Paul, Argentina te espera!!
Subject: Paul, Argentina te espera!!
From: jacques de necochea Argentina on 07/09/2008
Helo Paul i take this beatifull picture, in spain. how great this show was!!! incredible!! you were like never before!
My new Tattoo.
Subject: My new KISS Tattoo.
From: thegot1969 on 07/09/2008
Dear KISS! I wanted to share my new KISS tattoo with you. I had an older KISS tattoo and just recently got it covered up with a new one. Please check it out. Thanks Jim Spiegel
Thanks to Tony
Subject: Thanks to Tony
From: darzen on 07/09/2008
Hi KISS, first of all thank you ever so much for giving me and my son Ethan the best day of our lives and the download festival, England on the 13th of June. You were amazing. Blew me away! But I want to thank someone else. One or the guys that works for you called Tony, maybe something to do with sound, spotted my son crying, with all his Gene Simmons make-up running down his face. The reason for this was that we had got into a good spot just in front of the sound deck 9 hours before KISS were due on stage. After 6 hours, with 3 hours left to wait it got so busy that my son could no longer see the stage and I had to make the decision for my sons safety that we\'d have to move to the back. My son took this badly and couldn\'t stop crying. Tony who was in the sound deck asked if he was ok. I explained the situation and he was so understanding, telling my son \"don\'t worry, you\'ll see your band, I\'ll make sure you\'ll see your band\". He arranged for us to come over the barrier just before KISS were due on. My son could stand on a platform and we both had an amazing view. The show was amazing! I\'m sure this Tony will remember and recognise us from this photo , so if you know who he is then can you personally thank him from us. See you next year. Darren Swales & Ethan Swales, Harrogate, England .
Next Month
Subject: Next Month
From: Jenni on 07/08/2008
I can\'t wait to see you and kiss performing next month in Lake Tahoe and Konocti Harbor Resort. I along with 4 other girlfriends am attending both nights. We are very excited and want to know if there will be any meet and greet packages available for these concerts. You guys rock Jenni
From: Michel MAYAN on 07/08/2008
Dear Gene, First of all thank you for this magnificent Europeantour \'Kiss Alive 35 \'. Kiss seems to have still beautiful days infront of him. I assisted to some \'show\' of this tour, Verona,Stockholm, Paris and Milan, a big souvenir! I also had the chance to meet you to Verona to thehotel... It was an unforgettable moment for me! As we announced it to you during our meeting.... Thenext number of \'Kissjournal \' will come out in October of this year,it will make as we said it to you 100 pages!! it will be in French and English version!!There will be even several co-workers of whole Europe. The coincidence isreally incredible... I personally have parents near New York and I had plannedfor months to visit my family in July... And at the same time, you planned tomake a session dedicate July 11th in New York for your last book \'Ladiesof the night\'! I shall be with my daughter Laura who is 10 years old (Ipresented her to you to the hotel \' le Meurice \' in Paris if youremember) I know that your timetable is very loaded, but would be it possibleto see you some minutes, in this day of July 11th for a short interview (4 or 5questions no more)... An interview concerning ONLY \'Gene Simmons\' andyour numerous activities... We are in full work for the next number of\'KissJournal\' and it would make an exclusive meeting which wouldsupport even more the \'Kissjournal\'. Gene, whatever you make in the future, we will alwaysbe behind you! Take care of you and your family. Eternally recognizing, . Michel MAYAN of \"Kissjournal\" team
Divinesque @ Toronto Pride
Subject: Divinesque @ Toronto Pride
From: Bryan Greenwood on 07/08/2008
Divinesque @ Toronto Pride, June, 28 2008 Version 2 .
Photo with Gene
Subject: Photo with Gene
From: SERGIO on 07/08/2008
Hi! Im Sergio, a boy of Spain. I was in the concert of Paris and Bilbao and this one is the photo that I did to myself with Gene. Sometimes the dreams come true...
Thank You for the Best 2 days in my Life
Subject: Thank You for the Best 2 days in my Life
From: ~starchild~ on 07/08/2008
Dear Paul, Gene, Eric and Tommy! Thank you for making my biggest dream come true! I still cannot believe that KISS came to Russia! I visited both concerts and all I can say is that these shows were AMAZING!!! Russian KISS Army loves you so much! You are always welcome here! Please, come back to see us once again! WE WANT KISS!!!
35 tour
Subject: kiss 35 tour
From: melykiss on 07/07/2008
hi! my name is melina I live rosario ,argentina I love kiss , they are my inspitation and your music is my life.... argentina love kiss please , \" coming home \" (argentina) soo much people waithing for kiss
Subject: WE WANT YOU !!!
From: jendell77 on 07/07/2008
Hey guys . . . we\'re waiting for you, please don\'t forget come to our country, remember mexico is yours !!!! I want to tell you about a great tribute band: besso form mexico city i post here a besso member\'s Hi5, please include them on kissonline. and I send you one \"photoshop\" pict I made for me and my friends . . . I\'m Bere Stanley !!! KISSes !!!
Army Family
Subject: Kiss Army Family
From: akasha49721 on 07/07/2008
Hi Gene, Paul, Eric and Tommy, I just wanted to thank you for spreading the music and congratulate you on 35 yrs and beyond. We wanted the best and we got it. And to all the Kiss Army, the guys are right...WE ARE ONE! Peace and love, Tammie
Great Time at the Koffee House
Subject: Great Time at the Koffee House
From: gordzilla7 on 07/07/2008
We recently went to the Koffee House as a family. My daughter, Landry, and I thought we would send greetings from the top of the boot. Thanks for such a great place. Gordon
My pictures from Berlin
Subject: My pictures from Berlin
From: Idolfenriz on 07/07/2008
Hello KISS Online! I made some good pictures at the KISS show in Berlin (Velodrom) and would like to show them to you! You can find them in my LJ-account (you don't need any authorization to see them): Part 1: . Part 2: . Thank you for 3 unbelievable KISS shows I saw this year! Best regards, Albert Buchatskyy (
Fan pics
Subject: Fan pics
From: ierwazz on 07/07/2008
Hey Kiss! I saw your performence on Graspop '08, and I made some amazing pictures I wanna share with you! I can only upload one image so I send you the links to the pictures on my website. I think your performence was totally awesome! And I'm a fan now! :) When you guys come in Holland again I'll be there again! Thanks for all! Rock on, Iris The links to the pictures: . . . . . .
Picture for fans are everywhere letter.
Subject: Picture for KISS fans are everywhere letter.
From: catherinemaryxo on 07/06/2008
This is the picture that goes with the letter \"KISS fans are everywhere.\"
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