Photoshop Face
Subject: KISS Photoshop Face
From: Chad JETBOY Hall on 06/12/2014
Hey guys! Periodically I have people I am doing a photo shoot for request that I "KISS" them. I apply a KISS face of their choice in Photoshop. I am getting pretty good at it. This face is totally done by hand digitally in Photoshop. I hope you like it!!!
My tribute to Paul
Subject: My tribute to Paul
From: Bahia, Brasil on 06/12/2014
My little tribute to Paul, who I love very much.
My AWESOME birthday cake!
Subject: My AWESOME KISS birthday cake!
From: Bill France on 06/11/2014
I have always wanted a really cool KISS cake for my birthday but they never turn out they I'd like. This year, my wife went to a bakery called "Rock City Bakery" in Logan, WV. With a name like that you would figure they would do a good job and indeed they did! Can't wait to see you guys on tour this summer!
New tshirts part two
Subject: New tshirts part two
From: Dario on 06/11/2014
Grey shirt is a stunner.
Next Gene-ration!
Subject: Next Gene-ration!
From: Jerry West on 06/11/2014
My grandson, the next gene-ration. Yep, it’s genetic! He said, “I’m a rocka star too!” His favorite song,Rock n Roll All Night!
Virginia Beach
Subject: KISS Virginia Beach
From: kim duliere on 06/11/2014
Great pics from your show. Kim
great pics
Subject: great pics
From: kim duliere on 06/11/2014
Great pics from Virginia Beach show.
Great Pics from VB show
Subject: Great Pics from VB show
From: kim duliere on 06/11/2014
Great pics from VB show
Birthday Party
Subject: Birthday Party
From: Shawn Tiedemann on 06/09/2014
IKONS Tribute to KISS was asked to play for a great guy named Ron Harris, Ron is a survivor of Cancer, his lovely wife Monique Miller-Harris has huge bashes for his Birthday every year, this year she contacted IKONS asking to help celebrate his Birthday this year and help her and Ron's Son Nicholas John with his Birthday gift, which was a package for the up coming KISS KRUISE! This was a night the band IKONS and the Harris family and everyone that was at the venue will remember for a very long time! Very touching night indeed! I want to share this story with the KISS ARMY as it touched us dearly.. Here is a photo of IKONS Tribute to KISS with Ron Harris singing and his Son Nicholas John joining in on drums! I believe we were playing ( I was made for lovin' you ) IKONS Tribute to KISS, Calgary Alberta Canada!
My Tattoo
Subject: My KISS Tattoo
From: André Knutsen on 06/09/2014
Hey KISS! I have been a Kiss fan hole my life, since i was able to hear and understand music. I remember my mother played a old tapecaset for me, and i was standing in those things babyes use. its like a prison xD so that they cant run away. but anyway. she has told me that story from when i was a baby, the first time i ever heard Kiss, i whould jump around and sing. and if i was crying. she just put on Kiss. and that made my day. Kiss has allways been there for me. in good times and bad. thourgh sorrow, and happyness. i think that there is a Kiss song for every moment. at least for me, there has been. songs like Forever, God gave rock`n roll to u, cold gin, still love you, and many more. For me, Kiss is not just a band, its a huge part of my life. i remember my first time seeing Kiss. That was spesial. my tears fall on the hall floor. it was the most epic moment of my life. I desided to honor my biggest heros of my life by getting a Kiss portrait tattoo. so i whent to a tattoo artist i had heard lots of talk aboute here i live, his name is Oskar Nybraaten from Gran, Norway. and i think this is one of the most badass tattoo`s i have ever seen, and am so honored to be able to have this incredible piece of art on my arm, of my biggest heroes... I hope you like my tattoo, and that the guys in Kiss can see the picture of my tattoo. and share it with the rest of KISS ARMY! Lots of love from a big fan from Norway! (sorry about my bad writing xD) Andre :)
Rock and Brews Overland Park
Subject: Rock and Brews Overland Park
From: Todd Elder on 06/09/2014
Gene and Paul, Kudos on creating a fantastic experience with the Rock and Brews restaurants. I am from Louisville, KY and visited family in Overland Park, KS over the weekend. The food, brew, and atmosphere were all worthy of rock star status. Even bought a t-shirt to wear on stage with my band at our upcoming shows. Two suggestions: set up vending at KISS concerts with food and beer from Rock and Brews, and, open one in Louisville very soon! Lots of great opportunity for development in the downtown area. I will be a frequent visitor for sure! Thanks! Todd Elder Louisville, KY
spotted at chilean newspaper "La Tercera
Subject: KISS spotted at chilean newspaper "La Tercera
From: Santiago, Chile on 06/08/2014
KISS spotted at chilean newspaper "La Tercera", where is talking about the 40 years of KISS, the KISS 40 cd, the upcoming projects, Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, the new tout with Def Leppard and the Paul Stanley book "Face The Music : A Life Exposed" Greetings from Santiago, Chile!!!
My daughter
Subject: My daughter
From: Michel Gingras on 06/08/2014
My daughter. 3 1/2 year old and already a KISS fan. She likes to sing Shout it out loud and Rock & Roll all night ;)
hard rock cafe san antonio
Subject: hard rock cafe san antonio
From: clinton robert todd on 06/08/2014
memorial day vacation in san antonio texas 2014 hard rock cafe kiss display kiss is everywhere!
My Heros
Subject: My Heros
From: Harvey Klooz on 06/07/2014
Can't wait for the show this summer at Blossom Music Center. The day after Genes birthday. I'll be there with my youngest two children, my daughter Emma, 17 & Tony age 11. It's going to be a blast!!!! -Harv
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