Photo with Gene
Subject: Photo with Gene
From: SERGIO on 07/08/2008
Hi! Im Sergio, a boy of Spain. I was in the concert of Paris and Bilbao and this one is the photo that I did to myself with Gene. Sometimes the dreams come true...
Thank You for the Best 2 days in my Life
Subject: Thank You for the Best 2 days in my Life
From: ~starchild~ on 07/08/2008
Dear Paul, Gene, Eric and Tommy! Thank you for making my biggest dream come true! I still cannot believe that KISS came to Russia! I visited both concerts and all I can say is that these shows were AMAZING!!! Russian KISS Army loves you so much! You are always welcome here! Please, come back to see us once again! WE WANT KISS!!!
35 tour
Subject: kiss 35 tour
From: melykiss on 07/07/2008
hi! my name is melina I live rosario ,argentina I love kiss , they are my inspitation and your music is my life.... argentina love kiss please , \" coming home \" (argentina) soo much people waithing for kiss
Subject: WE WANT YOU !!!
From: jendell77 on 07/07/2008
Hey guys . . . we\'re waiting for you, please don\'t forget come to our country, remember mexico is yours !!!! I want to tell you about a great tribute band: besso form mexico city i post here a besso member\'s Hi5, please include them on kissonline. and I send you one \"photoshop\" pict I made for me and my friends . . . I\'m Bere Stanley !!! KISSes !!!
Army Family
Subject: Kiss Army Family
From: akasha49721 on 07/07/2008
Hi Gene, Paul, Eric and Tommy, I just wanted to thank you for spreading the music and congratulate you on 35 yrs and beyond. We wanted the best and we got it. And to all the Kiss Army, the guys are right...WE ARE ONE! Peace and love, Tammie
Great Time at the Koffee House
Subject: Great Time at the Koffee House
From: gordzilla7 on 07/07/2008
We recently went to the Koffee House as a family. My daughter, Landry, and I thought we would send greetings from the top of the boot. Thanks for such a great place. Gordon
My pictures from Berlin
Subject: My pictures from Berlin
From: Idolfenriz on 07/07/2008
Hello KISS Online! I made some good pictures at the KISS show in Berlin (Velodrom) and would like to show them to you! You can find them in my LJ-account (you don't need any authorization to see them): Part 1: . Part 2: . Thank you for 3 unbelievable KISS shows I saw this year! Best regards, Albert Buchatskyy (
Fan pics
Subject: Fan pics
From: ierwazz on 07/07/2008
Hey Kiss! I saw your performence on Graspop '08, and I made some amazing pictures I wanna share with you! I can only upload one image so I send you the links to the pictures on my website. I think your performence was totally awesome! And I'm a fan now! :) When you guys come in Holland again I'll be there again! Thanks for all! Rock on, Iris The links to the pictures: . . . . . .
Picture for fans are everywhere letter.
Subject: Picture for KISS fans are everywhere letter.
From: catherinemaryxo on 07/06/2008
This is the picture that goes with the letter \"KISS fans are everywhere.\"
Can\'t Wait For The Show
Subject: Can\'t Wait For The Show
From: fireman4kiss on 07/06/2008
Hey Guys, I am writing to you to tell you I CAN\"T WAIT for the show in Kelseyville, California. You were in Sacramento area Oct. 2003, I was working back stage as I assisted with the Fire Marshal. I met and spoke to Paul and Tommy after the show and Peter before the show. Paul and Tommy signed a shirt for my son who was not at the show, he was 1 year old at the time. I gave the band \"Linda Fire Dept.\" hats and shirts that night. I hope you still have them and the picture I gave of my son dressed like Paul. Myself & members of our fire department did a mini concert for my son\'s school. (here is a link to our local paper) I was wondering being Kelseyville is a small venue are you going to be doing a meet and great? I am giving my son for his 6th birthday Aug. 18th, a cancert ticket to KISS!!! Figured this his first concert why not let him see the BEST!!!! Hope we can meet and talk to you there. Be Safe, David Gothrow Linda Ca.
pics from Luxembourg
Subject: pics from Luxembourg
From: paulpott on 07/05/2008
This one is unique, \'cause there are no seats behind Paul. The venue in Luxemborg was the smallest on the whole European tour. Anyway, thanx for the 6 shows (I\'d attended). Hope to see KISS in Europe (Russia in particular) next year.
pics from Luxembourg
Subject: pics from Luxembourg
From: paulpott on 07/05/2008
These are from Luxembourg; 26.6.08.
pics from Luxembourg
Subject: pics from Luxembourg
From: paulpott on 07/05/2008
These are from Luxembourg; 26.6.08.
Subject: KISSOLOGY1-3
From: darklite1 on 07/04/2008
I just seen the news about the set of KISSOLOGY2-3, congrats on that, and I\'m very proud to say that I made a personal contribution to the cause. Also, thanks for including the June 28th 1996 Detroit Rock City Reunion show. I was there for that one, and I stood in line for 14 hours to get my tickets, even after working 12 hours on 3rd shift the night before. I want you guys to know that you have been an inspiration to all of us who have listened to you, and have been fortunate enough to be able to see you guys in concert. Thanks again, and please release a new Cd with new music. FAN FOR LIFE Ed(darklite1) Kelley.
Subject: PLAY - DOH
From: ROSS BERG on 07/03/2008
Hi KISS, My 5 year old and I were enjoying the wonders of Play-Doh yesterday, and this was the result:
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