Veterans Day/Rememberance Day
Subject: Veterans Day/Rememberance Day
From: yeldir on 11/12/2008
I heard a clip from the Regis and Kelly show... Regis had been in Mississauga the weekend prior to Rememberance Day/Veterans Day. He had noticed people wearing red poppies on their clothing and had asked what this represented as the Americans do not do this. I wanted to pass along the poem, In Flanders Fields By: Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae, MD (1872-1918) Canadian Army In Flanders Fields the poppies grow Between the crosses row on row, That mark our place; and in the sky The larks, still bravely singing, fly Scarce heard amid the guns below. We are the Dead. Short days ago We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow, Loved and were loved, and now we lie In Flanders fields. Take up our quarrel with the foe: To you from failing hands we throw The torch; be yours to hold it high. If ye break faith with us who die We shall not sleep, though poppies grow In Flanders fields. Here is a link to the full story. . Bravo to Regis for wearing a red poppy on his show this past Tuesday November 11th. God bless our soldiers and my they all come home safe. Al Ridley Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
Subject: KISS Costume
From: paulstanleyfan1994 on 11/11/2008
HI! I just wanted to stop by and first of all say that I LOVE KISS. You guys will always rule! Secondly, I wanted to send in a picture of my friend Rachael and I on Halloween this year. Hope you like it! Keep Rockin! Anna, WI
Forever Italian Version: Per Sempre
Subject: Forever Italian Version: Per Sempre
From: nino burtini on 11/11/2008
Hello boys, my name is Burtini Ernani Nino and are yours Italian fan…I follow to you everywhere when I can, I listen to you from always and I love to you by now from when I had only 12 years. Today of it I have 43 of years with wife and two beautifulst boys of 3 and 13 years that know all your career, your history and your songs as well as how much me. I’m a guitarist and singer tank’s you, from when I have seen for before turns the cover of Alive in a small store of my city… this for say you that from then, from that day, following your style, your determination and the great professionalism, I have learned to play the bass guitar, drums and the guitar. Today they are a guitarist singer of band just thanks to you and with passing of the years following to you also from far away, I have learned all from you studying all yours song from and sweetheart of your magnificent show you more I have not always abandoned from 1978. I would have from always intentional say you these things in order to demonstrate to you to my gratefulness and the pride that I have placing of you from always… at the same time I would have intentional to make I too something of bond for you after a lot some time makes an idea has had it… returing towards house from last your concert of Verona of 13 May, in car I listened to yours song “Forever”…along the travel of approximately 600 km I have intentional to create one version pop all Italian of the song “Forever” that here I will call in Italy, “Per Sempre”. The demo that I have realized in this moment and only pre production and know that and of optimal quality as I would want but and in order not to only show my idea to you. I ask you a your opinion and the authorization for being able it to publicate here in Italy in the version of “Per Sempre” with yours assentation and your permission… I ask you for being able to play it in the several clubs where often I exhibit myself with the name of “Per Sempre”. In the event that the idea for you is ok, I would record it in quality much more professional and because not with some your suggestion or technical aid or it you want it could be an other song to insert in a your next album of kiss cover band like “Kiss my ass” of some year makes. In the next few days, while I will wait your news with regard to my idea of being able to sing “Forever” in Italian “Per Sempre” I employ me to record like author of literary unknown works and figurative limbs to me that here in Italy and the same: S.I.A.E. (olaf) for being able to only deposit the text of “Per Sempre”…the literary translation and text song “Per Sempre” is not of “Forever” it contains aspects and various words… always they are connected on Kissonline and I never do not get lost nobody your news, however with anxiety your councils and answers with regard to of this idea. I have always thought that you are of the cordial persons and much professional…you have demonstrated in all this time boys to it, and are sure that also this time you will not contradict and you will not disappoint to me… I want to you from always… we will love to you well in order always… (excuse me for many error and the approximately translate) Thank’s for all guy’s…. we love you FOREVER- PER SEMPRE.. BURTINI NINO ERNANI VIA COLLE BARONE 9 66043 CASOLI CHIETI ITALY MOB.00393288350122 PH. 00390872982786
Now if, with photography, from chile with love
Subject: Now if, with photography, from chile with love
From: ferpappurello on 11/10/2008
Dears Gene. Paul, Tommy, Eric I do not lose the hopes that return to Chile with alive 35 tour , My name is Fernando Pappurello, I am your Admirer from 10 years of life (1975), today in my 43 years, I thrills me to know that the taste of this child today is the best Rock and roll band of all the times, really they fill with the happiness my life. My daughter to whom 3-year-old Maria Jose of life already sings, as,like Paúl really this is a motive of pride for my, he(she) sent a taken photography this weekend (November 9) in Temuco's city - Chile. Guys only I want that you know that for many(many people), here in my country you are not a mode, they are not alone an event, are bigger than it, are a Real feeling that penetrates generations My Daughter Maria Jose birthday on November 20 (4 years of life) please I ask them publish this commentary and your photography, since I am sure will be the best gift for her(it). Friends Thank you for years of the pure mas Rock and roll. You Wanted the Best......
A friend\'s son dressed as Gene for Halloween
Subject: A friend\'s son dressed as Gene for Halloween
From: stanleysfans on 11/09/2008
Hey Guys, Just wanted to drop a line to send you a picture of a friend of mine son who dressed as Gene for Halloween. His name is Tyler Scheele and his Mother, Lyane, made his costume. The next generation of KISS fans. Yes, KISS will last forever!!! Thanks for posting. Mark Mobarry
After the small one.. I needed the big one...
Subject: After the small one.. I needed the big one...
