My first concert
Subject: My first KISS concert
From: cruzmary on 06/30/2008
Hi again, I also send you my ticket from the reunion concert tour 1996/ first KISS concert..;) Best wishes, Mary
Review of the concert in Zurich
Subject: Review of the concert in Zurich
From: cruzmary on 06/30/2008
Hi guys!! I send you the review of the concert here in Zurich published in one of the local awesome concert that is still hitting my head! Much Love, Mary
100.000 times thank you!!
Subject: 100.000 times thank you!!
From: silvy on 06/30/2008
Dear Gene, Paul, Eric and Tommy, I want to thank you a 100.000 times for the Kiss Alive 35 tour. I\'ve seen 5 shows and it was awesome, an experience of a lifetime!! I was there at the graspop Metal Meeting to see the last show of the tour and I must say there was a vibe that day. A feeling of totall respect for KISS from all the 50.000 people. And I got to meet some old Kiss-friends whom I didn\'t see for over 20 years. I realised then that KISS is more than the hottest band in the world. KISS brings people together, connects them. Just imagine how many people you brought together all over the world in 35 years... Thank you so much for being in my life. Lots of KISSES Silvy Roos
Angels & Demons
Subject: Angels & Demons
From: Linda on 06/29/2008
Hey Gene I thought I would share a picture of us at a trivia night I helped organise to raise money for our daughters school, the theme was \"Angels & Demons\". After trying to get our makeup as close to yours as we could, we have a greater (if thats possible) appreciation and respect of you Paul, Eric and Tommy painting your faces night after night. Hopefully we will be seeing you all painted up back in Australia in the near future. Linda
Subject: Astrid
From: My Tattoo on 06/29/2008
Hi Gene! I met you at arrow rock festival Meet&Greet and you signed my tattoo - well I said I\'d get the signature inked and I did - here\'s some photos! Meeting you and the guys was awesome, I was a bit overwhelmed to talk about how much you and your music has meant to me. Going to Graspop this weekend too -no doubt you\'ll kick everyone\'s ass there too!! Thanks again! Love, Astrid
Subject: Hamburg/Bilbao/Nürnberg
From: shandi1391965 on 06/29/2008
My dream finally came true!!! To see Kiss Alive and to meet the band and that not only once but three times. Thanks Gene, Paul, Tommy and Eric for the awesome shows and the great meet and greets!!!! Love, Manon
Unmasked Leaving Paris Hotel Le Meurice
Subject: Kiss Unmasked Leaving Paris Hotel Le Meurice
From: ybuelens on 06/29/2008
Fnd herewith the you tube connection when Kiss is leaving the Paris Hotel Le Meurice one day after their Bercy show. . I have a wonderfull pix with Gene who was very kind to be on the picture with myself and my girlfriend Veerle in the lobby of Le Meurice in Paris. Kiss Rules Europe & Paris Yves from Belgium
Great Pics of Final Gig in Germany
Subject: Great Pics of Final Gig in Germany
From: kissfann101 on 06/29/2008
Hello Kiss Army, the greatest band in the world has left Germany, but not without leaving thousands of fans breathless after an overwhelming show in Nuremburg. Thank you, Kiss, for a great concert. If anyone would like to have a look, what the final gig of the German tour was like: The Bavarian newspaper \"Frankenpost\" has a whole picture galery online under:,0.html Enjoy! And Kiss: Please come back to us soon! Yours Kissfann101
Subject: grazie
From: aelex on 06/29/2008
thanks! in the concert of Assago you have been exceptional, as always. the concert has been more beautiful than that than the last time; the scenography was fantastic and the audio, especially the lower part were unbelievable. aloft the special effects as the fires and the stage were very beautiful.... good job also of the technicians! and there is whoever says that don\'t have the age anymore to make the concerts! (they have not probably seen you and listened!). spro proper of to see again you to Milan next year. thanks anchor and rock and roll on night!!! alex
Arrow Classic Rock 15th of june
Subject: Arrow Classic Rock 15th of june
From: dyl300 on 06/29/2008
Dear kiss, It is perhaps a little late but I also wanted to say, You were At you're best at arrow classic rock :D, I've really enjoyed. especially when Paul went to the open stage where we were very close to him and look him straight into the eyes ;) All special effects have been used, we realy loved it Greetings Joeri & Rogier
Subject: Grazie
From: skizzo65 on 06/28/2008
Grazie per lo spettacolo di Milano. Grazie a Paul per l\'energia. Grazie grazie
Nurenburg Germany concert
Subject: Nurenburg Germany concert
From: kissfreak_2008 on 06/28/2008
Thanks to Gene, Paul, Erric and Tommy for an asolutly fantastic show in Nurenburg. I hope that you will come back soon. Penny
Subject: dvd\'s
From: wolfman77 on 06/27/2008
What\'s up KISS! I\'ve been a fan of the group for over 20 years. I love KISSOLOGY 1, 2 & 3. Although Vol. 3. has the best stuff, it didn\'t have your performances from the SuperBowl or the 2002 Olympics. I was also wondering if you guys will ever release a dvd that contains all your music video\'s from the 70\'s, 80\'s and 90\'s. Other groups like Motley Crue, Poison, Iron Maiden and Cinderella have all released dvd\'s that contain all their music video\'s. I have Kiss Exposed, Kiss X-treme Closeup and Kiss Konfidential that contain some music video\'s and classic moments from the past. I have them also on tape including KISS Crazy Nights. Paul. Your solo album Live to win is awesome. Keep up the good work. Gene. Your show family jewels is hilarious and cool, I still have the book you autographed at Chapters Downtown Toronto location. Hopefully you guys will return to Toronto Canada for some shows again. Sincerely Ilija Vrzovski KISS ARMY of Toronto Canada
From: vilma_betty on 06/27/2008
Spangdahlem AB
Subject: Spangdahlem AB
From: tubachick on 06/27/2008
I just wanted to drop a line and say "THANK YOU" for coming by and supporting us in all that we do. It was truly an honor to be able to photograph a piece of rock 'n' roll history as well as getting capture the Airman and their families cutting loose and just having a good time. Also thank you so much for letting us see the show in Luxembourg!! It was absolutely AMAZING!! I have no voice today because of screaming so loud and am looking forward to a good nights sleep tonight, but it was more than worth yesterday's experience. It's official I am hooked. I look forward to hopefully catching another show when I'm on leave in the states or for another world tour. Once again thanks for all YOU do. Very Respectfully, (A1C) Jenifer H. Calhoun Photographic Technician
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