ace frehley and interview in swedish magazine
Subject: ace frehley and kiss interview in swedish magazine
From: jourdenm on 07/03/2008
kiss and ace frehley interviews in this months (i think) issue of Sweden Rock Magazine
Europe still hungry for more!
Subject: Europe still hungry for more!
From: nfarend on 07/03/2008
Hi Paul, Gene, Eric & Tommy, Boy did we have a good time! Thank you guys for returning to Europe and rocking our socks off! I have been a KISS fan since 1979 and I\'m so proud and happy that KISS is still so much fun and relevant today!! I\'m looking forward to another Euro-tour in 2009 and to be able to show my two sons (6 and 8) why this has been and continues to be so much fun. And yes, I would love to hear some new material from this fantastic line-up. If Journey can succesfully release a package with new material and re-recorded classics then I see many possibilities for my fav band KISS! The picture is from the Arrow Festival in the Netherlands, even the sun came out when we were waiting for the hottest band. Nice rainbow eh? Thanks again for years of fun! Berndt (The Netherlands)
Nastasia to Luxembourg and Dessel - We love you !
Subject: Nastasia to Luxembourg and Dessel - We love you !
From: Nastasia on 07/03/2008
Hi everybody and a very special smile for Paul, Gene, Eric and Tommy. I am Nastasia, Belgian young girl and I have 13 years old. My dad made discover KISS, there is 2 years ago. With dad, we was to the last two concerts of the European tour ... Luxembourg and Dessel. Super, during the concerts, I was right in front of the scene and I\' had a contact privileged with Gene, contact which was visual and gestural (5 times at Luxembourg and 5 times at Dessel). Gene, did you recognize me in Dessel ? WE LOVE YOU !!! Tasia.
Performance Mannheim
Subject: Kiss Performance Mannheim
From: marcffm on 07/03/2008
Hey Kiss, I saw the show in Mannheim and it was my First Kiss Concert. The show was unbeatable It was great. I had soo much luck that I found a place in front of the Stage. This was a special evening for me to see my idols so close. I was so impressed by the pyros and the huge stage. Hope to see you guys again next year and hopefully i catch a pic of Paul Stanley then ;) Greets From Frankfurt, Germany Marc
Gene the sexist!
Subject: Gene the sexist!
From: kisswombleskiss on 07/02/2008
Bit of trivia Gene, you\'ve been selected by Australin television series 20/1 as the ninth sexist man alive but, sorry Gene your behind Mick Jagger(seventh)\'go figger\'. You are still the coollest and KISS rock. See you guys in OZ soon Chris Canberra
Youngest fan at Graspop festival in Dessel
Subject: Youngest fan at Graspop festival in Dessel
From: koensuys on 07/02/2008
Hello Kiss, My name is Elise and I am 11 years old. I am a big Kiss fan since 3 years when I found my daddy’s records of the seventies. This weekend he took me to the Graspop festival in Dessel (Belgium). He says I must have been the youngest Kiss fan there. Your show was great. We had a fantastic evening ! I hope you come back to Belgium next year. Meanwhile I will listen to the live CD we bought after the show. Elise Suys, Belgium
Subject: Munich,Nuremberg
From: smtreiber on 07/02/2008
Hello Gene, Paul, Tommy and Eric! Thank you for the good time and the pleasure we had in Munich and Nuremberg!! We want the best, we GOT the best! Hope to see you again next year!!! All the best for you and your family! Martin
Twelve years ago today
Subject: Twelve years ago today
From: stlkiss on 07/02/2008
07/02/2008 Twelve years ago today, my life changed, forever. Twelve years ago I was a confused, misunderstood, and lost 16-year-old boy. I was diagnosed with biological depression, and could not find a way to pull myself out of the hole in which found myself. My girlfriend whom I took to the junior prom dumped me. In fact the prom was our last date. The pain of loosing the first girl I ever cared about brought many sleepless nights. The unbearable heartbreak combined with the already constant depression was killing me. I desperately wanted a girlfriend so I could free myself of the loneliness, but for a timid 16-year-old boy who attends an all male Catholic High School, finding a girlfriend was never easy. The majority of my time I spent in my room alone, sulking and feeling sorry for myself. However, my life was about to get struck by a jolt of lighting. Back in April, my brother and I bought tickets to see our favorite band, KISS. KISS just reunited and was embarking on the first tour in 17 years to feature all four original members Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Ace Frehley, and Peter Criss in full makeup and costumes. The day tickets went on sale for the show I was nervous. The KISS reunion tour was already a great success, and shows were selling out in a matter of minutes. We were one of the fortunate ones, and got tickets. We ended up the upper bowl on Ace’s side of the stage, section 