Eric Singer NASCAR Race Car
Subject: Eric Singer NASCAR Race Car
From: starbearer36 on 03/16/2008
As promised, the Eric Singer car I will be racing at Tommy is next, and then the KISS Car. Thank you for posting these pics, and the pleasant surprise of seeing them on the frontpage!
Subject: GENE AXE
From: mikeman1 on 03/16/2008
I loved these giant figures when they came out and I figured it was time to give them some instruments...What better way to start than with the AXE?
Greetings from a finnish fan
Subject: Greetings from a finnish fan
From: risu on 03/16/2008
I´m a fan of Kiss.I´m from Finland and i´m aged 13.My dream will come true when i will be seeing you in Helsinki next may.Gene Simmons has inspired me and i will buy a bassguitar and start to take lessons.I want to be like Gene, but a female version of you hehe.I´m about to start a band and it will be like yours but without the masks,because my bandmates didn´t like the idea of masks.See you in Helsinki!
in Dutch Newspaper
Subject: KISS in Dutch Newspaper
From: djguitarpick on 03/16/2008
Friday march 14 KISS is finally seen in Dutch newspaper Algemeen dagblad! Together with Australian GPwinner Lewis Hamilton they are pictered larger than life :o) Looking forward to Alive/35 in The Netherlands! DJ Guitarpick aka Peter
Another race car
Subject: Another KISS race car
From: chadley on 03/15/2008
Hey Guys! I hope the Grand Prix goes well for you! In the spirit of KISS and racing, here\'s a car I created for video game fans. This one runs in the ASA90 mod for the NR2003 game. Anyone who has the game and the mod can download it at Good luck with the Down Under tour, the Europe tour, and let\'s see you back in the States this summer! Chad
Congrats, you guys!!!!
Subject: Congrats, you guys!!!!
From: insortediaboli on 03/15/2008
35 years? Wow. Lesser bands are lucky if they can last 5. Seriously though, congrats for kicking our asses for 35 years (23 for me though). And I know this tour keeps getting bigger and bigger, but you HAVE to come back to Iowa when you start the US leg of the tour. It\'s been a long time (Farewell Tour I believe) since you\'ve been here, and there are a lot of us diehard Kiss fans who would be tickled to death if you come back one more time. Iowa loves KISS!!! Justin Kirby Oh, and Gene? What the hell is this?????
Paul Car with Hauler
Subject: Paul Car with Hauler
From: starbearer36 on 03/15/2008
Attached is an additional render of the Paul Stanley car I painted, with the hauler.
Peter Criss NASCAR Race Car
Subject: Peter Criss NASCAR Race Car
From: starbearer36 on 03/15/2008
The Peter Criss NASCAR Race Car I am racing in my NASCAR Simulation league ( Now, Tommy and Eric\'s are in the works, as well as one for the entire band. Hope you like!
Ace Frehley NASCAR Race Car
Subject: Ace Frehley NASCAR Race Car
From: starbearer36 on 03/15/2008
As promised earlier, here is the Ace Frehley NASCAR Race Car I will racing at in tribute to 35 Years!
From: MICHAEL on 03/14/2008
Hey Guys! I know there’s a lot of stuff from Australia happening, but the home fires for KISS are still being stoked in some of the strangest places… Tonight I went to see Mark Wood, who is the violinist with Trans-Siberian Orchestra and the inventor of the electric violin. Mark spends most of his year teaching his “Electrify Your Strings” program at schools around the country. Tonight (March 14th) he was in Chapel Hill, NC playing with the Chapel Hill/Carrboro school district’s middle and high school orchestras. Mark encourages the kids to dress “rock and roll” for their performance, which is a blend of classical and rock standards. Four of the high school students decided to put on some very familiar faces, and it was a trip seeing them on stage, mingled in with about 100 other students. “Ace” even got to play lead guitar on a couple of songs. I stopped them prior to the concert and asked if they would pose for a picture, only to find out that, not only did they dress to be “rock,” but they are all true KISS fans. Sorry I didn’t get the names, but I know they would be thrilled to see themselves on the site. Thanks! Michael
Gene Simmons NASCAR Race Car
Subject: Gene Simmons NASCAR Race Car
From: starbearer36 on 03/14/2008
Attached is a picture of a Gene Simmons NASCAR Race Car I am racing in online simulation this year as a celebration of the KISS Alive 35 tour.
Paul Stanley NASCAR Race Car
Subject: Paul Stanley NASCAR Race Car
From: starbearer36 on 03/14/2008
Dear Paul/KISS, I am a 34 year old lifelong KISS fan. In fact, there are two things I consider myself a lifelong fan of, that is KISS, and NASCAR Racing. I currently race in an online NASCAR Simulation Series, and I decided to celebrate the KISS Alive 35 Tour by painting up cars dedicated to each member...present and past. I will race each one of them during the course of the season, which ends in November. Attached is a render of the Paul Stanley car. I also have completed Gene\'s, Ace\'s, Peter\'s...and am now beginning on Eric Singers and Tommy\'s. After those, I will do one for Eric Carr and Bruce. In addition, I plan on doing one with all 4 current members. I wanted to show these to you, I have a few more pictures, but don\'t want to flood your box. So I will just send this one, plus one of each of the cars as they are completed. I do hope that in the future, if you decide to sponsor anymore NASCAR Race Cars, that you will consider me to design them. Feel free to contact me if you would like additional pictures of these cars as they are completed. Thanks for all you do. KISS is an important part of my life, and this is just something I did to celebrate your 35 years (Too bad my car number is #36)with you...I hope to see you on tour, and one day be able to meet you all! (Plus, to sign a picture of each of these cars would be cool) Thanks! John Hanna
Adelaide, Australia
Subject: Adelaide, Australia
From: fabsisakissfan on 03/13/2008
Hi guys, I live in Adelaide, Australia, and was really disapointed that you were not going to come here as part of your Alive World Tour. I wanted to see you live at the grand prix after race concert, but I cannot make it to Melbourne. I sincerely hope that you guys will be coming back to Australia soon, and especially to Adelaide so that we can all see you in the flesh playing the music that we love soo much!! This is the first time in many years that KISS has not included Adelaide in their Australian tours. Even Paul ended his Live To Win tour in Adelaide last year. Paul, Gene, Thommy and Eric, have a great time at the Australian Grand Prix and I hope to see you all in Adelaide very soon! Best Wishes, Fabian
Subject: CREATURES OF THE NIGHT promo video...
From: bergamind on 03/13/2008
Hello Fans! This is one of the lost gems KISS didn't included on the Kissology editions. With Ace on guitar (for the last time) KISS played Creatures of the Night in lip sync several times during their promotional TV tour in Europe. This is a little montage I made with the best scenes from that tour... the closest thing we'll ever get to a Video Clip for this great tune. Enjoy!!! .
35 years & still looking good
Subject: 35 years & still looking good
From: moon-lite on 03/13/2008
\'Ello KISS: I\'ve been a fan since 1975. I just wanted to say that after 35 years you have NEVER looked better!!! I look forward to seeing you when you get to the DFW area on the US leg of the tour. All the best & blessings to all Moon-Lite The Order of the Rose (Denton TX)
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