my son Jordan
Subject: my son Jordan
From: nairb2112 on 02/10/2008
To all the members of Kiss,especially Paul and Gene: My name is Brian and I am a native of Brooklyn,N.Y. I am now 44yrs. old and have been a KISS fan since the late \'70\'s when i discovered \"KISS ORIGINALS\" at a Sam Goody\'s in N.Y.C.!!!!I would just like to say that i have an 8yr old son Jordan who adores you and emulates the band all the time.he watches \"Kiss My Ass\" all the time and \"Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park\" as well as my vast recordings and bootleg videos.We bought him an electric guitar and a drum kit and if you didn\'t know what noise was......!!!!If i hear Black Diamond (My Favorite) again sung by Jordan it will be #412!!!!!Anyway i grew up listening to you and now my son is also, which i think is really cool.What i really want to know is when you are coming back to I can take him to the show.I really love you guys and from a fellow Jewish male:Lechaim (hope it is spelled right). Brian Gassman
Thanks Eric!
Subject: Thanks Eric!
From: kissarmymansc1 on 02/08/2008
Dear Eric, Thanks! For being nice to me back in 2002! I went to the Kiss Expo in, Indy, your were not scheduled to join the expo till hours later! You came down early to check things out, I had to leave early ,and you took the time to talk to me ,sign some things and take a picture .Not often people, in your position ,are that willing to ,go out of there way for fans, but you did! It s somthing I wont forget it ever! Thanks again Scott
was named
Subject: was named kiss
From: kissandrabeth on 02/07/2008
Hi guys, my name is KISSandra Beth Anglesey, my parents were and still are big fans of yours in the 70\'s, i have growen up listening to you, they went to your \'79\' New Zealand concert 7 months pregnant with me and named me after you 2 months later. i will be going to your concert in march in Wellington am looking forward to seeing you all live.
Subject: Download
From: zaibome22 on 02/06/2008
Im 16 and have made KISS my favourite band since i was 10. Finally this year at download i get to see KISS in action. I cant wait and ive already got my ticket and camping kit ready. Cant wait to see the hottest band in the world. Get the war paint on guys. Nick
new classe photograph !
Subject: new classe photograph !
From: Cedric Grijp on 02/06/2008
Hello Gene, Paul, Tommy & Eric We a class from Belgium and has our new class photograph has been made. All the students of our class are KISSfan. And for this reason we hope that your to Belgium come with your newest show. rock greets of 2BVL Cedric , Bram, Elenita, Glenn & Johannes
My first
Subject: My first KISS
From: gappvembe on 02/06/2008
So I became a KISS fan around 96-97 when super-popular again. I couldn’t avoid them, they were everywhere. But being young, broke and green to the whole concert going thing, I missed out on the reunion tour. When KISS released Psycho-Circus, I was excited about getting the album; it didn’t really dawn on me to go see them. Detroit Rock City came out, and I thought it was great; KISS was everywhere and wasn’t going away. I had what seemed and endless supply of CDs to collect, merchandise was always stocked at Spencer’s, and KISS was still on the TV often. Then it happened they announced that they were hanging up the boots. That the next tour would be their last. So I was floored, I had to see KISS, before they retired. Big problem, I had no money. I had just been weeded out of my hours at Taco Bell. So I did the only thing I could think of, get a coffee can, put a collage of KISS all over it and get donations for me to see KISS from kids at school. When the first leg of the tour was announced, there was no Chicago, Detroit shows; the closest one was Louisville, KY. So that was the place I set my sites on. I must have had a 3 or 4 months to collect cash. I ended collecting $400 in change, which covered the cost of 4 tickets (my cousin Jason, & for my friends Ben & Jeff), food, gas, and the hotel room. I was very well known in school and one thing people did know about me, is that I liked KISS. So the day comes and we head out late one Friday evening around 7 (the show was the next day April 29) after Ben gets out of work. Well Ben doesn’t trust my blue 1987 Pontiac Sunfie (which I had deemed my Crazy Nights mobile [year and color!]), and Ben just bought this little stick shift brown escort (which Jeff had deemed the shit burger) two weeks prior. Well we all wouldn’t fit with our stuff in Ben’s car, so we ended up taking two cars. It was supposed to be a 5 ˝ hour trip, but then things went awry. The first of our mishaps was my driving. I was following Ben’s vehicle and I radio to him (yeah we brought walkie-talkies) to them “Fuck guys rain”, something I hadn’t accounted for. They laughed because it was from Ben’s windshield wiper solution, but the real problem was, me practically cutting people off when I changed lanes. I’ll admit that it’s true, but also will contest Ben did it when his little bitch of a car could make it with no problem. Anyway I cut someone off and we get to a light. It went in the order of Ben’s car, mine and then the pissed off driver. Oh was that guy pissed. He was screaming yelling out his window. I just glared forward. I said, “Lock your door” as my hands were quickly off the wheel, locking the door and firmly back on. Jeff radios “Norm that guy is pissed”, I yell out “shut up Jeff”, but not in the