Berlin Velodrom Concert
Subject: Berlin Velodrom Concert
From: Jack Dinsey on 06/11/2008
Dear KISS! I just wanted to write to say thank you for a fantastic evening of fun on Monday night at the Berlin Velodrom. You delivered an absolutely superb performance, nailing every song and maintaining astonishing levels of energy! My love of KISS is well known at my school - recently I persuaded my English teacher to perform \'Love Gun\' with me in full make-up for a charity fundraiser. I am right in the middle of my final school \'A\' Level exams at the moment, but I absolutely had to see KISS and so took a flying trip out to Germany from England. I took my best friend Rich (who lives in Berlin) to see the concert too, and despite being new to KISS, he was blown away by your \"majestic\" performance. Afterwards it was great mixing with the German KISS Army, and taking photos with eachother. Even on the flight back yesterday I was lucky enough to sit next to some English KISS Army members who had the same idea as me! So thank you again - you more than lived up to my high expectations. My trip proved the lengths people are willing to go to see your particular form of magic, and of the powerful unifying effect your music has on many different people. Dankeschoen!! I am attaching a photo of Rich (on the right) and me getting in the pre-concert spirit! Jack Dinsey, Weymouth
OLOGY and concerts
Subject: KISSOLOGY and concerts
From: fallenkidxx24 on 06/10/2008
Hey guys, I swear, you are the best band ever!!!!!! I am such a huge fan of you guys and i love all of the KISSOLOGY DVD\'s. Since i can\'t get the money to come to your concerts, i just watch the dvd and it makes me feel like i\'m actually there. The footage is great and you guys give awesome performences with the fire breathing, music and all of your pyrotechnics. I can\'t wait to buy a ticket to your show in Sturgis. I will certainly love it!!! Yours Truly, Cory Sanning
kevin pic 4
Subject: kevin pic 4
From: skydog1963 on 06/09/2008
And finally the young man in question on the way to the Hamburg concert.
kevin pic 3
Subject: kevin pic 3
From: skydog1963 on 06/09/2008
and a 3rd
Kevin - Hamburg - pic 2
Subject: Kevin - Hamburg - pic 2
From: skydog1963 on 06/09/2008
As I mentioned another picture described in my earlier letter.
My 9 year old son Kevin LOVED your Hamburg Show
Subject: My 9 year old son Kevin LOVED your Hamburg Show
From: skydog1963 on 06/09/2008
Dear Paul, Gene, Eric, Tommy (and of course Ace & Peter too), I know everybody says it, but my son Kevin, who is 9, is probably your biggest fan. We're Canadians who live in Dubai and we flew to Hamburg to see your June 4th show. I bought the tickets in February and Kev just bounced off the walls from then till the show! This isn't something new for him either. I'm enclosing his second grade project which is still on the wall of his room by way of proof. They had to do a presentation on anyone famous and he, of course, chose KISS. Also, done right on the wall of his room is his painting of Ace and the KISS logo done by my wife Paula. His room will probably change over the years but that part never will, I'm positive. He plays the drums and even though he likes Ace he'll argue with you night and day that Peter is the best drummer who ever lived. (Err no offence to anybody else, sorry). Ahh who am I kidding - he loves all you guys. There's another shot of him last Halloween, age 8, out in our front yard with my guitar and one of him in the taxi on the way to the Hamburg show. And finally, just so you can see how much he enjoyed himself a youtube link to him dancing during Love Gun. Paul, he says you pointed right at him during that song. In the video you can see him point back at you. I'd love to know if you actually did if you can remember. I could go on and on about how he's constantly looking up band facts on the computer, or about how his wardrobe is pretty much all KISS t-shirts, or how he's always asking me to get him KISS stuff, or how we're learning Detroit Rock City together... but I just wanted to say that I got to see you guys in Montreal in the summer of '77 and I was just so glad I could let my son share the same experience last week. Thanks for still being around and thanks for an unbelievable concert. It'll always be the best live show around! Here's the youtube link. Feel free to use it on the site. . I may not be able to post all the pics in this one letter so I'll just send a few more in separte letters and you can use them as well if you want. jim, kevin & paula
An awesome Love Gun from Helsinki!
