rocks Paris!!!!!
Subject: KISS rocks Paris!!!!!
From: frankois on 06/18/2008
Hi guys! My twin brother, I and all the French KISS Army wanted to thank you a lot for the show you gave us on tuesday night! It was my first KISS concert, I expected it since 10 years. Tears of happiness came to my eyes when you appeared and all the place really get hotter than hell!! Thank you again guys, it was the best show of my life. We wanted the best and you gave us the best!!!! See you on the next tour? We\'ll be there...
Bercy !!!!!
Subject: Bercy !!!!!
From: animatrix on 06/18/2008
Hi guys!!!i\'m Joseph,i live in Paris but i\'m portuguese. I\'m fan of Kiss since my age 5,1977 until today!! A long time I waited for this magic moment,its a honnour. I stayed whith you yesterday at Bercy - Paris,it is my first concert,and I want to send thanks for this gift,and i\'m proud to be fan of yours!! It is a special moment for me and to make part of Kisstory at AliVe 35. Thanks to Paul,Gene,Eric and Tommy.God bless you!!!
can`t sleep, can`t eat
Subject: can`t sleep, can`t eat
From: pirinea on 06/18/2008
Hi! My name is Ira and I come from Bulgaria! KISS concert here was magnificent, awesome, I cannot find the words, fans before me said it all! Yes, a dream came true, but it was NOT enough for me!!! I cannot sleep knowing you are still in my area and guess- I can`t wait to see you again in Italy next week! Let`s Rock `N` Roll All Nite, Ira
Download Festival
Subject: Download Festival
From: frightnight13 on 06/18/2008
This is for every member of KISS that made friday night at Download the greatest night of my life!. I have waited my whole childhood to see KISS live and all I can say is after that preformance I would wait that time all over again just to see you live again, it truely was the greatest show on the earth and I dont think I will ever have such a experience again unless its seeing you live again. Song after song I was more and more impressed, I spent the entire day front row from 1pm wearing my kiss paint just so I could be front row for when you came on which ment I sat through some bands I really didint want to see but it was worth it! to be front row for you. All I can say to end this letter is I cannot wait to see you again someday! I will sure as hell be there front row, face painted showing my undieing support for you always. Your Fan forver Lee
a Crazy Crazy night in Paris
Subject: a Crazy Crazy night in Paris
From: dough_ktorlov on 06/18/2008
Hi . I just wanted to thank you so much for coming back to Paris. This is the first time Ive seen KISS and I had been waiting for years! Last night was unforgetable and I have memories printed in my head forever now :) Paul Eric Gene and Tommy were all awesome ... It was so nice of Paul to sing a bit of La Marseillaise but sadly the flag he hold was a dutch flag. However , it was really funny as a joke and we all liked it. The music was loud, strong, powerful. Paul's vocals were over the top. Same for Gene and Eric who did wery well on nothing to lose and Blackdiamond. I almost fainted when Paul and later Tommy saw me in Paul's make up and wig. Paul smiled at me and Tommy gave a thumb up ! It was so cool! During the show, Paul said KISS wants to come back next year, so we all pray and hope it really happens... I'm already looking foward to being there... Here is a video of my amazing day. It features the waiting queue from 11am till 7pm and then some parts of the concerts with a few pictures as well.. I was right in front of Paul !! woohooooo
Stockholm 2009 ? A all girl Rock & Film School
Subject: KISS Stockholm 2009 ? A all girl Rock & Film School
From: churchofsaintanne on 06/18/2008
First off all ! I want to thank you all for two absolute magical KISS concerts in Helsinki and Stockholm. In the 90s Rollings Stones played three concerts in Stockholm. First night at Stockholms Stadion 32.500 they played a all hits set list. Second night they played at Stockholm Globe Arena 14.000 another setlist . The third night they played at Circus Arena 1500-2000 a very rare setlist . To avoid scalpers the customers were only allowed to buy two tickets and had to show id when entering the Circus Arena. If KISS did this in Stockholm Sweden the tickets would sell out in a heartbeat. ( Considering that KISS sold out Stockholm Stadion 33.000 in 20 minutes and Helsinki and Oslo in record breaking time ) A KISS fan ultimate dream to see KISS three days in a row with different setlists /stageshows. And to do it KISS style have a three day KISS convention during the days. I think this concept would work in selected citys in Scandinavia and Europe. Please check out the worlds biggest all girl Rock & Film school No Remorse: to see the girls music videos, pix visit: . The students and teachers of No Remorse was out in force at the sold out KISS concert at Stockholm Stadion.
