Complete Shock Me From Melbourne Show
Subject: Complete Shock Me From Melbourne Show
From: 19demon73 on 03/17/2008
I was looking around YouTube, when I came across this video. The only part missing from "Shock Me" is the opening riff, but other than that, this video has the complete song and Thayer Solo. Also, please note, this is not my video, but that of "ozkisser" who submitted it. Thank You, 19demon73 Looking forward to a North American KISS tour!
Me as Paul at my school's homecoming.
Subject: Me as Paul at my school's homecoming.
From: Kevin Stone on 03/17/2008
About a month ago I was put on my school's boring homecoming court. Many people expected me to do something "out there" but none of them were ready for me to come on stage dressed up as Paul Stanley, and smash a guitar filled with candy. The crowd loved it, EVERY SINGLE PERSON in that auditorium was standing, and there was no booing whatsoever. You can watch the video of this performance at this link: . I hope I did the KISS Army (and Paul especially) proud.
From: underworldevents on 03/17/2008
I want to say thanks, from my heart and soul, to Paul to Gene to Eric and to KISS. The hairs on the back of my neck are still standing 2 days later. You guy\'s were better than I thought possible, and I thought you guy\'s were gonna be epic, is there a bigger word than epic because you were it. I was at the gate at 5am (not alone either) I was at the barrier at 8.30 am, and we all waited patiently for 12 hours, and it was mind blowing, THANKYOU VERY, VERY MUCH. Tommy, can I please say a special thankyou to you, you are brave and courageous and worthy of your part in KISS. I imagine that deciding to do SHOCK ME may have been a hard decision, I hope you know from where i was standing (front row thankyou very much!!) it was brilliant, I very nearly had tears in my eyes, (oh alright then i DID have tears in my eyes)PLEASE KEEP IT UP!!, you sounded awesome...WELCOME IN TOMMY,YOU ARE FAMILY AND WE LOVE YOU BUDDY!!! Paul,Gene,Eric and Tommy...I will see you in Wellington this weekend, THANKYOU ONCE AGAIN!!!
HI! From France
Subject: HI! From France
From: remibottriaux on 03/17/2008
Hi Everybody, I\'m Rémi from France. I\'m 21, I\'m a huge fan of KISS for 10 years. I\'ve got my tickets for the show in Paris (21st of June) and I look forward to see you. I\'ve never seen KISS Live before. I\'m a huge fan of Ace Frehley and from what he brought to Kisstory. And I think that Tommy singing Shock Me is a great tribute to Ace. I hope you\'ll play this song (which is one of my favorite) in Paris! Au Revoir, Rémi B.
Tommy Thayer NASCAR Race Car
Subject: Tommy Thayer NASCAR Race Car
From: starbearer36 on 03/17/2008
As promised, Tommy Thayer\'s NASCAR Race Car I will race this year at This concludes the individual members that I am doing (exception of Eric Carr and Bruce), and the next will be the band car.
From: Keith Tarrier on 03/17/2008
Hi KISS, Here are some photos I took at the Grand Prix yesterday! I loved the show. I purposely stood back in the crowd to experience the whole show. It was great to see Shock Me and 100,000 years in the set. See you from the front row in Brisbane! Keep on Rockin\' Keith Tarrier
Hi !
Subject: Hi KISS!
From: markosk on 03/17/2008
Hi Paul Gene Eric and Tommy. I am you big fan from Macedonia. When i hear that you come almost on every place on the Balkan, except Macedonia i was very sad, but now i\'m very happy becаuse i buy tickets for Belgrade, for the best rock n roll ever!!! p.s. this photo is made by me:) BEST WISHES!
Gettin\' shivers when listening to
Subject: Gettin\' shivers when listening to Kiss
From: grims93 on 03/17/2008
Hello!I am a fan from Bosnia and Herzegovina,maybe the only one,maybe not...I am 14 years old ,and I have been listening to Kiss for almost a year now.And I\'ve almost learned all of the lyrics.I listen to many more bands,but Kiss is the band I love the most,every time I listen to you people,I get shivers and I am just stunned.How can someone create such a great song???I am playing guitar and my main influences are Ace and other Kiss guitarists.Guitar parts are awesome! KISS,YOU ARE THE BEST!
