My tribute band
Subject: My tribute band
From: kiss2000002 on 05/17/2008
Hey kiss my band has show comming up soon in june 22,2008 at the knights of columbas in kingston Ma my aunt paula is video tape us we are going to try to put us on the songs we r doing are God Of Thunder & War Machine this will be a tribute to u guys our band is called Alive III the Kiss tribute band
concert in bulgaria
Subject: KISS concert in bulgaria
From: krista on 05/17/2008
hi my name is krista i live in sofia, bulgaria and i am only fourteen years old.I was on the concert with one friend of mine and all i can say is that you make our dreams come true !!! In the begining when you appeared on the stage i started crying it was unbelivable !!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH !!! XXX
Subject: Sofia
From: blader_mgs on 05/17/2008
We wanted the best you gave it to us last night here in Sofia.It was a big dream for many people here in Bulgaria to watch KISS Alive and the dream come true.I am a big fan of the band but I have never believed that they would come to Bulgaria.Everything was amazing:the show, the band, the crowd and we all together with KISS made it KISS Style.I love you guys and I want to see you again in Bulgaria. Thank you very much vor everything! Martin Stoyanov, Sofia
Subject: Sofia
From: blader_mgs on 05/17/2008
We wanted the best you gave it to us last night here in Sofia.It was a big dream for many people here in Bulgaria to watch KISS Alive and the dream come true.I am a big fan of the band but I have never believed that they would come to Bulgaria.Everything was amazing:the show, the band, the crowd and we all together with KISS made it KISS Style.I love you guys and I want to see you again in Bulgaria. Thank you very much vor everything! Martin Stoyanov, Sofia
Thank you so Much...!!!!
Subject: Thank you so Much...!!!!
From: obemetal on 05/17/2008
Hi KISS... Thank you so Much for your GREAT Show in the Arena (Verona - Italy)... this location is a beautiful landscape for a KISS Live Act...!! P.S. Thank you Tommy for the Photo... \'Stay Heavy...!!!! OBE
Such an Impact on my Entire life.
Subject: Such an Impact on my Entire life.
From: platformboots on 05/17/2008
I SALUTE YOU ALL, EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU, You have definatly made an impact on me and my entire life. I am 39 years old and have been a huge fan since i was 5 years old back in 1974. I new of KISS even befor i ever started going to school having had 6 older brothers who were into rock and roll pretty heavy! And back then KISS was \"THE\" band and act to have to see live. Truthfully i want to tell you that since he very first time i listened to you not a single day has past since i was 6 that i have not listened to at least one KISS song. you have a part of my life \" My Whole Life !\" I Have been able to see you Alive on several different occasions and i have to say the each show was more kick ass than the one befor. I am very interested to see if you ar going to make it to the states soon because i am looking forward to having another chance to \"Rock and Roll All Night and Party Every Day\" With \"The Hottest Band In The World !!!!\" and I am also hoping to possobly having the chance to meet you since thats somthing i havent been able to do. That would be Dream come true !! \"For Real!!\" I could go on and on about KISS and the kinds of impacts you have had on my life. For instance, Back in 2005 I had the unfortunate happen to my 6 year old Daughter \"Angel Elaine\"... She Passed away in her sleep from a vary rare disease Called Battons disease, But she was, at 6 years old , like myself, was a huge KISS fan. So much that when she was buried she was wearing a I Heart KISS T-shirt. When she was alive she would have rather watched a KISS video than a Cartoon and i thought that that was so awesome!!! So now a month ago i had the great privilage of having twin baby girls on April 14, and i am going to make sure that they are brought up the same way that i was on the Best Rock music By the Best Rock and Roll Band in History or should I say KISSTORY!! As for myself, I SALUTE YOU ALL, EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU---- GENE, PAUL, PETER, ACE, ERIC S. , TOMMY, BRUCE, ERIC C.(R.I.P.) VINNIE, & MARK (R.I.P.). And i want to thank you for being in my life and for being such a huge part of m life. Yu have no idea what you mean to me. Your like a part of my family and always will be. I always hear you say to your fans \" We Love You!!\" I just want to say on the fans behalf \"No Guys!! WE LOVE YOU!!!!\" Many Many Thanks... Perry Clevenger
\' concerts in Italy
Subject: KISS\' concerts in Italy
From: littlestarchild on 05/17/2008
Hi guys! Your concert in Verona has been really awesome. I\'ve never seen anything like that in my whole life. And I\'m sure that the concert in Milan is gonna be amazing too. But...I\'ve got a big question. Why haven\'t you chose Rome, the Eternal City , for a concert?!
