Hamburg 06/04/08: another dream came true
Subject: Hamburg 06/04/08: another dream came true
From: andromalius on 06/07/2008
Hi guys! Honestly, I never expected to be part of another KISS gig after the \'99 concert in Bremen. So finally you really made a dream come true! Also it was quite a nice experience, having goose bumps for 2+ hours. ;) I want to thank you for an awesome show that night. And an even bigger \"thank you\" for enhancing my life with your music for the last 28 years! Since wednesday I was listening to the concert three more times and still can\'t get rid of that carved smile in my face... But believe me, when I finally solved that \"problem\" (do I want to?), the time will come to start dreaming again. Keep on rockin\', folks!
Subject: KISS forever!
From: rocker__ on 06/07/2008
I have always loved KISS. Always. That band has been part of my life as long as I can remember! When I was about three years old I wathced KISS videos with my sister and my cousins. I just couldn\'t believe my eyes. And that\'s when the KISS-fan inside me woke up. My dad is KISS fan and he had (And he still have) almost all KISS records. I listened these records with my sister. In fact I listened these records more than my dad. And Gene Simmons. He has always been my favorite. There is even a picture where I show my tongue and I play Gene and I really do have almost as long tongue as Gene has. Later years I bought my own KISS CD\'s and KISS books and started to collect all kind of KISS pictures to my walls. My dad has seen KISS alive two times, and my mother once. I haven\'t. Ever. And that felt so wrong. Why KISS just can\'t come Finland anymore? But now, when I\'m 14 years old. It finally happened. KISS started big Alive 35 tour and really! Finland was part of that big tour! I just couldn\'t believe it. My biggest dream, really coming true? And when the day finally came I was shocked. I just couldn\'t understand it. I remembered that 5 years old Ida who watched KISS live clips. In one clip, there was a boy, who was so happy that he cried. I said to my sister: \"Look at that boy. He\'s crying. If I some day see KISS alive, I think I\'m going to cry too.\" And that felt so unreal. Here I am. After all this waiting. At Hartwall arena. Waiting. I had Gene Simmons make up in my face. And then I finally heard these words: \"You wanted the best and you got the best. The hottest band in the world: KISS!\" And suddenly I saw Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer in front of me. I felt tears in my eyes. I couldn\'t say anything. I was so happy. And shocked! I felt that I\'m again that little girl. And that show was something so amazing I can\'t ever forget. That concert really changed everything! Thank you KISS! You really made my dream come true, and that\'s something what I can\'t ever forget! Always KISS-fan, Ida Berg 14, Finland
was so great in Helsinki!
Subject: Kiss was so great in Helsinki!
From: sakke on 06/07/2008
this is for u guys and the army by Alive III
Subject: this is for u guys and the kiss army by Alive III
From: kiss2000002 on 06/06/2008
to show you guy 35 years of respect this photo is for u and the Kiss Army from my kiss tribute Band Aive III here u go.