Grand Prix
Subject: Grand Prix
From: Angel on 03/17/2008
Dear Gene, Paul, Eric and Tommy, A massive thank you for your dedication to the fans and your professionalism over the weekend, it can\'t have been pleasant in that heat. (It was over 100 in your measurements.) You sat in the heat for a long time to sign autographs, and you sound checked in it, and then you played for two hours in front of massive hot flames in heavy boots, make up and very non-breathable fabric. Thanks guys! I didn\'t stand for over 10 hours in the 102/ 39 degree heat myself (3 was long enough), but a lot of fans did and you made it worth every hot, sticky, sweaty moment. I loved the show, how brilliant to be outside and have full-on fireworks. Can\'t wait for Brisbane tomorrow night! Love Angel
shock me
Subject: shock me
From: brettldrew on 03/17/2008
To the awesome foursome of rock and roll...... I have been a mad fan of kiss since 1974 and, I was also at the 1980 concert at VFL Park in Melboune and every concert since including Gene's and Paul's solo tours, Eric's and Bruce's shows. I have every Album and now all CD's I even have a tape of some old Wicked Lester recordings. I have followed you guy's through the years, when we all lost Eric Carr and the years of Vinnie Vincent, Mark St'John, Bruce Kulick and Eric Singer all of which have at sometime replaced or filled in for Peter and Ace. I loved the way they were all excepted into the band as a extention of the kiss family, now to be at the concert at the Melbourne Grand Prix on the 16/3/2008 I know myself and every one around me were absolutely stoked to see Tommy Thayer was also now excepted into the family with a great rendition of "Shock Me" congratulations Tommy and congratulations to the band for your best show yet. Thank you kiss for another great memory and a top show hope to see you's back again soon................
From: magictouch93 on 03/17/2008
Hey Tommy, Paul, Gene and Eric, OH MY GOD YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME I witnessed you absolutely rock the socks off the Australian Grand Prix last night!! I loved it how you didnt in any way alter the show just because it was an unusual event or play an all-commercial setlist!! You sounded amazing, I think some people (including myself) got the wrong impression from your \'Footy Show\' performance but you proved us wrong a million times over! The Setlist was great, TOMMY YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!! I loved \'Shock Me\'!!! Awesome stuff! Who cares what anyone may think(loved Gene\'s reply to the last letter posted). Thank you so much for a kick-ass performance. Good Luck on the rest of you\'re Alive 35 tour! See you next time round. Love Nicholas Kyriacou
Me and my Bro
Subject: Me and my Bro
From: Jeremy E.K on 03/16/2008
I am a huge KISS fan and know how to play some of your songs on guitar, I am 14 and love you guys. My brother is 10 and likes you but not like I do so umtimes i convince him to dress up with me and this is us as KISS! He is Gene(He is wearing a wig) and I am my favorite Paul Stanley Hope you get a kick out of these pics.
Gene\'s Response to Fan
Subject: Gene\'s Response to Fan
From: starbearer36 on 03/16/2008
I just read Gene\'s response to a fan who \"slowly has accepted Eric & Tommy\", and was upset at KISS for playing Shock Me with Tommy on vocals. Gene is right on the money here, of course. Shock Me, as well as any other song Ace sang (or Peter for that matter) is part of KISS, and the band is free to play anything from their library, regardless of who sings them. Instead of being \"offended\", you should view it from a different perspective. To me, it shows recognition and respect to Ace for his part in KISS, just as Black Diamond with Eric on vocals does the same for Peter...just as Eric Carr did the same. I would have been delighted as an Ace fan to hear it. Ace is free to play Deuce, Cold Gin, Parasite, Love Gun, I Want You, Black Diamond, and others like he did on his latest tour...because it is part of his history too. Just giving my .02
Subject: SHOCK ME
From: Mr.Finn on 03/16/2008
Hi! I am a die-hard KISS fan that have slowly started to accept Eric and Tommy in Peter and Ace\'s make-up. I actually started to look forward to seeing KISS in Scandinavia as I haven\'t seen them seen the fab 4 was in Europe last time, in 98. But then I hear from Australia that Tommy sang Shock me!! That is so disrespectful for Ace and the history of the band. And it will hurt a KISS and Ace fan in you keep on doing that on this tour. Please show respect for your bands history and the die-hard fans that have made you a lot of money over the years. I still have the ticket for a gig in Europe. If Shock Me with Tommy keeps coming up you have gone too far! If that song pops up when I watch KISS I will leave the stadium immediately! Mr.Finn GENE\'S RESPONSE: Thanks, but you\'re wrong on this one. Look, Ace should be able to go out and play to sold out crowds on his solo tour. And, we love him. And, why shouldn\'t Ace play Deuce and other songs? That\'s part of his history, too. And, don\'t kid yourself. We will continue to play anything we damn well please. This is our history and no one, including you, will define it for us. No one ever has. No one ever will.
Rocked at Albert Park
Subject: Kiss Rocked at Albert Park
From: fiery on 03/16/2008
Dear Paul, Gene, Eric and Tommy, Just wanted to pass on my thanks for a fantastic show last night at Albert Park. You guys are the ulimate professionals of Rock. I think I have finally gotten over the devastation I felt when my mum would not let me see you at VFL park in 1980 because I was too young. I spent the night on the rooftop of our house watching the fireworks in the distance through my tears and catching the ocassional verse depending on which way the wind was travelling. I have now seen you live twice. I can forgive mum now!!! My husband also had a lot of fun last night and we did not stop dancing. We spent a couple of nights before your show watching your Melbourne Symphony Orchestra DVD so he was familiar with all of your songs. You have another Fan!! My husband asked me if I would let our daughter go to your concert at 13....and I said of course as long as I came along too!!! So I will see you again in about 6 years with my husband and my son and daughter who already love your music. Thanks again and keep having fun. Love Fiona xox
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