picture 3 from PHS's
Subject: picture 3 from PHS's
From: fuckyouimgenesimmons on 04/23/2008
here is pic number 3 from Patterson High's "Rock Day"...
another pic from PHS...\"Rock Day\"
Subject: another pic from PHS...\"Rock Day\"
From: fuckyouimgenesimmons on 04/23/2008
picture # 2 from Patterson High\'s Student Council Week, \"Rock Day\"..............
Student Coucil Week at PHS.....\"Rock Day\"
Subject: Student Coucil Week at PHS.....\"Rock Day\"
From: fuckyouimgenesimmons on 04/23/2008
Dear KISS, I teach science at Patterson High School, in Patterson, Louisiana. I\'ve been teaching here for 28 years and I\'ve been a KISS fan longer than that (since 1974). This week was Student Council Week where the students have dress up days each day of the week plus other activities. Tuesday was \"Rock Day\", the students dressed as rock stars. The lovely young ladies in the picture chose to honor me and my favorite band by dressing up as the hottest band in the world....KISS!!! the pics were taken just outside my classroom door and Yep! that is a KISS poster you see on the door. It was given to me by a fellow teacher whose brother was going to trash it, but gave it to me instead.........in the pic are Erin,Cassie,Ashlie, and Rachel.
paul stanley on american idol
Subject: paul stanley on american idol
From: mount07 on 04/23/2008
just wanted to say say a glimps of paul on american idol last night 4 22 08 i saw him in toronto when he played the phantom
Paul\'s view on a new album
Subject: Paul\'s view on a new album
From: navin on 04/23/2008
Hey Paul, Having read that you think the fans don\'t want a new KISS album I felt I had to write and let you know that personally I\'d love to see it happen. I\'m sure I\'m not the only one either. If you\'re still writing songs of the calibre that appeared on \'Live To Win\' then what\'s not to want? It would be great to hear Tommy play in his own style too. Come on KISS, the fans DO want it, and you always maintain that you give the fans what we want. And we want the best. See you at Donington. Cheers, Kriss.
back of custom shirt
Subject: back of custom KISS shirt
From: indykiss on 04/22/2008
I just wanted to send an image of the back of the shirt too.
My Zazzle custom shirt
Subject: My Zazzle custom KISS shirt
From: indykiss on 04/22/2008
Hi all, I had created a KISS shirt on zazzle.com specifically to wear to the Indianapolis KISS Expo last month. I was stopped by several people asking me where I got the shirt and I pointed them to zazzle.com. I decided to put all of the members\' names, past and present,on the back to celebrate 35 years of KISS.I also added the words under the logo on the front. It was great to create my own KISS shirt. I hope you like it!
Victor II....
Subject: Victor II....
From: tommys64 on 04/22/2008
Victor Simmons again....
my son Victor....
Subject: my son Victor....
From: tommys64 on 04/22/2008
Victor Simmons....
Tommy Criss
Subject: Tommy Criss
From: tommys64 on 04/22/2008
Me 1982....
Going to Stockholm to see
Subject: Going to Stockholm to see Kiss
From: tommys64 on 04/22/2008
Hi there. I am a die hard fan since 1978. I am 43 yrs now and has passed it along to my son Victor. Ever since Kiss were in sweden the last time (1999) I have been promising my son I will take him to a Kiss concert if they ever will come here again. We have tickets now for the show at Stockholm olympic stadium and he just cant wait.... I\'m sending a pic of my son in make up done by me :) It would be nice if you would put it in the site for my son to see. Tommy
From: John Rigas on 04/22/2008
Hi from the Greek KISS Army Athens is colored with huge KISS posters!! 9/05/2007 we have a huge KISS party in Athens, Holargos! Hope to see there all Greek KISS Fans there! More info for the event at www.kissonline.gr See you soon John Rigas kissonline.gr Greek KISS Army
Picture of at Brisbane Supanova
Subject: Picture of KISS at Brisbane Supanova
From: georgestanley1979 on 04/22/2008
To KISS, the last letter I sent - the photo was too big, so I have now reduced it and having another go at sending it to you. Fingers crossed. Enjoy. Your friend and fan always, George
@ Brisbane Supanova
Subject: KISS @ Brisbane Supanova
From: georgestanley1979 on 04/22/2008
To Gene, Paul, Tommy and Eric, My Friend and I came to your Tour kick off show in Melbourne at the Grand Prix( one of your stage crew took a photo of us - I am the one dressed as you - \'Paul\' and my friend was dressed as \'Gene\' ), It was for both us, the first time we had ever seen you live in concert - and WOW, what an event to remember. After we got back to Brisbane, we thought - we have the costumes - How about we put on a skit at Brisbane\'s Supanova( a Comicbook/ Pop Culture Convention )and we did( it happened on April 6th 2008 ),where we picked up - Runners-Up Best Cosplay( Cosplay is a combination of both - Costume and Playing/making the character believable ). The song we performed along to, was a 2 minute version of \'Rock n Roll all night\', where we rocked the socks off the audience( everyone sang along ) and to finish - I ended it with( holding my guitar mind you )a HUGE scissor jump and landing it perfectly.( Photo attached )And yes this was done in 5inch platforms. The skit is on \'youtube\' - you just need to type the keywords - KISS at Brisbane Supanova 2008. Well I hope you like the photo, you guys ROCK, and I look forward to hearing back from you all soon. Your fan always - George
my poem
Subject: my poem
From: petg123 on 04/21/2008
ok well i wrote this out of boredem it kinda sucks but you guys are amazing best ever! so here it is : The smoke rises as you walk onto stage a big KABOOM and then you start to play with the beat of the drum 1...2...3...4 your voice so perfect with the rythme of the guitar and the show kicks off you start to run on stage the lights hit your face for a second your in a haze you hear the screaming fans as you prance around on stage the fog starts to clear you can see your breath in the heat as you belt out the last couple of beats the song starts to slow you start to stop the fans just stand there and watch the fogs gone the lights on you you say the last words and play the last tune the lights start to dim and you hear a big KABOOM Kiss has takin over Tommy,Paul,Eric and Gene you are the gods of thunder
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