Crazy about you guys
Subject: Crazy about you guys
From: thekisspsycho on 06/06/2008
I dont think I could be any crazier about you guys KISS. I was to do a entreprenuer assignment in Social Studies so I chose Gene Simmons and did a 50 slide show presentation. In band we were naming orchestra songs and I mentioned that KISS is the best with a smyphony. In Social again we were recognizing world wide known symbols and I said the KISS logo. I love you guys and I hope some day youll come to Calgary and please keep on Rocking all night and partying every day. Sincerly Scott Shackleton
@ Hartwall arena Finland
Subject: KISS @ Hartwall arena Finland
From: s_berg on 06/06/2008
Hello KISS! This is story what changed my life. May the 28th. 7 am. I wake up. I couldn\'t sleep very well because of tonight show in Helsinki. I\'ve been crying and shaking. Tonight it\'s going to happen. I\'ve been dreaming about it since I was 7 years old young girl, but always knowing that \"No, I can\'t ever see KISS alive. They are too old then.\" But tonight I see them. When I think it, I start to scream. We go to car and start to drive to Helsinki, Hartwall arena. May the 28th. 8pm. I\'m in Hartwall arena, Helsinki. I sit in my chair. I can see big screens and the stage. Only thing what comes to my mind is that about 1 hour KISS is going to be at this stage what I\'m stareing. Gene, Paul, Eric and Tommy. Alive on the stage. Suddenly I start to cry. My happiness is so large that my body can\'t handle it so I can\'t do anything but cry. I\'m so happy. I hug my friends and I laugh. This is so great my dream comes true. May the 28th. 9pm. I heard Deuces first chord. KISS is on the stage. I cry because of this pleasure and happiness. How can this happen to me? A little girl from Finland. How can I see these big rockstars? I was confused and full of joy. May the 28th. 12pm. When concert ends I think that this is all I need and what I\'ve been waiting. Now I can recall this night and remember a feeling what was something incredible. I own this writing to great drummer Eric Carr (1950-1991) R.I.P THANK YOU KISS FOR THIS WONDERFUL NIGHT I CAN\'T NEVER FORGET IT! HOPE YOU COME TO FINLAND AGAIN, EVEN ONCE. -Senja Berg, 15 Finland-
Excellent Concert
Subject: Excellent Concert
From: screameagle on 06/06/2008
Hey Eric, Paul, Gene & Tommy, When I was 14 in 1975 I bought your double album Kiss Alive and I have been a fan ever since. Last tuesday June the 3rd in Copenhagen I saw you in concert for my very first time and just wanted to say that for me it was an experience of a lifetime that I will never forget. You guys were more then excellent. You guys have a way of really making your fans feel important in your sincerity. I am actually from Vancouver Canada but have in Copenhagen fór the last twelve years. Now I am moving back to Vancouver next July. Is there any chance you might be having a concert in Vancouver in the near future?? If not that\'s ok because I still have three good reasons to be moving back to Vancouver. First me and my wife are getting back together after 12 years of separation, second I gonna get to know my 2 wonderful sons again and third I want to be around my mom & dad while they can still walk and talk. PS. The picture is me and my hog. Keep on rockin forever. Peer
tommy rocks
Subject: tommy rocks
From: 678 on 06/06/2008
hey kiss YOU ROCK
You are amazing!!
Subject: You are amazing!!
From: bass_player_godofthunder on 06/05/2008
You guys are everything, plus more!! You are my insperation! I play Bass. I am So exited just to be righting a letter, that most likely wont get to you guys. I am 14, and i have loved you guys since I was 7. My favourate song in the world is, Heavens on fire, and within.The best album is Phyco circus. When people say 'rock' I think KISS. YOUR MY HEROS!!! Azi Morley Bass_player_godofthunder
Hamburg , GERMANY
Subject: Hamburg , GERMANY
From: lujami on 06/05/2008
Thanks for a great show in Hamburg! My dad\'s first rock concert ever was when you played in Schweinfurt ( Monsters of Rock festival in Germany ) in 1988. He was 16 years old at the time. I am ten years old now and I saw the concert in Hamburg on Jun 04 together with my dad and his two best friends. We wanted the best...and we got it! Thank you,
The Balloon Man Strikes Again
Subject: The Balloon Man Strikes Again
From: tommy_snot on 06/05/2008
Hey Guys, A few weeks ago we took our 4 year old daughter Bella to a local restaurant that has a family night with a guy who makes balloon animals and things. When he asked her what she wanted she immediately said “Gene Simmons”! And that’s just what she got! The entire restaurant was watching him make this thing. The other night we went back to the restaurant and he was there again. This time when he asked her what she wanted she giggled and said “Paul Stanley”! And he did it again! Here are pictures of Bella with her friends Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley as made by local Richmond, VA balloon artist Michael Klee. Tommy & Isabela Strel Richmond, VA
We just can´t shout it out louder...
