- Deuce Live @ Helsinki 27.5.08
Subject: KISS - Deuce Live @ Helsinki 27.5.08
From: finnishkissfan on 06/17/2008
A clip from Helsinki 27.5.08. Enjoy!
Subject: Download
From: fanforever on 06/16/2008
Hiya Guys.Came home a week early from my holiday in Cyprus to come and see you at Donington. Must say that like all good things you get better with age. It had to be the best Kiss performance I have seen. From the first chords of Deuce I knew it was going to be a special night. It was a great feeling after the concert to hear all the people leaving who didn\'t realise how good you were, they do now though. I hope you do as you say and tour again next year but if you dont you have made a life long fan very happy and contented. That night will live with me forever, totally awesome.
Show Nijmegen Holland
Subject: Kiss Show Nijmegen Holland
From: hvries65 on 06/16/2008
Dear Kiss, Thank you very much for given us a fantastic show at the Goffertpark in Nijmegen. I was there with mine 20 years old nephew Tim. It was his second kiss show ever. The first one he saw, was 9 years ago in Utrecht. At that time he was 11 years old. A present for his birthday was a ticket for a Kissconsert. You can imagine how emotional it was for us last night after 9 years. We enjoyed every Kiss song your playing, especially all the classics from the kiss alive album. This was a big surprise for us. We never thought to see Kiss one time more. Thank you for not forgetting us and all the other european kissfans. Kiss gives us so much positive energy. We will never forget you! Kindly regards Henk de Vries Assen The Netherlands
Ready for at Arrow festival!!!
Subject: Ready for KISS at Arrow festival!!!
From: pattyw on 06/16/2008
YES!!!! We are ready for the greatest show in the world!! We wanted the best, we got the best.....
@ Arrow, Holland
Subject: KISS @ Arrow, Holland
From: pattyw on 06/16/2008
my god!!! I had the best night of my life!! Thank you guys, I went crazy standing on the front row!!! Great songs, so in love with Paul\'s voice.... I will never forget this, KISS rocks!!!! Lots of love from Holland!
Arrow rock festival
Subject: Arrow rock festival
From: theokompier on 06/16/2008
Thank you KISS, to come to Holland again after nine years. You gave me the opportunity to see you guys with my eleven years old son. After a road trip of two hours we where there at 11:00h. And stayed till the end, and longer because we had to get the live-cd. And it was great. He was very tired at the end of the night, but he let you know that he was so glad to see it all. Here for I thank you with a nice picture of Gene I made. And I, i\'m broken and tired but so happy to see it all again. So hopefully I can say, see you next year. Thanks again Theo Kompier
Oh them weddings...
Subject: Oh them weddings...
From: finnishkissfan on 06/16/2008
Hiya guys. When my sisters boyfriend - who\'s now her husband (Who also adores KISS - had proposed to her they came to visit us. I asked the \'husband\' what will they walk along the aisle with. He answered \"Well it\'s definately not going to be Britney Spears, hell no.It rather kill myself! But I would love to walk down the aisle with Heavens on Fire by KISS, but that might really piss off the priest so... It has to be a KISS song!\" I was gobsmacked because I never knew he was a KISS fan! Well, it was the day of their wedding and we all rushed off to church. Man I was wearing a awful dress and atlest wanted to accesorize it a little. I wanted a KISS patch on it! So I went and got a needle from my room and quickly stitched it on when nobody was looking.. I think you already know what happened. They gave me a right lecture on looking \"different than the others\" I was like \"how the hell can I look different!? Im wearing it and theres nothing you can do about it\" That might have been the funniest thing I\'ve ever heard. My sister got quite suprised when walking down the aisle with Beth by the hottest band ever KISS!! Well, my sis is also a big KISS fan (she had been already for a while). That was the second best day in my life.. The best day of my life was when I saw KISS in Helsinki last month!!! Didnšt want you to leave!! Also read the 510 paged KISS - Behind the Mask, very intreasting!! Love you all! Natalie xx But they did dance their intreasting first dance with Heavens on Fire..
nijmegen 15 june 2008
Subject: nijmegen 15 june 2008
From: agony170 on 06/16/2008
Hi guys, I want you to know that your show yesterday was super!!! You can see that on the look of my face i guess. Thank you so much!! You really made my day. I\'m looking forward to see you on 28 june in graspop, Belgium. rock on!!!! xxx sťvťrine
destroyes nijmegen holland
Subject: kiss destroyes nijmegen holland
From: kissmonster76 on 06/16/2008
dear kiss. last night we were blown away by the best show we have ever seen ,by the best band in the world,it was my wyfes and daughter and friend first kiss show,i told them about the kiss shows but its hard to tell if never have seen one,if been to kiss in scheveningen veronica,s beach races,to kiss live in zwolle holland,the 1996/1997 reunion tour in rotterdam and utrecht and in 99 psycho circus and now in nijmegen,my wyfe and daughter broke down n tears when the world famous words cam,all right nijmegen you wanted the best you got the best the hottest band in the world kisssssssssss. then my daughter shouted her longs out of her body,and she was shouting to every song,this was her beiggest dream ever to see kiss live,and it came treu,we want to thank you for the best you on earth,to bad the backstage tickets were verry high on the price,because i have a gene tatto on my left arm and wanted a signature,but maybe next time in 2009. again thank you kiss for the time of our lifes see you next year. by the way were we loud enough? thx paul gene eric and tommy.
