From: alicemaiden on 06/21/2008
Dear Bandmembers of KISS, I actually want to write you a handwritten letter and send it by airmail, but it seems to be quite impossible to do that, since I have no single adress to sendyou my handwritten letter. so I decided to write you the most important thing I wanted to tell you. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!:)) For Everything that you have done for me, I heard everything from up where I was and enjoyed every split secound. I would SO love sending you a handwritten letter, Thank you SO Much again, With Love, & Sweet Regards, Alice Maiden ;)
Download Festival Uk
Subject: Download Festival Uk
From: kissmaniac05 on 06/21/2008
Hello Kiss I am a very big Kiss Fan Been wanting to see you since 1999 just missed you when you did the psycho circus tour in wembley and this show rocked with tunes such as Deuce, Hotter Than Hell and I love it loud you made my dream come true.I thought aswell Tommy was brilliant.
Subject: ALIVE 35 TOUR
From: johnnieringo on 06/21/2008
Dear Kiss, Your Alive 35 tour has taken you to Europe and the west coast in the good old USA. The KISS ARMY on the east coast is waiting in numbers to great to count! When are you going to do a show on the east coast? WHEN? Sincerely, John Upshaw Downs, Jr.
meet and greet in stuttgart 18.6.08
Subject: KISS meet and greet in stuttgart 18.6.08
From: andy160967 on 06/21/2008
Hello from germany ! That´s me and KISS at the meet and greet in stuttgart before the show. It was great to see this living legend and a dream come true for me. I win this meet and greet at a contest in germanys greatest rock club,the \"ROCKFABRIK\" in ludwigsburg. Thanks hasche and all the other guys from the rockfabrik,also the KISS managment for this great day. Andy
in Paris
Subject: Kiss in Paris
From: slim on 06/21/2008
Hey Kiss! Just to tell you the concert in Paris was HUDGE!!!!. Thanks for keeping KISS on the top. For me it was the best live performance I\'ve ever seen in my life and I would like to thank Tommy (Great job!!!), Eric, Gene and Paul for their performance during the show. I am proud to be part of the KISS ARMY and I would like to tell you how happy and excited I was to see you performing live! I traveled from Switzerland to see you and visit Paris at the same time and really enjoy this trip! I will be in Zurich for your concert in Switzerland on Monday and I am very excited to see you again!!! Regards, Slim
Subject: Finally..............
From: dutch_diana on 06/21/2008
YES! Finally I got to see you, Gene and Paul. Standing in the rain in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, feeling a cold coming up... but when it was time for you guys to appear the sun came behind the clouds and all was good. Thank you for the best show I\'ve ever seen! And Genie, finally I got to see you in real life after enjoying your 1st and 2nd season of The Family Jewels. This september I\'m off again to LA, hoping to catch some episodes of the 3rd season on A&E, and of course buying the DVD as soon as it comes out! Love you! Diana
Shared B-day with my son.
Subject: Shared B-day with my son.
From: darklite1 on 06/20/2008
I have to be one of the luckiest dad\'s in the world. My son wasn\'t only a Fathers day gift, but he was also born 2 days after my own birthday. Mine is the 18th and his is the 20th of June, so I always get to have not only the best birthdays, but I also get the greatest Father\'s day gift every year. My question is when do we get to have an episode of the greatest show on television shot here in the small town of Jonesville Michigan, and knock the socks off the people in this small town. Showing them, and everyone else that being a celebrity doesn\'t only mean that to be seen, you have to be a huge city. Hope to see you soon. KISS 4 LIFE darkllite1. (Ed Kelley)
Subject: JIRI
From: YOUR ROCK! on 06/20/2008
Hello Everybody, After 9 years there\'s KISS everywhere you go in Europe! I was standing in the front row in Nijmegen and boy did we have some fun. The four of you did an amazing job and I must confess I\'m now a fan of Tommy ( he plays so well) and Eric (he is the drummer Peter was in his very early years)! Though I\'ll never forget Peter and Ace, KISS is back in the super form I loved back then. I\'m looking forward to the show in Belgium (Graspop metal meeting) and hope to stand in front of my idols again. You rock for eternity. Here\'s a pic from Nijmegen. Best, Jiri
Fantastic Concert In Stuttgart / Germany !!! :-P
Subject: Fantastic Concert In Stuttgart / Germany !!! :-P
From: sparrowhawk on 06/20/2008
Hi Guys, thanks for the GREATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT Concert here in Stuttgart !!! After 2 Days i\'m still continuing to be hoarse :-D I Hope you hold your Promise to Come back next Year !!! Lot\'s of Hugs and \"God gave Rock\'N\'Roll to you\" and us ;-) Hope to see you again Jürgen
24 june: anniversary of my wedding
Subject: 24 june: anniversary of my wedding
From: rockberto61 on 06/20/2008
Dear Paul, Gene, Eric and Tommy I follow you since 1974, I see you live in concert fist time in Rome (Italy) back 1980 and then many times around europe, last in Verona 13 may. Now I\'m ready to see you again 24 june in Milan, and this will be a special day: it\'s the first anniversary of my wedding, my wife Claudia and me we just married 24 june 2007 and we\'re ready to celebrate this day with rock\'n\'roll all nite and party every day, with the hottest band in the world...KISS! Best regards. Rockberto (in the photo you can see that we used the names of musical bands for lunch tables of marriage: our was KISS)
Paris concert 17th June 2008
Subject: Paris concert 17th June 2008
From: Mark Young on 06/19/2008
Hi Guys, I live in England and have been a huge fan of Kiss since the 70\'s, but have never had the chance to see you live until Paris on Tuesday. I have to say it was one of, if not the, best experience of my life. An awsome concert, great music and a fantastic show, bringing tears of extremely happy emotions to my eyes again and again. You guys define rock and roll. God gave rock and roll to you and god gave Kiss to the Kiss Army!! Thanks so much, Mark Young. Newcastle upon Tyne, England.
concert Paris
Subject: KISS concert Paris
From: rvanriebec on 06/19/2008
Hello KISS and KISS-friends, I\'m a KISS-fan for a long time. Here i\'m with a friend right before the KISS concert in Paris. I live in Almere in the Netherlands i\'m the left guy on the photo. Richard
17-06-2008 Paris
Subject: 17-06-2008 Paris
From: rvanriebec on 06/19/2008
Hello KISS and kiss-friends, My first kiss concert was in 1980 in Leiden,Holland. I was 17 of june in Paris with a friend it was my 9th kiss-concert. it was great again! Before the concert in Paris i took the dutch flag and during the concert i throw it on stage. Paul Stanley hold it up,because he thought it was the french flag. We enjoyed but the french kiss-fans did not. I\'m sorry to you! I want to thank KISS for everything and i hope to see you next year again! Richard from Holland
Arrow Classic !!!!!
Subject: Arrow Classic !!!!!
From: nightwish07 on 06/19/2008
Hey guy\'ssssss Just wanted to let u know that the show u guys gave sunday at the Arrow Classic wasssss f*cking awesome !!! Have to admit it was my first KISS concert and I will never forget. Thank u so much for letting me have the time of my life and a special thanks to Tommy and Eric for there amazing solo\'s. It was a great day for me and my friends !! Hope to see you guys back next year and this time i will be standing in front hahaha. Lots of love and hugsss Ingrid PS: the picture was taken before we where all ready to go!!!
was great!!!
Subject: was great!!!
From: tara on 06/19/2008
Thank you guys! it was an amazing, that day in Arrow Festival! I was so glad, this was my day I will never forget how you guys rock that night! It was more then amazing. Have amazing times and days! The greatest band in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love to you all!
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