Possible new album
Subject: Possible new album
From: shupey on 11/19/2008
The words are still ringing in my head. Possible new KISS album?! AWESOME! Words cannot describe what reading those words means to me. I feel like 8 years old again, sitting in my bedroom early on Christmas Eve watching, waiting for Santa to deliver his stuff. The excitement is almost too much to take but I can wait. Anyway, I hope you guys do this and do it big. I\'ll be there, anywhere at 12:01 am on release day to get my hands on it for sure. One BIG fan in small town Minnesota, Mike (shupey)
Subject: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From: djfrance on 11/19/2008
I just read the story that KISS is considering recording a new album! Best news I\'ve heard in a LONG time!!! I can\'t tell you how excited this has made me. I know the album will rock! I can\'t wait to hear the finished product...but I\'ll have to. Thank you guys for adding more music to the legacy! Thanks again, Bill France \"fan 4 life\"
New Album
Subject: New Kiss Album
From: forevertj on 11/18/2008
Paul. I just saw the news that you are \"considering\" making a new album. Please don\'t just consider it, DO IT! I would love nothing more than to hear new music from my favorite and the best band in the world. I love you guys and have for over 25 years. A new album has been a dream of mine for 10 years now. You can do it! I have been going to a lot of the Kiss expos and I know the fans are rabid for new material. Please make it Paul and Gene, Tommy, and Eric. Thank you. Jon H.
new cd
Subject: new kiss cd
From: wyldeman16 on 11/18/2008
we the kiss army would love to get a brand new kiss cd pleae let paul & gene know we want a new cd
From: nexleffel on 11/18/2008
THIS WILL BE POSTED ON KISSONLINE\'s MAIN PAGE. I GUARANTEE IT. PLEASE make it true to the KISS sound. We love you guys to NO END. Garage KISS with HOLLYWOOD production. Just like the old days. I know it is in you. PLEASE. And BIG flames. I have been purchasing your music since 1978. KISS is my blood. You are my KISS. I\'M BLEEDING FOR YOU. Good luck to all of you. I JUST WANT THE SPIRIT OF KISS MUSIC TO BE BACK. I know you can do it. YOU ARE STILL HUNGRY... DINNER HAS NOT YET BEEN SERVED. GARAGE-PUNK KISS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have \"Great Expectations\"...... Here is a little design I prepared for the BEST BAND EVER: NEXLEFFEL,37 years old Los Angeles
My Halloween 2008
Subject: My Halloween 2008
From: aragorn0130 on 11/18/2008
Hello fello KISS fans and visitors alike, My name is Chris, I am from Washington, DC, and I am a huge KISS fan. I must admit, I certainly have not been a long time fan--I just began my fandom in March of this year, after a pilgrimage to KISS coffeehouse. I have most of the albums, and I attended the Baltimore KISS expo in October, as well as getting to see two of my heroes, Paul and Tommy, at the Wentworth in the Tysons Galleria weeks ago. I look forward to the opportunity of getting to go to a real concert next year, and wish to say how much the band means to me. I love the music (and I love it loud) and listen every day. Thank you, KISS, for being a part of my life. -Chris
From: DRESSED TO KILL on 11/16/2008
I was going to see
Subject: I was going to see KISS
From: Greg Christianson on 11/16/2008
Stamping myth upon life, KISS had come to town like a dinosaur releasing its shit-sack on a mouse: It was December 19, 1977. I was 11. And it was a school night. Earlier that month, arms raised, my friend had burst upon the porch stoop, spitting out the impossible: \"I got the tickets! I got the fucking KISS tickets!\" \"Bullshit,\" I said. \"You can\'t. They don\'t exist.\" Because by that point, we were all gone-right after the kids in the neighborhood had come to blows over the Destroyer cover: 3, 4-then 5 of us, pounding out sandlot verdicts in a bloody scrum over who was who in the band. They were beyond epic. Bigger than the Sears Tower, God, the Pittsburgh Steelers, even. They were why I had wrapped my hands around my best friend\'s throat and wouldn\'t let go of the album jacket when that fight pile had surged and collapsed on top of me: \"That\'s Ace, you fucking idiot-the space man . . . .\" So this was blasphemy: Come on, man, Look! Here, in my hands! I\'ve got the fucking KISS tickets!-some deluded, haphazard rant from a boy dabbling in teenage magic. Or he was joking-that prick. He has to be. And I was going to flog him for it, nuts first. KISS wasn\'t real-were they?