i\'m the most happy person in the world!
Subject: i\'m the most happy person in the world!
From: tobbi666 on 05/23/2008
rocks Latvia!!
Subject: Kiss rocks Latvia!!
From: kissarmyestonia on 05/23/2008
Hi, 22.05.2008 was Kiss concert in Riga, Latvia. here's the pictures of fans: http://www.hot.ee/kissestonia//Kiss%20fans.jpg . -Kiss Army Estonia- Karel Reisenbuk www.kissarmyestonia.tk .
Sturgis show
Subject: Sturgis show
From: chadley on 05/22/2008
Wow, I can\'t believe it! I want to take credit for bringing KISS to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Don\'t know if it was really all my doing, but I\'ve been voting for KISS on the Glencoe Campground\'s \"Rock\'n The Rally\" website for two years now. I\'ve sent in hundreds of emails and now it has actually worked! Thanks guys for giving me something to look forward to all summer long. I\'ve got my tickets ordered already and my son and I will be there to experience everything at the world\'s best bike rally. Check my promotion for the show and KISS and related pictures on my blog at www.chadsconcertpix.blogspot.com. See you in Sturgis!
Letter from Austria
Subject: Letter from Austria
From: revenge85 on 05/22/2008
Hey Kiss! Thank you for the great concert at Vienna, 12th of May. I know you read that so often but I have to say it too: It was one of the greatest concert experiences of my life. Months ago I wouldn\'t believe that you guys come back to Europe so soon! It was simply amazing to hear the whole Alive! record in its entirety. It was resurrecting a piece of Rock\'s history and a memorable moment. You can\'t imagine what your music can mean to someone like me. Paul sang amazing and played his rhytm parts excellent, Gene hit the strings hard on his bass, Eric showed that he is such a talented drummer once more and Thommy played delivered the leads so brilliant :-) I hope you come back very soon!!
Amazing Wall - Hard Rock Café, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Subject: Amazing KISS Wall - Hard Rock Café, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
From: Marlon Carrero on 05/22/2008
Recently I\'ve been in the Hard Rock Café in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and what amazed me the most was the KISS Wall!!! It\'s the only band with a wall that big just for them! There was lots of picutres of the band, from all eras, as well as Ace Frehley\'s original guitar, Alive! and Rock And Roll Over Platinum Discs!!! It\'s the second rock concert I\'ve been in this month and I got to tell you, 80% of the shirts were KISS shirts!!! There are rumors everywhere about KISS coming to Brazil and I can\'t help to be excited about it, though I know it\'s not official (YET, I hope!). KISS brazilian fans are going nuts, it\'s almost 10 years since you have been here for the last time!! We Want KISS, We Want KISS (We will never forget the Maracană show in 1983)!! My best wishes to all of you, Tommy, Eric, Gene and Paul, from all the brazilian KISS Fans!
nijmegen (holland) and dessel (belgium)
Subject: nijmegen (holland) and dessel (belgium)
From: agony170 on 05/22/2008
Dear kiss, The first time i saw you guys was in june 1997 (Flanders Expo, Gent, Belgium) i was a girl from 12 years old then. now i am 23 and i still love Kiss. i\'m really looking forward to the show in holland and Belgium. With your music you made the world look like a better place. thank you for everything, kiss will forever stay in my heart. see you in Holland and Belgium. Rock on!!!! Big Kisses Sévérine
From: samair on 05/22/2008
in athens
Subject: kiss in athens
From: samair on 05/22/2008
thanx once again
verona concert
Subject: verona concert
From: ant66 on 05/22/2008
dear kiss i want to say thank you x the wonderful concert in VERONA 13.05.08. It was my first concert and it was great. THANK YOU. ANTONIO ITALY (VICENZA )
With all my heart...
Subject: With all my heart...
From: ioana_buza on 05/21/2008
Firstly, I can\'t use my words to describe my excitement when seeing you playing in Sofia. You were more than great. You really are a rock legend. I appreciate especially the fact that you passed over the boundaries of time. You are so healthy and young that you inspire the youngest people (see the little baby who stood in front of the stage in Sofia). You are so alive that you made me live more than ever that day. I would be really happy if you also came in Romania. You have lots of fans here. Oh, and by the way, Paul Stanley has a really sexy... \"back\" :)
My brother broke his leg one month ago... but we were in the Arena!
Subject: My brother broke his leg one month ago... but we were in the Arena!
From: rudy666 on 05/21/2008
Hello, I\'m Rudy and I\'m from Venice. My little brother and I are KISS\'s fans and we bought tickets for Verona 13th May and also for Milan 24th June. My brother Rino broke his leg about one month ago. But we couldn\'t miss the concert and so we were in Verona two nights ago!!! My friends and I helped my brother with the hundreds of stairs in the Arena and so we could see the concert toghether! And it was GREAT, UNBELIEVABLE!!! WE WANTED THE BEST AND WE GOT THE BEST THE HOTTEST BAND IN THE WORLD..... KISS! THANK YOU PAUL, GENE, TOMMY AND ERIC, AND ALSO ACE AND PETER! You are the best and we need you for our rock n\' roll souls, just because YOU ARE THE REAL SOUL OF ROCK N\' ROLL! I think my brother will be hugely happy if you\'ll post one of these photos in your site, just for one day! Thank you very much and... SEE YOU IN MILAN!!! Rudy Colorio
Vienna show
Subject: Vienna show
From: maja_m_ on 05/21/2008
Hi to all, I´ve been a KISS fan for about 25 years... Thank you for your music and thank you for a very good concert and an unforgetable evening in Vienna on 12th May 2008. I hope you´ll come again. Keep on KISSing Maja - Slovenia
Radio Rock played two hours yesterday!
Subject: Radio Rock played Kiss two hours yesterday!
From: sakke on 05/21/2008
Hi, awesome Kiss! Our best radio station Radio Rock made awesome job yesterday, they played only Kiss two hours in their night program and DJ told stories about albums and songs. Specially it was nice to hear many songs from the 80`s like Thrills In the Night and Who Wants to Be A Lonely. Next week you are here and you are very welcomed!! Take care and have a nice gigs in Riga and Russia!! I forgot to mention that also our rock magazine Soundi just published new interview of Paul Stanley, so Kiss fever is very high right now!! Sakke, Hyvinkää Rock City
live in Sofia
Subject: kiss live in Sofia
From: menna_artery on 05/21/2008
Hi,guys there is no word in any language to tell how amazed i was to see Kiss for the first time in my life after being a fan for 20 eyers... I specially flew to Sofia with my band Artery from Netherlands to do a small tour in Bulgaria and to see THE HOTTEST BAND IN THE PLANET. And my dream came true i play the best show in my life after seeing you guys... We play for a crowd around 1000 people but felt like is the Akademik Stadion... Tanx for making my dream come true.... Love: Menna & Artery
greek army photo
Subject: greek kiss army photo
From: the_jack on 05/20/2008
just a pic from our KISS army! enjoy! u rule!
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