walkie-talkie, just out loud. After the light the guy speeds by screaming giving the finger, I think it will all go away if I just ignore it, and in this case it did. The second break in our adventure was at a rest stop. We all get out to use the bathroom and stretch our legs. As we head back to get ready to leave, Ben is like “uh-oh, where are my keys”. He looks all over in the bathroom, on the ground, and eventually in their resting place… HIS IGNITION! So panic ensued. We asked the grounds keeper, who looked like he was a member of ZZ Top with his long ass beard for a phone book so we could call a locksmith or tow truck. He offers us a coat hanger so we can try and get the door unlocked. It fails. We ended up looking up numbers for a locksmith, but couldn’t get a hold of anyone. So Ben start’s fiddling with the trunk lock. Somehow that bastard picked the lock with some paper clips he had attached to his gay ass bucket hat. Also was stroke of luck that his back seats folded down. As Ben says he’s got them and Jeff decides to give Ben some hard learning, he closes the trunk repetitively on his dangling legs. All we could hear was Ben screaming “owe, shit, fuck; ok I’ve learned my lesson”. Ah, good times. Unfortunately the worst was yet to come. Finally were back on the road after loosing about an hour of time. So to make up that time, we were going a little faster than the signs permitted. Jeff would radio to us, “how fast are we going” (since the shit burger didn’t have dash lights). We were going 85 mph. Well it wasn’t longer than 45 minutes from our last stop that final stop that it happened… deer. There was a heard of them. I think we caught the tail end of them. There was a car to Ben’s left so he didn’t see them, but since I was behind him I did. Jason radios “Deeee…. Never mind”. I saw the deer get clipped by the passenger front corner of the car next to Ben\'s and then Ben’s totally slammed into it. Jeff said it was the funniest thing, Ben getting hit with an air bag and all he could see were Ben’s arms flailing about. At the same Jeff’s head smacked against the dash board because he was messing with the radio. My vision got blurred by a shower of hair and blood, but I didn’t hit a deer. I braked so fast and yelled “Shit!” so loud. Ben’s car of two weeks was totaled. After everyone was found out ok, Ben called his mom and then the police. Luckily he had his mom’s late 90’s brick of a cell phone. While we waited for them to show up, Ben and I walked back to the deer to see what kind of damage was in. The deer was split open with its guts out everywhere. All I knew was that I was furious. If the deer wasn’t dead, I would have killed it. I yelled “You will not stop me from seeing KISS… Bitch!” As we walked back I kicked Ben’s defunct tail light out. Really this is the only time I lost my cool. So Ben decides to set up some road flairs. He tries lighting it and lighting it. First we all have to yell at him because he was right next to dripping fluids from his car. Then after it didn’t light, I was pissed; I tried and out of frustration threw it into a field. Ben was like what if “lights and then catches the field on fire”. I didn’t care. Finally the cop shows up, wants to see our ids, asks us what we’re doing. We tell him to going to see KISS, he said “you guys are too young to like KISS”, and trust me I’ve heard that often. So he asks us if we are drinking, which I was a little surprised he didn’t as to see my carton of orange juice, since I was drinking straight from it (it’s my favorite drink). Then he went and looked at the car. He said it was the worst car-deer accident he had ever seen. He called a tow truck and we got what we needed from Ben’s car and put it into mine. Surprisingly it was never asked how fast we were going. It was actually pretty quiet the rest of the way there, about an hour or so, minus Ben telling me I was over the white line on the right. I guess I liked the outer edge. Anyway, it was the last instance he mentioned it, because he says “why are we over the line again” I say, “Because you’re fat”. It was a moment of laughter in our adventuress night. We made it finally to the hotel, probably like 3 am, a couple of hours later than expected. The concert was amazing. I could feel the heat every time they would say “fire” during “Heaven’s On Fire”. We were actually next to some characters, two stoners. One eventually passed out and the other kept asking Ben for a light. The trip home wasn’t very noteworthy (thankfully). But, at least for me, was totally worth it. It’s too bad Detroit Rock City was already made, because they could have used our story as a script. Regardless, that movie is hits close to home.
in Serbia
Subject: Kiss in Serbia
From: Boban & Sasha Lukic on 02/05/2008
We heard that you are coming to Belgrade, Serbia 15.05.2008. is that true? if it is, we can\'t believe that our dreams will come true. we are so delighted and can\'t wait so see You. whole Kiss Army Serbia waits for Kiss. best wishes Boban & Sasha
From: kbbkissfan on 02/04/2008
I have just recently become a KISS fan. Always knew about KISS, but never listened to any music. Started watching GENE SIMMONS FAMILY JEWELS and got hooked. Researched bios and decided it was time to purchase CD - \"The Very Best Of Kiss\". Listen to it everyday - love it! I am 60+ years old, so that proves you\'re never too old to Rock \'n Roll. Love you guys! Kay Broom
Best wishes to your world turn...