From: babykissthisgirl on 05/17/2008
Dear Paul Gene Tommy and Eric:) THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING Last night in Sofia you was amazing I still can\'t believe... I saw you ,I feel you ... the magic of Rock n\' Roll music ... You all was so close to me ... I\'ve never seen something like you. Full of magnetic and power, love and rock ... The concert was perfect ... crazy ... incredible ... huge ... I hope you like our country and people ... ... and Paul you say KISS will come back to see us again I hope you keep your promise =)I wish God you will come again Your big fan Boby(Bozhura) PS the picture is from the place I was last night
Sofia show
Subject: Sofia show
From: the_sinner on 05/17/2008
Hi there KISS!!! Last night you were breathtaking! I can\'t even find proper words to describe how I felt on the show! I was just a few meters from you all the time and I still hardly believed it was happening!!! The show was... ONE AND ONLY! I\'m 20 yet but I\'m sure this will remain the bestest show in my live! THANK YOU! You made me laugh, you made me cry, you made me hotter than hell like no one ever did! And only one thing left to say - Paul, you promised to come back, so don\'t forget that! I already miss you and I\'ll wait for you! BULGARIA IS ALL YOURS, KISS! LOVE YOU, GUYS! DON\'T FORGET US AND COME BACK SOON! Ever yours: Nevena
in Verona
Subject: kiss in Verona
From: mparola on 05/16/2008
hi, i was only 15 when i went to see my first concert in life; it was the 09/02/1980 in Genova (italy) and the supporter of the moment was an unknown band called Iron Maiden. Now, after 28 years i went in verona to realize one of my dream; see a KISS concert with my wife Paola and xpecially my two awesome children Andrea (11) and Chiara (9) to see the best band in the world KISS. it was amazing; Gene was great, Paul was just Paul and the other guys were great. now i\'ll wait for the next concert of the tour in italy (milano) in june. little Andrea will go with me to see his second concert in life; KISS of course!!!! thank yopu KISS for coming in Italy and for making realize to my kids how great you are!! it would be great if the next kiss dvd will be a documentary of the 35 alive tour with images of this concert. thank to exist!! marco
Passing mania over to next generation
Subject: Passing Kissmania over to next generation
From: matteoregano on 05/16/2008
Dear Paul, Gene, Tommy, Eric, although the show in Verona earlier this week was my fourth Kiss show (Milan, Italy 1980; 1996; 1998; Verona 2008), the thrill was still there, moreso because this time around with me were my 15 years old daughter and 16 years old niece. My daughter has been listening to Kiss ever since she was born - I used to whisper \"Hold Me, Touch Me\" as a lullaby when she was a baby and danced to \"Unholy\" at three. My niece started listening to Kiss out of curiosity for makeup and costumes and ended up believing there\'s lot of skill and art in Kiss music. Needless to say, the Verona show got them both electrified, to say the least - no DVD can give the same feelings a live show - any show - does, let alone a KISS show! As far as I\'m concerned I was just happy the songs performed were mostly \"Alive!\" classics, I was wishing the show could go on forever. Guys, thank you all (present and past band member alike) for providing the soundtrack of my life and for contributing in making the relationship with my girl even more special. Keep Rockin\'! Matteo Regano - Italy
Brasilian Actor maked up as The Demon
Subject: Brasilian Actor maked up as The Demon
From: guss_carr_kab on 05/15/2008
Fabio Assunção, Soap Opera Brasilian Actor, landed for a photo session maked up as The Demon. This session is part of a advertising campaign of his advertising agency, including other actors and actresses maked up as other famous personalities.
Subject: MIKELL\'S PLOT Loves KISS!
From: KISSFREAKJOE - aka- Joe Penn on 05/13/2008
Hey KISS! It\'s Joe Penn the drummer from MIKELL\'S PLOT! I am always writing, wether it is on KISSONLINE, or to your personal sites, I am always around. I just wanted to share the love for KISS that MIKELL\'S PLOT has, and leave you a picture as well. Hopefully our paths will cross soon. Rock ON! Joe Penn
amazing show in vienna (11 mai 08)
Subject: amazing show in vienna (11 mai 08)
From: unholy1989 on 05/13/2008
Hey! It was my first KISS concert I\'ve visited, my dad is since he was eleven one of the biggest fans and yesterday my whole famile was there! I almost started crying, because it was so great to see you live!!! I was lucky becaus I was in the first row! Keep rockin on!
HI !
Subject: HI KISS!
From: shirleyholm on 05/12/2008
First of all I would like to wish Eric Singer a very ROCKIN\' BIRTHDAY, and may you have many more special Birthdays to be shared with your Family, Friends and KISS! Hope all of ya are doing Great and that youare also having an AWESOME time together on Tour. I am hoping that I will get to see ya in concert here in the USA very soon, last time it was in 2003 and 3004, also KISS made the Grand Forks ND Paper for having the biggest sales in 2003 in ND when you toured with Aerosmith which was AWESOME as well in 2004 in Ohio. I wish you and your loved ones all of my love and support always, I am very proud to be in the KISS ARMY, and come Dec. of this year will be 8 years since I became a KISS Fan, ROCK ON! Thank You all for having such a Huge influence on my life and for the Awesome Rockin\' music as well. By the way Gene, I love watchin\' Gene Simmons Family Jewels too! God Bless each and everyone of ya, take care, love ya! \"Rock and Roll All Nite and Party Every Day\"! Your Devoted KISS Fan, Shirley Holm MN
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