From: markarnone on 09/05/2008
From: markarnone on 09/05/2008
Subject: MY ROOM
From: pauldaniel on 09/03/2008
This is one of picture that i have in my room, that was pinting with a friend of mine for my birthday some time ago hope you liked
Carnival in Spanish...
Subject: Carnival in Spanish...
From: tpinna on 09/03/2008
Un gran saludo a la comunidad KISSera del mundo,en especial a los de habla-hispana, somos KISS Carnival, un club de fans de Lima - Perú, creado en 1999, y nuestro sueño es que KISS venga a Lima, de hecho \"la mejor banda del mundo\" debe venir a nuestro país.... Somos muchísimos miembros, la foto muestra a una reunión de aniversario del club...KISS FOREVER!!!! KISS in Lima please!!! Kiss Carnival Perú
may have saved our lives!
Subject: KISS may have saved our lives!
From: richman67 on 09/02/2008
The day I found out tickets were going on sale for the Konocti show I approched my wife Natalie and mentioned that it was the only California date on the \"Alive 35\" tour and it was over the Labor Day weekend. She seemed for a moment a bit suprised due to the fact she was looking into taking a cruise to Jamaica over that weekend. Nowing I\'m a HUGE Kiss Fan and seeing how excited I was that it was only a mere 500 miles away, she said we could go see KISS!!!!!!!! With the recent hurricane that hit Jamaica, could you amagine the mess we would have been in if it wasn\'t for KISS??? Last year when we saw KISS at Saboba Casino Paul was rushed to the hospital. Gene, Tommy, and Eric still put on an outrageous performance. Thanx for a great Labor Day weekend. Richard Canyon Country, Ca
Carnival since 1999, Lima - Perú
Subject: Kiss Carnival since 1999, Lima - Perú
From: tpinna on 09/02/2008
Hi, We are fans of KISS in Perú, 'Kiss Carnival Perú' with many members and we would like to have KISS in Lima - Perú soon ( Tour Alive/35). Visit: www.kisscarnival.com . Best regads, Roberto Pinna
From: mikofan on 09/02/2008
TO: Gene,Paul,Tommy,Eric,(Ace and Peter). I have been a KISS fan (Diehard Fanatic) since I was 13. I am now 46.Raised in a small town in northern CA.Didn\'t have alot of $.Spent what I had on partying and chasing that female stuff.Got married Young,raised 4 children,and now I am a grandfather.I bought every KISS album ever made as they were released,and Tons of memorabilla.It has been a LIFE LONG DREAM of mine to actually go to a live KISS concert.On August 31 2008 my life long dream came true.KISS played in Kelseyville CA.My girlfriend bought tickets for my birthday.In row 6. OMYGOD it was so EXITEING,AWSOME,I had the time of my life.It was everything I had ever imagined,and more.I can not thank you guys enough for all the years of enjoyment you have givrn me ,and for not giving up after 10-20-or even 30 years.From every bit of my sole I THANK YOU so very much. (LONG LIVE ALL OF US IN THE KISS ARMY) FANATIC FOR LIFE. MIKE.WILLITS CA.
My first concert
Subject: My first Kiss concert
From: siravoda on 09/02/2008
Dear Gene,Paul,Tommy,& Eric, I had the time of my life in Lake Tahoe at the Kiss concert. You guys did spectacular! It was the first Kiss concert I ever saw. I\'m from NJ and I took a six hour flight to see you guys. It was definitly worth it! I took a picture with Tommy, Gene and Eric signed my hat, a got a Tommy Thayer guitar pick and I got the paper that had the line up of the songs you that night from the stage. It was the best day I ever had! THANKS AGAIN SEE YOU GUYS NEXT YEAR! From, Vanessa Age:12
Alive 35” in Kelseyville California
Subject: “Kiss Alive 35” in Kelseyville California
From: radiorealitycheck on 09/02/2008
“Kiss Alive 35” in Kelseyville California, Sunday August 31st. Hard, Loud, Pyro, Lights, Larger than life, in your face, must be KISS! And Kiss it was, who rocked 5,000 plus and 2,000 others who rocked out in the parking lots in Kelseyville California as Kiss decimated any act to play there yet! Before the show, we talked to fans that traveled across the US for the show and plenty of locals who could not believe Kiss would honor our small section of the country. The band was phenomenal, every song, flawless. Kiss played a lot of songs that we haven’t heard live in some time. They rocked a set from the first alive tour, wow! This was our personal first time seeing Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer in action with Paul and Gene. We were floored! Tommy is a very exceptional guitarist. He played flawless, his riffs were incredible and he dazzled the crowed. Eric’s drums were perfection all night. How can anyone mention a list of the greatest drummers of all time, if they have never heard him play? Eric Singer is truly one of the best drummers we have ever heard live! Did I mention he can sing? Wow! Eric’s vocals on song like “Nothing to lose” and “Black Diamond” Eric did Kiss fans proud! What do expect though? Gene and Paul would never settle for less than perfection and they got it with Tommy and Eric. Two thumbs up! The longest running Kiss fans got what they have come to expect, perfection. New and young Kiss fans, had there minds blown away. People, who came to see the show out of curiosity, walked away Kiss fans for life! On behalf of Mendocino and Lake County’s in Northern California, thank you Kiss! You gave us a show of a life time! John Turner, Anthony Morrison & David Moore The “Radio Reality Check” Crew
My Travels To Lake Tahoe To See !!
