Sydney Show 20th March 2008
Subject: Sydney Show 20th March 2008
From: mangone on 03/21/2008
What an amazing show last night. I have waited 35 years to see you live and finally my dreams came true. I was in absolute awe and cried tears of joy. All I can say is thankyou from the bootm of my heart. You rock my world! Nicki
From: Peter on 03/20/2008
YOU\'RE THE DEVIL GENE SIMMONS!!!! HE! HE! Saw you on YOU TUBE. F*CKING AWESOME!!! Can everyone say ELEVATION! I hate heights. YOU have brass balls! TOMMY sounded exceptional! Wish I was in Australia, Peter
rocks Sydney
Subject: KISS rocks Sydney
From: murenan2 on 03/20/2008
Here are photos from the amazing concert tonight at Acer Arena in Sydney. I look forward to see you guys in the future, and I will remember what Paul said in Melbourne on Sunday, where he promised that KISS would be there for \"my\" children. Now my partner is pregnant, so I expect KISS to come back to Australia in next 2 years, otherwise you must put Iceland in your schedule!! Best regards, The Icelandic KISS-fan #1 in Australia, PJL
From: Angelos S. ElKISSntzi on 03/20/2008
Dear Friends, KISS, After 35 years of touring you finally made it to Greece! For me after 19 years of waiting i\'ll finally be able to show my friends what KISS is all about and why i was screamin\' all these years supporting you and your Kisstory, our Kisstory! Even though i became an airline pilot, a part of it has to do with KISS and so a KISS sticker is on my flight bag making many people wonder. Funny thing, after all this years waiting for you, there is a small possibility I can not make it, cause i\'ll have to fly !! But NO WAY, i don\'t wanna think about it, I’ll quit my dream job if I have to…hahaha ! If everything goes well, probably i\'ll \"meet & greet\" you, will see. Anyway, i personally have seen KISS a couple of times but it\'s never enough. So bring all your stuff together and show the Greeks what KISS is all about. i\'m sure you\'ll do it! ONE PICTURE, 1000 WORDS…36 HOURS OF DRIVING FROM GREECE TO PRAGUE IN 1996 TO SEE YOU LIVE. AMAZING !!! THIS PHOTO IS TAKEN AFTER THE SHOW WHEN WE CAME BACK HOME. Many KISSes Angelos S. ElKISSntzi
alive 35 tour
Subject: alive 35 tour
From: wolfer1 on 03/20/2008
I would love to see kiss, I hope they come to Moline.Ill.,On this tour. I know alot of people that would love to see Kiss rock on at least 1 more time!
Grand Prix Opens for
Subject: Grand Prix Opens for KISS
From: zarb85 on 03/19/2008
What can I say about sunday. Got to the track at 8am to make sure I was right at the front to witness \'The Hottest Band In the World.\' What ensued was an 11 hour what in 40 degree heat. Would I do it all again. Is the Pope A Catholic. Of course. the day was great and the people whom travelled from all over the country were not disappointed when we walked out. Right from the get go with Deuce, through Lick it Up, Tommy & Shock Me, Black Diamond, the Flying Paul with Love Gun and Rock & Roll all night, the show was KISS at it\'s absolute best. I was even lucky enough to get the hardest photo of the night with the fire spit. Thanks for the show of my life Kiss.
Thank you for an unforgetable weekend!
Subject: Thank you for an unforgetable weekend!
From: paul_gene_peter_ace on 03/19/2008
Dear KISS, just arrived some hours ago from melbourne and I wanna say thank you for the world tour start in melbourne! My wife and I just went to melbourne for your show and stayed 4 days. What did we do in 4 days? It`s easy to say: Day one, arrival and collect KISS Pole position Tix; Day two, make party with the KISS army australia; Day three, waiting 10 hours in front of Pauls stage position and saw the hottest band in the world; Day four, fly back to germany. Crazy? Yes we are, but KISS fans are crazy (especially australian fans-glad to met George and the other!) and this was one of the best KISS shows we saw. Thank you for this hot show!!! We are very happy to heared Tommy sung Shock me and did a fabulous solo. Can`t wait to see you in europe again. Hubert&Claudia
French Army
Subject: French Kiss Army
From: ace_mepht on 03/19/2008
Hi guy! We are very proud that you come in Paris. I hope that I could see you on June, you are the BEST! Keep Rockin\' Look at this french ad.
expo 2007
Subject: Kiss expo 2007
From: akirawachtmeester on 03/19/2008
Dear Kiss, We went to the kiss expo in holland, were he saw Eric and Bruce. This year he going with us to his first kiss concert in oberhausen. His favorite is Gene with \"god of thunder\", so you can believe he is very exited. See you soon
I want to in ARGENTINA!