303. When the day of the show arrived, and I was excited, more so than I had been to see any other band, because I was about to see KISS for the first time, the band I grew up listening to and idolizing. I still could not believe I was going to see the original four members in their trademark makeup. Upon arriving at the venue, the excitement could be felt in the air. Alice in Chains opened the show, and when they finished their set, the excitement began to mount. The St. Louis crowd was ready for KISS, I was ready, but I was nowhere near prepared for the bombastic assault KISS was about to unleash. As the lights went out, and the hum of Gene Simmon’s Punisher Bass began, I heard the worlds I waited my whole life to hear, “Alright St. Louis!!! You wanted the best, you got the best, the hottest band in the world…KISS!!!” The first notes of “Deuce” began to play, and with a bang, the curtain fell and displayed KISS in all of their glory. They charged through their set list, filled with nothing but their classics including, “King of the Nighttime World,” “Do You Love Me,” “Shout it out Loud,” and “Strutter.” At the end of “Firehouse,” Gene appeared on stage with a flaming torch, and with violent force, breathed the flame into a giant fireball. During Ace Frehley’s guitar solo, I was expecting the smoking guitar effect, but the rockets shooting out of the guitar’s neck blew my mind. Before the band played “God of Thunder,” Gene preformed his signature blood drooling and was then hoisted fifty feet in the air to a platform amongst the stage lights to sing his trademark song. To finish the set, KISS played the rock n’ roll national anthem, “Rock N’ Roll All Nite,” as Paul Stanley smashed his guitar, the last blast of confetti poured on the crowd, and the set came to an end. The St. Louis crowd begged for more, and KISS delivered, with three of their best: “Detroit Rock City,” “Beth,” and “Black Diamond,” which finished with cherry pickers lifting Gene, Paul, and Ace up and over the adoring fans. Peter’s drum kit rose in the air, and with a final blast of pyro, the night came to an end. The show was like nothing I had ever seen. In fact, the show inspired me, and made me realize some very important truths about life. If a concert and a band can be that spectacular, then why can’t life be spectacular? KISS helped me understand that life is what you make it. Life is not easy, and happiness is not handed to you on a silver platter. Happiness is something you have to go out and find, and sometimes fight for. In their songs, KISS sing about going for what you want in life and refusing to be held back by others. KISS followed this way of thinking their whole career, and became one of the greatest rock bands of all time. KISS taught me to hold my head up, and never take “no” for an answer. Success and happiness do not come easy; they are things everyone has to work hard to achieve. KISS is the perfect example of this, because they are the hardest working band in rock. KISS changed my life twelve years ago today, and I thank them.
From: andrewtouchkiss on 07/02/2008
europe shows
Subject: europe shows
From: marnik on 07/02/2008
Hi Paul, Gene, Eric and Tommy... I want to thank you for the great show you put up every time again... I attended Arrow and Graspop with my son and went over to see your show in Luxemburg with my twelve year old daughter... she really wanted to experience the band that made her dad that KISScrazy... She had the time of her life... She couldn\'t see the stage very well due to her size, so when I asked the guy behind your mixing board if she could stand on the fence... he was so kind to invite us \"over\" the fence to watch the spectacle from the flightcases :-)... She got choclates from your crew and a Tommy guitarpick... she didn\'t know what happened to her ... On top of that... Nick came sitting next to us... and was so kind... When taking a picture I notice how big he is... I said: Jeezes Nick you are even bigger than your dad and you don\'t wear the boots ;-) Thanks to all of you for giving my princess the time of her life Marnik and Keani Bellecoste Eeklo - Belgium
paula in milan
Subject: paula in milan
From: paula68 on 07/02/2008
Hi guys, i just wanna thank you for the Great show in Milan!!! After my first Kiss concert in Verona, gorgeous and unforgettable, i decided to do something special for the Milan show!! So here i am after the wonderful show with a shirt, I did it myself, dedicate to you !!I hope you like it!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart and i hope to see you next year, keep the promise!!!!! Love and kisses Paula (Sanremo -Italy)
Alive 35 Paris - Zurich
Subject: Alive 35 Paris - Zurich
From: Olivier on 07/01/2008
Hello Kiss, I live in Switzerland and i was in Paris and Zurich. Thanks you for these incredible shows. The Kiss Army Switzerland hope to see you again in Zurich next year. Special thanks to Tommy. You was fantastic !
