Helsinki gig
Subject: Helsinki gig
From: namu on 05/29/2008
Dear KISS, I have just recently found KISS. That was due to my boyfriend Albert. Albert thought that I just had to see you guys perform live because according to Albert you have one of the very best stage shows in the world. So, I was a first timer on your gig in Helsinki 27 May 2008. It was a mind-blowing experience. So much better that I imagined. I have never seen anything near as cool and awesome. So, thank you guys for making my day :-). You were (or actually Paul Stanley was) on the cover of Finland’s biggest free newspaper \"Uutislehti 100\" today (29 May 2008). (Unfortunately the document was too big to be sent to you). But anyway Paul is flying in the \"ring thingy\" in the picture. Above it says: \"Masked rascals on gig. Kiss stirred up Helsinki.\" And then with HUGE letters across the whole picture \"ROCK AND ROLL ALL NITE!\". ;-) I hope to see you soon again in Finland. Yours, Hanna xxx
Russia Loves You
Subject: Russia Loves You
From: Anton Oleshkevich (Russian Kiss Army) on 05/29/2008
Dear, KISS!!! I`m crazy about your beautiful concert in Moscow!!! It was the greatest show in my life and we`ll remember it so long as we can live!!! Here some fotos of Russian KISS Army fans.
Black Diamond from the first gig of Helsinki!
Subject: Black Diamond from the first gig of Helsinki!
From: sakke on 05/29/2008
Hi, here is Black Diamond from the first gig of Helsinki! It was an awesome gig! . Regards: Saku, Hyvinkää, Finland
Subject: KISS SHOW
From: saarinen on 05/28/2008
HI there!! I wanna thank you an awesome show last night in Helsinki! It was really fantastic like always! I like that you play also \"new songs\"in a setlist,like Got to choose and Cold gin...etc.! Yesterday was one of the best shows ever!!! Keep on going and welcome back to Finland!!! Here´s our me(left)and my friends... rockin and rollin with you!!! Thanks a million times!!!! Saarinen (Forssa,Finland)
The Ten Commandments of !!
Subject: The Ten Commandments of KISS!!
From: orlisgirl on 05/28/2008
The Ten Commandments of KISS 1. Thou Shalt Not take the name of the God of Thunder in vain. 2. Thou shalt drink Cold Gin all day & night 3. Thou shalt Pledge Allegiance To The State Of Rock And Roll. 4. Thou shalt join the Psycho Circus. 5. Thou shalt Shout it Out Loud. 6. Thou Shalt Not steal our makeup designs, we own it. 7. Thou Shalt Not try Gene's fire breathing at home. 8. Thou shalt Lick It Up 9. Thou shalt bury us in our KISS Kaskets. 10.Thou shalt Rock N Roll All Night & Party Everyday!!!
Subject: VERONA
From: Giuseppe from Telgate, (BG) Italy on 05/28/2008
LETTERS click here . ">Hi Gene, Paul, Tommy and Eric!! I still have tears in my eyes from the wonderful night you made for us live in Verona Arena! Hope you\'ll really return next year as you promised so maybe I can take my wife and my 3 children. I infected them too of my passion for KISS. Here\'s a photo of some crazy guys I met In Piazza Bra while waiting for access in Arena. I also made some KISS videos and posted them here: . Below is one of them! I Hope you will have a look and enjoy them. We love you!!!! See you soon!!!! Giuseppe from Telgate, (BG) Italy
LIVE 27.5
Subject: KISS LIVE 27.5
From: hashcrack on 05/28/2008
In the beginning of january 2008 I said to my friend that "Oh shit man! Im never gonna see some of my favorite bands like KISS and the REAL Guns N Roses live!". I wasn't so happy then, but then I heard that HOLY SHIT! KISS IS COMING TO FINLAND! And I was like "WOOOOOU!! IM GONNA SEE KISS LIVE!!!". But, when the tickets came to sale, I didn't get them, and it sure put a tear in my eye! BUT THEN! Gift from the upstairs! A SECOND CONCERT FOR KISS!!! I was thinking that "Now I GOT TO get the tickets!", and I sent my friend them, and Oh My God he got the tickets!!! And in the standing area! After that was just 2 months painful waiting... And, when THE DAY finally came, we came 5 hours earlier that we could get the best possible position to watch the hottest band in the world! And in the end, we got in the FRONT ROW and the gig really was one of my dreams come true! I broke my sunglasses but i don't give a shit! I SAW KISS LIVE! One thing that made the night even more special was that my, only my face was shown for about 10 seconds in the 4 big screens when I was jumping and singing I WANNA ROCK N ROLL ALL NIGHT!!! Then, what really made me think that "Now Im gonna die happily!" was the autograph event! I got to speak with Eric Singer and handshake with Tommy Thayer, and when I was taking my autographs to a KISS wallflag Singer took it to his hands and said "Hey show me that shirt! OH ITS A FLAG! Wow! Cool man!". It really made my day! But now, when the gig is over and everything, everyone are in the later show in the Hartwall I feel like I should be there! Right now! But no tickets... But anyway! THANK YOU KISS FOR THE GREAT SHOW! Im sure that Im never gonna forget that night!!!
