in Locksmith Shop
Subject: KISS in Locksmith Shop
From: setnomleb on 09/22/2008
Dear Kiss, I just wanted to tell you how awesome you are. I live in El Paso, Texas and I have never seen you in concert but I hope to do so one day you come close to my home. Anyways the purpose of this letter is to show you a picture of a Locksmith Shop I saw in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. Unfortunately The whole painting did not come out but I will try to pass by again soon and take a better photo. Thanks and Keep Rockin\'!
Candidate Shirts. \"What the .....\"
Subject: Candidate Shirts. \"What the .....\"
From: kabukiman on 09/21/2008
Guys, I love the political shirt idea and I would love to buy one to show support for my favorite band and my choice of candidates. However, I will not buy one because of the use of the \"F\" word. Guys, just because we are rockers, doesn\'t mean we have to use expletives. Many of use would love to wear a shirt showing our support in our community, at work or with our children. But this is what makes America great. You have a choice of what products to produce for sale and we have a choice to support it or not. Keep Rocking and support the vote! Act up or Shut up. We all have the freedom to choose. Kabukiman
Wentworth Gallery Perimeter Mall Atlanta Georiga 09/20/2008
Subject: Wentworth Gallery Perimeter Mall Atlanta Georiga 09/20/2008
From: John Upshaw Downs, Jr. on 09/21/2008
Dear Kiss On Line, I just wanted to give you the second installment on my meeting the original Kiss members. As you know, I met Ace Frehley at the Kiss Coffee House and got him to sign Paul Stanley\'s artwork titled \" Shock Me\". I heard Paul was going to be at Wentworth Gallery in Atlanta talking to and dedicating art work to people who purchased his art work. Since I purchased all four of his Kiss solo art works, I decided to take them and my family from Charleston, S.C. to Atlanta to meet him. We arrived at 4:00 p.m. on Saturday September 20th at the Wentworth Art Gallery in the Perimeter mall. My family was on the guest list and security let us in immediately. I saw about thirty people looking at Paul\'s artwork, and I presume they had purchased art work and were waiting to meet Paul. Then, all of the sudden, I saw Paul walk by talking to one of the Wentworth Gallery staff. He was inspecting and signing some new art works. Now you have to understand that the Wentworth Gallery is not a huge store, so when you see someone in the store, you are five to ten feet from them. It was interesting to watch Paul at work. Customers in the store were very nice and left Paul alone so he could focus. After about thirty minutes, Paul started seeing the customers one by one. He took the time to talk about each art work and also to get to know each of the customers who purchased his art. He looked very relaxed and comfortable and made each customer feel the same. Then the staff called us up to meet Paul. I sent my son Johnny up first to meet him. My son brought Paul a book on the Hunley Submarine as a gift. Paul said thank you and that he had a friend who was an Admiral on a submarine. My son also told him that he plays piano and that he had just gotten a Paul Stanley guitar and he is trying to learn to play it. Paul said that playing the piano first helps you to learn to play the guitar faster and he should have no problem. Then Paul posed with my son and the \"God Of Thunder\" painting for a picture. Then Paul dedicated the painting to him and drew a little guitar for him. Next I sent my daughter Charlotte up to meet Paul. She handed him an invitation, and Paul said she had nice eye glasses. She said they were Hannah Montana eye glasses and that she had seen her in concert and at the movies. My daughter said she also plays the piano and she wants to learn to play the guitar like Paul. Paul smiled and said Charlotte is a very pretty name for a girl. Then Paul posed with my daughter and the \"Beth\" paiting for a picture. Then Paul dedicated the painting to her and drew a vase with flowers in it. Then it was my turn. I walked up to Paul and shook his hand. I showed him the \"Shock Me\" paiting and he said he remembers reading the article where I met Ace at the Kiss Coffee House and got him to sign it. We then talked about each of the paintings and what I saw in each of them. I saw sadness in Ace. Confidence in Pauls\'. Inquisitivness in Peters\', and Defiance in Genes\'. I then got Paul to sign his paiting \"Love Gun\" at the bottom, and we posed for a picture with it. Then he dedicated the \"Love Gun\" and \"Shock Me\" paitings. Then Paul called my whole family up and we got a picture of my whole family with Paul holding all of the art works! He then said he expects to see us next year. We said thank you and said goodbye. Wow! I had finally met Paul Stanley of Kiss. He was so nice. He is a true gentleman. My son and daughter still can not believe they met the lead singer of Kiss. They are so excited and can\'t wait until they go to school Monday and tell everyone. Well, that is two original Kiss members I have met, and I have two more to go. I will keep you posted and let you know what happens in the future. Rock On, John Upshaw Downs, Jr. Charleston, S.C.
Subject: Nijmegen
From: rock_kiss on 09/21/2008
Hallo Guys At June15 I´ve met KISS at Meet & Greetin Nijmegen Arrow Rock Festival. Thank´s to the Band - it was great - I´ve dreamed to meet KISS since 1977 But - Special thank´s also to Dean Snowden! He organized the meet&greet very cool and friendly. Hey Dean - I took a photo from Nijmegen - look and smile Thank you very much - and come back to Europe soon!! Holger Dehmer (rock_kiss)
From: arkan on 09/21/2008
Hey guys, Kiss is the #1 group, best in the world, you guys really rock. You were in Sofia and Zagreb but you weren\'t in Belgrade which is bigger and much better (Kiss has 100 times more fans in Belgrade than you have in Sofia!). Guys please come to Belgrade we need you! There are so much people from Serbia and also other countries like Republic of Srpska and Montenegro that would come to this concert! In May 2008 there was a bad political situation but now everything\'s cool and there will be much more people coming to your concert in Belgrade than there were in Sofia! PLEASE KISS COME TO BELGRADE! ONE MORE TIME PLEASE COME TO BELGRADE WE REALLY NEED YOU! I was made for lovin\' you baby You were made for lovin\' me and I can\'t get enough of you baby can you get enough of me You guys are the best
in Peru?
