Gene in bilbao
Subject: Gene in bilbao
From: jacques on 06/25/2008
gene , in diego gontier , and the show in bilbao was perfect, i sow you in argentina three times but this was the best you\'re really in form!!!
-25 years
Subject: KISS -25 years
From: bigbobbrasil on 06/25/2008
Hello friends! Today, exactly 25 years to make the KISS did his last show with the masks before Lick It Up. The show was held at Morumbi in Sao Paulo to about 60,000 people (25/06/1983). The KISS was formed by Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Vinnie Vincent (where are you?) And Eric Carr. To commemorate this important date, will leave for Brazil and the thousands of Brazilians fas happy being on the road to tour KISS ALIVE 35.O Brazilian people love you. Congratulations for 35 years of life. Long life to the KISS !!!!!!!! (In the photo my friends community KISSBRASIL during KISSFEST) Roberto Big Bob
Concert in Zürich Switzerland
Subject: Concert in Zürich Switzerland
From: dehausi on 06/25/2008
Dear KISS I have seen you 4 times. \"Bale \'83\", \"Monsters Of Rock \'88\", \"Reunion Tour Zürich \'96 & \'97\". But this one was the best one! Many many thanx, that you don\'t forget switzerland (the little country in the big world). It was a fantastic evening, an imulsive show, and heavy sound. One sentence: \"I wanted the best and I got the best\" !!! I will be there if you return next year................. Best regards, Daniel p.s I would like to send a Live Song Movie, but I don\'t know how?
may 13th - VERONA
Subject: may 13th - VERONA
From: kingalby on 06/25/2008
I went to Verona to see my first KISS concert with my sister Laura... It was a great shows... Gene, Paul, Eric, Tommy, thank u very much for this great experience... UNBELIEVEBLE!!!!!!! KISS RULE THE WORLD
Bilbao Show
Subject: Bilbao Show
From: Jose Luis on 06/25/2008
Hi KISS! Thank you for your amazing and powerful show in Bilbao, it was my first KISS concert and it totally blew me away. After this wonderful experience, I can only say that a KISS show must be seen live in order to understand it, as it is much bigger and powerful than any CD or DVD. Again, thank you for a wonderful and unforgettable night, hope to see you in Europe next year! Jose Luis (Spain)
Concert CD
Subject: Concert CD
From: volshackj on 06/25/2008
Dear KissOnLine, I just received my cds of the concert in Berlin, ordered off the website. Man, they are awesome! Thanks to the band for making these available. I am looking forward to a possible tour of the states soon. I have seen KISS in concert 9 times since 1977 and these CDs show they haven\'t lost a step, especially with Tommy\'s guitar work. His licks are spot on. Thanks again, Paul, Gene, Eric and Tommy! R\'n\'R Allnite, Jeff Shackelford
in Zürich 23.06.2008
Subject: Kiss in Zürich 23.06.2008
From: Luca on 06/25/2008
Hello guys, I was in Zurich two days ago and the show was fantastic ! For the first time, I saw KISS and it was wonderful ! Thank you for this enormous show Paul, Gene, Tommy, Eric and all the other people who work with you. See you next time for rockin\' night !!!! Luca from Switzerland
MILANO 24-06-08
Subject: MILANO 24-06-08
From: bianchetto on 06/25/2008
Alive 35 concert cd\'s
Subject: Alive 35 concert cd\'s
From: demonsodyssey on 06/25/2008
I have been feeling a little de-flated this last week, after the adrenaline rush that was the Download festival, I came to earth with a bang having to get back to normality. Until yesterday that is, because my friendly neighbourhood postman delivered my copy of the \"Alive 35\" Download disc. I raced to the stereo and blasted out the full set list (including encores) at full Download volume. You can here the fireworks exploding and everything that happened, my day had just been lifted to great heights. What a fantastic idea to make theses CD\'s availible, I lived out my evening at Download and as Gene says I was UPloaded for the rest of the day. I shall be reliving the concert many times over until, fingers and toes crossed, you come to rock my world in a full tour of England next year. (As you hinted at, at Download) I know a family who will definitely be there. Your servant Demonsodyssey
We want you back!!!
Subject: We want you back!!!
From: sabrina on 06/25/2008
Hi guys, for the first time in my life I had a chance to see you on stage!! Milano, 24 june: it will be forever in my head, in my eyes and in my ears. Now please guys, come back!!! Italians love you, need you, want you!!!! I can\'t get enough of KISS!!! We will sing VOLARE each time you want but please sing something for us! You\'re wonderful, the best concert I ever saw, I hope to see you again in 2009!!! Love to you, and thanks for being on this earth
Subject: Kiss alive!
From: telejull on 06/24/2008
It really is amazing how i haven\'t heard anyone who would have been dissappointed with your show! Well why would anyone? It was mindblowing, energetic and a pure rock and roll show! All of us can only hope to experience a Kiss show again in the future! Me? Oh i\'ll be waiting. I cannot forget the show. It was way to incredible to ever be forgotten! Keep rocking. Lots of love! Julia
From: JULIEN on 06/24/2008
Hello Guys!! My name is Julien and I am from Switzerland. I want to thank you for the wonderful concert that you have given us in Zurich. It was super! For the first time in my life, I see KISS and it\'s been a wonderful day. A big thank you to each member of the group!! KEEP ROCKIN\' AND ROLLING ALL NIGHT !!!!!! Julien
Subject: Stuttgart
From: malgosia on 06/24/2008
Hey; I just want to say...happy to meet Tommy and Eric in Stuttgart-Germany....
From: julienzbinden on 06/24/2008
Hello KISS My name and Julien and I come to Switzerland and I want to thank you for this wonderful concert that you have given us in Zurich, it was super. For the first time in my life I see you and it\'s been a wonderful day. A big thank you to members of each group and the people who have made the scene!! THANKS A LOT AND ROCK AND ROLL ALL NIGHT !!!!!! Julien
it\'s time!
Subject: it\'s time!
From: danielefrommilanitaly on 06/24/2008
It\'s time! just 3 hours :-)
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