Oslo Valhall
Subject: Oslo Valhall
From: d7mcfc on 05/28/2008
I am flying out to Norway from England on Friday to see KISS on Saturday. If any of you out there are going to meet up over the weekend please contact me on and we shall make a weekend of it!
from Moscow
Subject: from Moscow
From: svetlana09 on 05/28/2008
Hello, my favourite guys!!!! I just want to say your show im Moscow was amazing and you are great!!!! Come back in Russia next year and make happy all russian fans. Thank you Eric for stix!
spanish army celebrates a party
Subject: spanish KISSarmy celebrates a KISS party
From: valhallastanley on 05/28/2008
The spanish KISSarmy is going to celebrate a KISS party next 14th June in Santander to conmemorate that next 21st June KISS will be playing their songs in Spain. We will rock and roll all night by playing KISS songs and videos of this 35 rocking years, and we have prizes for the best in KISS make up individual, and the best complete band in make up and costumes. Everybody is wellcome!! The party is at Black Rose Hard Rock Cafe (C/San Celedonio, Santander) next saturday 14th june, 9.30 PM local time till the sun rises up. More info at The flyer says \"11 years waiting deserves to be celebrated...\"
Photos from hotel in Moscow 5
Subject: Photos from hotel in Moscow 5
From: paulpott on 05/28/2008
Gene was also very pleased to get some little presents, including this fan-made DVD with the story of Moscow KISS fan-club. Tommy was the last one to show up that day. So he was also presented with the same video. The next afternoon band had their flight to St.Petersburg, where thay had no hotel and were transported directly to the venue. So I hadn\'t had a chance to meet them once more and do any photos. So that\'s why I\'m looking to forward to greet them in Russia the next year! )
Photos from hotel in Moscow 4
Subject: Photos from hotel in Moscow 4
From: paulpott on 05/28/2008
He also signed the hotel guest-book. Sorry, no photos of this...
From: finnishkissfan on 05/28/2008
Hi guys! Thankyou for a great show last night. I was over the moon when you came out and started playing. Then when Paul went and sang Love Gun in to the audience.. That was amazing!! Please, please come to Finland again next year! When the show ended, I didn\'t want to leave my seat. I am so happy that KISS made some time to come to the Scandinavian countries, most importantly Finland. Gene, loved the blood spitting and the side of the stage going up. Also loved the guitar and drum solos :) Now I feel terrible because I already miss you all!! Thats the result in a fantastic, awesome, best, great an lets say fantastic again. Love you!! /I Wanted the Best, I Got the Best. The Hottest band in the world - KISS!! p.s Nice pyrotecnics!!
Photos from hotel in Moscow 2
Subject: Photos from hotel in Moscow 2
From: paulpott on 05/28/2008
And only in the late evening Gene came out, heading to some Moscow night-club. I also met him in 1999, even did an interview with him back then, but again... can you remember everybody you\'d met 10 years ago? He wasn\'t that friendly at first, and refused to sign more than two items because of the E-bay autograph sales! )
Photos from hotel in Moscow 1
Subject: Photos from hotel in Moscow 1
From: paulpott on 05/28/2008
For the first time EVER! Russia got KISSed at last! It wasn\'t that easy to catch the band members even inside the hotel, so I had to spend there more than 24 hours (from 23th to 25th of May) to sign stuff and take some photos. Eric Singer was the first one to show up and the easiest one to meet during all this time. Silly enough, I haven\'t got a single photo with him this time! Even though there are plenty of them from all of his previous visits to Russia. Then there was Tommy... The nicest guy! I met him once in 1999 which, of course, he didn\'t recall. But what a pleasure it was seeing him noticing me from the stage at the show! )
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