Gene Family Tribute
Subject: Gene Family Tribute
From: zumbifer on 10/08/2008
Dear Gene: My name is FERNANDO DE NARVAEZ, I Live in Colombia South America. Im a Gene fan since 1978. I have a KISS Tribute Band called KISZ, where I Used To Play Peter, but know, I play the Powerful and Attractive member of KISS. Gene. In 2002, I Got my first child. (I didn’t want kids in the beginnig) So I had to choose a beautiful name for her. There were many options, but, Gene had a lovely girl called SOPHIE. What a lovely name. So I called my girl SOFIA wich is SOPHIE in spanish. Two year later, I had a Boy. Gene had a boy called NICHOLAS, and I named my son NICOLAS wich is NICHOLAS in spanish. I wanted to have a SOFIA and NICOLAS just like Gene has. I also have a beautiful wife called ADRIANA and after 14 years Im Still Crazy about Her. We can watch the TV series “Gene Simmons Family Jewels” in our TV at home. When the Gene Family appears, I tell my Kids “Look those are the Gene KIDS and you’re named after them”. They love to see them. My Kids like to watch “Gene Simmons Family Jewels” so they can see, that, their dad is not the only Crazy Dad in The world. They see, There is a major Crazy Rockstar Dad in the world. Gene Simmons. Gene Simmons has been my role model in Bussiness, as a Person, performer, Artist, Rock Legend and life hero in my life. Needless to say I Read all your Books, Have all your videos and I Collect your original basses and I have a huge KISS memorabilia. I’ve seen KISS live around the world about 35 times. I met you, Gene, twice in Florida 1995 and Australia Farewell Tour. I work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I don’t like vacation. Im a Professional Graphic Designer, and I Designed a Cartoons called LOS ZUMBIS that have appeared in 36 newspapers in 14 countries. When my baby SOFIA girl, had her first Birthday Party, I did a TOON LIVE Show for her, inspired in the KISS Live Show, with all the sound and effects that I have for my KISZ Tribute Band. People loved. People started calling me to do the show for them. Nowadays I have a Live Entertainment company for Kids called “EL SHOW DE LOS ZUMBIS” and we do about 100 shows a month. About a year ago I sold a Franchise. Yes, thanks to SOFIA, the inspiration of KISS, and the GENE SIMMONS advice in his books. So this letter is to say thanks the man who has enriched my life for more than 30 years. Thank You Gene for all the KISS Shows, KISS cds, KISS DVD’s, KISS Merchandising, KISS everything, a KISS life, and thanks for showing Me part of your personal life in your various TV programs, and Tv appereances. My Gene and KISS passion has gived me a richer side of my life. Thank You Gene Simmons. You deserve all the love, your beautiful family, passion from your fans and everything you’ve got in your live. That’s why I dedicate my DE NARVAEZ family to you, the only one in the world GENE SIMMONS FAMILY TRIBUTE. Fernando De Narvaez
Im Here To Rock!
Subject: Im Here To Rock!
From: rick_evans on 10/08/2008
Listening to KISS over the years has inspired me big time and still does! This has now resulted in my own brand new debut album together with my band GABRIA. The first track on the album is titled Im Here To Rock and it is a tribute to Paul Stanley and KISS! It is my way of saying thanks for all the great shows and for making me start singing, playing and writing music. If You guys want to listen to Im Here To Rock, check out the album song samples at our websites: . . It was so great to see KISS Alive in Sweden again and I loved the set list! I send You a photo of me on stage with my band, and in the upper left corner You see me just before entering the KISS concert! Thanks and Rock On Forever! /Rick Evans of GABRIA
I still wish...
Subject: I still wish...
From: pinkyyy on 10/06/2008
I\'m from Brazil, but I\'m studying in the USA this year... I tried my best to go to the concerts in August but I couldn\'t!!! :( I still want to see you guys!!! Here\'s a pic of mine in December (2007) at my farewell party... Couldn\'t look better!!! LUV! Hope to see ya!
Dreams come true...
Subject: Dreams come true...
From: pinkyyy on 10/06/2008
Bruce and Pinky in Brazil... (2007) Dreams come true... ... little by little!
Subject: IST PLACE
From: Galichoza on 10/06/2008
Hey KISS!! This photo was taken 3 years ago on the island of Pag in Croatia. Pag in a small town with only 4000 citizens. Every summer there is a Carnival and that year we won 1st prize!! It was total improvisation, but everyone was so into their roles that we were simply the best!! Galichoza
poster concert 1983
Subject: kiss poster concert 1983
From: sergiokiss666 on 10/05/2008
hi kiss army!!! here is a lost poster of 1983 kiss concert with helix and tigres de oro in san sebastian-donostia.cult!!!
