I found my man because of
Subject: I found my man because of KISS
From: wendy666rocks on 08/20/2008
Hey YOU, my older brother introduced me to Kiss and the music when I was three years old in 1983. Now I have a son, his name is Lukas Jude Etienne and he´s 3 years old right now and loves Kiss like I do, I introduced him, like my brother did with me. This year I went to Munich with a friend and joyned you from a place infront of the stage. It was so amazing that I wanted to see you twice this year and I planned to get tickets for Nürnberg, so I did. But I found none to come with me to your concert. I sat down and thought and thought, who can I ask.... Then I´ve got the idea to ask a guy who I knew from an internet community....I never met him before, we never talked and we wrote only twice a week. But nevertheless, we went together to the KISS concert and had so much fun, there was a deep confidence between us....there was no trace of shame or unsureness...it was like we knew each other for years.... Know we are a couple and I`ll move to his town, cause I love him like I never loved before. Maybe it sounds kitschy, maybe exaggerated....but I´m not able to write it in an other way! He´s my man and all because of you and KISS....we never had met without YOU and KISS. And the funniest thing is...his name is Peter and my name is Wendy....you knew the fairytale of Peter Pan and Wendy Darling.... :-) keep on rockin´ With Love Wendy (wendya.1980@yahoo.de)
Worried about no concert in Lake Tahoe on August 30!
Subject: Worried about no concert in Lake Tahoe on August 30!
From: lokicarol on 08/20/2008
Hello, My name is William and I am going to be taking my wife to see your guys concert in Lake Tahoe on August 30 and have the tickets already but I fear my wife won\'t actually get to see Paul Stanley do to his heart problems. She has really wanted to go and I was wondering if you guys could get Paul Stanley to at least send her a autographed picture. If so please contact me at lokiwilliam_hollingsworth@yahoo.com. We also would like to tell Paul to please be careful and get well soon!!! Thank you, William
Subject: KISS Concert!!
From: pineapple on 08/19/2008
Hello KISS Online, My name is Frank Commisso, I am 18 years old, and I live in British Columbia, Canada. I have been a HUGE KISS fan since I was 5 years old. I got turned on to them when My father, who is a huge longtime fan as well, introduced their music to me. I own all your records, and own all 3 volumes of KISSology. I also have your greatest Hits compilation from 2002. In addition to this I also play Bass Guitar, which I started because of Gene Simmons. I must say I am getting really good at it to. I can play almost all your songs. The main reason why I am writing to you is because I understand your in the middle of KISS Alive/35 World Tour. I would like to know why there are no scheduled dates in Canada? I would deeply and sincerely appreciate it if KISS could come to Vancouver as part of their World tour. Both my father and myself will defiantly attend. In closing please give it some thought!! My love to Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley.
From: caiogalo10 on 08/19/2008
KISS I\'m just 14 years old and i didn\'t have the chance to see you please me and all the young fans(we are a lot)want to see you here please come.YOU ROCK!!!!! Thanks
How I begun to love you...
Subject: How I begun to love you...
From: brulacerda on 08/18/2008
KISS, I\'m writting again... ;D You know, I\'d like to you to know that Guitar hero was my \"light\" to know your job... STRUTTER was my first passion... I couldn\'t stop listen it... After was DETROIT ROCK CITY... My favorite musics are: - Detroit rock City - Strutter - I wanna rock n\' roll all night - c\'mon and love me - Forever - I was made for loving you - Lick it up - Love gun - heaven\'s on fire - I want you - Hell or high water - I love it loud - Anything for my baby - Psycho circus - God of thunder - Black diamond - Sure know something - goin\' blind - 100,000 years - Shout it out loud - Shandi And many more... but these are my favorites.... Paul Stanley.... I love so much...!!! I think you are really handsome.. I\'m telling the truth! In your album LIVE TO WIN my favorite musics are LIVE TO WIN and LIFT... these musics are awesome.... If you come to Brazil, I wanna be in front of you... Please... try to remember me in the show.... :D I know it\'s impossible... You are wonderful... KISSES to KISS (And specially to Paul) Bruna Abreu 14 years old Brazil
Birthday\'s gift to me... Como to Brazil please...
Subject: Birthday\'s gift to me... Como to Brazil please...
