From: dubdub2000 on 06/22/2008
Hey Guys, I have a confession to make: I went to see your concert out of share curiosity after seeing that movie you did, \"Detroit Rock City\". My brother and I were like; \"Hmmm I wonder what those concerts were like back then\". So we decided to go see you guys when you came through town. We weren\'t too familiar with your music. More with your image, your reputation for awesome live shows (and other things...yes Gene Simmons I\'m looking at you ;-)) and your keen business savvy (putting the power where it belongs…in the artists\' hands! Ha!) Well anyways, we were BLOWN AWAY by your show. 2 hours and 15 minutes of awesome showmanship and rock n roll. Gosh most bands these days are proud of themselves when they phone in a 45 minute show! You guys gave 120%! You left your hearts out on that floor. You worked that crowd like crazy! I have no idea where you get that energy from but damn! Thank you so much for showing folks what a real rock & roll band should be about. YOU guys clearly have fun up there and it shows. And also, you care about your performance, your music, your fans, etc. And that shows. Thanks Paul for visiting us in the back! :-) Also let me say that through this concert I have really discovered your music and I find it amazing that songs like Black Diamond and Love Gun that were written 30 years ago, don\'t show their age at all! If they had been written yesterday they would still be relevant and awesome songs! Man you guys were ahead of the curve. So anyways, thanks for a great time and just keep on doing what you’re doing. There are maybe 4 or 5 bands in this world that can do anything on stage close to what you do. And there are dozens of bands that owe you A LOT! You guys were and still are pioneers. You must be so chuffed to see that in the crowd ages range from 10 to 60 years old and everybody\'s rocking out! So Rock on! A new member of the French Kiss Army
From: Julia, Angel & Olli on 06/22/2008
Hi Paul, We are sending you KISSes from Stuttgart. This picture was taken just before your great show with KISS in Stuttgart, Germany. You always said: \"Go in style\". So we did and saw your outstanding performance at the sold-out Schleyerhalle! We could feel your energy best during LOVE GUN, because we were standing next to you after your flight to the wild animals in the back ;-) This was our best night ever! Keep on rockin\' & hope to see you soon again, Julia, Angel & Olli
Alive 35
Subject: Alive 35
From: spaceace1967 on 06/22/2008
I want to say \"Thank You!\"! Thanks Paul, Gene, Tommy and Eric! Great tour with a great setlist and a great show! 3 gigs i saw from you... the hottest band in the world!: Oberhausen 2 times and Arrow Rock 1 Meet and Greet (I can´t believe it... it was great): Oberhausen 11.06.2008 After near 30 years this was one of the highlights in my life. Also a great \"Thank you!\" to Holger from Germany, who took my picture with you to his Meet and Greet for signing it! Hope I see you in 2009 in GERMANY....
Paris Concert
Subject: Paris Concert
From: q44tony on 06/22/2008
Hi Just to say I saved some money up and got to see kiss at the Bercy in Paris and I have to say it was a fantastic night. I travelled all the way from the UK and I think that it is probably the best concert I have been to and worth every euro. Kiss you really Rock Thanks for the memory Tony Rutherford
Army Atessa meets in Verona!
Subject: Kiss Army Atessa meets KISS in Verona!
From: redskin on 06/22/2008
Hi Guys, during the meet & greet in verona (italy), we delivered this letter to Gene Simmons. See our meet&greet photos with the letter! Kiss Forever..... from KISS ARMY ATESSA (Italy): Gian Paolo, Stefano, Marco
live in PARIS
Subject: live in PARIS
From: romuald on 06/22/2008
Gods of Rocks were in FRANCE for one night, and what a night !!!! (Putain, quelle claque !) The show was the greatest I ever see in my life. And Tommy is definitively, to my mind, THE lead guitarist of KISS !!!! And Eric Singer is in our french hearts. Thank you a lot, gentlemen, for the show you played in PARIS. I hope you were and you are proud of the French KISS Army, and that you\'ll come back soon!! As far as I\'m concerned, that june 17th 2008\'s night, I saw a miracle for real for the first time !!!! Rock on, Messieurs. Romuald.
Thank you from Paris, France
Subject: Thank you from Paris, France
From: shara1706 on 06/22/2008
I saw you in Paris a few days ago. It was really the best show ever. I would have loved to meet you to tell how important you are to my eyes because you\'ve always been there since I\'m 12 years old. On the 17th June, it was my birthday and it was a wonderful gift to see you. I love you for 30 years now and this is not about to stop. Isabelle.