New Army Members
Subject: New Kiss Army Members
From: Rodrigo Acuna on 10/04/2008
Hi there this is not the first time that i write you, not even the first time my son appears at Kiss on Line, but i cant stop sharing with you how he play and sing Kiss songs, he is just 2 1/2 years old, he likes to wath Kiss videos all day, always tries to imitate Gene and Paul, he is always with his toy guitar signed by Bruce Kulick during an expo here in Mexico this year, any way, hope that we can meet someday Gene and Paul so he can see them in person, regards from Mexico. Here it is a video posted at youtube of him playing and singing i was made for loving you .
Subject: kiss cruiser
From: ixlor8 on 10/03/2008
some more pics
pt cruiser
Subject: kiss pt cruiser
From: ixlor8 on 10/03/2008
hay kiss here some pics of my kiss cruiser i won some awards in some car shows here in winnipeg,manitoba hope you like dale
Subject: Holland
From: martijn on 10/03/2008
Hi Kiss, Do you return in 2009, to the Netherlands? I was not possible there this year at its on the Arrow rock festival:( If so, do you reflect then their own concert or do come you on the Arrow rock festival? Greetz Martijn, The Netherlands P.S. sorry for my bad English I am just 12
senior portrait
Subject: senior portrait
From: bf1942geek on 10/01/2008
hey everyone, my names tyler i thought i would just share this picture with you its a picture of me with my kiss makeup on with the guy that took my senior pictures. ROCK AND ROLL ALL NIGHT BABY!!!
DYNASTY Tribute from France
Subject: DYNASTY Tribute from France
From: tdhainaut on 10/01/2008
Hi, Thank\'s for all... You gave us good times for so many years. We saw you for the Alive 35 tour in Paris, what a great night. You were in a great shape... Tommy and Eric are the good choice... Carry on and keep us rockin\'... we hope to see you soon... maybe with new music ?? Thierry \"Gene\" DYNASTY
FANS from Argentina
Subject: KISS FANS from Argentina
From: andybuonfrate from Argentina on 09/30/2008
We are great KISS fans and we enjoy playing its songs every week, I am Andy (Stanley) and I started to paint t-shirts for me and my friends and I am really proud of it.They loved my performance , Esteban(Simmons) and Alberto(Criss) are in the picture, I `ll paint the Ace t-shirt soon, I am planing it for next weekend. We loved playing KISS song because we`ve been fans for more than 30 years, and now , beeing men in our forties , we have a great time playing the music we love together.YOU WROTE THE SOUNDTRACK TO OUR LIVES GUYS !!!!
Love of
Subject: Love of KISS
From: tonguebandit on 09/25/2008
To KISS Online, fellow KISS fans, and KISS themselves : I am an active duty Army servicemember, so I don\'t always have a chance to write to the site. But since I do now, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to explain my love of KISS, to all of you. There is a famous song, from an artist of the past, that perfectly sums up my love of KISS. Most, if not all of you, should be familiar with both the song and artist. The artist is Doby Grey, and the song is called \"Drift Away\". Let me give you a sample of the song\'s lyrics, which pretty much explain why I love KISS so much - \"Thanks for the joy that you\'ve given me....I want you to know I believe in your song.......your rhythum and rhyme and\'ve helped me along, you\'re making me strong.....give me the beat boys, and free my soul, I want to get lost in your rock and roll, and drift away....\" Like many of you, KISS and thier music, etc has gotten me through some tough times, over the years. Sixteen years ago, I lost my mother to ovarian cancer. I am an only child, so it makes the loss that much harder. She died way too young (52), and never had any bad habits in her life (no smoking, no drugs, very little drinking). And quite honestly, when I cry for her nowadays, I am crying as if she died yesterday - that\'s how much pain I have inside. She never got to see me go to college, or join the miltary (12 years of active duty service, so far). She also never got to see me get married, or meet my two beautiful children my wife and I have - I think about what a wonderful grandmother she would have made. Anyway, it\'s moments like those, where KISS has played such a vital role in keeping me going, and keeping me strong. Most of you will understand, I think. We KISS fans may differ on our favorite songs, or band members, etc. But the one thing I think most of us can agree on, is the fact that KISS has always been there for us - in so many ways. Thank you KISS, for doing what you do. And thank you to all KISS fans, for making this seem like one big, extended family.
in chile¡¡¡please¡¡¡
Subject: kiss in chileˇˇˇpleaseˇˇˇ
From: chile32 on 09/25/2008
hola mis queridos artistas favoritos gene,paul,tommy,eric , solo quiero decirles lo mucho que los admiro a utdsde verdad yo se que esto suena raro pero ustedes le dan un sentido a mi vida,y quiero que algun dia vengan a chile yo se que ustedes no toman muy en serio lo de venir a chile por ue hile para ustedes no es mui importante pero aunque no lo crean hay muchisimos fanaticos de kiss en chile que lo unico que quieren es que vengan a chile queridos artistas ustedes son los mejores del rock no hay ninguna banda que las iguale nisiquiera los rolling stones ellos no son nada lo unico que vale es KISSˇˇˇˇˇˇ,PORFAVOR ,VENGAN,. ATTE.TOMAS JOSE ,CHILE A FAN OF YOU
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