Baby Steven (6 month old new fan!)
Subject: Baby Steven (6 month old new fan!)
From: jdapercussion on 07/31/2008
KISS- Attached is a photo of my 6 month old son Steven. Surely starting off on the right track!
hope to see U in Mexico city
Subject: hope to see U in Mexico city
From: fub4r on 07/30/2008
Fan Experience at Coffeehouse in Myrtle Beach, SC 7/26/08
Subject: KISS Fan Experience at KISS Coffeehouse in Myrtle Beach, SC 7/26/08
From: lady_red_light_3 on 07/29/2008
I have been divorced 21 years and I have a 21 year old son with Autism. I began dating a gentleman last year. Donnie has not only been a gentleman in every sense of the word, but has taken on the task of being a step-father to a child that has Autism. On July 26, 2008 we took a family trip to the KISS Coffeehouse in Myrtle Beach, SC and while in the Coffeehouse (in front of the KISS Costumes there), he proposed to me. I gladly accepted. Donnie knows that I am a huge KISS fan and that would make a fan\'s dream come true. The staff at the coffee house was so great. A girl could not ask for more. I also want to thank the members of KISS for their support of finding a cure for Autism. I worked for many years(and with the help of psychologist) to get my son to where he is today. By the way, KISS is one of his favorite bands.
Me at the party in the \"ROCKFABRIK\" ludwigsburg
Subject: Me at the KISS party in the \"ROCKFABRIK\" ludwigsburg
From: andy160967 on 07/29/2008
Hello again! Here are a photo from the KISS party in germanys no. 1 rock club...the \"ROCKFABRIK\" in ludwigsburg. (I´m on the left side) I win a meet and greet with KISS in stuttgart before the concert. Many thanks again to all,Hasche,Eddy,Chris.
The Power Of Cute And
Subject: The Power Of Cute And KISS
From: u839402 on 07/28/2008
Hello Guys!!! Wanted to send you this photo of my litte guy CJ....My wife and I had gone out to \"Hooters\" for a bite the other night with my son \"CJ\"...When while eating..CJ made his way over to a group of \"Hooters\" girls and began \"rapping\" to them!! AT 3 YEARS OF AGE!!!!! They loved his KISS shirt!! And he explained how much he loves KISS..and how he sings along to thier cd\'s!!!! Yhey loved him!!! So they got together for this photo!!..Thought you might dig it!!! Who knows ... Maybe he\'ll be fronting a KISS cover band in the future!!!..And I\'m sure he wants to be the \"Starchild\"..he\'s already following in your footsteps with the ladies!!! Rock On, Corrado
Alive/35 Tour Idea
Subject: Alive/35 Tour Idea
From: tj14 on 07/27/2008
Dear KISS, My name is Trace Johnson and I am a proud member of the KISS ARMY. However, I am probabley the only member who hasn\'t saw you guys in person. I am 14 and my brother is 9 and we both are huge fans. If you guys could play in Charleston, WV that would be the happiest moment of my life. Make our dreams come true please. Sincerally, Trace Johnson
You\'re the best
Subject: You\'re the best
From: antifaan on 07/26/2008
hi, I\'ve made some animated \"concert\" videos with your songs here are they. please watch them...
Yet another cover
Subject: Yet another KISS cover
From: paulpott on 07/26/2008
Even two months after the bombastic KISS shows in Russia, some press keeps on printing theirs reviews, photos & stuff. The oldest Russian rock magazine called \"RockCor\" is out recently not only with a concert review, but also a cover and a poster inside. And if you would visit their website ( you can hear \"Detroit Rock City\" playing, as to promote the new issue. \"RockCor\" was also the first mag in Russia to print detailed KISS story in their 1992-1993 issues, and also had the first KISS poster inside (Crazy Nights era Paul).
Long time fan; Love you guy\'s you keep us goin\'
Subject: Long time fan; Love you guy\'s you keep us goin\'
From: kissfanattic61 on 07/25/2008
Just a qucik note to say Thank\'s for all you have done for us and all the years and future years you have and are giving...been with you for a long time and will be forever! Sincerly a Great and Loyal Fan! Chris Linder P.S. Paul had a great time at your live to win show in SanFrancisco,CA at the Fillmore! You Rocked!! Thank\'s go to you!!!
Nürnberg 27.06.2008
Subject: Nürnberg 27.06.2008
From: hartmut on 07/24/2008
Thank you for the great show ! This is my son Marvin 12 years old . We love you , hope to see you next year in german !
4 Year Old Fan
Subject: 4 Year Old Kiss Fan
From: bill1966 on 07/24/2008
Brett from Morganton NC is a huge Kiss Fan! Hope you guys tour close enough here for us to see!!
your concert in Latvia (Baltic States)
Subject: your concert in Latvia (Baltic States)
From: andris on 07/24/2008
Hi my lovely band of KISS!!! I\'ve been you fan from the other part of the globe from Latvia (former USSR)! I\'ve been with KISS music since 1985 when I went to secondary school. At those years in USSR it was almost impossible to buy your music as that was time under heavy KGB control. However there were right people and there was a \"black market\" where I first got KISS songs and poster! Since then KISS music with me and have grown with KISS!!! When I hear that the KISS is coming to Latvia I did not believe it! My wife said I bacame pale:) Thank you for coming! The concert was great!!!!!!!!!!! Andris Cheirans KISS army from Latvia
shirt in ad in Ohio
Subject: KISS shirt in ad in Ohio
From: watchinyou2 on 07/23/2008
KISS is represented everywhere and recently in the Cincinnati Enquirer an ad for concert shirts appeared and a person was wearing a KISS shirt. Thought fans might want to see!
First time I saw the Hottest Band in the World
Subject: First time I saw the Hottest Band in the World
From: silverwolf1273 on 07/23/2008
Dear Kiss My name is Sergio, i\'m 35 years old, I have been a fan of Kiss even before I attended school. The first day I attended school my parents could not pry my Kiss Alive 2 LP from my hands.Just to give you all an idea of how much I loved Kiss.Sadly I never had a chance to see you in the flesh untill 2005 when came to Texas and rocked a little town named Laredo. I felt like that little boy I once was, all memerized by the sound and sight of Kiss. I lost my voice for about a week as I sang my heart out along with you Paul and Gene and I was all choked up at the surreal experience of seeing the one band I thought I had missed out on. I don\'t know if you all recall this little south Texas town but that night I knew that at least one of my all time dreams was finally realized. I thank you Kiss for this, I hope you will make another dream come true by touring Texas again and hopefully Kiss will stop at Laredo once more. Wishing upon a star Sergio Moreno
My designs to you!
Subject: My designs to you!
From: sheila625 on 07/21/2008
My late Step brother just adored you all, your music and with his influence, I have become a big fan! In my dedication to you, support and for being the best band ever to my late step brother, I have created this designs. I hope you enjoy!! \"Photobucket\" And this one, last but not least: \"Photobucket\" I hope you love them as much as I do. Take Care and Rock On!! Sheila aka OADesigns
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