From: dhiffushi on 11/08/2008
Hi everyone! I am a fan since more than 20 years, and i had the chance to acquire this Axe Bass number 200, with the autograph of Gene. One more time I want to thank Laurent who give me this chance. And you guys? Are you ready for a come back in Europe..... in Switzerland this spring ?? We are very impatient for this Alive 2 tour... With some great surprises and, why not, some songs from \"Revenge\" or \"Crazy Night\"... And you Paul, wouldn\'t you find a little time to visit us in Europe for a solo tour ?? :-) Just between an artistic exposition and the Kiss tour... :-)) So.... please, fill in your agenda 2009 with full of dates in Europe !! :-)) See you soon !! Roger Stern from Switzerland
fundraising in Melbourne?
Subject: KISS fundraising in Melbourne?
From: girldownunder on 11/07/2008
On October 19th, we attended the Melbourne City Romp (in Australia) which is held to help raise funds for cancer research. It is like a treasure hunt that is done throughout the streets of Melbourne. Everyone was encouraged to dress up so we decided to wear KISS make-up for the day. I have sent some photos that you may want to put onto the website. We had a great day and everybody wanted to take our photo (especially the Japanese tourists!). Clearly the celebrity status of KISS has not waned over the years. Nina .
From: gregtrimm on 11/05/2008
Thanks so much for posting my letter asking for help from the KISS Army. I noticed that the link doesn't work so soldiers will be unable to vote without a lot of digging. Could you please repair the link in my letter to go to this site? Thanks again! .
Army Please Hepl!
Subject: KISS Army Please Hepl!
From: gregtrimm on 11/05/2008
You all remember when Gene went on The Apprentice and the Donald sent him and his team out to sell hot-dogs. He kicked everyone’s butt by thinking outside the box by calling on his friends to help. That was sheer genius and it worked magnificently. It is that strategy that I would like to emulate by enlisting the KISS Army (my friends) to do one simple thing for me and for KISS fans everywhere. One of our local TV stations in conjunction with a local camera store is conducting a Halloween Costume Photo contest where viewers are urged to submit their Halloween photos online. People are then encouraged to vote for their favorite. I got a late start getting my picture up but we've already jumped into the top five. A copy of our picture is attached here and I hope you will agree that our Halloween costumes paying homage to the hottest band in the land are worthy of a vote. These four costumes were hand made by me and we were the hit of several events this Halloween season. I write this on election night and in that spirit I personally ask for your vote and for the votes of everyone in the KISS Army. Together we can make a little news and blow the top off this contest and show this little corner of the world that KISS can and will marshal their troops and they aren't to be messed with. Here is the link to the page where you can vote: (you may need to copy and paste it). Just vote in the box below the picture. Vote early and often. Voting ends at noon CST on Friday 11/7/08 so I hope you can help out a fellow foot soldier ASAP. Thanks. Greg in Omaha
Three year old fan\'s costume
Subject: Three year old KISS fan\'s costume
From: barnesto on 11/04/2008
This Halloween has been a year in the making. Last year, our little girl Allie was Yoda which was cool, but I said that in 2008, she\'d be Gene! She is a fan, so it was easy....she\'s had a Gene plush doll since she was a newborn, and she loves it more than her little girl dolls. This costume took about a month off and on. My wife made the batwings and black candy bag, and I made the scales and armor from craft foam spray painted silver, along with silver painted mailing tubes on her arms, and FIMO monster boot shells (kinda heavy for a three year old, lol). We got a lot of compliments and high fives as she trick or treated around the neighborhood. I\'m already wondering how to top it next year! Hoping to see you guys on the road again soon....maybe we can bring Allie!
my Halloween Makeup
Subject: my Halloween Makeup
From: spaceman_starchild on 11/04/2008
Hey, I just wanted to share with KISS my Starchild makeup for this year. I hope you like it.
Van\'s Window
Subject: Van\'s Window
From: testadooda on 11/02/2008
I am a Kiss Fan from the Bay Area and happened to be walking in Sun Valley Mall in Concord Ca when I saw some familiar faces in the Van\'s Window. The Kiss Army is alive and well in Northern California. Todd Rabbach
Future Rock \'n Roller
Subject: Future Rock \'n Roller
From: sara_galarowic on 11/02/2008
Happy Halloween!! After last Halloween, my son was determined to be Gene for this year\'s Halloween. We were so excited to see the whole costume come together. Our 6 year old son has been a huge KISS fan since he could say \"KISS.\" One of our high school\'s art students painted Wyatt\'s face as well as made the awesome boots. He was a hit here in our small town Halloween night. Every house we stopped at said they had heard about him and couldn\'t wait to see him. At a few houses he even gave a rendition of \"God Gave Rock and Roll To You\" to his \"fans.\"
The Demons
Subject: The Demons
From: The Tews Family on 11/01/2008
Traditionally we trick-or-treat as KISS, but this year both kids insisted on being Gene, so all four of us decided to be the Demon! Thought you might be amused. Looking forward to seeing you on tour next summer! The Tews Family Sun Prairie, Wisconsin
Subject: KISS Family
From: Kevin Bolick on 11/01/2008
This is Kevin Bolick from NC. My twin brother, Keith, and I have been KISS fans since 1977. This year, we dressed our families as KISS for Halloween. My wife, Katie, and I are The Fox and The Wizard. My brother and his wife, Kim, are The Spaceman and The Catman. And last, but not least, the little ones Kayne and Anthony are The Demon and The Starchild. They are huge KISS fans; they even stick their tongues out, pout on command, and know all ten members by name! Here we are at Valley Hills Mall in Hickory, NC. We were bombarded all night by flashing cameras and crowds yelling \"KISS!\" One guy even wanted autographs! Hope you enjoy the pics! Kevin Bolick
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