Lick It Up Tour UK
Subject: Lick It Up Tour UK
From: mountdoom on 04/11/2008
From Kerrang magazine 84
Old news clippings
Subject: Old news clippings
From: mountdoom on 04/11/2008
Hello Kiss fans, I was scanning my old scrap book and started to fins all these old clipings I saved as a kid. You will love them. ROCK ON KISS ARMY
From: Rony & Tony on 04/10/2008
My 4 year old son Rony and myself are BIG KISS fans! He hopes to meet you when you come to Finland. Rony has his own Facebook site - Rony Österlund . Here comes a new star!!!!! Best, Rony & Tony
in Switzerland
Subject: KISS in Switzerland
From: 6chico6 on 04/09/2008
Hey Guys I\'m lookin\' forward to see you in zurich! here a little pic of me..... enjoy it!! hehe greez from the little switzerland chico
shock me
Subject: shock me
From: kissfan71092 on 04/08/2008
This is a cover of the song Shock Me my cousin Jim and I did. I am playing drums and he is playing guitar. At the end of the song my cousin plays a solo just like Ace would. Including his normal solo at the end of Shock Me, the Alive II solo, the She solo and some extra things he threw in. Enjoy - John Keith
Chinese Tribute to Band Funny Video
Subject: Chinese Tribute to KISS Band Funny Video
From: jephie on 04/08/2008 . Hello,this is an Awesome video,a Chinese tribute to KISS~~~
display @ Virgin Records in Downtown Disney !
Subject: KISS display @ Virgin Records in Downtown Disney !
From: russwaldrop on 04/07/2008
Hello fellow KISS fans ! I took my family to Disney in Orlando a couple weeks ago for some fun in the sun. When We visited Downtown Disney, this was the first thing we saw as we roundes the corner onto the main pathe through the downtown disney area. Just thought I\'d share with everyone. P.S.-I have more pics of this display if you guy\'s want them.
alive 35 brisbane concert!!
Subject: alive 35 brisbane concert!!
From: kissbaby13 on 04/07/2008
Dear KISS, My name is Amber and im 17 years old and ive grown up listening to you as my dad is an incredibly huge fan and if it wern\'t for him i might not have bin so obsessed aswell ..when my dad was 16 he went to see you for the first time and absolutley loved it and im so grateful the he could take me to see you for the alive 35 tour in brisbane and im also enormously grateful that you guys are still rocking out today otherwise i might not have been able to expierience what my dad has and for that i truley thanku for giving me that opertunity. that night was the most amazing night of my life i literally thought i was dreaming it was truley amazing, and once again i wanna thanku for letting me share such a precious moment with my dad. i hope to see you again really soon . lots of love Amber xoxo
deployment to iraq
Subject: deployment to iraq
From: libby3 on 04/06/2008
Dear Gene, I'm with the 4-4(Gambler guns)Avaition Brigade we are getting ready to deploy to Iraq soon and you gave us a shout out at our going away ball i would just like to say thanks from the bottom of my heart it takes alot to do what we do but your support means alot to us thanks again. 1SG Michael Libby ROCK ON KISS!!! Hi MICHAEL - thank you for all you do!!! Be safe!!
Notre Dame Basketball Tournament
Subject: Notre Dame Basketball Tournament
From: Bert Williams on 04/06/2008
KISS, Not really a question but we here at the University of Notre Dame love you! For our recent \"bookstore basketball\" team (huge, 666 team (honestly) basketball tournament at ND) our team was \"Strutter: A Tribute To Kiss.\" We failed at recreating the outfits, but I feel we did a decent job at recreating the faces. We had 5 guys on our team, so we had to double up on one of the faces, but I feel like it still was a success. The other students on campus loved us and were all singing along to the music we were pumping out during warm-ups. I was given the opportunity to be Gene and l did my own face paint. I\'m attaching some pictures and hope you enjoy them. Anyways - thanks KISS, keep on rockin\' ! Bert Williams
From: S.A. Long Beach, CA on 04/06/2008
Get out your \"KISSTORY\" book, research, and you will see that the two other original members left the band on their own. Not once but twice. perhaps three times for Peter Criss. Yes the reunion tour was awesome, brought back a lot of great memories and nostalgia. What did it in for me was the farewell tour. In my opinion, Peter Criss\' drum skills had eroded so bad that my 11 year old son could out play him. Ace\'s past vices re-surfaced. When KISS announced their farewell tour, they did an announcement and each one of them spoke and when it was Ace\'s turn to speak, his voice was so slurred I swore it was Foster Brooks talking in his makeup. I felt I was getting 1/2 a show on that tour. Tommy and Eric, their professionalism, no nonsense, team playing attitude speaks volumes for me. I\'ll take Tommy and Eric\'s asset qualities any day of the week over Ace and Peter\'s liability behavior. What can be better than for us KISS fans to see Gene, Paul, Tommy and Eric live? I know a studio album!!! Hint, Hint, Gene. This is one PROUD member of the KISS ARMY\'S opinion I welcome yours. S.A. Long Beach, CA
k.i.s.s. rules
Subject: k.i.s.s. rules
From: destroyer13 on 04/06/2008
kiss is the most deserving band in the f ing world they stayed strong when members came and left the band. so im saying thank you so much kiss for 30+ years of the best music in the world kiss rocks!
Download Festival Uk
Subject: Download Festival Uk
From: kissmaniac05 on 04/05/2008
Dear Kiss i just got into you\'re music when you finished playing the psycho circus tour my uncle saw you ate wembley arena you have made my dream come true and its my birthday on the day of seeing you at download festival you are legends and just now wish i can meet you can\'t wait to see you!
Thanks anyway
Subject: Thanks anyway
From: ogibroj1 on 04/05/2008
You canceled Belgrade show.I was so sad when I heard that.Political situation is very hard here.I probably won\'t see you, but THANKS!Thank you for great music, and fantastic shows. You were somekind of music stimulator.You still have fans in Serbia, and don\'t worry, becouse Serbia loves you.Please, publish this letter.Maybe, I made some mistakes in my letter, becouse I am not American or English, but that is not a point.This is not just for Paul, Gene, Eric and Tommy.This is for Ace, Peter, Vinnie and Eric Carr, too.You still rock, and don\'t stop shouting it out loud!
carry on rocking!
Subject: carry on rocking!
From: 1140 on 04/05/2008
to KISS i just want to say how cool you guys are and that i have loved and worshipped you since i was 8. i think youre on top of the world and you should NEVER stop rocking! so thats basicly all i wanted to say so ill see you when i come to a concert! liam
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