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Jan 14 2014
Here's KISS with Aerosmith's Joe Perry on the wall of the new LA Forum.
Jan 13 2014
John Varvatos and KISS members Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons talk about music and fashion in Milan

Text David Hellqvist
Photography Roberto Boccaccino

As the legendary American rock band take over from country star Willie Nelson as the poster boys of John Varvatos’ Spring Summer 2014 campaign, this trio of well-dressed music lovers sat down for a chat ahead of the Varvatos show in Milan. Singer Paul Stanley and bass guitarist Gene Simmons share a long standing devotion to rock, and the way they dress is a direct consequence of that. Much of is down to Varvatos, whose rock-infused clothes define his own passion for rock. No-one else so seamlessly merge the two forms of expression, as proved by last year’s book, Rock in Fashion.. So how did they meet, and what’s the connection between the band and the designer?

John Varvatos: I was invited to a Kiss gig here in Milan last year. I brought about 12 people from my staff. A lot of them had not seen Kiss before and they had their minds blown. One girl in her early 30s actually said it was one of the best days of her life, not just listening to Kiss but hanging out with the band.

Paul Stanley: We’re just kindred spirits! I don’t see John as part of the fashion community, he’s part of the rock’n'roll community. The clothes are comfortable, they fit you like a good guitar. I love John’s clothes because they are timeless. Fashion is useless next year whereas style is timeless. John’s clothes always echo back to many of my heroes in the 60s and 70s without looking retro. That’s the beauty with style, to be able to be influenced by something without copying it. It’s like great cooking where you mix great ingredients in the right proportions.
Jan 13 2014
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Jan 12 2014
KISS Crashes Milan Fashion Week At John Varvatos Show

The Huffington Post | By Ellie Krupnick

In case you thought Fashion Week was boring or stuffy, here's Kiss to remind you fashion is still rock and roll.

Gene Simmons and the rest of Kiss made a surprise appearance at Milan Menswear Fashion Week on Saturday, popping up at the end of the John Varvatos show. Walking the runway with the designer, the Kiss guys made their signature tongues-out faces and got the audience on its feet for a rendition of "Rock and Roll All Nite."

Partying with a '70s rock band isn't a run-of-the-mill occurrence at any Fashion Week show, especially in the typically staid Milan. But Varvatos has always been known for his connections to the music industry, famously setting up a store in what used to be the famed CBGB club in New York. At Saturday's show, Simmons praised Varvatos' clothes for their rock elements.
Jan 12 2014
MILAN — The John Varvatos show generated the biggest buzz of the Milan men's shows so far with a surprise appearance by Kiss at the end of his show. Backstage before the show, the designer talked with Women's Wear Daily about superheroes as inspiration and the reason he's working with the rock 'n' roll legends. WWD: What were some of the inspirations for the collection?

John Varvatos: I wanted to give a superhero sense to the show. Every guy, at some point growing up, wants to be a superhero. And fantasy can be reality. But the collection isn't grungy. We were thinking if [the band members from] Kiss got married, what would they be married in?

WWD: What superhero did you want to be?

JV: I wanted to be Superman. And Kiss. They were my superheroes.

WWD: Fantasy: How do you make saleable clothes on the back of that?

JV: I had been wanting to do a fantasy show, with clothes that everybody wears. And the models all want everything. I'm psyched.

WWD: How long will Kiss be here, and what else are you doing with them?

JV: They flew 17 hours here [from the U.S.] and arrived at 11:00 pm[on Friday night]. They're leaving on [Sunday morning]. Last year, we filmed a video at our store in the Bowery. We invited 250 people, and all we said was that we were recording a music video. No one knew who was performing, and they left their phones at the door and had to sign an NDA. Kiss played for two hours - an entire set. It was amazing, and it was the smallest venue they had played in 40 years. In Milan last summer, they played to an audience of 35,000 people - and that was one of their smaller shows in Europe. They have played to 60,000 in Helsinki and 100,000 in Tokyo. And the audiences are young.
Jan 11 2014
The official John Varvatos Spring/Summer 2014 campaign video featuring rock icons KISS.

Jan 11 2014
View KISS behind the scenes photos from new John Varvatos campaign shoot at
Jan 11 2014
Story by Samantha Conti and Miles Socha

LICKETY SPLIT: Gene Simmons, the tongue-flicking member of rock band Kiss, has no problem that pop star Miley Cyrus has been copping his act. “Anybody has the right to stick out any appendage they like,” he said backstage after the John Varvatos show in Milan on Saturday night.

Simmons and his band mates certainly lapped up the attention after they came out for a bow, surprising the usually staid fashion crowd, who rose to their feet and sang along to the 1975 anthem “Rock and Roll All Nite.”
Jan 11 2014
By Jean E. Palmieri

John Varvatos is giving new meaning to the expression: dressed to kill.

The designer has turned to the legendary rock band KISS — who will be inducted into the Rock ’n’ Roll Hall of Fame in April — to be the face of his spring advertising campaign. The ads, which were shot in black-and-white by rock photographer Danny Clinch in the DUMBO area of Brooklyn, were inspired by the group’s Dressed to Kill album. The performers were photographed in full makeup wearing Varvatos suits.

Although it’s no surprise that Varvatos would use rock stars in his advertising — for 19 seasons he has turned to entertainers ranging from Jimmy Page and The Roots to Green Day, Iggy Pop, Cheap Trick and Alice Cooper. But Varvatos took it one step further this time, bringing the band onstage for a surprise performance at an after-party following his fall fashion show in Milan on Saturday to reveal the collaboration.

Stephen Niedzwiecki, founder and chief creative officer of Yard, Varvatos’ agency, said: “Throughout the years, John and I have always tried to work with musicians who are iconic, but not necessarily on the tip of your tongue or someone you would expect in a men’s fashion campaign. KISS was known for a specific style as a band. Not only were they innovative and break through with their music at the time, they were also style icons. KISS’s sense of style not only inspired future musicians, but John and creative people of all types. And its been important that every person we’ve shot over the years represents both a breakthrough figure in the music industry and, style-wise, has created a point of view for themselves. KISS’s look wasn’t something you could wear to a Bar Mitzvah, but if you asked people what the band looked like, they would certainly be able to tell you. They created this spectacle in music and had an overpowering sound and sense of showmanship, but at the same time were really well-educated, smart men with successes outside of music.”

A documentary-style short film that was conceived by Yard and directed by Clinch is also premiering on Saturday. The three-minute film highlights another surprise KISS concert at the John Varvatos Bowery Store, once the home of the famed CBGB’s nightclub, last fall.
Jan 11 2014
By John Jannuzzi

Here's a dispatch we didn't expect to see from our team in Milan. KISS just walked the finale at the John Varvatos fall 2014 show. It's a little jarring to see them in traditional menswear, but we're not mad at it.

Jan 11 2014
Photo by Regis Colin Berthelier for Now Fashion

Check out the models in full KISS makeup walking the runway for John Varvatos at the Milan Fashion show.

CLICK HERE to view more photos from NOW FASHION .
Jan 11 2014
Thanks to Nik Commons ‏for sharing this photo of a KISS van spotted in North Queensland, Australia.
Jan 10 2014
The LA KISS Hair Guitar Contest at Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA with Gene Simmons & Paul Stanley on 1/7/2014 during intermission of the LA Kings vs. Minnesota Wild NHL game.

Jan 07 2014
Here's the LA Kings crew at the Staples Center tonight in LA.

Photo by Shannon Tweed.
Jan 07 2014
Here's Paul and Gene dropping the puck at tonight's LA KINGS game at the Staple Center.
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