Thanks guys!!
Subject: Thanks guys!!
From: Lina - KISS Army Australia on 03/24/2008
Guys, your Australian tour was awesome. but I wanted to thank you so much for taking the time out to meet some fans at the special signing at the Grand Prix on Saturday. Many of us waited long hours in the hot sun & we certainly werent disappointed. You were all so gracious & chatted to all of us & we will be forever grateful. I finally had my arm signed with the two remaining signatures I needed - Gene & Tommy. It was straight to a tattooist afterwards to have it permanently with me forever. Thank you guys for making alot of people\'s dreams come true that day. Lina KISS Army Australia
Subject: t-shirt
From: gunnerl on 03/24/2008
As the guys were leaving the Sydney concert i was lucky enough to be standing right next to the mini van that Eric was in.As the window was down i couldnt resist the the chance to tell him what a great show they just gave us!!Eric looked up and noticed the t-shirt (non-Kiss) i was wearing and commented on how cool it was!! Eric , if you ever read this,the shirts yours man,just let me know!!! Been with you guys since \'74,probably be with you for 74 more!!
my 4 year old brother singing talk to me
Subject: my 4 year old brother singing talk to me
From: kissfan71092 on 03/24/2008
This is a video of my little brother singing his favorite song. He only knows the chorus, but he\'s already a huge fan of your music and is taking after me and my father. His favorite member is Gene Simmons. -John Keith
hello every1 of
Subject: hello every1 of kiss
From: drseuss40517 on 03/24/2008
Just to let you know that i have a long time fan of kiss since way back when! Ha! like im revealing my true age or anything. but, just 2 let you know that i love your music and i still listen to your music.. i want to sya thank-you very much for your music and for being who oyu guys really are!! iloved then, and i still love you guys still today!! love, sincerely, dr seuss (debbie harmon
Subject: brisbane
From: 1966starchild on 03/24/2008
hi guys awsome show in brisbane ............... i only have one regret.that i didnt take my 8 year old daughter to see the show .she is not so fond of pyro and loud noises ,but i was amazed at the number of kids with ear plugs etc.enjoying the show I was the same age as my daugter when my older brother introduced me to kiss .i still rememebr the first song i heard \"Strutter\". i really hope that the band will be as Paul put it .....\" We were ther for your mum and dad and we will be there for u too\" long live the kings of rock and roll the world has spoken. KISS is and always will be the GREATEST ROCK AND ROLL BAND IN THE WORLD KEV
Fan... Since 1975
Subject: Fan... Since 1975
From: petemaroni on 03/24/2008
Hi boyz\'! Just a few words from........France! Next june, 17. 2008, you will be in Paris, and...I\'ll be there, you can be sure!!! I\'m a KISS fan for now 33 yrs... I never quite, listening to, loving and... Above all: Supporting you... Since you came into my life, this one\'s been changed...FOREVER. I mean, at that time, I was 10 (in 1975), and now I\'m 43, and my feelings are just the same... Like at the \"first\" day.... Despite the differentlines-up of KISS, I kept on following you. I don\'t mind WHO was or is in KISS. In my opinion, a fan HAS TO RESPECT YOUR choices...Right ? Thanx to you, guyz\', I succeeded to LIVE my dream: PLAYING MUSIC... PLAYING R\'N\'Roll... Some people say: talk is cheap... I would say: right... But music & images often speak better than words... And you proved and still prove it to the world... Thanx.... Pete
Couldn\'t agree more
Subject: Couldn\'t agree more
From: domino01 on 03/24/2008
I just read the fan letter from Maja in Denmark and couldn\'t agree more. my name is Michael from Sydney Australia and I too have grown up with all of my friends telling me that kiss suck, that kiss are gay men wearing makeup, that kiss stands for \"keep it simple stupid\" etc I actually feel sorry for those people because to me Kiss is more than a band, it is a life and without them I probably wouldn\'t be here today. I can go back and listen to various songs and they all have a meaning or relate to things in my life and i love everyone of them. I have met Gene a few times when he was in Sydney for his solo album etc, what a great guy!! i also met Gene, Paul, Bruce & Eric Singer in Denver USA when i travelled there to see the Revenge tour and I was lucky enough to pose in some great photos with them. Tell em what other band are so generous to the fans. Maja, you will enjoy the show, i just watched them in show 3 of the tour in Sydney and they are like a fine wine, getting and sounding better with age. By the way Maja, if you ever get a chance to visit Sydney, Australia, I would like to hang out and talk kiss, kiss, kiss!! Mick ( PS, I attach a photo of my Gene Simmons meet in Sydney I mentioned
My Army Member Shirt!
Subject: My Kiss Army Member Shirt!
