@ Brisbane Supanova
Subject: KISS @ Brisbane Supanova
From: georgestanley1979 on 04/22/2008
To Gene, Paul, Tommy and Eric, My Friend and I came to your Tour kick off show in Melbourne at the Grand Prix( one of your stage crew took a photo of us - I am the one dressed as you - \'Paul\' and my friend was dressed as \'Gene\' ), It was for both us, the first time we had ever seen you live in concert - and WOW, what an event to remember. After we got back to Brisbane, we thought - we have the costumes - How about we put on a skit at Brisbane\'s Supanova( a Comicbook/ Pop Culture Convention )and we did( it happened on April 6th 2008 ),where we picked up - Runners-Up Best Cosplay( Cosplay is a combination of both - Costume and Playing/making the character believable ). The song we performed along to, was a 2 minute version of \'Rock n Roll all night\', where we rocked the socks off the audience( everyone sang along ) and to finish - I ended it with( holding my guitar mind you )a HUGE scissor jump and landing it perfectly.( Photo attached )And yes this was done in 5inch platforms. The skit is on \'youtube\' - you just need to type the keywords - KISS at Brisbane Supanova 2008. Well I hope you like the photo, you guys ROCK, and I look forward to hearing back from you all soon. Your fan always - George
my poem
Subject: my poem
From: petg123 on 04/21/2008
ok well i wrote this out of boredem it kinda sucks but you guys are amazing best ever! so here it is : The smoke rises as you walk onto stage a big KABOOM and then you start to play with the beat of the drum 1...2...3...4 your voice so perfect with the rythme of the guitar and the show kicks off you start to run on stage the lights hit your face for a second your in a haze you hear the screaming fans as you prance around on stage the fog starts to clear you can see your breath in the heat as you belt out the last couple of beats the song starts to slow you start to stop the fans just stand there and watch the fogs gone the lights on you you say the last words and play the last tune the lights start to dim and you hear a big KABOOM Kiss has takin over Tommy,Paul,Eric and Gene you are the gods of thunder
Bruce in Brazil
Subject: Bruce in Brazil
From: bigbobbrasil on 04/21/2008
Hello KISS ARMY!! Day on May 12, 2007, Bruce was in Brazil to participate in KISS FEST, and next to the Killers excellent band played several classics of KISS. In this video can see them in action playing Tears Are Falling. A great performance from Bruce and the band Killers. It's almost a year ... but it seems like it was yesterday. Thank you and we hope the return of Bruce and KISS to Brazil soon. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x700n9_omAc . Roberto Big Bob www.kissdressedtoplay.com
\"Crazy Crazy Nights\"
Subject: \"Crazy Crazy Nights\"
From: backo on 04/21/2008
Hello guys! My name is Mattias and I´m from Sweden. I just want to tell you that you´re the Hottest band in the world. You´ve been my idols in my hole life. Well I will going at the concert in Stockholm in May. Witch will be the first time I see you. I really long for this day. It will be my best day ever. There´s a few songs I wished to hear at the concert speciell \"Crazy Crazy Nights\". I really love that song and I wish you could play it. So I say Please Please Please ! ! ! Play the song. :) :)
Stockholm Stadion, 30th may
Subject: Stockholm Stadion, 30th may
From: ar00n on 04/21/2008
Dear Gene, Paul, Eric and Thommy. We are a couple of guys from Sweden who are going to watch you in Stockholm. We are going to wait outside the stadium from 6am to get a front row place. We have seen the setlist from the Australian leg and even though it was great we want to ask you for some songs we really like you to play. A huge hit here in Sweden is Crazy Crazy Nights. I know that many people here in Sweden would like you to play it. Others songs we missed from Australia is God Gave Rock and Roll To You and Strutter. Thanks for taking this in concern. We know it will be a great show, no matter the setlist, but with this songs it would really be the night of our lives. See you guys in Stockholm! Swedish greetings from Magnus, Aron, Anders and Simon
\"Crazy Crazy Nights\"
Subject: \"Crazy Crazy Nights\"
From: backo on 04/20/2008
Hello guys! My name is Mattias and I´m from Sweden. I just want to tell you that you´re the Hottest band in the world. You´ve been my idols in my hole life. Well I will going at the concert in Stockholm in May. Witch will be the first time I see you. I really long for this day. It will be my best day ever. There´s a few songs I wished to hear at the concert speciell \"Crazy Crazy Nights\". I really love that song and I wish you could play it. So I say Please Please Please ! ! ! Play the song. :) :)
My little fans
Subject: My little KISS fans
From: 2000fan on 04/20/2008
This picture was taken about three years ago on Halloween. All of my kids know their old man\'s favorite band is KISS! JP (Gene) wouldn\'t let me paint his face and he reluctantly wore the mask! Hope you guys plan a tour of the US soon and a new album with Eric and Tommy would be awesome! Thanks for all the great memories. Dan Aspen
I Met Gene Simmons!!!!
Subject: I Met Gene Simmons!!!!