Subject: Kiss in Peru?
From: 21fiokiss on 09/20/2008
Hi Paul, Gene, Eric & Tommy When you will come to make a tour in South America? Millions of people wait their grandiose coming, and still without answers We wait their spectacular arrival eagerly not alone so that they make concert, but so that they know our country that is very rich in landscapes and foods. We will be waiting their answer eagerly, my best desires, Fiorella PD: Congratulations Paul & Erin for your new son
Subject: KISS!!!
From: kissrocks333 on 09/20/2008
Dear KISS, I\'ve been a big fan for a long time. I love your music and have just joined the KISS ARMY. I just wanted to let you know that I think KISS is the best band in the world. KEEP ON ROCKIN\'!!! Lick It Up, Colby Luper
New CD From Japan !
Subject: New Kiss CD From Japan !
From: berrybygod on 09/19/2008
New Kiss CD From Japan ! I Didn\'t Expect To Like This CD Soooo Damn Much , But It Fucking ROCKS !!! Its All New Studio Recordings By The Current KISS Line Up , All Klassic Kiss Songs Re-recorded That Is + DVD Kissology Special Live At Budokan 1977 (Region 2 dvd by the way). I Havent Stop Jamming To This CD For The Last Few Days Since It Got Here From Japan . If You Can Get It This Do It Sounds Great , These Songs Sound Better Than They Have In Years & I Wouldn\'t Just Say That Say That !!! I Love The O.G. KISS Line Up But These Songs Sound Incredable Rercorded ! And The DVD Is A Great Added Bonus ! I\'ve Had This Concert For Years And It\'s Never Looked Better . I\'am Really Jazzed About This One !!! Thanks & Keep Rocking ...Berry Byassee
Newest Army Member
Subject: Newest Kiss Army Member
From: insortediaboli on 09/18/2008
Hi guys! Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your music and what an impact you\'ve made on my life. Such an impact, that when when we had our first child, the first thing I bought was a Destroyer Baby Onesie. So here\'s William Allen Kirby, rockin\' it out! Justin Kirby
Vegas performance And the love I have been waiting for
Subject: Vegas performance And the love I have been waiting for
From: George Gasson on 09/17/2008
Gene, Paul, Eric, Tommy: I\'m writing on behalf of the most amazing woman who has entered my life. Shelia Ferguson, who as a 15 year old girl living in Kentucky back in the 70\'s had two tickets to your concert. You guessed it! Her parents refused to let her go and as you can imagine Shelia was in tears for weeks to come. To this day she still talks about that day! Now 26 years later I surprise her and flew her to Vegas to see your fantastic performance. Needless to say she was in tears... Thank you for making that 15 year old girls dream come true .. Finally she can \"Shout it out Loud\" Thank you all for continuing on your journey and entertain your fans for all these years.. You have mad it possible for me to make the love of my life\'s dream come true!!! George Gasson
in Vegas 8/29/08
Subject: KISS in Vegas 8/29/08
From: Allison on 09/17/2008
You know, I felt compelled to write this letter and let EVERYONE know that KISS is Alive and WELL! I attended the KISS show at THE PEARL in Vegas on 8/29/08 and they TOOK US by STORM and gave us what we wanted.... The HOTTEST band in the WORLD! In all my years of seeing KISS in concert, Vegas was the BEST! And that says alot being I have been a fan for 33 years and attended hundreds of shows! KISS never lets me down when it comes to ROCK! I appreciate the undying LOVE that KISS always gives the FANS!! KISS has touched MY LIFE more than yall will ever know! So if anyone is on the fence about traveling to go see them...DO IT!! Don\'t waste another day! I am from S.C. (East Coast represent!) and flew out West to C them. And it was worth every penny! So as soon as tour dates are posted next summer....Get Them!! Thank U KISS for giving us a way to escape! Now if only I could escape with Paul Stanley on a tropical island! Oh MY! ;) ALL my Love and KISSesss. Allison B. Spartanburg, S.C USA
my mom\'s cake
Subject: my mom\'s cake
From: kaylabunny on 09/16/2008
I just wanted everyone to see the cake a friend of our family made for my mom\'s birthday
Subject: Konocti
From: trex665 on 09/16/2008
I just saw you guys in Konocti. My buddy and i flew up from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada to see the show. It was my 1st time and my Buddy's 2nd time. Thank you so much.................Here is a Vid of my 2 boys Now 4th Gen Fans .
To the greatest band ever!!!!!!!!!!
Subject: To the greatest band ever!!!!!!!!!!
From: rockandrollkid on 09/12/2008
Hey guys, I just wanted to write and tell you how much I loved the concert at Konocti Harbor on August 31st!!!! It was my first time seeing you guys in concert, and I was more than blown away!!!!!! You put on an amazing show and I\'m so happy I got the chance to see you guys perform. And I\'m already practicing my face painting skills for the next time I see you. Please come and play at Konocti Harbor again soon, I\'ll definitely be there!!!! :) Love you guys, keep on Rockin\' xoxo
Coffeehouse 2nd anniversary with my wife\'s picture
Subject: Kiss Coffeehouse 2nd anniversary with my wife\'s picture
From: james2517 on 09/11/2008
Here is the picture of My wife and Tommy...She had a great day. Tommy is so nice to everyone! Keep rockin\'! Thanks, James
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