Subject: Best wishes to your world turn...
From: upi52 on 02/04/2008
I´d like to congratule YOUR massive turn beginning from the other side of the world! It would be a nice to participate Your concert here in Scandinavia; when the the date is confirm I promise to do everything that there is a place for me and my friends to enjoy the music You play. So i will wait until the time is taking a place; and I will write and ask four tickets to buy from Yous organisation... Have a nice time in New Zealand and Australia!!! Fan of the Great KISS: Urpo Lipponen from Finland...
Hi guys!
Subject: Hi guys!
From: biggestkissfanever on 02/04/2008
Hi. I started to listen to Kiss some years ago. My first cd was Greatest Hits. Many good songs there! I got some other cd\'s now. I just listen to Kiss and i got 3 Kiss t-shirts. I lost one of them. I always use a Kiss t-shirt in the gym, and everybody hates that i listen to Kiss because they doesn\'t like Kiss! I think theire just full of crap, cause i will NEVER stop listen to Kiss. I\'m start wonder if it\'s illegal to listen to the music i like! They just like music like rap, techno hip-hop and that stuff. I often gets into fights and conflict just because i listen to Kiss and not the music they listen to! It\'s stupid! Just because they start saying bad things about you, i start saying that its the same way about they music, and then i get\'s in many fights! But i don\'t care, it\'s worth it, as long as i can listen to Kiss. I got my own homepage about Kiss to. I got too many songs of Kiss on my iPod. I heard you\'re coming to Stockholm? I hope that, its just 6 hours to drive. People call me biggestkissfanever and all that stuff, and its kinda cool. You Wanted The Best, You Got The Best! From The Hottest Kiss Fan In The World, KJETIL! Haha! So.. I\'m from norway, 13 years old and my name is Kjetil Olsen :P Sounds weird at english/american. Nice writin\' a letter to you! Thanks for all the good music!
A memory
Subject: A KISS memory
From: bogangtr on 02/04/2008
In the non makeup days KISS came to Nashville. It was Gene Paul Bruce and Eric Carr. A friend of mine who had driven limos for Gene in the past told me he could get us backstage and that he was a \"close\" friend of Gene\'s. Well he did get us backstage because the security guy knew him. We walked up to Gene and my friend said hi Gene, do you remember me? Gene calmly looked at him and said, you want me to lie to you? I never laughed so hard. All the same I was thrilled to be backstage with KISS and I met Gene and Bruce and got Paul\'s autograph. We went out front for the show and KISS ROCKED the house! I\'ve seen nearly every version of KISS and I\'m proud to say that I\'m a huge KISS fan. Lee Bogan Portland TN
, The dream of a child
Subject: Kiss, The dream of a child
From: link_alves on 02/04/2008
Hello Kiss: My name is Abraham, a fan of Spain. The first, sorry for my English, it´s very bad. And the second thing to say to you that I would like that Kiss will go to spain this year because I was a child when you went. In the actually I am 17 years old and I want to see you finally live, The dream of my life. A greeting from Spain.
Thank you for keeping me sane over the years.
Subject: Thank you for keeping me sane over the years.
From: Scotty on 02/04/2008
Dear, KISS I really want to start off by saying, I do not idolize you guys as gods, but I do however, look at you as great friends. In my short 15 year life span, I have moved about 14 times, That\'s basically once a year. That will really mess with a kid my age. As you can probably imagine, I don\'t have much of a social life. My mom has worked second shift all her life, and now, we live out in the boonies, so we can never do anything, nor go anywhere. That and I get shit all the time for having long hair, but because of your music I realize \"Nobody\'s gonna change me cause that\'s who I am.\" I really think I would not have been sane if it weren\'t for your music. You guys are basically my best friends. Every time I feel down, I remember that life can sometimes get tough, and that sometimes life can be a drag, but we\'ve been given a gift, and that gifts name is Rock \'n\' Roll. Your music has always put me in a cheerful mood, and without it, there\'s no way I would be sane. Although, I can\'t give you guys all the credit, you have been the most influential, and helpful band to me. Again, thanks for making my life somewhat enjoyable over the years. Scotty,
in europe 2008
Subject: kiss in europe 2008
From: sergiokiss666 on 02/04/2008
heeeyyyy!!! welcome to europe !!!! the kiss army europe is armed and ready to rock hard!!! remember!! you dont play here a long time ago,more than 10 years,and we want to hear a different stuff than the last time, like psycho circus album material,lick it up,i just wanna,strutter,i love it loud,tears are falling,shandi,crazy nights,rise to it,unholy,its my life.....ok?? welcome boys!!!!!!!
hi guys!
Subject: hi guys!
From: crazy93- on 02/03/2008
you are coming to finland dont you?? :D we have wait so long so please!! :P here is a lot of fans. im just 14 so i havent saw kiss never before...:P so you are welcome! and Paul, i love your solo album! :D rock of!!
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