tickets on sale in Moscow - finally!
Subject: KISS tickets on sale in Moscow - finally!
From: paulpott on 03/23/2008
On Saturday, 22nd of March tickets for the Moscow show were finally on sale in the ticket offices. Before that date you could only pre-order them.
Thank you, Paul!
Subject: Thank you, Paul!
From: mm1990 on 03/23/2008
Hi Paul (and the rest of you :D) I just think you should know that I love you. KISS means so incredible much to me - your songs, lyrics, riffs etc. means the world to me. And I think it\'s amazing. I love everything about you - the culture, the icons - and most fantastic is that it reaches out to the entire world! Here in tiny Denmark, you\'re very appreciated. I can\'t wait for the concert in Forum, Copenhagen june 3. It\'s gonna be the biggest night in my life!! Believe me - and you should know - it\'s hard to make it in the world. I\'ve met a lot of people asking \"KISS, huh? Aren\'t those guys fags?\", \"KISS - hah, those old guys - can they even stand up?\" and so on. And every time I bitterly defend my opinion. \'Cause I truly love you. Alright, maybe I don\'t have every single merchandise item made with you. And I don\'t even have all your records. But I sincerely have you in my heart. Today, tomorrow and forever. You\'re a big part of my life. You know.. some people say \"Hi, my name is Brian and I am a doctor/teacher/dancer/scientist or whatever\". I\'m saying \"Hi, I\'m Maja and I\'m a proud KISS fan!\" I bet you know exactly what I mean. And I\'m getting a KISS FOREVER tattoo on my right wrist this year. \'Cause when I say \"KISS FOREVER\" - I really mean it. So.. Paul.. and KISS.. I\'m thanking you with all I\'ve got. Thanks for putting it out there! For never quitting, never letting the fans down. Thanks for \"Strutter\", \"Hide Your Heart\", \"Calling Dr. Love\", \"Silver Spoon\", \"Sure Know Something\", \"Deuce\" - thanks for everything. I\'m just a seventeen year old girl from probably the smallest and most boring country in the world - but I\'ve got something to believe in. Something to trust. I love you. Sincerely, Maja Wills Mathiesen, DK
Sydney Concert 20 March 2008
Subject: Sydney Concert 20 March 2008
From: djraven on 03/23/2008
Hi Guys Finally saw the show only took me 28 years! I wanted to go to see you all in Sydney in 1980 (but as a teenager I wasn\'t allowed to!) When this tour came around no one was going to stop me. I also took my 19 yr old son with me. My son commented that the music was better live than on CD! You have a new convert! Loud would be an understatement you guys rock! The show rocks the effects rock! I\'m looking forward to the new DVD. I will be playing a lot more Kiss songs at my Gigs in the coming weeks! Check out the shirt! Greg DJRaven
Easter Eggs
Subject: Kiss Easter Eggs
From: fiyrhousemikeking on 03/22/2008
Here are 4 Easter Eggs I made in honor of the hottest band in the land!! Happy Easter to all the members of Kiss and congratulations on the success of the European tour!! Mike King NJ- USA
in Wellington.
Subject: KISS in Wellington.
From: mrspeed65 on 03/22/2008
Hi Guys, I saw KISS last night and they rocked!!! I first saw them 28 years ago in Wellington and still have the ticket. I have seen them a few more time, but this time was more special as I had my kids with me and to see their faces in complete awe of the spectacle of a full on KISS show raised the hairs on my neck. Paul worked hard to get the crowd going and the atmosphere was great. Gene was menacing as usual and Eric and Tommy sang and played so well I almost forgot that they weren\'t Ace and Peter. Fantastic show, and more fantastic memories. During the encore I suddenly realised this would probably be the last time I would see KISS play live and for a moment I was stunned to think my rock heros are not immortal. Thanks so much guys for coming back and giving me some of the best times of my life. Cheers, Wayne
From: Andrew on 03/22/2008
Just want to thank you again for your support and help we really really! appreciate it,thanks for taking the time out and caring we can never thank you enough and we can\'t wait for VERONA and the dream of life time to come true this is unbelievable!!! ciao from Andrew Touch Dressed to Kiss this is a video of me as Gene impersonator in UK tribute rock on!!
