Front row at a concert with 50,000+ screaming fans behind & with you - PRICELESS
Subject: Front row at a Kiss concert with 50,000+ screaming fans behind & with you - PRICELESS
From: mljc87 on 03/18/2008
Hi all, Melbourne GP was nothing short of spectacular. Those able to bear the heat out in 100 fahrenheit weather were rewarded with a front row vantage point. Many of us raced to the stage at 0830 and 10.5 hours later had no complaints, the wait was worth every minute ! Front row at a Kiss concert with 50,000+ screaming fans behind & with you - PRICELESS Cheers Mark (Brisbane - Australia)
GP Autograph session assistance !
Subject: GP Autograph session assistance !
From: mljc87 on 03/18/2008
Hi all, What a weekend, 5 hours waiting on Saturday for autographs - success ! It was great to meet the band. As many may have experienced the autograph session took place very quickly on Saturday. So quickly that I missed getting a photo of my son with Paul. Jayden (JD) had Paul sign a red KISS shirt, JD was the bare chested one ! He then promptly turned him around and posed for photos with him. Unfortunately I was already up getting autographs so missed the photo opportunity. Does anyone recognize the below ? Does anyone recall taking a photo of a bare chested kid holding a red shirt ? It would be great to see and can get a copy to frame with his signed T-Shirt. Would Kaori Hashimoto recognize or have taken a photo ? . GP photos to follow ! Thanks all Cheers Mark
Shock Me
Subject: Shock Me
From: gunnarmagne on 03/18/2008
Tommy Thayer singing Shock Me, I love it!!! See you in Oslo May 31 2008. You are the best!!!
alive 35
Subject: alive 35
From: sexydrummer on 03/18/2008
Hey guys. I was ecstatic to hear you were touring Europe again after all these years. I have been watching clips of your Australian shows on youtube.... AWESOME!!!! The Download Festival at Donington can not come soon enough for me. I was just wondering if there were any plans to play some Arena dates in the UK too?? I have to admit I do prefer to watch you guys in slightly more intimate venues, all though I do realize you can perform a much bigger show at out door festivals. Love you guys! Ben Able, London , England
Front row in Brisbane
Subject: Front row in Brisbane
From: Marc Howard on 03/18/2008
Just thought I would share my first ever front row experience at a KISS show, and boy are my ears still ringing! The boys all looked like they were having heaps of fun, which seems to be the norm whenever they travel down under. I was situated right in front of Tommy and he flattened us with \"Shock Me\", the crowd went wild for him and rightly so, he played brilliantly. Pity about Gene\'s harness failing during his solo, but he left nobody in doubt that KISS risk their lives to entertain us all, and have done so for 35 years. Here\'s to 35 more!
Albert Park was actually really really fantastic
Subject: Albert Park was actually really really fantastic
From: FrankEEE on 03/17/2008
Hi there, OK - here's the deal: I was a huge Kiss fan when I turned 8(!) - I am now 30something btw -and my brother (then 12) bought himself 2 albums with his birthday money: Double P and Dynasty. Well - our mother would not allow for one son to buy this much merch for himself - and she wasn't really into Hard Rock - so I had to buy Dynasty of him. Stop. Having been too young at the time to ever see Kiss live - later (say) getting out of touch me and my brother went to see the guys in Frankfurt in 1997 or 98, can't remember ... Live in 3D it was - and lived up our 'nostalgia'. Well - since 2000 I am living in Albert Park and being a HUGE F1 fan I was pleasantly surprised by the opportunity to see Kiss yet one more time. I wasn't sure what to expect, but gotta admit: it was a great show all up. In fact the whole thing just really worked with me - Ferrari starting in front of me - Kiss finishing in front of me ... sorta cool, if you're into it! Anyhow - I stood back a little since I really wanted to check the pyro stuff in full motion and my small group of friends and me just had an incredible night. And by the way: the live sound was fantastic - like I have never heard a live concert before - whoever was mixing this 'gig' did an incredible job ... and another 'by the way': it wasn't 50k people ... it was 65k! I got a pic for youse - but it's hard to get a good shot with a shitty little digi cam from far behind ... anyhow here ya go. Catch
Complete Shock Me From Melbourne Show
Subject: Complete Shock Me From Melbourne Show
From: 19demon73 on 03/17/2008
I was looking around YouTube, when I came across this video. The only part missing from "Shock Me" is the opening riff, but other than that, this video has the complete song and Thayer Solo. Also, please note, this is not my video, but that of "ozkisser" who submitted it. Thank You, 19demon73 Looking forward to a North American KISS tour!
