Can\'t Wait For The Show
Subject: Can\'t Wait For The Show
From: fireman4kiss on 07/06/2008
Hey Guys, I am writing to you to tell you I CAN\"T WAIT for the show in Kelseyville, California. You were in Sacramento area Oct. 2003, I was working back stage as I assisted with the Fire Marshal. I met and spoke to Paul and Tommy after the show and Peter before the show. Paul and Tommy signed a shirt for my son who was not at the show, he was 1 year old at the time. I gave the band \"Linda Fire Dept.\" hats and shirts that night. I hope you still have them and the picture I gave of my son dressed like Paul. Myself & members of our fire department did a mini concert for my son\'s school. (here is a link to our local paper) I was wondering being Kelseyville is a small venue are you going to be doing a meet and great? I am giving my son for his 6th birthday Aug. 18th, a cancert ticket to KISS!!! Figured this his first concert why not let him see the BEST!!!! Hope we can meet and talk to you there. Be Safe, David Gothrow Linda Ca.
pics from Luxembourg
Subject: pics from Luxembourg
From: paulpott on 07/05/2008
This one is unique, \'cause there are no seats behind Paul. The venue in Luxemborg was the smallest on the whole European tour. Anyway, thanx for the 6 shows (I\'d attended). Hope to see KISS in Europe (Russia in particular) next year.
pics from Luxembourg
Subject: pics from Luxembourg
From: paulpott on 07/05/2008
These are from Luxembourg; 26.6.08.
pics from Luxembourg
Subject: pics from Luxembourg
From: paulpott on 07/05/2008
These are from Luxembourg; 26.6.08.
Subject: KISSOLOGY1-3
From: darklite1 on 07/04/2008
I just seen the news about the set of KISSOLOGY2-3, congrats on that, and I\'m very proud to say that I made a personal contribution to the cause. Also, thanks for including the June 28th 1996 Detroit Rock City Reunion show. I was there for that one, and I stood in line for 14 hours to get my tickets, even after working 12 hours on 3rd shift the night before. I want you guys to know that you have been an inspiration to all of us who have listened to you, and have been fortunate enough to be able to see you guys in concert. Thanks again, and please release a new Cd with new music. FAN FOR LIFE Ed(darklite1) Kelley.
Subject: PLAY - DOH
From: ROSS BERG on 07/03/2008
Hi KISS, My 5 year old and I were enjoying the wonders of Play-Doh yesterday, and this was the result:
Thanks for your support
Subject: Thanks for your support
From: Boneswahoo on 07/03/2008
KISS, Congrats on the success of your European leg of ALIVE 35! I am at a loss for words that you will be headlining the \"Rock\'n The Rally\" in nearby Sturgis. I am currently in the U.S. Air Force stationed in SD, and want to express my thanks from the Armed Forces. You have been to Camp Pendleton with our Marines numerous times, and just this past month visited your Air Force family in Germany. Your dedication to us and what we as a nation stand for is never in question. Thanks for all you have done and will continue doing in your support of the Armed Forces. Best, Boneswahoo
Lunchbox helps with capture of burglars
Subject: KISS Lunchbox helps with capture of burglars
From: alden2002 on 07/03/2008
My home was burglarized back in April(2008). When the police department came to take fingerprints they got their best prints off my KISS ALIVE lunch box. The kid took everything;trashed our apartment, stole all of my family heirlooms, our computers, the most hurtful was my 5 year old sons piggy bank that was full of change he was saving; He had been saving to go meet Snoopy (Knotts Berry Farm). There had been multiple break-ins where we were living...I think we were the 4th place to be hit. When the sheriffs department came to take fingerprints around the house I had noticed that my KISS lunch box had been moved and was opened. They dusted and got the best prints off it. As time went on and we thought nothing was going to come of it my phone rang, it was the sheriffs. They had been able to take the print from my lunch box and match to some prints from past and current break-ins.....they tracked it to a 14 year old boy who lived in the apartment development. They recovered our computers....VERY COOL. no family heirlooms so that still hurts....but he is going to trial for a total of 10 break-ins and felony theft. Sad to me that some one so young has such little direction,I hope that he will learn his lesson. Thanks to my KISS ALIVE lunch box....I was able to share this story....VERY COOL. ROCK ON!! Barb A. California
in Milan Dutchforum Italy!!!