Subject: We just can´t shout it out louder...
From: jonaskiss70 on 06/05/2008
Thanks for a great show and a \"big night for our small boys\" june 3 2008! Alex 8 and Jesper 4 have been waiting \"so long\" to see Kiss live since alex took all of daddys Kiss records to his room 4 years ago! We live in Sweden but early monday morning we left Uppsala (north of Stockholm) just to see you guys in Copenhagen instead! Due to the 13y age limit i sweden we had to buy tickets to the denmark show to make sure the kids got in! And they did!!!! After preparing Gene and Paul for the big night at the hotel 5 min from the Forum we were ready, in make up and earplugs! We got in and found some seats in the back right in the middle. It´s perfect to see Kiss in a smaller indoor arena for sound, light, pyro and especially being closer to the band still sitting in the back! I don´t know how you felt playing at a smaller venue, but for us it was perfect! So it started and i just can´t describe the happiness in our childrens eye´s... Being there watching YOU was beyond their wildest dream somehow so very VERY true!!!! Knowing every word in \"swenglish\",the riffs, the moves i must say they had their own little show beside yours... You guys should have seen our four year old Paul Stanley when he heard the intro of \"Shout it out loud\",WOW! Now the audience around us went crazy for two reasons up there on the grandstand! For me and my wife this was great road trip and a truly crazy night! For Alex & Jesper this was the proof that dreams already can come true if you just believe in them!! I know what Kiss has meant to me and here i am working as a singer/musician today. I think you may have started my dream when i saw kiss the first time 12 yrs old! So THANK YOU Paul, Gene, Eric & Tommy for keepin up the good work and also for giving us a memory of a lifetime! / Jonas - Sweden (jonaskiss70)
A megalomanic night in Stockholm, and the old Ace on the cover of Sweden Rock
Subject: A megalomanic night in Stockholm, and the old Ace on the cover of Sweden Rock
From: afons on 06/05/2008
Thanks for a great night at your sold out stadium-gig in Stockholm last Friday! You sold out close to 35000 tickets in 20 minutes, so know you\'ve gotta do \"Ullevi stadium\" in Gothenburg, with a capacity of 65000, next year! There\'s a big demand for real rock here! Above is a photo of Ace in the biggest rock-magazine in sweden. He\'ll play in front of 20000 people tomorow here, and the article (that spreads over 8 pages) is about Ace, and Kiss recent gig at the Stockholm Stadium. Kissmania, folks, kissmania!
Think I Should Take Biking Lessons...?
Subject: Think I Should Take Biking Lessons...?
From: finnishkissfan on 06/04/2008
Hi guys.. Well, couldn\'t resist on writing a really funny (?) thing that happened to me today. I was just riding home from band practise (I can tell you that I was riding a way too big bike for me) and listening to Love Gun. I think I am still a little over the moon of your gig last week cause im still daydreaming of you guys... Well, I was just turning to our street and ofcourse my bike caught a stone and I went flying into a shrub! I got up and rode home as red as a tomato.. I am glad that I wasn\'t wearing my KISS shirt because that would have most likely been torn into bits... After my little accident Love Gun ended and Hard Luck Woman came on. What a coinsidence? Thanks for your music, it rocks! It also is the best thing that ever happened to me! You all inspired me to take my dream on at singing and playing guitar. Also am glad that my english father has experience of playing guitar. Back in the old days he also used to gig. Hope Finland was nice and I wish you safe touring! Natalie
Stockholm 30/5
Subject: Stockholm 30/5
From: christineleuhusen on 06/04/2008
Hi! Your show in stockholm was amazing! I\'m 15 years old and I never tought that I would have the chance to see you. So my friend, Stella, and I waited for about 11 hours in the sun, but it was SO worth it because Stella and I got places just by the stage. Here are some good pictures we took during the concert:
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