bombing your wedding pictures. Well, someone with clown makeup and a cherry-red tongue.

Mr. Varvatos usually has a musical artist hook-up. He recently featured Willie Nelson in his advertising; next it will be Kiss. But what was even stranger than seeing the rock stars at the show was encountering them beforehand, during an interview at the Westin hotel. They were dressed, Cash-style, in black; Mr. Simmons had on a vintage pair of cowboy boots. Their hair was relatively normal. Before Mr. Simmons joined the conversation, Mr. Stanley proudly showed off snaps of his outdoor pizza oven in California, where both men live, and some examples of his pie baking.
Jan 16 2014
Thanks to the KISS Army for sharing these great KISS Hard Rock photos and letters with KISS!

KISS has partnered with Hard Rock Cafe on Limited Edition KISS merchandise supporting City of Hope.

CLICK HERE to purchase yours today online.

KISS truly is everywhere ! Kiss display for the new Kiss Signature Series At the new Hard Rock Cafe, Glasgow, Scotland ! Please come back to Glasgow soon ! - Drew Somerville

My girlfriend and I went to tour Yankee Stadium, and I am a huge KISS fan and wanted to check out the Hard Rock Cafe to see if they had any KISS artifacts. Looks like we found something better, and someone is a little excited to see her favorite demon. Also congrats on the Hall of Fame inductions, its been a long time coming!! - Ryan Edwards
Jan 15 2014
Launches Signature Series: Edition 32 KISS Merchandise Benefiting City of Hope

Limited-Edition T-Shirts and Pin in Stores January 2014

Celebrate the New Year with a KISS – t-shirt! Hard Rock International today announced the launch of the brand's KISS Signature Series: Edition 32 T-shirt and collectable pin, in support of City of Hope. The limited-edition merchandise, a collaboration between Hard Rock, City of Hope and the 2014 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees, includes a collectable pin and a T-shirt featuring an original design by KISS. These special-edition products will be available for a limited time in stores and online beginning in January 2014.

"Charity and giving back is everyone's obligation. Here's a great way to give and get something great in the process. Everybody wins!" said Paul Stanley, KISS co-founder.

"KISS has always been committed to giving back, and these T-shirts are a fun way to do that," said Gene Simmons, KISS co-founder.
Jan 15 2014
Check out this amazing fan produced clip of Smiti KISS performing live with bonus backstage footage. Absolutely great!

Jan 14 2014
Interview by Nick Carvell

John Varvatos has made a name for himself by employing some of the biggest names in music to front his campaigns (see: Paul Weller, Iggy Pop, Willie Nelson). However, this season the New York designer took it to a whole new level, not only by announcing rock band Kiss as his label's latest frontmen, but also by having them take to the catwalk in full make-up (and his latest line of suiting) to close his show in Milan - a move that lead to the longest standing ovation of show season so far. After the applause died down, we headed backstage to catch up with the guys on their new gig, but - as we should have expected - it wasn't your traditional Q&A. In between the flashbulbs, swarming fashion crowd and occasional bum pinches from a certain long-tongued bandmember (flatteringly directed at us, not the female fans as you might expect), we found five minutes to talk with Paul Stanley, Eric Singer, Tommy Thayer and of course Gene Simmons about what items they wanted from the runway, why few bands today can live up to the classics and why life is like a buffet.

GQ: Did you and John Varvatos bond over any particular music during this collaboration?

Tommy Thayer: Not anything specifically, but John is a big fan of Sixties and Seventies rock 'n' roll obviously…

Eric Singer: Hendrix definitely.

Paul Stanley: Well more than songs, I think this all started because we're all fans of a certain style. Besides loving music there's a certain look that really originated in the early Sixties and Seventies that came from people sourcing their clothes in places like Kensington Market or the East Village in New York. What's great about John's work is that he combines familiar elements from that period with something that is timeless. I'm not a fan of fashion because fashion is temporary. Fashion is all about selling something this year and then making sure someone buys something else next year. Style is timeless.

Jan 14 2014
By Mary Forgione Daily Deal and Travel Blogger

The Fairmont Kea Lani wants you to rock out — and then kick back. The luxe Hawaiian resort at Wailea, Maui, offers KISS fans a chance to grab a room and meet Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley at two VIP events in January with a room-and-party package starting at $349 a night.

Guests who want to travel like a rock star from Jan. 24 to 26 (three-night stay required) will receive a one-bedroom suite or villa plus a chance to take pictures and mingle with the rockers. They won't be in makeup or singing, but they will be signing autographs, available for photo opps and walking the red carpet during the opening of a Rock & Brews restaurant (the chain created by Simmons and Stanley) in Paia at 1:30 p.m. Jan. 26.

The package includes two tickets to the luncheon, which will feature Hawaiian food, tropical cocktails and a big selection of craft beers, the signature draw for this restaurant brand.

Then it's on to the kickoff of the hotel's new Willow Stream Spa, where there's more face time with Simmons and Stanley. They'll appear at the opening at 6 p.m. Jan. 26 where guests receive free KISS-inspired black-and-white manicures, neck massages and other treatments. Sushi from the hotel's Ko restaurant will be served too.

Info: KISS Rock & Roll VIP Package at the Fairmont Kea Lani, (866) 540-4456
Jan 14 2014
Here's KISS with Aerosmith's Joe Perry on the wall of the new LA Forum.
Jan 13 2014
John Varvatos and KISS members Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons talk about music and fashion in Milan

Text David Hellqvist
Photography Roberto Boccaccino

As the legendary American rock band take over from country star Willie Nelson as the poster boys of John Varvatos’ Spring Summer 2014 campaign, this trio of well-dressed music lovers sat down for a chat ahead of the Varvatos show in Milan. Singer Paul Stanley and bass guitarist Gene Simmons share a long standing devotion to rock, and the way they dress is a direct consequence of that. Much of is down to Varvatos, whose rock-infused clothes define his own passion for rock. No-one else so seamlessly merge the two forms of expression, as proved by last year’s book, Rock in Fashion.. So how did they meet, and what’s the connection between the band and the designer?

John Varvatos: I was invited to a Kiss gig here in Milan last year. I brought about 12 people from my staff. A lot of them had not seen Kiss before and they had their minds blown. One girl in her early 30s actually said it was one of the best days of her life, not just listening to Kiss but hanging out with the band.

Paul Stanley: We’re just kindred spirits! I don’t see John as part of the fashion community, he’s part of the rock’n'roll community. The clothes are comfortable, they fit you like a good guitar. I love John’s clothes because they are timeless. Fashion is useless next year whereas style is timeless. John’s clothes always echo back to many of my heroes in the 60s and 70s without looking retro. That’s the beauty with style, to be able to be influenced by something without copying it. It’s like great cooking where you mix great ingredients in the right proportions.
Jan 13 2014
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