From: Koen Suys on 07/01/2008
Hello KISS! Saturday I went to the Graspop festival in Dessel (Belgium) together with my two daughters and we witnessed a great KISS performance. You were magnificent and we will never forget this evening. We hope you do come back to Europe and Belgium next year ! A journalist of “Het Belang van Limburg” (a Belgian national journal) states in his article : “KISS was the first worthy headliner in years”. Great comment, I think… and he’s right! Thank you - Paul, Gene, Tommy and Eric ! Koen Suys, Belgium
Our Alive 35 Tour
Subject: Our Kiss Alive 35 Tour
From: drgbootz on 07/01/2008
Well got back on Sunday week what an awesome set of shows we saw, and the meet and greets too. Have heaps of photos from Kiss and Ace shows as well as back stage stuff that we will treasure forever. This is easily the tour that I have most enjoyed period from Kiss simply for the fact that they are having fun, are tight as a ducks arse and the crowds were 100% into the whole thing. So firstly there was Berlin the strangest venue ever, as one guy said it looked like a tin of baked beens stuck into the earth, but inside was awesome. The show here was great and we picked up a CD live to have it signed at Download. best memory was watching the floor go nuts to LIU.. A bit blurry as had lots of beer lol. This show was great and the place was packed 8/10 Donington, what can I say the best KISS show in make up period. Met a great bunch of people doing the meet and greet and some old friends from the UK (Steve, Adam and Mick). Seems we all slept out for Kiss tickets in Newcastle in 83 in the middle of winter. The meet and greet was in the dressing area of the backstage of this mighty festival and it was just so surreal. The band were very friendly especially Eric and Tommy. There were about 14 of us and they didn\'t leave until everyone was happy. I can\'t describe how it feels to see KISS in makeup close up and in 3D ha ha! The crowd and KISS were just spot on this night, the stage and production was mammoth and as I am sure many have read the revues they band were in top flight. Left the meet and greet and managed to get about 20 rows from the front, not bad amongst 55,000. Easily 10/10 [img][/img] [img][/img] (Captions: Paul cool as a cucumber and Eric the most friendly drummer you could hope for) Stayed for Ace the next day on stage 2 and he was awesome as well and he also went down a storm. The Ace-man looked very cool and he was spot on. Started with Parasite which I thought rocked! Again the crowd loved every minute and with a tight 40 minute set I think without any of the patter this is the kind of show Ace needs to do. Heavy on the riffing and playing great Ace songs. The only minor thing is having his drummer sign Love Gun and I Want You. I\'d rather have Ace sing them all. Funny moment a plane flew low over the stage and Ace was following it with his eyes and failing to move he nearly fell over. Classic! Overall Ace was a 9/10. [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] (Caption: Ace has the goods to do this quite nicely by himself and my bald noggin with crowd behind) Again met some friendly faces from UK in Paris, the Kiss UK Army was out in force fro this show! Paris meet and greet was packed about 60-80 there but I think it was the best, the atmosphere back there was electric and again the band didn\'t leave until everyone got there stuff signed or a photo. Eric was in a great mood and he chatted heaps with everyone. When I stepped up to get the group shot I said to them: thanks for Download you guys were awesome, and Eric said \"never mind them how was I?\" I laughed and said \"Eric you are always awesome!\" If you see the Youtube clip with Paul signing in Paris you can see and hear Mrs Boots asking Paul to sign our cd in silver (strict instructions from Mr Boots so they all matched) and Paul says \"of course\" or something to that effect. The Paris show itself well the crowd was amazing very vocal and again the place was packed. 9/10. [img][/img] [IMG][/IMG] ( Caption: Tommy: a true gent! Gene: That armour hurt like hell but I wasn\'t going to say anything lol) What a triumph of a tour! Summary of rankings Melbourne 9/10 Wellington 7/10 Berlin 8/10 Download 10/10 Paris 9/10. So back home now and thinking about and praying for another tour soon! Cheers Mr and Mrs Boots
My first shows
Subject: My first KISS shows
From: krenato on 07/01/2008
My name is Renato Rocha and I\'m from Brazil. I\'m a KISS fan since 1983, when you first came to Brazil. But I was only 9 and couldn\'t go to the show. Now I went to Europe just to see my favorite band playing alive, just like I always dreamed. I went to Nijmegen, Paris, Sttutgart and Zurich. It was awesome. I went by myself and it was great. I wish you come to Brazil in this tour so I\'ll be able to get to see you live again. Thanks Gene, Paul, Eric and Tommy for these 4 days I\'ll never forget. Hope to see you again soon, Renato Rocha