From: Koen Suys on 07/01/2008
Hello KISS! Saturday I went to the Graspop festival in Dessel (Belgium) together with my two daughters and we witnessed a great KISS performance. You were magnificent and we will never forget this evening. We hope you do come back to Europe and Belgium next year ! A journalist of “Het Belang van Limburg” (a Belgian national journal) states in his article : “KISS was the first worthy headliner in years”. Great comment, I think… and he’s right! Thank you - Paul, Gene, Tommy and Eric ! Koen Suys, Belgium
Our Alive 35 Tour
Subject: Our Kiss Alive 35 Tour
From: drgbootz on 07/01/2008
Well got back on Sunday week what an awesome set of shows we saw, and the meet and greets too. Have heaps of photos from Kiss and Ace shows as well as back stage stuff that we will treasure forever. This is easily the tour that I have most enjoyed period from Kiss simply for the fact that they are having fun, are tight as a ducks arse and the crowds were 100% into the whole thing. So firstly there was Berlin the strangest venue ever, as one guy said it looked like a tin of baked beens stuck into the earth, but inside was awesome. The show here was great and we picked up a CD live to have it signed at Download. best memory was watching the floor go nuts to LIU.. A bit blurry as had lots of beer lol. This show was great and the place was packed 8/10 Donington, what can I say the best KISS show in make up period. Met a great bunch of people doing the meet and greet and some old friends from the UK (Steve, Adam and Mick). Seems we all slept out for Kiss tickets in Newcastle in 83 in the middle of winter. The meet and greet was in the dressing area of the backstage of this mighty festival and it was just so surreal. The band were very friendly especially Eric and Tommy. There were about 14 of us and they didn\'t leave until everyone was happy. I can\'t describe how it feels to see KISS in makeup close up and in 3D ha ha! The crowd and KISS were just spot on this night, the stage and production was mammoth and as I am sure many have read the revues they band were in top flight. Left the meet and greet and managed to get about 20 rows from the front, not bad amongst 55,000. Easily 10/10 [img][/img] [img][/img] (Captions: Paul cool as a cucumber and Eric the most friendly drummer you could hope for) Stayed for Ace the next day on stage 2 and he was awesome as well and he also went down a storm. The Ace-man looked very cool and he was spot on. Started with Parasite which I thought rocked! Again the crowd loved every minute and with a tight 40 minute set I think without any of the patter this is the kind of show Ace needs to do. Heavy on the riffing and playing great Ace songs. The only minor thing is having his drummer sign Love Gun and I Want You. I\'d rather have Ace sing them all. Funny moment a plane flew low over the stage and Ace was following it with his eyes and failing to move he nearly fell over. Classic! Overall Ace was a 9/10. [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] (Caption: Ace has the goods to do this quite nicely by himself and my bald noggin with crowd behind) Again met some friendly faces from UK in Paris, the Kiss UK Army was out in force fro this show! Paris meet and greet was packed about 60-80 there but I think it was the best, the atmosphere back there was electric and again the band didn\'t leave until everyone got there stuff signed or a photo. Eric was in a great mood and he chatted heaps with everyone. When I stepped up to get the group shot I said to them: thanks for Download you guys were awesome, and Eric said \"never mind them how was I?\" I laughed and said \"Eric you are always awesome!\" If you see the Youtube clip with Paul signing in Paris you can see and hear Mrs Boots asking Paul to sign our cd in silver (strict instructions from Mr Boots so they all matched) and Paul says \"of course\" or something to that effect. The Paris show itself well the crowd was amazing very vocal and again the place was packed. 9/10. [img][/img] [IMG][/IMG] ( Caption: Tommy: a true gent! Gene: That armour hurt like hell but I wasn\'t going to say anything lol) What a triumph of a tour! Summary of rankings Melbourne 9/10 Wellington 7/10 Berlin 8/10 Download 10/10 Paris 9/10. So back home now and thinking about and praying for another tour soon! Cheers Mr and Mrs Boots
My first shows
Subject: My first KISS shows
From: krenato on 07/01/2008
My name is Renato Rocha and I\'m from Brazil. I\'m a KISS fan since 1983, when you first came to Brazil. But I was only 9 and couldn\'t go to the show. Now I went to Europe just to see my favorite band playing alive, just like I always dreamed. I went to Nijmegen, Paris, Sttutgart and Zurich. It was awesome. I went by myself and it was great. I wish you come to Brazil in this tour so I\'ll be able to get to see you live again. Thanks Gene, Paul, Eric and Tommy for these 4 days I\'ll never forget. Hope to see you again soon, Renato Rocha
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