you are supreme!
Subject: you are supreme!
From: kissboi27 on 07/13/2008
dear kiss i love kiss so much!! i saw you live at arrow rock festival 2008, i saw alice cooper in november 2007 at bournmouth and eric singer ws so cool but not as good as his drum solo at arrow festival! it was immense! also tommy thayer shrd guitar like jimi hendrix!! gene was so cool when he spat blood from his mouth, and when paul zip wired intothe tower in the middle of the field!!! yours sincerly Dillon Hughes aged 13 (:
Legends Never Die ... Happy Birthday Eric Carr
Subject: Legends Never Die ... Happy Birthday Eric Carr
From: _kiss_the_best_ on 07/12/2008
Legends Never Die ... Eric lives in my heart always and 4ever ... Your memory live in my heart ... Today is July 12 so ... Happy Birthday Eric Carr! I am sure that You look at all of Us from up there and that You are happy every time someone thinks to You! R.I.P.(Rockin\' in Peace) Eric Carr! _kiss_the_best from Italy
What about you Eric?
Subject: What about you Eric?
From: Luciana on 07/11/2008
This is probably the first of the many letters I intend to write, so I\'ll take this one in particular to get in contact with Eric Singer. First of all I truly admire your talent and love your performance leading the drums, but will I ever have the chance to see it in person? I live in Brazil and I had the opportunity and pleasure of seeing Bruce performing alive last year in my city (Belo Horizonte) but now it\'s your turn, dear Eric. Also saw Kiss in 1999 in São Paulo, but you weren\'t on the drums. We\'re all waiting for the opportunity to see you on stage, make-up off, playing like a monster (in the best way). I\'ll be waiting anxiously for good news...... Keep rockin\' With love, admiration and respect, Luciana (Brazil)
Ladies of the Night Book Signing NYC
Subject: Ladies of the Night Book Signing NYC
From: kail2007 on 07/11/2008
Dear Gene, You are my big buddy, you are on my side, you are the best man I have ever LIKED! Dude meeting you was great, and your book is really neat too, I love it! And my friend Tyler really loved the advice you gave him, I think it really changed his life! Good thing you gave him good advice! You are on my side at last! Thanks for a great day! -Kail P.S. Godzilla vs. Gamera, who would win?
From: pauldaniel on 07/11/2008
FHM Mexico
Subject: FHM Mexico
From: omarion on 07/10/2008
Hola: Soy Omar Jimenez, editor grafico de la revista FHM Mexico y gran fan de Kiss. El mes de mayo publicamos esta pagina en honor a Kiss. The Demon soy yo. Construi mi vestuario y me maquille yo mismo, a excepcion de las botas que por falta de presupuesto y tiempo tuve que adaptar de otra foto. Un saludo a la banda mas grande del mundo. Mando imagen otra vez.
Subject: KISS RULE!!
From: zomboidgirl on 07/09/2008
Hi!! I got to meet KISS at the arrow rock festival in holland and I just want to say how amazing it was! All the guys were awesome and arrow rock was my first KISS show and it was better than I ever imagined! Meeting Gene especially was a big thing for me and the great thing was that at the meet&greet he signed my KISS tattoo....I later got this inked\'s some photos! KISS fuckin RULE!
in stockholm
Subject: KISS in stockholm
From: erikeghammar on 07/09/2008
Hi KISS, i just wanted to thank you for the best to days in my life, 29/5 and 30/5 was great. When i came in to the instore sign with tommy and eric i couldnt belive it, it was a fantastic moment and the show to. I just love all your solos specially tommys you rock. I have som great moments in my life but this was the best:D Rock on and see you in 2009:D
Subject: Dessel
From: Stephanie on 07/09/2008
Hey you guys, I just wanted to let you know that I loved your preformance on Graspop in Dessel the 28th of June. It was so amazing! It was the first time I saw you live and it was far beyond my expectations. When other bands played I always got tired from standing up all the time, but when you came on stage I started dancing like crazy :D I think you made the best preformance of all and I would like to see you again! So I hope you\'ll pass by Belgium again =) Maybe next year you guys could come to Graspop again? Paul, Gene, Tommy and Eric, thank you for that wonderfull time you gave me, my boyfriend and everyone else who was there. xx
Paul, Argentina te espera!!
