in Stockholm Sweden
Subject: Kiss in Stockholm Sweden
From: marpet2 on 05/31/2008 . Check out this video be me and Sweden. Can you here my wife sing? Awesome show! Greetings Mårten
Rocks my soul in Latvia
Subject: KISS Rocks my soul in Latvia
From: ev1lking on 05/31/2008
Hey ho! I decide now,it's the right time to send you an letter! Before 22.05.08. you were just like a fantasy to me.I never ever didn't know I would see you in live show.. One night I were watching the film Detroit Rock City, I was freaking out, I almost start crying, and i told this is my worst time in my life, because I will see you only on DVD's. But after 2 months, thanks to God I was ready about your concert in my country.. I wanna thanks you guy about giving us a concert. Your fan Edgars!
Shouting Out Loud to the whole band (past and present!)
Subject: Shouting Out Loud to the whole band (past and present!)
From: metalwulf on 05/31/2008
Where to begin... This is kinda hard, guys. My life as a KISS fan goes back almost to the beginning, probably around late 1975 or so. Here\'s the deal: I was in third grade, and not exactly what you\'d call popular with anybody to begin with. I was in the school library when I noticed some of the few classmates who accepted me listening to something on one of the record players. I was kinda curious, so I asked them what they were listening to, and one of them just handed me a pair of headphones and plugged me in to one of the jacks. That was my first dose of KISS. Specifically, the live version of Black Diamond from Alive! Yeah... Needless to say, that day changed my life. Not that listening to KISS increased my popularity, \'cuz there were plenty of kids in my class who just had to use that against me. I can\'t begin to tell you how many times I heard \"KISS Sucks!\" over the years. Not that it changed anything. Anyhoo, that particular day began a long and arduous process of getting my parents to let me purchase a KISS album of any kind. Let\'s put it this way. Christmas 1975, I asked for a KISS album, ANY KISS album. I got something like Happy Days presents Fonzie\'s Greatest Hits of the Fifties... Yeah, just a little off the mark on that one... Christmas 1976, still asking for ANYTHING by you guys. That year I got Frampton Comes Alive! Okay, not too bad, but come on... Finally, my parents cut me a deal. Fourth grade had actually gone pretty well for me academically, and I was told if I finished the year off with the same grades I\'d started with, they\'d buy me a KISS album. So, it wasn\'t until June of 1977 that I got my first copy of Destroyer. However, Christmas of 1977 brought me copies of Hotter Than Hell, Alive II, and Alive! Now we were talkin\'... Didn\'t take too long for me to catch up, and for a few years KISS was pretty much all I\'d listen to. The only disappointing part of all of that at the time was that I was just a tad too young to be going to shows, otherwise life would have been pretty much perfect! Sure there was some disappointment along the way. I was pretty bummed when Peter left the band, and even more so when Ace left. I thought I\'d never get a chance to see the original lineup... But Eric Carr was amazing, and I bawled like a baby when I\'d heard of his passing in \'91. And let\'s face it, the guys who took Ace\'s spot over the years haven\'t exactly been slouches. Loads of love and respect to them as well. Eric Singer, well, I\'ve had the good fortune to catch him on tour with Alice Cooper a couple of times. Great shows! He\'s an amazing talent. Definitely can\'t take anything away from him! Eventually I started listening to other stuff, Ted Nugent, Foreigner, Ozzy, Sabbath, Aerosmith, the list goes on. The only band that ever surpassed you guys in my book was AC/DC. Yeah, guilty confession time. The running joke is that while you guys were my first great rock n\' roll love affair, AC/DC was the dirty little mistress that lured me away. Anyhow, not trying to write a book here, but when the original lineup got back together in the late Nineties I was beyond thrilled. I finally got to see you guys live in November of 1998 when you came to Blue Cross Arena in Rochester, NY on the Psycho Circus tour. Best show I\'ve ever seen, and I\'ve been to more than a few, believe me! That night made all the crap I\'d taken for being a KISS fan worthwhile, and I got to enjoy the experience with my youngest brother, Bill, which more or less made for a perfect evening. Seeing Black Diamond performed live was just earth shattering for me, that\'s the best way I can put it. In closing, I just want to thank you guys from the bottom of my heart for blessing my life with the gift of Rock N\' Roll and all the greatness that it brings! You\'ve definitely got a fan for life!
on \"guitarist & bass\" magazine
Subject: kiss on \"guitarist & bass\" magazine
From: iamin on 05/31/2008
A french cover! (may 008)
concert in bilbao poster
Subject: kiss concert in bilbao poster
From: sergiokiss666 on 05/31/2008
hi kiss army and kiss family!! here is the kobetasonik metal fest poster,where kiss will play on june 21. in bilbao,euskal herria (\"spain\").
retry on the picture of Emma Wellborn
Subject: retry on the picture of Emma Wellborn
From: michael1972 on 05/30/2008
the last picture was too large. maybe this one will work.. if this makes it online it will make her year!! Thanks!!!