Subject: Awesome!!
From: pollymouse on 06/17/2008
Dear KISS, I have never joined the KISS army cus I wanted to see you live first, you\'re just never a true fan until you do!! I first heard a KISS song 8 years ago and have been addicted since!! I had accepted the fact I would never see you live, but as always... you guys just keep surprising me!!!! When I seen you at Donnington it made my world!!! You were absolutely awesome!!! Gene...... you\'re still as hot as ever!!!!!!!!! Come back next year!!!! The KISS Army will not take no for an answer!! Love yas forever, ill get my tattoo pic up soon!!! Polly XXXXXXXX
Imperial War Museum
Subject: Imperial War Museum
From: martinmarshall on 06/17/2008
Hi Unfortunately missed Download festival due to an early trip to London the next day - but what a treat, bumped into Paul and Eric at the Imperial War Museum and it made my day. Still in shock and on Cloud 9. Thanks Paul and Eric for being so nice and allowing us to take pictures on your day off. Martin Marshall, Leicester, England
Dave Mustaine in Venezuela with Hotter than hell T-Shit
Subject: Dave Mustaine in Venezuela with Hotter than hell T-Shit
From: starchild2006 on 06/17/2008
Megadeth was in Venezuela on May 25, 2008 and Dave Mustaine appeared on stage with a kiss T-Shirt of the album Hotter than HELL !!!!! Yeah! KISS Is The Best !!!!
- Deuce Live @ Helsinki 27.5.08
Subject: KISS - Deuce Live @ Helsinki 27.5.08
From: finnishkissfan on 06/17/2008
A clip from Helsinki 27.5.08. Enjoy!
Subject: Download
From: fanforever on 06/16/2008
Hiya Guys.Came home a week early from my holiday in Cyprus to come and see you at Donington. Must say that like all good things you get better with age. It had to be the best Kiss performance I have seen. From the first chords of Deuce I knew it was going to be a special night. It was a great feeling after the concert to hear all the people leaving who didn\'t realise how good you were, they do now though. I hope you do as you say and tour again next year but if you dont you have made a life long fan very happy and contented. That night will live with me forever, totally awesome.
Show Nijmegen Holland
Subject: Kiss Show Nijmegen Holland
From: hvries65 on 06/16/2008
Dear Kiss, Thank you very much for given us a fantastic show at the Goffertpark in Nijmegen. I was there with mine 20 years old nephew Tim. It was his second kiss show ever. The first one he saw, was 9 years ago in Utrecht. At that time he was 11 years old. A present for his birthday was a ticket for a Kissconsert. You can imagine how emotional it was for us last night after 9 years. We enjoyed every Kiss song your playing, especially all the classics from the kiss alive album. This was a big surprise for us. We never thought to see Kiss one time more. Thank you for not forgetting us and all the other european kissfans. Kiss gives us so much positive energy. We will never forget you! Kindly regards Henk de Vries Assen The Netherlands
Ready for at Arrow festival!!!
Subject: Ready for KISS at Arrow festival!!!
From: pattyw on 06/16/2008
YES!!!! We are ready for the greatest show in the world!! We wanted the best, we got the best.....
@ Arrow, Holland
Subject: KISS @ Arrow, Holland
From: pattyw on 06/16/2008
my god!!! I had the best night of my life!! Thank you guys, I went crazy standing on the front row!!! Great songs, so in love with Paul\'s voice.... I will never forget this, KISS rocks!!!! Lots of love from Holland!
Arrow rock festival
Subject: Arrow rock festival
From: theokompier on 06/16/2008
Thank you KISS, to come to Holland again after nine years. You gave me the opportunity to see you guys with my eleven years old son. After a road trip of two hours we where there at 11:00h. And stayed till the end, and longer because we had to get the live-cd. And it was great. He was very tired at the end of the night, but he let you know that he was so glad to see it all. Here for I thank you with a nice picture of Gene I made. And I, i\'m broken and tired but so happy to see it all again. So hopefully I can say, see you next year. Thanks again Theo Kompier
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