Alive/35-PARIS !!!
Subject: KISS Alive/35-PARIS !!!
From: levana on 03/31/2008
Hello KISS ! My name\'s LÚvana, I\'m from Paris. My brother and me are so happy that you\'re coming here for your tour. We thought we would never get to see you ! It\'s really a dream come true. Thank you for keeping Rock N\' Roll alive. LÚvana
Alive 35
Subject: Alive 35
From: Monsterrocker on 03/31/2008
Hi I am a major KISS Fan and am wondering if your Tour will ever be coming to Canada in the near future after Europe? If you guys could that would be great because me and a bunch of my friends want to see you guys. Please send a reply if possible.
Old Scooby Doo Episode
Subject: Old Scooby Doo Episode
From: robkis73 on 03/31/2008
Hey, I ran across an old episode of Scooby Doo from around 1976 or so, it features a villin that has a remarkably familiar mask. Here's the link to it, enjoy!!! .
Strutter must in the European Setlist
Subject: Strutter must in the European Setlist
From: morgul on 03/31/2008
Hello, my Name is Juergen from Germany! We all in Germany can`t wait to see you in May on Tour. Please play Strutter ,because many German Fans want it. Paul played Strutter at his Live To Win Tour and it was amazing. The Picture is taken from my visit in NYC to see Paul live at Irving Plaza and meet Gene at Paul at the Virgin Megastore on 31.10.2006. Sorry for my bad english! KISS Rules!!!!
Subject: kiss rocks!!!!!!
From: ken_mugford on 03/30/2008
Hey KISS, You guys rock! i liked your music every since I was 8 years old.The First KISS Song I heard was Lick it Up and that Song has Been My Favourite Song ever since! PS. My Favorite is Paul Stanley From Your Bigest Fan Kenny Mugford
Hi !!
Subject: Hi KISS!!
From: oldschoolrockchiq on 03/30/2008
Dear KISS, I am Jeorgia, Im 13 years old and I\'m from the Philippines.. I\'m a REALLY big fan of you, I\'m hopin\' to see ya someday! My dad influenced me to like your music, he passed away a yr ago and you are one of the things that make my dad\'s memories alive. I love your music..!! You are my inspirations and I want to make great music like yours, too, someday. It\'s my dream to meet you all! I\'m really SO hoping to see you all someday! Thanks for EVERYTHING Jeorgia
i would lik you to kome to mexico
Subject: i would lik you to kome to mexico
From: henry_kiss on 03/30/2008
hi boys how you doing? i just write this to ask you that if you can come in your alive 35 tour i think thats gonna be awesome ive never seen you so i wanna see you aliiiveeeee so please come to mexico i can sayy that a lot of people are gonna go!!! to your concert because you rooockkk booyys so hats all and gene you are great paul i like your style eric your drums are great tommy you rock man! ok i\'ll wait your answer my name is henry i live in playa del carmen, quintana roo, mexico bye
Alive/35 in Sydney
Subject: KISS Alive/35 in Sydney
From: Dimas from Indonesia on 03/30/2008
KISS Alive/35 in Sydney Hello KISS, My name is Dimas and I\'ve been a KISS fans since I knew how to walk. I flew all the way from Jakarta, Indonesia to Sydney just to watch my immortal idols, KISS. I collect all KISS stuff from Cd\'s, DVD\'s, action figures, t-shirts, and anything else. My heart beat rapidly as soon as I walked into the entrance at Acer Arena and when the first song \"Deuce\" played, that was the loudest scream that I\'ve ever mad. What a dream come true to see Paul, Gene, Tommy and Eric play in front of my eyes! That was the best day of my life and I won\'t forget every single second of the concert. Thank you KISS for makin\' my highest dream come true! Happy 35 Rockin\' Birthday!!
Subject: MY DAD & I
From: kissfan89122 on 03/29/2008
It's always good to look back at the good times! This picture is from October of 1996. I was 5 years old with my dad. KISS rocks for ever and ever!
From: madmikey on 03/29/2008
Hi Guys, I thought it was cool. I was watching the Kid's choice awards with my little guys and Jack Black opened the show with "I Was Made for Sliming You" an obvious twist on "I Was made for Lovin' You". The music was spot on and sounded great. It really is a KISS WORLD! Mike Mathieu
My my father and my brother
Subject: My my father and my brother
From: rockthekiss on 03/28/2008
Hi guys My name is thomas and i live in israel but i am was born in argentina i am 13 years old in the picture I sign out with my younger brother and my father I hope to see you some day best wishes! Thomas.
3 Generations Army
Subject: 3 Generations Kiss Army
From: tracey38 on 03/28/2008
Hi Guys Just wanted to say a big thank you I took my 10 year old daughter Kyra, my 17 year old son Jay and my 73 year old my Doreen to the Sydney, Australia show we had front row on Gene\'s side of the stage and made a 3 Generations Kiss Army banner to hang on the rail every one had a fantastic time it was my mum\'s first kiss show and she had a blast. Thanks Tracey Kiss Army Australia
poster in Greece
Subject: KISS poster in Greece
From: rigas on 03/28/2008
Its out there... the KISS poster for the gig in 18th of May... People over here cant believe it yet! Its like they woke up and it was just a dream! But no! Its real! KISS are going to find out what is realy a croud to perform to! We are having people from all over Greece for the show, and from a lot of other countries. We will keep you updated! Tickets are going... Check out for more info about the Athens event!!! 50 days to go! Greek KISS Army
you were bloody fantastic
Subject: kiss you were bloody fantastic
From: doodlebum on 03/28/2008
Dear Kiss, I have loved your music since i was a kid but never had a chance to see you live , i have watched many of your concerts on tv but never in my wildest dreams did i expect you to be as entertaining and fantastic as you were live. I managed to get tickets to see you at the acer arena in sydney and ohhhh my god you were fantastic, i saw a interview you did not long ago saying you like to give the fans what they pay for not like the bands of today and i have to say you did that 100 fold and now seeing you i have to say seeing any other bands after seeing you guys will be no comparison as all others before have paled... I dont know how many times my heart stopped and then restarted each time the fireworks went off but it had to be the most entertaining unforgettable show ever .... Thank you for a great night and please come back to oz again.... with love and best wishes mandy P.S. i wish i could get the chance to meet you in person
My Husband Turn ed Me On To Again
Subject: My Husband Turn ed Me On To Kiss Again
From: kissfreindsforever on 03/27/2008
I just wanted to know that I was once a kiss fan when I was a pre-teen. I used to hide my Kiss albums,well the only ones I ever had were the solo albums that my freinds bought me. One day my mom found them in my closet and sat them on the bed. She asked me, Which ones would you like to listen too? Kiss or Micheal Jackson? Well, you don\'t turn away from your mother right! Wrong answer! I choosed Kiss! Well there went Micheal Jackson,on the wall and Kiss right in the trash can! My mothers words, DEVIL\'s REJECTS! But twenty years later, I met my husband Glenn who turns out to be a huge kiss fan. After several years and you guys finaly come to Los Angeles, He took me to see you guys and I was hook all over again, just remembering when I was a teen. Thank for brining my husband and I together. Yours Always, Tina
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