Subject: KISS in Milan Dutchforum Italy!!!
From: nitegowl on 07/03/2008
Hi again from Italy,Simon was here... Another great Gig from the Fab Four after Verona Show,another hottest and awesome performance! KISS are the best R\'n\'R Circus ever in the world;-) Thanx 4 this Dream**** Greetings from, Simon & Louise
ace frehley and interview in swedish magazine
Subject: ace frehley and kiss interview in swedish magazine
From: jourdenm on 07/03/2008
kiss and ace frehley interviews in this months (i think) issue of Sweden Rock Magazine
Europe still hungry for more!
Subject: Europe still hungry for more!
From: nfarend on 07/03/2008
Hi Paul, Gene, Eric & Tommy, Boy did we have a good time! Thank you guys for returning to Europe and rocking our socks off! I have been a KISS fan since 1979 and I\'m so proud and happy that KISS is still so much fun and relevant today!! I\'m looking forward to another Euro-tour in 2009 and to be able to show my two sons (6 and 8) why this has been and continues to be so much fun. And yes, I would love to hear some new material from this fantastic line-up. If Journey can succesfully release a package with new material and re-recorded classics then I see many possibilities for my fav band KISS! The picture is from the Arrow Festival in the Netherlands, even the sun came out when we were waiting for the hottest band. Nice rainbow eh? Thanks again for years of fun! Berndt (The Netherlands)
Nastasia to Luxembourg and Dessel - We love you !
Subject: Nastasia to Luxembourg and Dessel - We love you !
From: Nastasia on 07/03/2008
Hi everybody and a very special smile for Paul, Gene, Eric and Tommy. I am Nastasia, Belgian young girl and I have 13 years old. My dad made discover KISS, there is 2 years ago. With dad, we was to the last two concerts of the European tour ... Luxembourg and Dessel. Super, during the concerts, I was right in front of the scene and I\' had a contact privileged with Gene, contact which was visual and gestural (5 times at Luxembourg and 5 times at Dessel). Gene, did you recognize me in Dessel ? WE LOVE YOU !!! Tasia.
Performance Mannheim
Subject: Kiss Performance Mannheim
From: marcffm on 07/03/2008
Hey Kiss, I saw the show in Mannheim and it was my First Kiss Concert. The show was unbeatable It was great. I had soo much luck that I found a place in front of the Stage. This was a special evening for me to see my idols so close. I was so impressed by the pyros and the huge stage. Hope to see you guys again next year and hopefully i catch a pic of Paul Stanley then ;) Greets From Frankfurt, Germany Marc
Gene the sexist!
Subject: Gene the sexist!
From: kisswombleskiss on 07/02/2008
Bit of trivia Gene, you\'ve been selected by Australin television series 20/1 as the ninth sexist man alive but, sorry Gene your behind Mick Jagger(seventh)\'go figger\'. You are still the coollest and KISS rock. See you guys in OZ soon Chris Canberra
Youngest fan at Graspop festival in Dessel
Subject: Youngest fan at Graspop festival in Dessel
From: koensuys on 07/02/2008
Hello Kiss, My name is Elise and I am 11 years old. I am a big Kiss fan since 3 years when I found my daddy’s records of the seventies. This weekend he took me to the Graspop festival in Dessel (Belgium). He says I must have been the youngest Kiss fan there. Your show was great. We had a fantastic evening ! I hope you come back to Belgium next year. Meanwhile I will listen to the live CD we bought after the show. Elise Suys, Belgium
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