My Son Joseph
Subject: My Son Joseph
From: Jennifer on 11/16/2008
With the Rock Band craze my 9 year old son has become a huge Kiss fan. He started listening to your songs in March and since then decided that he would be you in Kiss for Halloween. My husband came pretty close to nailing the make up on his little face. I know you get a ton of these pictures but it would be great if you could send my little guy a shout. He definitely had a one of a kind look this year in our neighborhood. At least in his age group. It was great. My son\'s name is Joseph. Sincerely, Jennifer Vaught Las Vegas, NV
From: Rich Sawyer on 11/16/2008
Dear Mr Simmons, I\'ve wanted to write to you for sometime now, but I never found the right moment to do so. Nearly four years have passed sinced I filmed \'Rock School\' with you in the UK. I played the\'Peter\' in the Tribute band \'DRESSED TO KILL\' and to this day I still cannot believe that happened. It\'s one of the best moments of my life, especially as you paid me some great compliments after the show, so THANK YOU! I\'ll never forget that, you see two months earlier, my father passed away, after a brief battle with Cancer and I know he would have been so proud to have seen that. Although he never really \'got it\',me being in a band, he along with my mum, were very supportive. In 2006, whilst at work, I had an accident, which left me with a broken back. The road to recovery was long but with the correct therapy, I was so happy, not only to walk but to also play drums again! 2008, saw the return of KISS to Europe, so there was no way we were gonna miss that! We went to PARIS and LUXEMBOURGH......WE WERE NOT DISAPPOINTED! THE SHOWS WERE JUST AWESOME!!!!! You may or may not recall but I was right down the front dressed in full \'Destroyer\' costume and make-up. The \'Catman\' of course! I, along with my wife and children have been fans for years. My wife and I met each other at a KISS Expo in Switzerland! Alexis our son, even appeared in \'KISSTORY II\' (dressed as \'Ace Frehley\'). So, as you can see, YOU along with KISS are a big part of our lives. Whenever, we\'ve found ourselves faced with personal tragedies or trials, being a fan has helped us through this and you\'ve given us the inspiration to carry on. From the bottom of my heart I would like to say A HUGE THANK YOU! I appreciate that you\'re a very busy person and If you\'re reading this then you\'ve made me very happy. I wish you all the success for the future and admire your compassion to earn a living! I know, \'It\'s a dirty job but someone\'s got to do it!\' yours faithfully Rich Sawyer
From: Pinar Beygo on 11/16/2008
Just thought you\'d enjoy this picture of a bunch of \"stodgy\" librarians at the University of Maryland... -- Pinar Beygo
From: TIm Mullen on 11/16/2008
I just thought I would send you some pics of the stage I built for my Kiss figures. I built this about ten years ago. It took me about 400 hours or so. Everything was hand made. The Kiss sign in back has actual light chasers in it like yours. I thought you might enjoy it.. Tim Mullen Vancover BC
Subject: MY SON NOAH
From: Kim Nunes on 11/16/2008
My son Noah is 8yrs and a huge Kiss fan. His Uncle is an artist who visited before halloween this year and CARVED the boots out of pink insulation foam, as well as the shoulder armour. Of coarse he won the school costume contest. Anyway hope you enjoy this as much as we did. Also, any chance for a tour in Canada (toronto, London area)? Noah keeps asking when your comng. What can I tell him? Thanks!! Sincerely, Kim Nunes
Subject: PAUL ROCKS!!
From: DAVE on 11/16/2008
I just finished watching the DVD, Paul Stanley: One Live Kiss. All I can say is incredible! This is a concert from Paul Stanley’s solo tour two years ago. Backing him up is the House Band from the TV show Rockstar. There is a good mix of songs from Paul’s solo albums as well as Kiss songs. These songs have never sounded better. The band is incredible and Paul’s vocals sound as good as ever. The man doesn’t age. Also, one of my favorite Paul Stanley Kiss songs is on here: Magic Touch. To my knowledge Kiss never performed this song live. If you’re a Kiss or Paul Stanley fan, pick this up. It gets ten out of ten stars.