From: brulacerda on 08/18/2008
KISS, you don\'t have any idea who am I, But I read about your story almost every day. I\'m writting this letter now, hearing Stutter and wearing a KISS T-shirt... I\'m 14 years old and I\'m killing myself to write this letter, cause I don\'t speak english very much... I\'m not using any translator.... I swear to God… :D I love your job and my friends are almost killing me, \'cause I can\'t stop talking about you... I went to school today with your T-shirt... The teacher was angry with me... but I didn\'t care about... I love you... My birthday was in Monday, and you could give me a present: Come to Brazil, please... I couldn\'t be more happy than this... I will be your fan 4ever and ever...For more 35 years... and... congrats Paul and Erin I lovE Kiss \"You want the best, You got the best. The hottest band in the world. KISS\" KISSES Bruna AbreU Brazil - sp 14 years
Subject: KISS RULES!!!!!
From: zethman on 08/18/2008
Hey KISS I was wondering when you guys are gonna play in California again?
From: mark arnone on 08/16/2008
Here\'s the center piece of my collection. The very first KISS poster signed by GENE, PAUL, ACE and PETER. Thought fans new and old would like to see this rare piece. Mark
in CZECH Magazine
Subject: KISS in CZECH Magazine
From: Nikola Kandoussi on 08/16/2008
Hey KISS ARMY, This photos and story is from our weekly Czech magazine! Another magazine has an article about KISS and interview with Gene. We all are very happy to see KISS in our magazines and can\'t wait for KISS to come back to Prague next year! Best, Nikola Kandoussi
IN TIME to play Coffeee House
Subject: KISSIN TIME to play KISS Coffeee House
From: paulsbrother on 08/16/2008
KISSIN TIME ...an all star line up to play the kiss coffee house this year .Bnd features .Steve stanley as paul from Kiss eXposed .the goddesss of thunder as gene from VH1 Fame space ace randy as ace from strutter and andrew scamboti as peter from hotter than hell. This band is the best of the best .COme join us for one great rock and roll party
From: pauldaniel on 08/15/2008
Happy birthday Gene, (thing for Eric)
Subject: Happy birthday Gene, (thing for Eric)
From: nastasia on 08/15/2008
I wish a happy birthday has Gene! I know that it is a little early, but tomorrow I go in my mama during 2 weeks, and I do not have a computer at it :-( On August 25, I much will think has you, Gene! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GENE!!!! Each day, I listen to you, KIS, I listen to your concert of Dessel, I listen to “Strait Rock\'n\'roll City”, “Hotter Than Hell”, “Parasitic” but especially, “Nothin\' To Loose”! If I could meet you Eric… I will not think any more but of you! You are the best beater than KIS had!!! I love you! Nastasia!
My new baby boy, Paul Stanley!
Subject: My new baby boy, Paul Stanley!
From: matt69 on 08/14/2008
Hi guys! I just want to tell you that I\'m a lifetime KISS fan and I want to Thank you for all of the GREAT music and memories over the years! This is the first time I\'ve ever written to you. On August 11, 2008, my son, Paul Stanley Konieczka was born! I\'m a forty year old musician from Toledo, OH and I wasn\'t sure if I\'d ever be a father. Well, I found the right woman and my dream has come true! My father past away on Auguast 25, 2007 and I was very close to him! He was an awesome musician (sax and clarinet) who played proffessionally for over 60 years! His name was Stanley. Therefore my son\'s second name is a tribute to him. Paul, actually came to me as a tribute to my favorite bass playing \'BEATLE\", Paul! Even though I\'m a huge KISS fan, it was not my intention to name him after the number one frontman in the world, Paul Stanley. But after I realized all of the great meanings in the name, it was a lock for his name and it didn\'t take long to convince my wife. You probably get letters like this all the time but I wanted to tell you how special it is for me that he has this wonderful name! Logging on today, I seen that Paul is exspecting another child of his own this Winter. To him I wish the best for him and his family and I thank all of the KISS members, past and present for being such a huge part of my life! God Bless, Matt Konieczka
my Gene tattoo
Subject: my Gene tattoo
From: gangsta666 on 08/13/2008
I have been a loyal KISS fan for 32 years! You guys are my all-time favorite band/brand. I just wanted to show my Gene tattoo to you. Thanks for all the great music, shows, and everything you do. - Greg W.
Paul & Me on German TV homepage
Subject: Paul & Me on German TV homepage
From: kissarea on 08/13/2008
Hi: Here is a picture of Paul & me currently appearing on the homepage of the German major TV channel RTL. It was taken backstage at the Nuremberg Arena, Germany on June 27, 2008. http://www.rtl.de/rtlaktuell/news_znp_artikel_vorlage.php?article_id=3371 , Best regards, Carsten Schleichardt Grimmstr. 5 99096 Erfurt Germany
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