-he knew that. Everyone did. And to suggest otherwise-mortal?!-was cruel and absolutely absurd. \"Come on, man. Look! Here, in my hands! I\'ve got the fucking KISS tickets!\" And there they were-like 2 keys to the backdoor of the playboy mansion-dangling affront my own quivering suck: KISS, in concert, December 19, 1977-section, row and seat-Capital Center, Largo MD. That was the moment-the first time I truly saw myself, the imprint of my life and what I would seek to fill it. Because Gods, now, walked the earth, and everything I had ever known would have to be reconsidered. I was going to see KISS. Greg Christianson
Subject: ME AS GENE
From: TJ Jorgenson on 11/16/2008
Hello Gene, This is me dressed as you on Halloween. All I have to say is... And that\'s why it\'s good to be...YOU! TJ Jorgenson Montgomery, IL
From: Teddie Gartman on 11/16/2008
Hello Gene, I just spotted this on Papa Roach\'s MySpace site in their photo albums. Thought you\'d get a kick. You rock! Teddie Gartman
From: David A. Domingue on 11/16/2008
This is my Family, The Domingue\'s dressed as our favorite rock group for Halloween. Any chance getting it posted on your site. Rock and Roll all night and work all day! The USA is waiting on ya\'ll. David A. Domingue
Subject: FUNNY CLIP!
From: MARTIN on 11/16/2008
Please take a look at this clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kw5oJoUYTb8 . It is a new version of your official IWMFLY video. It\'s really funny! Please take a look at it and post your thoughts about it. Best regards, Martin Sweden
My Son Joseph
Subject: My Son Joseph
From: Jennifer on 11/16/2008
With the Rock Band craze my 9 year old son has become a huge Kiss fan. He started listening to your songs in March and since then decided that he would be you in Kiss for Halloween. My husband came pretty close to nailing the make up on his little face. I know you get a ton of these pictures but it would be great if you could send my little guy a shout. He definitely had a one of a kind look this year in our neighborhood. At least in his age group. It was great. My son\'s name is Joseph. Sincerely, Jennifer Vaught Las Vegas, NV
From: Rich Sawyer on 11/16/2008
Dear Mr Simmons, I\'ve wanted to write to you for sometime now, but I never found the right moment to do so. Nearly four years have passed sinced I filmed \'Rock School\' with you in the UK. I played the\'Peter\' in the Tribute band \'DRESSED TO KILL\' and to this day I still cannot believe that happened. It\'s one of the best moments of my life, especially as you paid me some great compliments after the show, so THANK YOU! I\'ll never forget that, you see two months earlier, my father passed away, after a brief battle with Cancer and I know he would have been so proud to have seen that. Although he never really \'got it\',me being in a band, he along with my mum, were very supportive. In 2006, whilst at work, I had an accident, which left me with a broken back. The road to recovery was long but with the correct therapy, I was so happy, not only to walk but to also play drums again! 2008, saw the return of KISS to Europe, so there was no way we were gonna miss that! We went to PARIS and LUXEMBOURGH......WE WERE NOT DISAPPOINTED! THE SHOWS WERE JUST AWESOME!!!!! You may or may not recall but I was right down the front dressed in full \'Destroyer\' costume and make-up. The \'Catman\' of course! I, along with my wife and children have been fans for years. My wife and I met each other at a KISS Expo in Switzerland! Alexis our son, even appeared in \'KISSTORY II\' (dressed as \'Ace Frehley\'). So, as you can see, YOU along with KISS are a big part of our lives. Whenever, we\'ve found ourselves faced with personal tragedies or trials, being a fan has helped us through this and you\'ve given us the inspiration to carry on. From the bottom of my heart I would like to say A HUGE THANK YOU! I appreciate that you\'re a very busy person and If you\'re reading this then you\'ve made me very happy. I wish you all the success for the future and admire your compassion to earn a living! I know, \'It\'s a dirty job but someone\'s got to do it!\' yours faithfully Rich Sawyer
From: Pinar Beygo on 11/16/2008
Just thought you\'d enjoy this picture of a bunch of \"stodgy\" librarians at the University of Maryland... -- Pinar Beygo
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