Subject: My Travels To Lake Tahoe To See KISS!!
From: achley15 on 09/02/2008
Hi, My name is Ashley McGrath and my dad Ted and I flew all the way from Indiana to see KISS! We left on August 29th and we had to go to St.Louis, then to L.A., then to Reno. Well, when we got to L.A. a woman who works for the airline directed us to the wrong terminal!!! We MISSED out flight! We were stuck and we had no luggage! That was hard because I have a one year old. Anyway, the next day we had a new flight scheduled for 8 a.m. When we were in line to board, my dad was earing a KISS shirt. The pilot saw him and came to us and complimented him on his shirt. My dad said, \" We are flying to Reno to go to the KISS concert.\" The pilot said, \" No way, I am staying the night in Reno! This is awesome I want to go!\" We told him where it was and he said he would be there, but when we got to the concert, it was sold out so I bet he didn\'t get in. As we were flying the pilot came on the intercom, and said since it was such a beautiful day that we would fly over Lake Tahoe so the KISS fans that were lucky enough to go to the KISS concert could see where we would be! How awesome is that? So we ended up making it to Reno in time thankfully! Then we got to the concert and had such a great time! It had been 4 years since KISS had come ti Indiana, and we decided that we weren\'t missing this concert! It was really windy, and we were worried about Gene, Paul, Tommy, and Eric when they were up in the air during the show. We could see them swaying up there. We stayed at Circus-Circus Hotel and Casino and the day we were leaving we saw a face painting stand. They had a picture up of Gene\'s makeup and said that they could do it. My dad had never been on a plane before so it was a big deal for us to fly. All together we had 16 people with us flying. My husband\'s mom decided to get married while we were there so that\'s why there were so many. I have pics that I\'ll put up later! Thank you KISS for such a good time and for making the airport hassle worthwhile!!
Thanks For The Great Konocti Show Gene
Subject: Thanks For The Great Konocti Show Gene
From: mefer1917 on 09/01/2008
Gene-- Thanks for the great show at Konocti last night. Here is a \"sinister\" shot I took of you at the show. Thanks again and both myself and my seven year old son, Raymond, hope to catch you on the next tour! Matthew & Raymond Farmer Fresno, California (NOTE TO ADMIN: I took a few good photos of the show but I see there is no mass upload capability. I have about six or seven other shots that I think are pretty good. If there is any interest in having me pass these along, please let me know.)
in lake tahoe
Subject: kiss in lake tahoe
From: courtneymiddleton on 09/01/2008
We drove from Mount Shasta Ca to see kiss in Lake Tahoe it was the best show ever. This was our 11 year old sons first concert he loved it, We cant wait for the next show. Your show rocked it made our whole body rock. Keep on rocking. From Middleton\'s in Mount Shasta
Vegas Rock City!
Subject: Vegas Rock City!
From: calspeed on 08/31/2008
\"Alright Las Vegas, you wanted the best, you got the best, the hottest band in the world KISS!\" These words will be ringing in my ears forever. That was my first concert ever and it will probably always be the best. I am only 16 and I went with my parents, little brother, uncle, and some cousins. We bought our tickets in the pre-sale the second they went on sale. We were over on Tommy\'s side of the stage and in all we caught 4 guitar picks. Hopefully we will go see KISS again the next time they tour. _\\,,/ NEVER STOP ROCKIN! \\,,/_
Paul, Gene, Eric, Tommy
Subject: Paul, Gene, Eric, Tommy
From: rob672410 on 08/29/2008
Hi Paul,Gene,Eric and Tommy, I\'m a big fan of KISS for about 30 years. I saw my first KISS concert in Nijmegen the Netherlands at Arrow Rock 2008. It was just great. I think this is the best line up KISS has ever had. I\'ve listen to the new KISS album JIGOKU-RETSUDEN.I listen it over and over. This is cool. Why don\'t you record a new studio album with the best line up (also Tommy and Eric on vocals) and put it together with JIGOKU-RETSUDEN as one album, just like Journey did. I\'m sure this album will be Platinum. If you come back to the Netherlands (Europe 2009/2010) I will be there with my family. Manny Thanks, Rob
C\'mon guys give us some new song!
Subject: C\'mon guys give us some new song!
From: starchild_lover on 08/28/2008
Hi guys, first of all let me tell you I love ya all! I\'m a long time fan, I just bought the japanese CD you released and it\'s amazing hearing some hystorical with the \"current\" KISS! The Italian KISS Army is struggling to have some new songs from you, our heroes! We are waiting in faith, you gave us the best music all over these years and we bet you can do it again. Of course we still love everything you did and do, but we know that KISS can make us feel the magic again again and again, we\'re never tired of good music and boys you do some really good music!!!! Please, just think a bit about it, will you? Gene, don\'t worry true fans BUY music, don\'t steal it. We are here with our credit cards already in our hands!!! How could we miss another amazing KISS cd cover?? With much love to all, hoping to see you again live soon, one of your faithful fans Sabry
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