From Russia with love! My picture!
Subject: From Russia with love! My picture!
From: urchillla on 03/26/2008
THank you! I hope you will like all my pictures!
From Russia with love! Another picture from Urchillla! Now I\'m in make-up of Gene!
Subject: From Russia with love! Another picture from Urchillla! Now I\'m in make-up of Gene!
From: urchillla on 03/26/2008
Another picture of mine!
I have been waiting for you for 29 years + my \'s make up photos! From Russia with Love!
Subject: I have been waiting for you for 29 years + my Kiss\'s make up photos! From Russia with Love!
From: urchillla on 03/26/2008
Hello my lovely Kiss!!!! My name is Urchillla! I\'m your craziest and greatest and oldest fan from Russia! I\'m 41 years old and all my life I\'ve been loving to Kiss!!!! I still can\'t believe that my dream\'s coming true, that at last I\'ll see you alive in Moscow on 24th of May! I\'ve been waiting for this during all my life! AND I STILL CAN\'T BELIEVE IT\'S TRUE! And to tell you the truth, I dropped a tear from my eye, (Tears are falling;) ), when I found out that you\'re coming to Moscow! Really! That is true! Individual THANKS for Shandi, that you\'re going to perform alive in Moscow! It\'s been my favorite song through all my life! Though there are lots of your songs that I like, songs written by Gene, Paul, Ace and Peter!) Day by day, I sing your songs and play the guitar! I would like to buy Meet and Greet Package or just meet you (just to see you!), (realizing that this visit of yours is probably the only and the last one to our country), but unfortunately I have no enough money for it!:( It will be the greatest honour and happiness for me that I\'ll see you so close from fan-zone! (I hope that our security will afford to do it!) The most interesting moment is that It\'s me on all the photos I have sent you! See you in Moscow!))))
in Latvia
Subject: KISS in Latvia
From: Arturs on 03/26/2008
Hi, KOL! First of all I would really like to thank Gene, Paul, Eric and Tommy that they choosed to give a concert in our beautiful country Latvia! We have waited you guys here for centuries! Anyway, i tried a lot, and i think this will make it - i'm sending you a promo poster that promotes KISS concert in Riga, Latvia on 22nd of May. And here is also a link to a promo video (in latvian) . See you guys in Riga, Arturs!
From: mrkissfan on 03/26/2008
See you at 9th June in Berlin! Still Rock on!\">\">
Self Made Hat
Subject: Self Made KISS Hat
From: thenuke on 03/25/2008
HELLO !!! my name is Paul and i live in Van Nuys California i am 21 my birthday is on 8/11/86 i have been a KISS fan since my brother in law lent me Greatest KISS on Cassette in middle school ever since then they have been my insperation for learning guitar and bass my first KISS concert was at the Chumash Casino on July 25, 2006 and ever since then ive seen Paul on his solo tour and i was there when KISSTERY was made when KISS performed as a trio ... i also went to Ace\'s solo Rocket Ride Tour this past Saturday March 22, 2008 But back when i went to my first KISS Koncert i wanted to go with something unique something that ive never seen any other KISS fan with ... so i got to work on my KISS Hat ... and it has been with me at every KISS related event ive been too ... here are a few pictures i always wondered why KISS never had a partnership with New Era Hats ... they\'ve designed hats for everyone from sports to Musicians to DISNEY !!!!
Invades Kindergarten!
Subject: KISS Invades Kindergarten!
From: John and Christine on 03/25/2008
Gene, Paul, Tommy, Eric: Our 6 year old kindergartener brought home his classroom assignment yesterday...check it out! The kiddos were to draw a picture and tell a make-believe story. As he indicates on his picture, he is \"Rock N Rollin\" with KISS! I asked him which member of KISS is depicted in his artwork, he replied \"Me\"! Looks like you have a new 5th member of KISS. Anxiously awaiting your USA Tour Schedule, kiddos and all! John and Christine Addison, NY
Norway Paper
Subject: Norway Paper
From: Annette - Stavanger! on 03/25/2008 . On your tour t-shirts you write that Oslo is in Sweden,,, The article above are pointing out how funny that is, because it\'s been lots of debating that the westcoast of Norway don\'t get enough attention, and that everything is moved to Oslo. But now you have given Oslo to Sweeden. Thanks! ;) (sorry for english) Annette - Stavanger! (See you in Berlin! <3 ) KOL NOTE - Shirt is being fixed for European Leg of Tour.