Me as Paul at my school's homecoming.
Subject: Me as Paul at my school's homecoming.
From: Kevin Stone on 03/17/2008
About a month ago I was put on my school's boring homecoming court. Many people expected me to do something "out there" but none of them were ready for me to come on stage dressed up as Paul Stanley, and smash a guitar filled with candy. The crowd loved it, EVERY SINGLE PERSON in that auditorium was standing, and there was no booing whatsoever. You can watch the video of this performance at this link: . I hope I did the KISS Army (and Paul especially) proud.
From: underworldevents on 03/17/2008
I want to say thanks, from my heart and soul, to Paul to Gene to Eric and to KISS. The hairs on the back of my neck are still standing 2 days later. You guy\'s were better than I thought possible, and I thought you guy\'s were gonna be epic, is there a bigger word than epic because you were it. I was at the gate at 5am (not alone either) I was at the barrier at 8.30 am, and we all waited patiently for 12 hours, and it was mind blowing, THANKYOU VERY, VERY MUCH. Tommy, can I please say a special thankyou to you, you are brave and courageous and worthy of your part in KISS. I imagine that deciding to do SHOCK ME may have been a hard decision, I hope you know from where i was standing (front row thankyou very much!!) it was brilliant, I very nearly had tears in my eyes, (oh alright then i DID have tears in my eyes)PLEASE KEEP IT UP!!, you sounded awesome...WELCOME IN TOMMY,YOU ARE FAMILY AND WE LOVE YOU BUDDY!!! Paul,Gene,Eric and Tommy...I will see you in Wellington this weekend, THANKYOU ONCE AGAIN!!!
HI! From France
Subject: HI! From France
From: remibottriaux on 03/17/2008
Hi Everybody, I\'m Rémi from France. I\'m 21, I\'m a huge fan of KISS for 10 years. I\'ve got my tickets for the show in Paris (21st of June) and I look forward to see you. I\'ve never seen KISS Live before. I\'m a huge fan of Ace Frehley and from what he brought to Kisstory. And I think that Tommy singing Shock Me is a great tribute to Ace. I hope you\'ll play this song (which is one of my favorite) in Paris! Au Revoir, Rémi B.
Tommy Thayer NASCAR Race Car
Subject: Tommy Thayer NASCAR Race Car
From: starbearer36 on 03/17/2008
As promised, Tommy Thayer\'s NASCAR Race Car I will race this year at This concludes the individual members that I am doing (exception of Eric Carr and Bruce), and the next will be the band car.
From: Keith Tarrier on 03/17/2008
Hi KISS, Here are some photos I took at the Grand Prix yesterday! I loved the show. I purposely stood back in the crowd to experience the whole show. It was great to see Shock Me and 100,000 years in the set. See you from the front row in Brisbane! Keep on Rockin\' Keith Tarrier
Hi !
Subject: Hi KISS!
From: markosk on 03/17/2008
Hi Paul Gene Eric and Tommy. I am you big fan from Macedonia. When i hear that you come almost on every place on the Balkan, except Macedonia i was very sad, but now i\'m very happy becаuse i buy tickets for Belgrade, for the best rock n roll ever!!! p.s. this photo is made by me:) BEST WISHES!
Gettin\' shivers when listening to
Subject: Gettin\' shivers when listening to Kiss
From: grims93 on 03/17/2008
Hello!I am a fan from Bosnia and Herzegovina,maybe the only one,maybe not...I am 14 years old ,and I have been listening to Kiss for almost a year now.And I\'ve almost learned all of the lyrics.I listen to many more bands,but Kiss is the band I love the most,every time I listen to you people,I get shivers and I am just stunned.How can someone create such a great song???I am playing guitar and my main influences are Ace and other Kiss guitarists.Guitar parts are awesome! KISS,YOU ARE THE BEST!
Grand Prix
Subject: Grand Prix
From: Angel on 03/17/2008
Dear Gene, Paul, Eric and Tommy, A massive thank you for your dedication to the fans and your professionalism over the weekend, it can\'t have been pleasant in that heat. (It was over 100 in your measurements.) You sat in the heat for a long time to sign autographs, and you sound checked in it, and then you played for two hours in front of massive hot flames in heavy boots, make up and very non-breathable fabric. Thanks guys! I didn\'t stand for over 10 hours in the 102/ 39 degree heat myself (3 was long enough), but a lot of fans did and you made it worth every hot, sticky, sweaty moment. I loved the show, how brilliant to be outside and have full-on fireworks. Can\'t wait for Brisbane tomorrow night! Love Angel
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