Alive 35
Subject: Alive 35
From: arcossi on 07/01/2008
Hi guys, unfortunatly the tour is over now. time to let you know someting.i\'m a huge kiss- fan since 30 years now, and nürnberg was my 25th kiss-show. only on this tour i went out 4 times to see you in munich, stuttgart, mannheim and nürnberg. i just want you to know how much fun you give to me, and i want to say thank you for being in germany. thank you for a lot of great memories. also thank you for the great support- band cinder road. you did some awesome rock n roll partys, and i was a part of it. i hope to have you back here soon, so the party continues. i will treasure these moments forever. never stop rockin, greets from konstanz/germany arcossi
Subject: the kiss
From: aelex on 07/01/2008
Thanks of heart for the emotions that you have given me. I hope that the rock and roll also returns next year. the crazy people of Milan thank. Alex
From: marco7334 on 07/01/2008
Dear KISS, thank you for the great experiance of M&G !! Paul,Gene,Tommy,Eric,you have been beautiful. Thank you for the wonderful concert.Non ho mai visto niente di simile,nei vostri DVD si vede che fate un grande spettacolo,ma dal vivo è tutto un'altra cosa. SIETE FANTASTICI !!! CIAO Marco
Sturgis show wallpaper
Subject: Sturgis show wallpaper
From: chadley on 06/30/2008
Just wanted to share with everyone the computer desktop wallpaper I made for the upcoming Sturgis, South Dakota concert. It\'s available at See everyone there!
some more pictures
Subject: some more pictures
From: Manon on 06/30/2008
Hi all, just wanted to share some more pictures with you from the meet and greet in Nürnberg. Looking forward to August 29th !!!!!! Got my tickets alresdy.
Gene goes camping
Subject: Gene goes camping
From: jheerema on 06/30/2008
Hi there my Hero\'s, Great performance at the Arrow Rock Festival in Nijmegen!! Last weekend I was camping with some friends and suddenly Gene showed up ;-) No kidding, 2 girls were painting the younger kids for fun and I had my latest KISS Kollector fanzine with me and based on the KISS ALive 35 banner they \'transformed\' me into my hero. Keep up and hope to see all next year. Greetz from Holland, Jan
Unmasked Leaving Paris Hotel Le Meurice
Subject: Kiss Unmasked Leaving Paris Hotel Le Meurice
From: ybuelens on 06/30/2008
Dear KOL find herewith the you tube link when Kiss is leaving Paris Hotel "Le Meurice" one dat after their Bercy gig. We wait about 3 hours to see them leaving from the back of the Hotel. . Inside the Hotel we had the opportunity to meet Gene which was so nice to take a picture with him, myseld and my girlfriend Veerle. Gene thanks a lot to let us through the security guys from the hotel. Gene you really take care about the fans even after 35 years... Kiss Rules Europe
ology 4
Subject: Kissology 4
From: ballgroundbaldy on 06/30/2008
Dear KISS, Congradulation\'s on your bombastic ALIVE35 success!! Can we look forward to another installment, Kissology 4 ? I\'m sure I speak for many when I express a hope that this Christmas,fans may purchase the best (concert performances) from \"the best\" band in the land; I can only imagine seeing the current line-up (*truly my favorite) in some of the most exotic places on earth... *I feel comfortable saying this because I have been a fan since 1975, and have seen KISS perform both in make up and without make up.* Again, I submit my vote for Kissology 4:Alive35 ! Very truly yours, Richard Burton
concert in Belgium
Subject: Kiss concert in Belgium
From: joep_simmons on 06/30/2008
Hello Kiss, I\'m Joep and i live in Belgium. I went to Graspop in Dessel a few days ago. It was the first time i saw you guys and it was just amazing. Everything you do in your concerts, was included in this gig: Gene breathing fire, spitting blood and flying, Paul smashing his guitar, Tommy shooting firework out of his guitar, Eric raising his drum kit,...all the elements were there. During 100.000 years, there were some technical problems with the sound. But you guys rocked so hard, everybody forgot about it. Thanks for coming to Europe, we love you.
kobetasonic festival bilbao 3
Subject: kobetasonic festival bilbao 3
From: lexmoon on 06/30/2008
photo by lex moon nº 3
kobetasonic festival bilbao 2
Subject: kobetasonic festival bilbao 2
From: lexmoon on 06/30/2008
other kiss photo-- kobetasonic, bilbao
kobetasonic festival bilbao
Subject: kobetasonic festival bilbao
From: lexmoon on 06/30/2008
this is a photo of kiss in kobetasonic festival bilbao
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