From: jimis on 01/20/2008
From: kat13tpa on 01/19/2008
Happy Birthday Paul!!!! May you have a blessed birthday and have many more!! Take care of yourself and keep rocking!! I love you!!! Love, Kathee in Tampa FL
Hello from Honduras (Central America)
Subject: Hello from Honduras (Central America)
From: manueldavilalazarus on 01/18/2008
Dear KISS, Im 34 yars olds, Ive been a fan since 1980 when some of my cousins listened to your albums at home. It was the Alive I and II LP\'s (I still have them...and since then many more) I had the opportunity of living in the US from 1987-1988 and one of my life long dreams came true...going to a Kiss concert in Maryland. Its a memorable moment for me. In fact I learned to play the bass, came back to my country joined a band, (In fact today its one of the most popular Hard Rock bands in the country)but sadly the music industry here is very small and lacks support. I stopped playing and had to sell my instruments in order to maintain a 1978 Chevette I had then (really needed it to go to the University). Today Im married with three beautiful children, I became a Banker and work for a subsidiary of an American Bank here in Honduras. Anyways...my oldest son has discovered my albums, casettes and CD\'s and loves Kiss aswell. I have almost every one of your albums and cherish each one. Thank you for all the memories, I hope I also contributed in your popularity... you have a huge fan base here; sadly we are not one of your destinations for your tours. If you change your mind some day Im sure you will be very welcome here. I hope I can have the oportunnity to go to one of your concerts in the future. Best wishes to the \"Hottest band in the world\" Manuel Davila Lazarus
fandom spans all ages...
Subject: KISS fandom spans all ages...
From: bundyman on 01/17/2008
Having been a KISS fan since I discovered the \"Dressed to Kill\" album around 1975 at age nine, I spent countless hours in my room as a kid learning that and the \"KISS Alive\" record by ear. Decades later I find myself raising a 10-year old son who wants to be like dad and play guitar (I gig quite regularly). At age four my son Nicholas discovered my copy of \"Psycho Circus\" and soon could sing just about every lyric on the record. Hearing a pre-schooler sing \"You Wanted the Best\" around the house is actually very entertaining! We recently sat down together to watch \"Attack of the Phantoms\" from the KISSology Part 2 DVD set. I was not surprised that he enjoyed it immensely. Now he\'s borrowing the rest of my DVD box set and brushing up on his KISStory lessons... Nicholas always comes into my jam room (he owns his own full-size electric guitars and 100-watt halfstack) while I\'m playing and asks if there are any \"easy\" (in his own words) KISS songs I can teach him that are within his limiting yet steadily expanding talent range. \"Sure, son\" I always say, and we both get our guitars out. Needless to say, Nicholas can now play \"Lick It Up.\" I was lucky to have a mom who would buy me KISS records for birthdays, Christmas (an 8-track player and all four solo albums one year!), etc. It feels good to be able to continue this tradition with my own son as something we can enjoy together. I\'m passing the torch yet keeping one hand on it so that we can uphold the flame as father and son. I really can\'t think of anything much cooler than that. Thanks for the decades. We\'ll definitely continue to Rock and Roll All Nite!
From: king890 on 01/17/2008
Man Im so mad! GENE IS THE MAN! HE SHOULD HAVE STAYED WON! and he would have if it wasn't for OMAROSA! that is all. -- brandonjames --unknownlegends
wishin upon a star
Subject: wishin upon a star
From: tomman27 on 01/17/2008
I\'m so proud to be part of the kiss army i\'m so proud that it drives my little brother crazy because all i talk about is kiss. I\'m proud of you guys you are the best with or without makeup, but lets get to the point. My dream is to meet you guys just once and i don\'t care if it\'s 10mins or 15mins, say thank you for everything in person that\'s all i want to do. I will always be here no matter what and don\'t worry i don\'t want anything from you. You guys gave enough to us. hope to hear from soon Your friend Thomas
Army Mexico
Subject: Kiss Army Mexico
From: Rodrigo Acuna on 01/16/2008
Hi there, i was wondering if there´s any chance that my website can be posted at kiss on line?, its the kiss army mexico www.kiss-army.com.mx, the site is dedicated to let people know about details and prices of all kiss merchandise, with news, kiss expos, kiss rooms (people collections), the record of the month, etc., hope you like it, im a kiss collector since 1980 and now i want to help the kiss army in mexico to get together and to know more about kiss and its merchandise. Also i have a few items ideas, hope you can help me out to contact Gene so i can let him know about them, i am very sure that he will like them, i know that maybe a lot o people can feel the same way, but i hope that he can give me a chance. Regards from Mexico Rodrigo Acuna www.kiss-army.com.mx
Subject: Unbelieveable!
From: kruser on 01/15/2008
Yup, once a member of the KISS Army, always a member of the KISS Army. I volunteered over 3 decades ago, and now...I re-enlisted. Maybe I should\'ve went with the bass guitar instead of the sax??? Nah, it\'s still good with the ladies. *grin*
ology...they NEVER fail us!!
Subject: Kissology...they NEVER fail us!!
