My room
Subject: My room kiss
From: amsher on 07/17/2008
second photograph of my room Kiss
My room, a sanctuary
Subject: My room, a sanctuary Kiss
From: amsher on 07/17/2008
Hello friends, my name is Alfonso and I Kiss fans from more than 30 years ago, I leave with you some pictures of my room where my small sanctuary of Spain Kiss, greetings to all the Kiss army.
Just saying thank you
Subject: Just saying thank you
From: brotherbill on 07/16/2008
Hey guys I just wanted to say thank you for doing what you do, \"ROCKIN\' THE WORLD\"! I heard my first KISS album \"ALIVE\" in 1975 or 1976, I was 5 or 6 years old, and I\'ve never been the same since. Whenever a new album, magazine, show, news story, or anything KISS came out, I had to have or see it! I finally got to see my first KISS concert on the \"Revenge\" tour, sorry it took so long to get out to see you. Since then I\'ve seen the \"Reunion\" and \"Psycho Circus\" tours once and the \"Farewell\" tour twice. My father gave me my first KISS album and my mother, who is my hero, bought me my first KISS concert tickets. So in closing THANK YOU for all the great music, the best shows on earth, the cool pictures, and mostly for still, as a 38 year old man, being able to dream of being on stage and rockin\' millions of people. I know I\'ll never be you, but thanks for keeping my dream \"ALIVE\"!!!! Here\'s a picture of my daughter Tiffany (left), my son Billy (right), and me in the middle with tribute band \"Mr. Speed\", hope you like it.
a fantastic memory
Subject: a fantastic memory
From: aelex on 07/16/2008
a fantastic memory from when have seen you to the concert of Assago I listen to your music in every moment of the day! I think that I/you/he/she am as a drug kiss to the morning kiss during the trip kiss to the evening and in the night be as a hammer in my head! have perhaps become crazy! I hope seriously to see you next year again. thanks Alex - Milan - Folex
pic of me
Subject: pic of me
From: kissarmycantontexas on 07/15/2008
Hi guys! I just wanted to share this pic of me with Ace of local KISS tribute band taken 7-11-08. I hope you guys come play in Dallas on your tour!! Thank you for all the awesome decades of rock-n-roll! KISSes from Texas!! Tasha
Subject: NEXT YEAR
From: lada on 07/15/2008
Dear KISS, I love you! I saw you in Verona and in Milano, my city.. Will you come next year, too? We are here for you! We wait for you! We love you!
Subject: BRASIL!
From: nessalovekiss on 07/14/2008
Hey guys! I love u so much! I\'m 21. Last tour you came in Brazil I lost! I were so young and I\'m waiting for you this year! Kiss keeps me alive! Gene, I love your family, and you\'re great! kisses kisses Vanessa
Never too late to be a member of army!
Subject: Never too late to be a member of KISS army!
From: kissfanatic46 on 07/14/2008
Dear Gene, Paul, Tommy and Eric I\'ll be soon 62 years old, but after your fabulous gig at Forum in Copenhagen on Tuesday the 3rd June, I joined KISS Army. Better late than never!! I have had a great time during the gig - lot of fun, pure rock % roll and fantastic show. Thanks! I\'ve heard about your fantastic gigs through many years, but it was your apperance at Rock Honours in Las Vegas a couple of years ago, which really made me become a KISS fanatic. The realy, really great thing about your gigs is the possibility to buy a live CD from gig in one\'s home town. This live CD brings a incredibly cherished memories for my part again, again and again... Have a great tour in USA in August and come back to Copenhagen very soon.
Always ready to win
Subject: Always ready to win
From: drgreg899 on 07/14/2008
Dear Kiss, As a kiss way of life, I\'m proud to say that - even if I lost my left arm - I\'m always ready to race and to win. I don\'t need drug to go faster on my bicycle, I just need KISS in my brain. Thank you to give us the energy. Greg from Paris-France
milan 2008 alive 35
Subject: milan 2008 alive 35
From: bonacio on 07/14/2008
mike...cinder road before the concert in milan
Subject: please 
From: chile32 on 07/13/2008
dear kiss please,please,please  hello i am a boy of chile and i am from santiago and i am a funs of you a realy fan of you and my birthday are in 28/7.please the only thing that i want is to see you in a concert in chile ,i try to visist you in europe or other countries but i dont have money and i can go to other countries to see you and all the nights i dream and imagine to see you in chile is like a dream please come to chile or near there ,i like very much the film detroit rock city is the best film,yeah  and gene simmons and paul stanley you are the best and obiusly kiss are the best and hotest band of the world ,i like very much crazy crazy nights song and y have many tshirts of kiss please come to chile i need them and all the days i write on my hand kiss,oh yeah ,and the last thing i love you and i love the 80s rock but specially you.
Hi friends
Subject: Hi friends
From: tomassergio on 07/13/2008
Hi guys. Recently today sunday I could read here in Mxico city one of your great notice, that you are in an European tour. That sounds great, so great for me. I inmeaditly reach here and I could also saw that you recive a kind of MAIL FAN. So I would like to as you amigos... Do you have plans for return to my country Mxico?. This could be in the next year perhaps? Send you my cordial regards from here AMIGOS. Your friend. ps.- Oh by the way... When you came here the last time fans shouted you that why you do not sing the song named CHARISMA? This is a great song here in my country, fact more of us could know you in 80`s for this great song. Why you didn`t sing this one when you came here friends? regards.
Meeting GENE SIMMONS at his signing in NY!
Subject: Meeting GENE SIMMONS at his signing in NY!
From: kissfreakjoe on 07/13/2008
Gene, Thank you again for being a great guy, as usual. Also, I am happy you enjoyed my Mom, and Girlfriend\'s company as well! : )~ You really rocked when you signed my leg before you got into your car, and I wanted to let you know, I had it tattooed that same night! Thanks again Gene - Your an awesome Hero, and of course, so is Mom.
sturgis 08
Subject: sturgis 08
From: str8rocker on 07/13/2008
Guys I have been listening to you my whole life. And now I get to take my daughter ( you likes rock, of course) to her first concert. I told her I would ruin her for any other concert by taking her to see the best show on the planet. Her name is Nikita. It would be great to have you say something to her at the concert, but I\'ll understand if you can\'t. Give her a great show in Sturgis. And never stop Rockin Thanks.
photos in Bilbao
Subject: photos in Bilbao
From: almakiss on 07/13/2008
HOla! En la foto salgo yo (izquierda) y mi novio a la derecha, nos pintamos de kiss para el concierto de Bilbao... INOLVIDABLE. I WAS MADE FOR LOVIN\' KISS
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