Subject: I want to KISS in ARGENTINA!
From: marcostarchild1992 on 03/19/2008
I want to KISS in ARGENTINA!!! Marco StArChIlD
United Kingdom
Subject: United Kingdom
From: chris07west on 03/19/2008
Hi guys, Congratulations on 35 years of KISS, that\'s an amazing achievement. I have been a fan since I first saw you back in 1983 and the Lick it up tour. I didn\'t know anything about you guys, a mate from work needed someone to go with him as his mate had broke his leg, so I said I would go. On the way to London he filled me in on what to expect from a KISS show, the make-up,costumes e.t.c.,e.t.c. It was going to be my first concert I had been to and I was looking forward to seeing you guys. When you came out on stage to my horror, I saw four guys that just looked like, well us the audience. There was no make-up,costumes,to say I was gutted was an understatement. It didn\'t take long before I was rocking along with the rest of the KISS army. The show was great, the music I fell in love with instantly, and what other group has two lead singers! It was an amazing night in London, and from then on I have been part of the KISS army. Since that night, I have watched you three more times, The Crazy Nights Tour, The Reunion Tour and The Psycho Circus tour, all at Wembley Arena. I have collected all your cds (including solos), dvds and spent around two thousand pounds on merchandise, including gold plated record plaques, lunch boxes,Kisstory 1 and 2,figures, Kiss tiles,30 year old Kiss bubblegum,die cast models, flasks, the list goes on. I don\'t have a favourite album or song, it depends on the mood I am in at the time. When life is getting me down a little I put on certain songs to pick me up, Shout it out loud, Rock and roll all nite, Deuce, Strutter. If I have had a hard day at work and need to relax with some soothing music, then I play songs like, I still Love you, Dreamin\' and Shandi. Whatever the mood I am in, I have KISS for the occasion. I want to thank you guys for giving me 25 years of pleasure, through your music, the merchandise I love to collect and for being The Hottest Band in the World! I once said you could not get a better front man than the late,great Freddie Mercury of Queen, I was wrong to say that. Paul, 35 years you have been the front man of Kiss, your energy, what you say on stage and getting us fans to participate in a carnival atmosphere and of course your amazing vocals. There is not a better front man anywhere in the world than you. Thirty five years on and you and Gene are still kicking ass, along with two other members who have joined the Kiss family, Eric and Tommy. Good luck with the tour, I know you are coming to the U.K for the 3 day festival, I was wondering any chance of you guys coming to the U.K and doing a couple of arena shows on your own. You are doing a World tour, please don\'t leave out the U.K. We might look like a small island to you guys, but there are a lot of Kiss army that are here dying to see you. It\'s been nearly 10 years since you last played here, please, come on over, I cant promise you brilliant weather, but I can promise the Kiss army will come out in full force to see you guys. You guys take care,the U.K is waiting for you! p.s 25 years I have been in the Kiss army, it\'s my anniversary, you gotta come! chris
Autograpg photo found - with thanks !
Subject: Autograpg photo found - with thanks !
From: mljc87 on 03/19/2008
Hi all, A BIG thank you to Tommysgirl (KAA - Kiss Army Australia)for coming to my rescue with the below photo. A BIG, BIG message of thanks from one army member to another. You all now see why my son wanted this shot - PRICELESS :) Thanks Tommysgirl ! Cheers Mark
Photos from Brisbane, 18th March 2008
Subject: Photos from Brisbane, 18th March 2008
From: Marc Howard on 03/18/2008
Here's some photos I took from the front row, hopefully some are good enough to use on Regards, Marc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Gene\'s solo - with harness failure.
Subject: Gene\'s solo - with harness failure.
From: Marc Howard on 03/18/2008
Here\'s footage I took from front row of the Brisbane concert of Gene\'s solo, plus the failure of his rigging that was meant to lift him high up into the rafters. Beware there is some colourful language, thanks to Gene hahaha Love your work guys.
in Oz
Subject: KISS in Oz
From: kistig on 03/18/2008
Like the other writers here, I just also wanted to say how awesome the Albert Park show was. Have been a massive KISS fan since mid 70\'s and have seen quite a few shows and this was right up there in my opinion. Having a position in the front row helped, even got to catch one of Eric\'s drumsticks (only threw out 2) which topped off an amazing weekend. Seeing KISS again in Sydney tomorrow night (Thursday) and am already pumped for it. Also catching up with them again in Berlin in June.....can\'t wait for that one. Again, thank you so much Gene,Paul,Tommy & Eric for showing us and the world what true rock music is and how it should be played
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