Hey !!!! WE\'re waiting for you in Russia!!!!! kokored@rambler.ru
Subject: Hey Kiss!!!! WE\'re waiting for you in Russia!!!!! kokored@rambler.ru
From: ireneroll on 05/08/2008
Hey Kiss!!! I\'m Irene from Moscow! I\'m going to visit your shows in Moscow and Saint Petersburgh!!!! It\'s the first time for Kiss in Moscow!) I send you the picture of Moscow Promotion pOSTER!!!!!)))
It\'s me again! Urchillla from Russia! urchillla@rambler.ru
Subject: It\'s me again! Urchillla from Russia! urchillla@rambler.ru
From: urchillla on 05/08/2008
I\'m waiting for Meet and Greet Package!)))
in my blog
Subject: KISS in my blog
From: pedrxp on 05/08/2008
Hi everyone! my name\'s Pedro and i am from Portugal! Now KISS are part of my blog, by the God of Thunder Spell... Gene Simmons in a Gif i\'ve made! Hugs to everyone and lots of Rock N Roll!! come over with your tour to Portugal! http://pedrosilva-badabing.blogspot.com
Subject: Podcast
From: detorn on 05/08/2008
Hey guys, Not sure if anyone over there has seen this yet, but we do a KISS podcast. We\'re up to episode 13 and with a bunch more coming. Just thought it would be something my fellow KISS fans would enjoy watching. You can find us in iTunes or by going to KISSCAST.net. Thanks, detorn
Hello Dear\'s Friends
Subject: Hello Dear\'s Friends
From: rockelio on 05/08/2008
I live in Monterrey Mexico!! Disfrutamos el concierto de ustedes aqui en la arena Monterrey Mi esposa mis 3 hijos y yo!! kiss is my isnpiration font and my way to walk in to my live With Kiss Iwas learn to play guitarr bass learn love and makin love jeje!! ok tank\'s for all I want to know wen you retourn to Meonetter Mexico!! Sorri for my Eanglish!! thank\'s again atte rockelio@hotmail.com
Subject: NY EXPOS
From: MATT on 05/07/2008
Hello KISS! I was at the NY KISS EXPO this weekend and it kicked ass! Hundreds of fans packed the Crowne Plaza Hotel and there was much love for the hottest band in the world. The day included amazing performances from ANGEL, STARZ, JADED, SHOOT THE MOON, ADRENILIZE and was caped off by the HOTTEST KISS tribute band in the world....KISSTERIA! Maul Stanley did a fun interview with Bruce Kulick, who joined the members of STARZ on stage for a few songs. Other special guests included Ginger from the Wildhearts, Joey Belladonna of Anthrax, model Cathy St. George, and radio personality Eddie Trunk. There are many photos from the event on myspace.com/kissarmypa . -Matt
From: KISSEXY!!! on 05/07/2008
KISSEXY!!! The Hottest Tribute In The World LIVE ON STAGE!!! VENERDI\' 9 MAGGIO 2008 h. 22.30 ROCK\'N\'ROLL Via Bruschetti, 11 ang. Via Zuretti - MILANO http://www.rocknrollmilano.com/dovesiamo.html . WWW.KISSEXY.COM . http://www.myspace.com/kissexyrocks . Ci saranno numerose sorprese... Vi aspettiamo numerosi... rock\'n\'roll all nite!!!!!!!!!!!!
We\'re crazy in Moscow about upcoming show of !!! It\'s getting nearer! And we can\'t believe!
Subject: We\'re crazy in Moscow about upcoming show of Kiss!!! It\'s getting nearer! And we can\'t believe!
From: urchillla on 05/07/2008
In addition, it\'s me \"One for All\":) on the first Kiss picture of mine! I am Paul, Gene, Peter and Ace as well!)))))) It\'s interesting, Can anybody do smth like that?) So, I\'m still hoping to get as a present Meet and Greet Package!!!! And also I have a pet, a cat named Stratosh!!!!) In the name of Strutter! So we hope to hear it in Moscow!
We want Strutter!
Subject: We want Strutter!
From: urchillla on 05/07/2008
Hey dear lovely Kiss! That is me again, Urchillla from Russia!!!!!! Kiss\'s fans from Moscow, St. Petersburgh, Moscow region and the rest of Russia, which will come to your shows, join German\'s fans and want to hear Strutter during the show! God gave rock\'n\'roll to you 2. And as to my habit, I send you my pics! )))))))
Subject: LOVE YOU!!!!
From: aphro_kiss on 05/06/2008
Hi KISS!! This is Aphrodite!A HUUUGE 20 old fan from Greece!I am really happy that you will finally come even if I won\'t watch your show here but in Bulgaria!I really wanted to get the Meet and Greet package (being totally in love with Stanley all those years...!!!)but unfortunately I couldn\'t afford...Can\'t wait to see you!I\'m gonna pass out the first minutes you\'ll be on stage FOR SURE!! Love you sooo much! See you in 10 days(oh,god!) KISS-es!!
Gene seems to have some feline competition...
Subject: Gene seems to have some feline competition...
From: whiskerdreams on 05/05/2008
Now this feline has a tongue...
From: fanfulla on 05/05/2008
Hi this is the Alive 35 poster for the concert in Luxembourg
Ready to go !!!
Subject: Ready to go !!!
From: laurentp on 05/05/2008
Hi all the KISS Army Europe ! Hi KISS ! I hope you\'re ready to rock? I\'m ready for my 21 shows through Europe with my car ! See you in Nuremberg during Meet&Greet !!! You\'re the BEST forever !!! SWISS KISS ARMY Laurent
i need help
Subject: i need help
From: tunderboy on 05/04/2008
hi kiss army im martin from uruguay and i want to ask to kiss\'s family if they now a web of kiss army in uruguay because a lot of people here start to listen kiss and they ask me if we can do a web here in uruguay for the kiss army and put photos videos and that kinds of things please if you read this send me a letter to martin_kissarmy@live.com.ar( its sais \".ar\" but i am from uruguay pd:i forgot ace birthday sorry so much SAO ACE you are the best please don\'t change
Russian special poster
Subject: Russian special KISS poster
From: alex_lesnov on 05/04/2008
Dear, KISS! This is russian special Limited Edition (only 500 copies) concert poster! It\'s gonna be the very first time for KISS in Russia! To celebrate the upcoming and no doubt long awaited event, the Russian booking company KASSIR.RU joined efforts with trading network TOCHKA to make a number of surprises for the real KISS fans: - You can win two tickets for the KISS show in Moscow on 24th of May OR a KISS CD only by bringing a picture of you (alone or with your friends) in a full KISS make-up to one of the TOCHKA centers! - Win the special Limited Edition (only 500 copies) A4 concert poster by answering the 15-question KISS Trivia! - By purchasing the ticket through the KASSIR.RU you can also get your face KISS-painted for FREE at the day of the event! Learn more information by visiting the official site for the Russian KISS shows: http://www.kissarmy.ru Fan-chat and forum are there as well! See you soon! Thanks, Alexander Lesnov (kissarmy.ru webmaster)
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