From: gram138 on 01/11/2008
Dear Kiss fans and the Kiss army and most importantly Kiss themselves!I just wanted to praise and thank you guys(Kiss) for the \"Kissology\" series! I bought all 3 the day of release and I must say this is such a Giant step up from the VHS bootlegs and poor recordings that have been circulating for a while now! Another chapter of \"Kisstory\" How great! It never fails. Every penny that I spent on these was WELL worth it! Each package made me feel like a child opening a Christmas present. They just got better and better(and longer) each one. Some of my favorites are the Winterland \"75\" show, the Unplugged and the Unmasked tour show in Sydney! I also have to say that the bonus disc from Kissology 3 (The Irvine Ca. show) is one of my Very Favorite Kiss performances Period! You can just tell how HUNGRY they were, they were ready to (and did) take over the world!! To sum this all up, I am a average joe, blue collar, working class american and I am PROUD to own these very special packages! They are a PRIME example of Kiss doing there best to please the fans! EVERY single time, I mean EVERY single time I spend $ on Kiss concerts, Dvd\'s albums etc. I always get my moneys worth! They make sure that there fans are happy! They have never failed me! Even as a 9-10 year old kid I remember buying there Vinyl albums and just staring at them and reading the liner notes and such! I remember buying \"Double Platinum\" and using crayons and paper on the faces. (if you color over them it will transfer them to paper)I would give them to my Mother and she would put them on the fridge! This is why burning (and stealing)there Cd\'s SUCK! Anyways, I guess we(the fans) have something to hold us over(TO SAY THE LEAST) until the next awesome Kiss release comes out. Kissology 4 maybe?.......................lol!I guess we will have to see! God bless you and THANK YOU(all of Kiss Gene, Paul, Eric Singer, Tommy Thayer, Ace, Peter, Vinnie, Bruce)and Rest in peace Eric Carr, Mark St. John .........you will NEVER be forgotten! Also, I think I have the youngest Kiss fan(my 1 yr.old daughter)right here! Kiss was her FIRST word! She likes \"deuce\" and \"Sure know something\"LOL Thanks again! I would be SO grateful if this was posted! Graeme Michael Springer Louisville, Kentucky
still rockin for the younger generation!
Subject: Kiss still rockin for the younger generation!
From: pbrinker on 01/10/2008
Hi All, My son will be 4 years old tomorrow, Jan, 11. Your band inspires him at this young age. Being a KISS fan myself since the age of 12, I felt it only right to introduce the Kiss music that I grew up with to him. He enjoys many things that most 4 year olds do including fire fighting so we played \"Firehouse\" for him one day to allow us both to enjoy the moment! From that day on, he has danced and sang around our house with every word that he can make out! (the words that he cannot make out, he adlibs with his own wonderful words)! He has a guitar, amp and microphone and is proud to sing a KISS song for anyone who enters the room. The Kissology DVD\'s have allowed him to spend quality time with the band! I own the 1st one. He owns 2 and 3!! How is that right???? Thank you for giving such a small little guy something that is so inspiring!!!!! P.S. He has Scooby Doo Monster Matinee which features none other than....KISS!!! We didnt know this when we bought it! What a surprise for my son. His 2 favories wrapped all in to one! :) We hope to see you back on the road soon!
coming to Sweden
Subject: coming to Sweden
From: kadi on 01/10/2008
Hi Paul, Gene Tommy and Eric My name is Robin and I live in Sweden, I read in the newspaper that you are planning to come to Sweden in May. Please tell me that is true. If you are coming to Sweden have you decide what songs to play??
Shandi\'s 16th Birthday
Subject: Shandi\'s 16th Birthday
From: robert_henson on 01/09/2008
Dear KISSonline: Just wanted to show our love for the best band ever! My daughter Shandi turned 16 Dec.29th and like the true KISS fan she was raised to be, requested a DEMON cake.
new tattoo
Subject: new tattoo
From: demontongue on 01/08/2008
Just wanted to send you a pic of my new tattoo
Eldorado High School Senate as
Subject: Eldorado High School Senate as Kiss
From: bschaf on 01/08/2008
Hi Kiss Army, I am a teacher at Eldorado High School in Albuquerque,NM and wanted to share this picture of our Student Body Officers during a recent assembly. It\'s good to know that at least my students listen to some of what I talk about....the hottest band in the world. Keep Rockin\' Brad Schafer
desde chile SALUDOS from chile
Subject: desde chile SALUDOS from chile
From: ferpappurello on 01/08/2008
Dear Friends Since for the first time he(she) listens to KISS disc (DESTROYER) I knew that I change my life. It was a pure magic and since then that I listen and am a fanatic of the best band of Rock of the World. Today I am 42 years old and can be calm since I went to two concerts that they realized in my country. I wait come again, we are waiting for them. Today my daughter, Maria Jose is 3 years old and I sit(feel) very much pride since she only listens TO KISS, they sending a photo of her with our official cap. I hope that they raise it to the official page since I have sent 5 times letter and it is never achieved to raise Thank you KISS thr hottest band in the word. My English is not good, an alone queria that they knew that the new generation of KISS to nacidoy will be every day mas. From Chile great I embrace friends YOU WANTED THE BEST....
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