From: pochorenella on 04/18/2008
Hello all, I just wanted to let you know about one of the greatest days in my life. It was April 6th, I was on vacation in Orlando and my cousin told me if I wanted to go with him to the Indycar race in St. Petersburg, FL that day. Knowing next to nothing about car racing but having nothing else to do, I answered yes and we got to go with some other friends. After paying $60 to enter (which I didn\'t expect) we got to go around the place before taking our seats. Lo and behold, The Demon himself shows up! He was campaigning about some plane company and after a while he got to shake hands and take pics with fans. I was shirtless right there (the heat was too much) and when I approached him he was kind taken aback, but I said that I\'m a fan from Ecuador en showed him my two KISS tattoos. After he said \"look what we have here!\" he proceeded to sign his autograh on my back, just below my KISS tattoo (picture). I was so happy I was hogging all the spotlight with tons of pictures. Finally, Gene shook my hand and I thanked him and I let him continue with the other fans. This is a day that\'ll live with me forever, finally meeting one of my all time idols face to face. Thanks, Gene. Pocho Renella
Subject: KISS ALIVE 35
From: mishkamez on 04/17/2008
G\'day, At your show in Brisbane 08 you said that you are coming back to Australia.I really hope yous come back soon because YOUS KICK ARSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I flew to Melbourne from the Gold Coast and waited since 1pm infront of the stage till nighttime just so I could have my face blasted off with pure awesumness!Loudest greatest show ever!I would have stalked yous to Sydney also if I had the money SO YOUS HAVE TO COME BACK!Its only been about a month and I already need my KISS fix again!CD\'s arnt doing it for me now that Ive seen yous live!PLEASE COME BAAAACCCK!GOD Im so jelous of older people...THEYVE SEEN YOUS SO MANY TIMES!Waaaaa..... <3 XD!
My 1st concert
Subject: My 1st KISS concert
From: daymon on 04/17/2008
Hello, In 1999 my dad infected my mam by taking here to the Psycho Circus 3D tour in Utrecht(The Netherlands). From then on she became a great KISS fan! Now it\'s my turn. I am Daymon and I am 6 years old. I had to listen to all the cd\'s from the time that I was born. The TV-set blasted every KISS concert on DVD. Yes and now I am infected too!!!! I know almost all the song en I like the show\'s on DVD. On the 10th of June it is my turn..Mannheim(Germany) and the 15th of June Nijmegen(The Netherlands) my dad and mam will take me to both shows. I CAN\'T WAIT!!!!!!!....I wanna Rock and Roll All Nite................... Our family hopes that you guys will return to Europe in the future!! Rock on.. Daymon Goderie Purmerend The Netherlands
ALIVE! to be played on the ALIVE35 Tour
Subject: KISS ALIVE! to be played on the ALIVE35 Tour
From: Fabio on 04/16/2008
Ciao guys!!!! just heard Tommy on the radio telling you are going to play KISS ALIVE! and abscure tunes!!!! I\'ve got my first row ticket and meet&greet pass for the Verona gig and .....CAN\'T WAAAAAIIIIIIITTTTTT!!!!
Subject: Kiss TV
From: stephantenbrink on 04/16/2008
Dear Kiss, As we could read on this site, and watched on several uploaded features on You Tube, Kiss in Australia and New Zealand was a huge success. Now, i\'m looking forward to visit concerts in Oberhausen, Germany, and Nijmegen, The Netherlands, next June. With Kiss TV, now available on this great site, i only miss some first hand ( from Kiss) live shots. With the Kiss mobile video and audio facilities present at every concert, i think there\'s no better way to show people around the world how Kiss is sounding and showing live on stage this year. In good audio and video capture Kiss can show to everybody what Kiss Alive 35 will be this year, conquering the world. Kiss, as a warming up for a very hot spring and summer, give your fans what the want, The Best Shot, first hand, on your own site. So that we don\'t have to watch to \'oversounded\' recordings from photocameras and mobile phones. We deserve the best, You got it ! See you at June 11th and 15th. Greetings, Stephan
Me covering SHANDI
Subject: Me covering SHANDI
From: kissedtokill on 04/15/2008
I wanted to share this with KISS and the kiss army. thanks for your time. Here I am covering the huge australian KISS hit \"Shandi\".
Subject: KISSARMY!!!
From: marcostarchild on 04/15/2008
Hello! I am Marco, from Argentina! In this picture I am in my house! That is a wall on which is written KISS 48 times! Doing a small tribute to the best band in history, YOU! KISS thanks for being what they are! The We want! I want to come to Argentina! We want You KISS! Marco
europe tour 2008
Subject: europe tour 2008
From: sergiokiss666 on 04/15/2008
hi kiss family,kiss army and kissworld!!!!!!! i,m ssergio from pamplona (E.H. \"spain\"),i,m very happy to see the band here in europe!!! i will see the band 3 times,in munich,in copenhagen and here in bilbao (kobetasonik metal fest). i hope to hear a good set list with all times songs like:strutter,war machine,psychocircus,i love it loud,lick it up,i stole your love,unholy, and \"rare material\" like it,s my life,tears are falling,turn up the night,thrills in the night,cmon and love me,... great tour!!!!! europe is waiting!!!! see you
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