The Biggest Little Fan in the South
Subject: The Biggest Little Fan in the South
From: michael1972 on 05/30/2008
My daughter Emma just may be the biggest Kiss fan in Georgia. She snuggles up to her 10\" Gene doll every night, dressed as Gene for halloween, and actually cried when Gene didn\'t make it to her 5th birthday party. We are crossing our fingers for a show in Atlanta to be added! Happy and safe travels in Europe!! Emma & Michael Wellborn
Hi Eric!
Subject: Hi Eric!
From: kissyrock on 05/30/2008
You gig in Helsinki was GREAT! you just ruled you did the people very happy and everybody want YOU to come back in Finland. This is the real rocktown! your drumssolo was just beautyful so great! and I was very happy that you liked my shirt that I did. KEEP ON ROCKIN´!!!
verona italy
Subject: kiss verona italy
From: bonacio on 05/30/2008
thanks boys for these wonderful years kiss verona 2008 Efro
Subject: kiss verona
From: bonacio on 05/30/2008
hi this is my wife monica just before the sold out show in verona! kiss rocks EFRO
have new member!!!!
Subject: KISS have new member!!!!
From: ronykiss on 05/29/2008
Thanks KISS!!!! KISS make Rony Österlund's dream come true. Here are video from Helsinki meet & creet session. . KISS make great day to 4 year old fan, you can see more photos in Ronys Facebook . So thanks to KISS and to KISS crew you are GREAT !!! Rony and Tony
Metal Meeting
Subject: Metal Meeting
From: packman on 05/29/2008
Glad to see the loudest band in the world play Graspop !! See you there guys Saturday. I\'ll be the one screaming in engish up front drinking 2 Maes beers.;) Cheers
Subject: Fantastic!
From: finnishkissfan on 05/29/2008
Hey! Helsinki shows were GREAT!! Got home about 5 in the morning. Man I was exhausted, but it was worth it! After the Finnish gigs, I noticed that you\'ll be in Donnington. I\'ll be in England at the same time, so I had a crazy thought that i\'ll come and see you there... Well told my dad and he said yes! So, I suppose i\'ll see you in UK. =) But please, please come to Finland next year. We\'ve waited 9 years for the fantastic gig. I was pissed off when the tickets for the first gig in Helsinki was sold out. For my (and many others) luck, you kindly added another gig to the schedule =) I sent my mom to the ticket sale and for a wait of an hour we got the tickets. Make the finnish fans happy and please come again :) I Want You! Thanks alot!! The time and effort was seriously worth it!! Thakyou thankyou thankyou. Luv Ya\'ll!! Natalie
Helsinki gig
Subject: Helsinki gig
From: namu on 05/29/2008
Dear KISS, I have just recently found KISS. That was due to my boyfriend Albert. Albert thought that I just had to see you guys perform live because according to Albert you have one of the very best stage shows in the world. So, I was a first timer on your gig in Helsinki 27 May 2008. It was a mind-blowing experience. So much better that I imagined. I have never seen anything near as cool and awesome. So, thank you guys for making my day :-). You were (or actually Paul Stanley was) on the cover of Finland’s biggest free newspaper \"Uutislehti 100\" today (29 May 2008). (Unfortunately the document was too big to be sent to you). But anyway Paul is flying in the \"ring thingy\" in the picture. Above it says: \"Masked rascals on gig. Kiss stirred up Helsinki.\" And then with HUGE letters across the whole picture \"ROCK AND ROLL ALL NITE!\". ;-) I hope to see you soon again in Finland. Yours, Hanna xxx
Russia Loves You
Subject: Russia Loves You
From: Anton Oleshkevich (Russian Kiss Army) on 05/29/2008
Dear, KISS!!! I`m crazy about your beautiful concert in Moscow!!! It was the greatest show in my life and we`ll remember it so long as we can live!!! Here some fotos of Russian KISS Army fans.
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