Subject: MY SON ROCKIN\'
From: TRIPP on 03/25/2008
Hey KISS, This is a link to my 3 year old doing rock n roll all night . He has over 140000 hits on youtube.Could you please post it on your site. Thanx, TRIPP
From: Mike Masiello on 03/25/2008
Congrats on the continued success. I saw Ace\'s show in Baltimore and I\'m going to the Nokia Theatre show. To all Kiss fans. Ace is sober, happy and playing better than ever. His band has a very talented drummer that sings \"Breakout\" and a young bass player & guitar player. Can\'t wait for you guys to play here. All The Best Mike Masiello
ARMY Puerto Rico
Subject: KISS ARMY Puerto Rico
From: Robert Rodriguez on 03/25/2008
My name is Robert Rodriguez (a.k.a. Rob Rodson, lead singer of Metal Roses). I\'m a professor at TASIS Dorado, a private school in Puerto Rico, associated with The American School in Switzerland (TASIS). Throughout this year, I have taught the freshman course \"History of Contemporary Music\", which goes from the 1920s all the way to the 21st century. During this month, I covered \"Theatrical Rock\", and what better way to exemplify this genre than with KISS! I\'m very proud to say that the KISS Army gained 32 new members in Dorado, Puerto Rico. Attached you will find pictures from the class project, where, based on the scenario that KISS was going to retire but they were going to hire new musicians to carry on with the KISS name, students had to design their own make-up design. They also had to create a backstory for their characters. To top it all off, the two winning groups had to battle it out, playing \"Detroit Rock City\" on \"Rock Band\". As a proud member of the KISS Army since 1990, it was an honor to recruit the TASIS Dorado alumni. Gene, keep up the good work and thank you for all the wonderful years! Keep On Rockin\', Robert Rodriguez P.S. Visit the Metal Roses at .
From: Spanish Fan on 03/25/2008
Hi! I\'m from Spain, and my English is very poor. The members of the Spanish Kiss Army ( ) doing a set list with our favourites songs of KISS, and the people like that in the Europen Tour, playing songs like Crazy Nights, Fits Like A Gloove.... Europe loves Crazy Nights, and in concert this songs is really a party!!!!
United States tour
Subject: United States tour
From: genesimmonstongue on 03/25/2008
dear kiss, I\'ve been a fan for 15 years and im 17 years old ha ha. I have one question. Will KISS be coming to the United States after Europe? KISS is the greatest band in the WORLD!!! I have never seen you guys live. Everytime I got a ticket, it was taken away from me, EVEN BURNED!!! Last world tour, i had tickets to Hershey stadium in Pennsylvania, and my mom found out I had them and took them away. I still drove up there, and tried to sneak in, but of course I was caught. Typical Teenage boy trying to see the greatest rock n roll show on the planet! I can\'t even see KISS for this year\'s world tour 2008 because it\'s in Europe. I was just wondering if you all were coming over here then. Many of my friends never saw you before but want to see you perform. Millions of KISS fans are waiting for a USA tour. Thanks for your time, I love you guys! -Steve
Wellington, NZ Show
Subject: Wellington, NZ Show
From: matthewgiles on 03/25/2008
Just got back to NYC from the Wellington, NZ show. Despite the windy and cold conditions, my girlfriend and I thought the show was fantastic. This was the first time that my girlfriend has seen you guys and was blown away. I had not seen the group since the 2004 RTN tour, and we thought a trip to NZ would be a blast. Seeing KISS with both Alice Cooper and Ozzy was amazing. Musically, the band was tight and sounded great as always. A few technical issues due to the high winds did not deter from a great show. We were not sure if Gene\'s levitation during God of Thunder was due to technical issues or if it was a safety issue due to the winds. I have seen over 30 shows across the globe since 1982 and each time is always a lot of fun. Your undying appreciation for your fans is always reciprocated! Keep Rocking!! Matt Giles Diehard fan from NYC
Thanks guys!!
Subject: Thanks guys!!
From: Lina - KISS Army Australia on 03/24/2008
Your Australian tour was absolutely awesome, but I wanted to thank you guys so much for taking the time out to appear on Saturday at the special Grand Prix signing. Many fans waited long hours in the heat to meet you & they certainly wernt disappointed. You guys were so gracious & chatted to everyone. Seeing everyone walk away, from adults to children with that special smile on their faces that only you guys could give them is something I will never forget. I had 2 remaining signatures that I needed - Gene & Tommy\'s & then it was straight to a tattooist. You made alot of people\'s dreams come true that day, and we are forever grateful. Lina KISS Army Australia
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