Gene\'s visit to the New Hyde Park firehouse
Subject: Gene\'s visit to the New Hyde Park firehouse
From: battleship on 11/16/2008
Dear Mr. Simmon\'s I had the opportunity to see you on Saturday, November 15, 2008 at the firehouse. Unfortunitly we did not get to meet. I want to thank you for visiting the great men and women of our community who risk there lives for us. My son is 14 years old and is a Junior Firefighter at the Garden City Park firehouse and enjoyed seeing you go up on the firetruck bucket. If anytime in the future you need to visit a firehouse, please consider the Garden City Park firehouse I am sure the Juniors ages 14 to 17 would give you a great tour. Thank you. P.S. still waiting on a New York tour date can\'t wait to see you guys
More help from the Army
Subject: More help from the Kiss Army
From: griggster on 11/13/2008
Dear Kiss Army, This year my family decided to represent Kiss Army at our friends annual Halloween party. It was such a blast. The house band invited us onstage to participate in "Rock N Roll all night" and I was blown away by the amount of flashes from cameras. It was a night I will never forget. Well now our local newspaper is having a photo contest and we need Kiss Army help. Can you please click on the link below(or cut and paste) and PLEASE vote for our photo? I do believe we blow away "Rusty the Robot". THANKS. .
New album ?
Subject: New album KISS?
From: merula6 on 11/13/2008
Hi there guys! First of all I like to say that you\'re the GREATEST band in the world! I saw you on the Arrow Rock Festival in Nijmegen (15th June \'08) and the way you played your songs; really awesome! This morning I heard on a Dutch radio station that KISS is intending to make a new album, with also new songs. Is this true? If it is I can\'t wait to hear it! I\'m looking forward to your answer! And Eric: I can\'t wait to see you with Alice Cooper in Essen next week! Ciao, ciao, Merel
WV needs to Rock-n-Roll all night !!!!!
Subject: WV needs to Rock-n-Roll all night !!!!!
From: dondoshaggalot on 11/13/2008
Hey you guys kick ass, but its been a while since you have been to West Virginia, I owe my wife a KISS concert, so get back on tour, we\'ll be waiting, Keep Rocking!!!!!
from Hungary with love
Subject: from Hungary with love
From: jimunholy on 11/13/2008
Dear KISS, We were at a KISS tribute concert on last weekend. The band called KISS Forever Band. The concert was really hot. It was great to celebrate KISS with other Hungarian KISS fans together. We live in Hungary and pleasure because you make wonderful music. The girl in the catmans mask painted all four faces. KISS is our favourite rock band. When we went to Vienna to your concert in May that was the most beautiful day in our life. We love you! Lots of KISS! ;)
Halloween kids costume
Subject: Halloween kids KISS costume
From: gofthunder on 11/13/2008
Hi KISS, We are resending a pictures of our 2 boys KISS costumes. They had a blast and had pictures taken by strangers all night. Sean (Paul) is 7 and Ryan(Gene) is 4. Thanks for letting us post this and we hope you all enjoy! Greg and Lori Gould
our boys\' Halloween costumes
Subject: our boys\' Halloween KISS costumes
From: gofthunder on 11/13/2008
Dear KISS and fans, Our boys wanted to dress as their favorite KISS members for Halloween last year. We made their costumes and painted their masks (they don\'t like face paint). They made the pumpkins by themselves! We all had a blast and they got their pictures taken all night long. They continue to put on their costumes and have shows for us. Sean (Paul) is 7. Ryan (Gene) is 4. Thanks for letting us post this, we hope you all enjoy! Greg and Lori Gould
Vans Display
Subject: KISS Vans Display
From: onenathan on 11/13/2008
On Wednesday, November 12, 2008, I was walking in the Chico Mall when I stumbled upon a large KISS display in one of the new Vans store windows. One can plainly see the KISS logo and solo albums faces. If you look harder, one is able to see a mannequin with a KISS shirt on and a KISS stand with the new KISS Vans being displayed upon it. I quickly snapped a photo with my cell phone and thought I\'d share it with the fans via Sincerely, Nathan Adney Chico, California
Custom Built BAR!
Subject: Custom Built KISS BAR!
From: kissusa09ca on 11/12/2008
Hello to all you GREAT KISS FANS! Here is a addition that you're not going to wanna miss! Here is a link to youtube! . I'm a 41 year old Fitness Retail Manager that has been a fan since I was 7 yrs old! I have collected so much KISS stuff that I built a 17 by 30 FT bar room just for them! Equipted with a 32' LCD TV - HOT TUB - Drum Set Stage area - 2 Custom Pub Tables - and a Bar that seats 9 people! IF you're a fan you won't want to miss this! All comments are welcomed! If he link is not working search youetube for KISS BAR Jim TIlley Enjoy this! And if you live in California.... email me and you're free to pop on by! REALLY! Email
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