Thanks From Australia
Subject: Thanks From Australia
From: Dave Hammond on 03/22/2008
Hi from Australia. Not a question but a thank you. My name is Dave, married 4 kids and 43 years old. I met Gene at Melbourne airport a few years ago. I chickened out of saying what I really wanted to, which was a sincere thank you. I had a difficult time growing up and Kiss was my only real way of escaping. You\'ll never know how much it helped to be able to lock myself in my room and play along to every song at full volume. I\'ve been a youth worker now for 27 years helping young people who are having a crappy time of it. I don\'t reckon I\'d have gotten through without your music. All my kids like Kiss especially my eldest daughter now living in China. We have never been able to go to one of your shows together but we hope and pray one day it will happen. So thank you from the bottom of my heart, sounds a bit stupid I know, but I mean every word. Keep up the volume. Yours sincerely Dave Hammond
Subject: song-list
From: bianchetto on 03/22/2008
Hi guys I'm waiting for next concerts in Verona and Milan; here in Europe we 're waiting since 1999 these moments I hope that you will change the song list playng songs that you didn't play last two tours (1996-1999) A Kiss concert without War machine, for me isn't a Kiss concert but I'd like even , Got to choose , Parasite , She , I want you , Christine 16 , Unholy , Domino , Ladies Room , Nothin'to lose and many others I think that sometimes you didn't play Shout it out loud ,Rock and roll all nite , Firehouse or I was made... it shouldn't be the end of the world Fabio Bianchini Firenze - Italy ps for Eric last March I drove totally 8 hours to see you with ESP playin in a pub in Cermenate ; what can I say ..... fantastic performance , big emotion to see you playin' so near, congratulation to you and the guys.
A life dream comes true
Subject: A life dream comes true
From: kingelvis on 03/21/2008
Hey KISS! I am a big fan,for five years now.When I first listened to your music,I was so impressed!Since this time,when I was 15 you are my favourite band and now i´m 20 and you are still my favourite band.Since that,my life dream was to experience a live show from you.Now,the time has come and you are coming to germany again.In Mannheim, on the 10th of june I will get Rock and Roll all night...and I love it (loud)!!! ;) I am so excited to see and hear you! Rock on! Kevin
Sydney Show 20th March 2008
Subject: Sydney Show 20th March 2008
From: mangone on 03/21/2008
What an amazing show last night. I have waited 35 years to see you live and finally my dreams came true. I was in absolute awe and cried tears of joy. All I can say is thankyou from the bootm of my heart. You rock my world! Nicki
From: Peter on 03/20/2008
YOU\'RE THE DEVIL GENE SIMMONS!!!! HE! HE! Saw you on YOU TUBE. F*CKING AWESOME!!! Can everyone say ELEVATION! I hate heights. YOU have brass balls! TOMMY sounded exceptional! Wish I was in Australia, Peter
rocks Sydney
Subject: KISS rocks Sydney
From: murenan2 on 03/20/2008
Here are photos from the amazing concert tonight at Acer Arena in Sydney. I look forward to see you guys in the future, and I will remember what Paul said in Melbourne on Sunday, where he promised that KISS would be there for \"my\" children. Now my partner is pregnant, so I expect KISS to come back to Australia in next 2 years, otherwise you must put Iceland in your schedule!! Best regards, The Icelandic KISS-fan #1 in Australia, PJL
From: Angelos S. ElKISSntzi on 03/20/2008
Dear Friends, KISS, After 35 years of touring you finally made it to Greece! For me after 19 years of waiting i\'ll finally be able to show my friends what KISS is all about and why i was screamin\' all these years supporting you and your Kisstory, our Kisstory! Even though i became an airline pilot, a part of it has to do with KISS and so a KISS sticker is on my flight bag making many people wonder. Funny thing, after all this years waiting for you, there is a small possibility I can not make it, cause i\'ll have to fly !! But NO WAY, i don\'t wanna think about it, I’ll quit my dream job if I have to…hahaha ! If everything goes well, probably i\'ll \"meet & greet\" you, will see. Anyway, i personally have seen KISS a couple of times but it\'s never enough. So bring all your stuff together and show the Greeks what KISS is all about. i\'m sure you\'ll do it! ONE PICTURE, 1000 WORDS…36 HOURS OF DRIVING FROM GREECE TO PRAGUE IN 1996 TO SEE YOU LIVE. AMAZING !!! THIS PHOTO IS TAKEN AFTER THE SHOW WHEN WE CAME BACK HOME. Many KISSes Angelos S. ElKISSntzi
alive 35 tour
Subject: alive 35 tour
From: wolfer1 on 03/20/2008
I would love to see kiss, I hope they come to Moline.Ill.,On this tour. I know alot of people that would love to see Kiss rock on at least 1 more time!
Grand Prix Opens for
Subject: Grand Prix Opens for KISS
From: zarb85 on 03/19/2008
What can I say about sunday. Got to the track at 8am to make sure I was right at the front to witness \'The Hottest Band In the World.\' What ensued was an 11 hour what in 40 degree heat. Would I do it all again. Is the Pope A Catholic. Of course. the day was great and the people whom travelled from all over the country were not disappointed when we walked out. Right from the get go with Deuce, through Lick it Up, Tommy & Shock Me, Black Diamond, the Flying Paul with Love Gun and Rock & Roll all night, the show was KISS at it\'s absolute best. I was even lucky enough to get the hardest photo of the night with the fire spit. Thanks for the show of my life Kiss.
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