From: COLLEEN on 11/12/2007
Hi KISS, I wanted to share this picture of my new truck that I recently purchased. I have been a fan since 1976 and I wanted to do something special - a tribute to the GREATEST BAND EVER- KISS. With the help of my friend John (Kiss Army Missouri) we got it done. Thank you KISS for being the Greatest Band in the World Colleen KISS ARMY Louisiana
Subject: kiss bar
From: evillee on 11/11/2007
heres a update on the kiss bar
hallowen costume
Subject: hallowen costume
From: kissarmysoilder89 on 11/10/2007
as the biggest KISS fan i decided to go as Gene for halloween.the face pant took and hour and half to do. espically with 3 layers of face paint. it turned out so freaken awsome
another attempt to post the picture
Subject: another attempt to post the picture
From: shandi29620 on 11/10/2007
Loooool, okay, fourth attempt to post the picture of Gene and myself. Now I really do hope you will post this picture on the main page. Have a great day, the ultimate european Kiss fan
Subject: KISS Expo
From: ozzykissfan on 11/10/2007
Please have a KISS Expo in Birmingham Alabama. Im a 14 year old KISSaholic. Please visit Alabama.KISS ARMY FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!
convention \'07
Subject: KISS convention \'07
From: leroy/kiss on 11/10/2007
Hey my name is Leroy and i just want to say that Eric Singer was so cool on that day in Secaucus.I am 46 from North Bergen N.J. And have been a KISS fan since 1974
convention \'07
Subject: KISS convention \'07
From: leroy/kiss on 11/10/2007
Hey my name is Leroy and i just want to say that Eric Singer was so cool on that day in Secaucus.I am 46 from North Bergen N.J. And have been a KISS fan since 1974
Paul\'s guitar ( zellers store launch)
Subject: Paul\'s guitar ( zellers store launch)
From: lisond on 11/09/2007
Hi Paul Just a few words to let you know how much we enjoyed taking part of the Washburn autograhed guitar lauch at zellers store on November 3 rd. Here\'s a picture of me dressed up as the *STARCHILD* Forever fan Lise Dion Laval,Quebec Canada
Our Family
Subject: Our Family
From: makandash on 11/09/2007
Hey There. Just wanted to share our family photo. I made these by hand and it was a labor of Love. (I had to teach myself to sew just to make these) We had a great time on Halloween. My 2 girls 3 & 5 knew exactly who they were dressed as. We got lots of compliments, we even won 1st place in a costume contest at our local mall. Thanks KISS YOU ROCK! d
This should go through now - Wedding Rings...
Subject: This should go through now - Kiss Wedding Rings...
From: spencer7 on 11/08/2007
Here you go, 2nd picture of KISS wedding rings, should be right size now. Sorry for the two letters where the photo did not go through. Thanks a lot. Thanks a lot! Spencer and Danielle. Brattleboro, VT.
WEDDING RINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Subject: KISS WEDDING RINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From: spencer7 on 11/08/2007
Hopefully this will make it onto the news section, but this was the only way I could figure out how to send photos through the website. Thanks a lot!! Check it out... --- Danielle Southwell and Spencer Crispe of Brattleboro Vermont got married on September 2nd 2007 and what could be more appropriate than KISS rings? The couple commemorated their wedding bond with none other than two silver KISS rings. KISS rules! Lick it up!! Spencer and Danielle Brattleboro, Vermont.
A plea from \'Down Under\'
Subject: A plea from \'Down Under\'
From: daryl747 on 11/08/2007
G\'day to all, Just another begging letter, screaming for news as to when we here in Aussie might be blessed with another visit from THE hottest band in the world??? Failing a tour, I\'m sure a round of KISS conventions will do... Any plans fella\'s. Cheers & Many beers Daryl PS- I spotted this awesome mural on the side of a rental camper van, perhaps you\'ve already seen it, but I luv\'d it..
All six made-up costumes
Subject: All six made-up costumes
From: bastos on 11/07/2007
It\'s a little late, but I wanted to send a letter of all six of us together in costume. It took a little finagling to get all of us, but media teachers together, plus the two employees of our local television station dressed as KISS to raise money for a local charity. Teachers at Peters Township High School dress up, and this year, all were impressed with our costumes. Hope all is well! (Our Gene and Eric are eagerly anticipating KISSOLOGY 3, as well!)
Please Come To MALAYSIA!!!
Subject: Please Come To MALAYSIA!!!
From: melvinvineeth on 11/07/2007
Hey Paul,Gene,Tommy & Eric, I\'m Melvin Vineeth from Malaysia. I\'m 13 years old.I live in Kuala Lumpur!!!!! I am a huge KISS fan since the age of 4.... I really love you guys.... you guys are really fantastic in terms of MUSIC,CONCEPT OF SHOWS,PERFORMANCES & most important ly STYLE. I really hope and wish that 1 day, KISS comes and rocks MALAYSIA!!! Everyday I dream of going to a KISS concert or atleast see KISS!!!!! I can\'t afford a TICKET to U.S because i\'m quite poor. Well i mean not so poor but I can still survive!!! haha.... please KISS, make my dream come true, COME TO MALAYSIA!!!! Love, Melvin Vineeth
Happy Birthday Tommy Thayer
Subject: Happy Birthday Tommy Thayer
From: _kiss_the_best_ on 11/06/2007
Happy birthday Tommy Thayer And 100 of these days! Happy Birthday ... Happy Birthday ... Tommy Thayer userbar As Present/Gift for you <3(made by me) and ... Rock and Roll All Nite! Ja Ne! PS:Excuseme for my bad English >< PS:(Ok, here is 01.15 but in the USA should be a difference ... -4.00(Canada)/-6,00(NY)/--7.00(Mountain Zone) and max -12.00)...
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