ALIVE 35 Mannheim/Nijmegen
Subject: ALIVE 35 Mannheim/Nijmegen
From: daymon on 06/16/2008
Hello, My dream came true on the 10th and 15th of june. I, Daymon 6 years old from Purmerend in The Netherlands, went to my first KISS concert in Mannheim. I liked the show verry much. My dad told me he has also tickets for the Nijmegen show. I wanted to have the warpaint and I choose to be the CATBOY so we left for Nijmegen. I enjoyed the show much more(I was not as nervous as I was for the Mannheim show). There where lot\'s more fireworks the show was great. I hope you keep your promise to come back next year, because I and my mam and dad will see you guys again!!!! Thankxxxxxxxx Rock on!!!! Daymon Purmerend The Netherlands
Gene Supporting Our Troops
Subject: Gene Supporting Our Troops
From: steve08080 on 06/15/2008
Dear Gene, I just finished watching a few episodes of your show Gene Simmonís Family Jewels followed by the Gene Simmons Roast on A&E. The presentation of our nationís flag and watching your reaction brought tears to my eyes. Iíve known for a long time that you (and Kiss) have always supported the military and Iím glad to see that you put your money where your mouth is. Receiving that flag is an honor, display it proudly. You are rare commodity in an industry that seems to believe itís cool or hip to trash our military, our nation and our president. Iím so proud to see you speak out in a positive manner about our men and women who serve this great nation. As a 20 year veteran of the United States Air Force, I THANK YOU for all your support for my fellow soldiers. Please never forget them. I hope to someday thank you in person. God bless you and your family. Steve Dombrowski Sewell , NJ
Subject: Download
From: jonny666wood on 06/15/2008
I\'m blown away. They were so good. Still the hottest band in the world by a cosmic, space type distance. Obviously, the \'show\' was staggering... but, it\'s about time the songs got some credit.Classic after classic. Simple but very pure. The overpowering charisma of Paul and Gene has always distracted from that. I love Kiss so much. They\'ve never let me down, with or without the make-up!! Paul hinted at a tour next year...? Hope he wasn\'t jestin\'!!
at Download changed my life
Subject: KISS at Download changed my life
From: charliemckeon on 06/15/2008
Dear KISS, I\'ve been listening to you religously since I was 7 years old and I have to say you really are THE BEST. I am now just about to become 15 and last friday at download I got to see you for the first time and while I knew I was going to see my favourite band and a great show I really had no idea what I was in for. What I saw that night was not a gig it was certainly something else. A KISS concert is like theatre, its amazing it really is. I couldnt believe my eyes and ears most of that night and I can still now not get over or explain how amazing it was and happy I am. All I can say is that when you introduce yourselves as THE BEST you are not lieing and you truly are the best. You are true professionals and you made every single of other band/artists that weekend seem extremely week as an act. I need to see you again you are truly addictive. THANK YOU FOR THE BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE Charlie from Liverpool
Subject: Donington
From: adampayne on 06/15/2008
Friday night was awesome! Absolutly spot on!! It was everything you could expect from you guys. I had no voice on the drive home nor for most of the weekend. I really can\'t convey to you how awesome it really was!! My best mate commented on the fact that he\'d never seen me jump so high, shout so loud or get that excited when you guys played Shout It Out Loud. I really couldn\'t have asked for a more perfect experience!! Just make sure you DO come back next year like you teased us with! Thank you so much
A Poem
Subject: A KISS Poem
From: finnishkissfan on 06/13/2008
I am a huge fan of KISS, grateful to be at their gig no one could miss. Had to travel 5 hours by bus, It really wasn\'t that big of a fuss. First I got to hear Deuce, Later on Got to Choose. Guitars, Vocals, Bass, Drums, oh, and all the rockin\' mums. KISS is forever, Will they quit? No NEVER! Music business is only for the strong, C\'mon KISS is never wrong! Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Tommy Thayer, Eric Singer, these guys rule, these guys rock. They play music called rock \'n\' roll, they bring the cheer to a christmas carol! KISS is big, KISS is huge, KISS is cool - It just rules! Thankyou all, please do come back here next fall! __ Seriously, your music is fantastic! Keep on the good work! Luv you! Natalie
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