My Son Justin
Subject: My Son Justin
From: Glynnis and Justin Schwan on 11/01/2008
Hi Mr. Simmons: I would just like to share that my son Justin is a huge fan and so much so that in August he knew he would be \"The Demon\" for Halloween. Please find attached a photo of him that we took today. He was up at 5:30 am to get his makeup applied so he could be at school on time. His makeup took me 70 minutes to apply and I must say that it lasted all day! A true testament to using the official KISS makeup! Justin has a new appreciation for the fact you apply your own makeup and he is sure it does not take as long as it took me to do! Enjoy: Glynnis and Justin Schwan Nanaimo BC Canada
Subject: MY SON ROCKIN\'
From: TRIPP on 11/01/2008
Please put my 3 year old son on your web site. This is a link to him singing and playing rock n roll all nite on his electric guitar.HE has had over 54000 hits on it , help him double that. Thanks , TRIPP
Coolest Mom Ever!
Subject: Coolest Mom Ever!
From: Dené Dennison on 11/01/2008
My name is Dené Dennison, I\'m from Springfield, Illinois and the daughter of the coolest mom ever!, you know how that goes, you momma\'s boy!. Anyway, my mom, Deana, her twin sister Dawn and their two best bud\'s, Jeryn and Judy, have been dressing up as Kiss for Halloween for three years now and they\'re awesome! What is better than 40 plus hot grandma\'s dressing up as the greatest rock band of all time??? NOTHING!!! LOL They even have security and groupies in their posse, it\'s absolutely fabulous! Any who, I\'m sure you get tons of pic\'s and fan mail letting you know that everyone and their dog is or has dressed up as Kiss, but MY group was featured in our local newspaper!!!! I\'ve attached a picture of the hotties and below is the link for the State Journal Register website (Springfield\'s newspaper) with a article including a bit of their story along with a picture. Thanks! . Dené Dennison
Dear :
Subject: Dear KISS:
From: queenofthunder on 11/01/2008
Hola, soy Vicky. Una fan de KISS de 13 años. Soy de Buenos Aires, Argentina. Me encantaría que traducieran esto, en fin, quisiera saber si van a dar un concierto en Buenos Aires. Si es así por favor pónganlo en la lista de los Conciertos ya que me haría muy felíz. Bueno, KISS es una de las mejores cosas que me pasaron en mi vida y si puedo ir a un concierto estaría llena de felicidad. Muchas gracias. Besos, Abrazos y suerte desde Argentina. Vicky.
Attempting to send photo again....
Subject: Attempting to send photo again....
From: ladybast on 11/01/2008
Brighid Macchia, 4 years old. Please include with letter previously sent.
Our 4 year old princess... a huge fan!
Subject: Our 4 year old princess... a huge KISS fan!
From: ladybast on 11/01/2008
I\'ve been a KISS fan since 1976.... influenced my husband into fandom, in the early 90\'s and now, our offspring, an absolutely adorable little Princess named Brighid, joins the ranks! She adores the band, has a crush on Paul just like her Mommy (me), and wants to marry Gene Simmons. She requested that I make her a Gene costume for this Halloween, so of course, I obliged. I sculpted the boots and armour using Model Magic. The Axe Bass is foamcore, reinforced with wood, the bat wings are PVC with iron-on studs. Here\'s our little lady in waiting, as her fave Bassist! She would be beyond thrilled to see herself on Kissonline!
mini World Tour 1982, Moudon - Switzerland!!!!
Subject: mini KISS World Tour 1982, Moudon - Switzerland!!!!
From: jpe72 on 10/31/2008
Just sharing a picture. 26 years ago, 3 10years old kids were mimicing KISS in their attic. What a story and so much fun we had. Jerome PS: 2nd try with correct picture size
Halloween pics
Subject: Halloween pics
From: gpadilla on 10/31/2008
Just wanted to share some pics from Halloween. My girlfriend and I decorated our apartment balcony for a contest. As you could tell, I added some KISS flavor. We all know it\'s not Halloween without a little KISS. Looking forward to seeing you guys come back to tour Texas.
Subject: Halloween Kiss
From: joesteinbach on 10/31/2008
Halloween Kiss Style from left to right. Brooke, Ashley, Garrett and Jessica Rockin Halloween in Florida!
Hallowe\'en 2008
Subject: Hallowe\'en 2008
From: thrashking93 on 10/31/2008
Here is a great pumpkin carving that my Mother made. Enjoy! Cal
The Pride of Minerva Ohio
Subject: The Pride of Minerva Ohio
From: mustang14 on 10/31/2008
Your bass line wearing the KISS maskes for the hallowen parade and the rest of the Drum-Lone
My 2nd picture
Subject: My 2nd picture
From: richman67 on 10/30/2008
Here is a picture of my pumpkins at night. Richard Anderson Canyon Country, Ca
dude i want your axe guitar
Subject: dude i want your axe guitar
From: saphire on 10/29/2008
hey Gene!! i was looking at the pictures and one picture cought my attention!!!! that was your axe guitar!!! I so oo want it!!! So basically i love it and its the coolist guitar ive seen!!!!! -Amara Johnson
Check them out!!!
Subject: Check them out!!!
From: motomom1210 on 10/29/2008
My husband, Wayne, is a HUGE KISS fan. He always wanted to have four children so that he could dress them up as the whole band on Halloween. Well, we did it this year. I got up in the wee hours of the morning to start their make-up. We got to school with 10 minutes to spare! I\'ve been gathering things and ideas for their costumes for three months now. We are entering them in a costume contest on Halloween night. Today though, October 29, was their costume day at school. They were a big hit. Here they are in all of their KISS glory. Dillyn(Demon) age 12, Koty (Catman) age 9, Jake (Space Ace) age 8, and our only daughter who was drug into this by her brothers and daddy, Tymber(Star Child) age 6. We hope to take them to one of your shows someday. Thank you, Angie P.S. I have tried to upload two seperate pics but the file was too large. Hopefully this one works.
gene simmons axe guitar / playstation 3
Subject: gene simmons axe guitar / playstation 3
From: billykiss1974 on 10/27/2008
hi there GENE........ just wanted to say that i am loving that new item the gene axe guitar for the playstation 3 games........ the sad thing is i tried to pre-order one for myself from amazon...only to be told that i was unable to as my postal address is out of the united states...... i live in the united kingdom and would love to get one of these gene axe guitars is there anyway that someone could help me out with this matter............ hope to hear from you soon........ many thanks......billy.......
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