From: deansgirl on 03/24/2008
Hi Guys, Just thought I would post a few pics of my Kiss Army Member Shirt. After you all signed it at the GP, I spent the next day getting as many KISS Fans as possible to sign or write whatever they felt on my shirt! I have sigs from all over the world on it! Germany, Jersey Channel Islands, Sweden, Canada, New Caledonia, New Zealand and all States in Australia! The concert in Melbourne was fantastic. I suffered some mild heat stroke before you played ( i was there all day, ensuring a front row position!) So appreciated how hot you all must have been too. Thank you for another awesome KISS experience. I have been a fan since 74\' Have a ball on your world tour and travel safe, Best Wishes, Lisa Tasmania, Australia
Subject: Wellington
From: nutter on 03/24/2008
Thank you KISS so much for coming to New Zealand. The Wellington concert was absolutely incredible. I flew down from Auckland to see it and it was so worth it! Nothing will ever beat it. Please Please Please come back to New Zealand... Maybe to Auckland next time, but wherever it is, I\'ll be there
From: nzkissfan on 03/23/2008
To GENE, PAUL,ERIC,TOMMY, I would like to say thank you for bringing kiss back to nz again,the show was fantastic,i even got several pieces of confetti from the i wanna rock and roll all night song, even though they are only bits of paper, to me they are bits of treasure from a night i will never forget,hope to see you again in nz, i bet you have made some new kiss fans here in nz after that show,once again a 1000 thank yous keep on rockin mike sands kiss army hawkes bay new zealand or now called kiss zealand
join my social network
Subject: join my kiss social network
From: kissfankevinwarhaft on 03/23/2008
hi kiss fans i created my own kiss social network no its not like myspace or facebook its custom made to fit in your own way and you can do your own social network too they let anyone create a social network for free no payments or hackers mine is called kiss army worldwide join here come and visit if intrested thanks and to gene simmons paul stanley eric singer and tommy thayer i will see you at the kiss alive35 tour here in miami florida
wishing you all the best at easter.
Subject: wishing you all the best at easter.
From: oldman on 03/23/2008
Hello,paul,gene,eric and tommy.just wanted to wish each and everyone a happy easter all the way from brantford ontario canada.i am going to be celebrating my 45th birthday this wednsday th 26th of march.i am still listening to you guys after all these years and it still feels good to hear your music.gene,i have been watching your new seaon of gene simmons family jewels and it is really awsome to boys,zachary,dalton and connor are into watching your show. i have a question for all of that you are touring again,whats it like now to be back on stage,and how is it that you guys keep doing what you do without any problems?i am just blown away to see you guys can perform night after night. you guys are the best band in the are both peter and ace doing these days?i cannot believe that 35 years have gone by already and that you are still rockin on stage.i am totally four have done it all and you should be commended on how well you guys stay fit and i cannot get over how well you guys stay healthy. its like you never seem to lose that edge on how you do the right things to keep you strong.i am happy and proud gene that you and shannon have become the best parents in the whole world. you deserve every bit of credit and that is why you are what familys are all about.i just wanted you guys to know that after you have finally had enough of playing and rockin the house down that i will still and forever always be listening to your music.i still have alot of years left in me as well. i am in no means a proffessional drummer but i have three good buddies of mine,one plays electric guitar and the oter plays bass. we like to think that we are proffessinal, but honestly we do it for fun. i like the drums and will continue to play them. its a good instrument to play, because it gets your blood flowing and the sweat that pours out of you its awsome.well buy for now hope you get this at some poin and time. it would be a blast to see what type of response you send back to me.keep on rockin.take care your friend,mike simon.
tickets on sale in Moscow - finally!
Subject: KISS tickets on sale in Moscow - finally!
From: paulpott on 03/23/2008
On Saturday, 22nd of March tickets for the Moscow show were finally on sale in the ticket offices. Before that date you could only pre-order them.
Thank you, Paul!
Subject: Thank you, Paul!
From: mm1990 on 03/23/2008
Hi Paul (and the rest of you :D) I just think you should know that I love you. KISS means so incredible much to me - your songs, lyrics, riffs etc. means the world to me. And I think it\'s amazing. I love everything about you - the culture, the icons - and most fantastic is that it reaches out to the entire world! Here in tiny Denmark, you\'re very appreciated. I can\'t wait for the concert in Forum, Copenhagen june 3. It\'s gonna be the biggest night in my life!! Believe me - and you should know - it\'s hard to make it in the world. I\'ve met a lot of people asking \"KISS, huh? Aren\'t those guys fags?\", \"KISS - hah, those old guys - can they even stand up?\" and so on. And every time I bitterly defend my opinion. \'Cause I truly love you. Alright, maybe I don\'t have every single merchandise item made with you. And I don\'t even have all your records. But I sincerely have you in my heart. Today, tomorrow and forever. You\'re a big part of my life. You know.. some people say \"Hi, my name is Brian and I am a doctor/teacher/dancer/scientist or whatever\". I\'m saying \"Hi, I\'m Maja and I\'m a proud KISS fan!\" I bet you know exactly what I mean. And I\'m getting a KISS FOREVER tattoo on my right wrist this year. \'Cause when I say \"KISS FOREVER\" - I really mean it. So.. Paul.. and KISS.. I\'m thanking you with all I\'ve got. Thanks for putting it out there! For never quitting, never letting the fans down. Thanks for \"Strutter\", \"Hide Your Heart\", \"Calling Dr. Love\", \"Silver Spoon\", \"Sure Know Something\", \"Deuce\" - thanks for everything. I\'m just a seventeen year old girl from probably the smallest and most boring country in the world - but I\'ve got something to believe in. Something to trust. I love you. Sincerely, Maja Wills Mathiesen, DK
Sydney Concert 20 March 2008
Subject: Sydney Concert 20 March 2008
From: djraven on 03/23/2008
Hi Guys Finally saw the show only took me 28 years! I wanted to go to see you all in Sydney in 1980 (but as a teenager I wasn\'t allowed to!) When this tour came around no one was going to stop me. I also took my 19 yr old son with me. My son commented that the music was better live than on CD! You have a new convert! Loud would be an understatement you guys rock! The show rocks the effects rock! I\'m looking forward to the new DVD. I will be playing a lot more Kiss songs at my Gigs in the coming weeks! Check out the shirt! Greg DJRaven
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