Subject: An awesome Love Gun from Helsinki!
From: sakke on 06/09/2008
Hi, folks! Here is an awesome clip Kiss performing Love Gun at Hartwall Areena, Helsinki 28th May! The show was incredible and the band, specially Paul was in good mood.
Helsinki Rock City video!
Subject: Helsinki Rock City video!
From: sakke on 06/09/2008
Hi, folks! Here is a great video Kiss performing Detroit Rock City at Hartwall Areena, Helsinki on 28th of May! It was their second gig here and the feeling was awesome!
Subject: Prague
From: adammolnar on 06/09/2008
Hi! I\'m Adam, I\'m from Hungary. I had a big dream: to see once the KISS. I was very sad, that the band didn\'t have Hungarian concert date, but I wanted to see a real KISS show, so i went to Prague. Just for the concert. I will never forget, it was one of the greatest concerts, what i\'ve ever seen. I had a printed Hungarian flag, because Gene\'s parents were Hungarian, and he speaks our language. I hope, he saw it. Mr. Stanley wanted to give me 2 picks on the concert but he couldn\'t. :( The next day I met Tommy, as you can see on the picture. He\'s a very kind man. I hope, next time they will come to my country. (sorry for my bad english) Ádám Molnár
The great concert
Subject: The great concert
From: tedyrock on 06/09/2008
Dear KISS, I am from Bulgaria and I went to the concert.My name is Teodora and I am a very big fan of KISS!!!The concert was great and thank You very very much for it!My whole family likes You very much.I wanted to ask You why didn\'t You say goodbye to us and why didn\'t you sing ,,Heaven\'s on fire\'\',,,Forever\'\' and ,,God gave rock\'n\'roll to you\'\',because these are my favorite songs :).I was delighted by the concert and I didn\'t expect it to be so good and so formidable.I hope you come back in Bulgaria again and make another concert because here are many fans of KISS!!! Yours truly Teodora
Subject: Praga
From: zuzakiss on 06/08/2008
Hi guys..the concert in Prague is the BEST!!! Thank you very much for absolute best day in my live...but I\'m no expert in English ,but correspond little break English =oD you must again arrive in Prague..I love you of my 5 years old(momentarily me is 15 years old)I want to see you again .. possibility you see and hear is bee\'s knees ...thank you and kiss you for indescribable experience...your biggest fanny Zuzana from Czech republic ( )
Stockholm Stadium - 080530
Subject: Stockholm Stadium - 080530
From: andreasryden1980 on 06/08/2008
Thanks for a great show in Stockholm! It was our first Kiss consert and for bonus I got my 57 years old mom with me as bonus. We thought we never would see Kiss live, but our dreams have come true. /Andreas, Jasmine, Peter, Joanne from Sweden
Subject: KISS Stockholm
From: cold_gin1970 on 06/07/2008
Hi guys. I thought you might like the link to the video I did record on my mobile from opening of the concert in Stockholm 2008. picture is the way it is but the sound is good. . Take care, Wojtek, Fan from Poland
another pic from strutter show in St Louis at House of Rock
Subject: another pic from strutter show in St Louis at House of Rock
From: rockmaster316 on 06/07/2008
heres the group pic as well!ps, we were rockin and having a blast the same night as KISS were performing Prague,CH!
Strutter show at House of Rock this Past Thursday Night
Subject: Strutter show at House of Rock this Past Thursday Night
From: rockmaster316 on 06/07/2008
i want to send ya a couple of pics on the Strutter show from the House of Rock here in St Louis from this past thursday, they played for over 2 hours and had a blast. enclosed in a few pics, one a group pic of me and some friends with Strutter!
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