Subject: Paul, Argentina te espera!!
From: jacques de necochea Argentina on 07/09/2008
Helo Paul i take this beatifull picture, in spain. how great this show was!!! incredible!! you were like never before!
My new Tattoo.
Subject: My new KISS Tattoo.
From: thegot1969 on 07/09/2008
Dear KISS! I wanted to share my new KISS tattoo with you. I had an older KISS tattoo and just recently got it covered up with a new one. Please check it out. Thanks Jim Spiegel
Thanks to Tony
Subject: Thanks to Tony
From: darzen on 07/09/2008
Hi KISS, first of all thank you ever so much for giving me and my son Ethan the best day of our lives and the download festival, England on the 13th of June. You were amazing. Blew me away! But I want to thank someone else. One or the guys that works for you called Tony, maybe something to do with sound, spotted my son crying, with all his Gene Simmons make-up running down his face. The reason for this was that we had got into a good spot just in front of the sound deck 9 hours before KISS were due on stage. After 6 hours, with 3 hours left to wait it got so busy that my son could no longer see the stage and I had to make the decision for my sons safety that we\'d have to move to the back. My son took this badly and couldn\'t stop crying. Tony who was in the sound deck asked if he was ok. I explained the situation and he was so understanding, telling my son \"don\'t worry, you\'ll see your band, I\'ll make sure you\'ll see your band\". He arranged for us to come over the barrier just before KISS were due on. My son could stand on a platform and we both had an amazing view. The show was amazing! I\'m sure this Tony will remember and recognise us from this photo , so if you know who he is then can you personally thank him from us. See you next year. Darren Swales & Ethan Swales, Harrogate, England .
Next Month
Subject: Next Month
From: Jenni on 07/08/2008
I can\'t wait to see you and kiss performing next month in Lake Tahoe and Konocti Harbor Resort. I along with 4 other girlfriends am attending both nights. We are very excited and want to know if there will be any meet and greet packages available for these concerts. You guys rock Jenni
From: Michel MAYAN on 07/08/2008
Dear Gene, First of all thank you for this magnificent Europeantour \'Kiss Alive 35 \'. Kiss seems to have still beautiful days infront of him. I assisted to some \'show\' of this tour, Verona,Stockholm, Paris and Milan, a big souvenir! I also had the chance to meet you to Verona to thehotel... It was an unforgettable moment for me! As we announced it to you during our meeting.... Thenext number of \'Kissjournal \' will come out in October of this year,it will make as we said it to you 100 pages!! it will be in French and English version!!There will be even several co-workers of whole Europe. The coincidence isreally incredible... I personally have parents near New York and I had plannedfor months to visit my family in July... And at the same time, you planned tomake a session dedicate July 11th in New York for your last book \'Ladiesof the night\'! I shall be with my daughter Laura who is 10 years old (Ipresented her to you to the hotel \' le Meurice \' in Paris if youremember) I know that your timetable is very loaded, but would be it possibleto see you some minutes, in this day of July 11th for a short interview (4 or 5questions no more)... An interview concerning ONLY \'Gene Simmons\' andyour numerous activities... We are in full work for the next number of\'KissJournal\' and it would make an exclusive meeting which wouldsupport even more the \'Kissjournal\'. Gene, whatever you make in the future, we will alwaysbe behind you! Take care of you and your family. Eternally recognizing, . Michel MAYAN of \"Kissjournal\" team
Divinesque @ Toronto Pride
Subject: Divinesque @ Toronto Pride
From: Bryan Greenwood on 07/08/2008
Divinesque @ Toronto Pride, June, 28 2008 Version 2 .
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