Concert in Paris
Subject: Kiss Concert in Paris
From: miss_stanley27 on 06/22/2008
Hey Guys ! Just wanted to say you that your concert in Paris was WONDERFUL ! I just hope you\'ll come back next year please =) Thanks for all KISS . Love to you all <3
rocked Stuttgart
Subject: Kiss rocked Stuttgart
From: cooljarl on 06/21/2008
Back in 79 with eleven years it started... Jumping up and down with a friend of mine we felt like metal gods holding a tennis racket in our hands and belting out \"I was made\". Tonight the gods came to earth again and more friends of mine joined me to kneel down to the only band on earth - KISS. The setlist was superp and we got what we expected - two hours of entertainment. The show was great and you felt like a 10 year old kid again and even my mother (thanks for driving me to the concerts in 84/85 and having always enough warpaint available) was pleased to see you. Kiss spiced it up with some riffs from Stairway to heaven, within Lick it up we found The Who\'s Won\'t ge fooled again and also some words from Whole lotta love. A Highlight was 100.000 Years where they burned my hair to the ground with all the flames and Paul\'s entertainment was fantastic. The crowd went berserk and totally nuts with \"I was mad for loving you\" and made me jumping to the ceiling again and again. Love Gun climaxed it perfectly after Paul kissed the german flag -thanks Paul it was a great gesture from you we will remember it forever. Surprisingly some girls asked us having pictures with them: \"Can I have a photo with you, you look so amazing\", asked a blone cute girl with a think accent from UK and I was only too pleased to made her dream come true. Would you mind sending me the photo too? Even a little girl about 8 years sticked out her tongue when she saw me in my gene makeup - we had now something similar. Come back in 2009 for KISS Alive 36 - we are waiting for you. Greetings from Germany
From: alicemaiden on 06/21/2008
Dear Bandmembers of KISS, I actually want to write you a handwritten letter and send it by airmail, but it seems to be quite impossible to do that, since I have no single adress to sendyou my handwritten letter. so I decided to write you the most important thing I wanted to tell you. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!:)) For Everything that you have done for me, I heard everything from up where I was and enjoyed every split secound. I would SO love sending you a handwritten letter, Thank you SO Much again, With Love, & Sweet Regards, Alice Maiden ;)
Download Festival Uk
Subject: Download Festival Uk
From: kissmaniac05 on 06/21/2008
Hello Kiss I am a very big Kiss Fan Been wanting to see you since 1999 just missed you when you did the psycho circus tour in wembley and this show rocked with tunes such as Deuce, Hotter Than Hell and I love it loud you made my dream come true.I thought aswell Tommy was brilliant.
Subject: ALIVE 35 TOUR
From: johnnieringo on 06/21/2008
Dear Kiss, Your Alive 35 tour has taken you to Europe and the west coast in the good old USA. The KISS ARMY on the east coast is waiting in numbers to great to count! When are you going to do a show on the east coast? WHEN? Sincerely, John Upshaw Downs, Jr.
meet and greet in stuttgart 18.6.08
Subject: KISS meet and greet in stuttgart 18.6.08
From: andy160967 on 06/21/2008
Hello from germany ! That´s me and KISS at the meet and greet in stuttgart before the show. It was great to see this living legend and a dream come true for me. I win this meet and greet at a contest in germanys greatest rock club,the \"ROCKFABRIK\" in ludwigsburg. Thanks hasche and all the other guys from the rockfabrik,also the KISS managment for this great day. Andy
in Paris
Subject: Kiss in Paris
From: slim on 06/21/2008
Hey Kiss! Just to tell you the concert in Paris was HUDGE!!!!. Thanks for keeping KISS on the top. For me it was the best live performance I\'ve ever seen in my life and I would like to thank Tommy (Great job!!!), Eric, Gene and Paul for their performance during the show. I am proud to be part of the KISS ARMY and I would like to tell you how happy and excited I was to see you performing live! I traveled from Switzerland to see you and visit Paris at the same time and really enjoy this trip! I will be in Zurich for your concert in Switzerland on Monday and I am very excited to see you again!!! Regards, Slim
Subject: Finally..............
From: dutch_diana on 06/21/2008
YES! Finally I got to see you, Gene and Paul. Standing in the rain in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, feeling a cold coming up... but when it was time for you guys to appear the sun came behind the clouds and all was good. Thank you for the best show I\'ve ever seen! And Genie, finally I got to see you in real life after enjoying your 1st and 2nd season of The Family Jewels. This september I\'m off again to LA, hoping to catch some episodes of the 3rd season on A&E, and of course buying the DVD as soon as it comes out! Love you! Diana
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