New Album anytime soon???
Subject: New Album anytime soon???
From: jtfelton1970 on 09/07/2007
Hey Guys, Just one more thing. Do you guys plan on heading into the studio anytime soon to record some new material with Tommy and Eric?? I\'ve heard Tommy with Black-n-Blue originals, it would sure be interresting to hear what he sounds like with KISS! Besides, I\'ve been chomping at the bit for some new KISS tunes for quite some time! It\'s been almost Ten Years since your last studio release and I\'m dieing to hear more! Gene, love \"Family Jewels\" I watch every new episode! Paul, love the new solo disc! Can\'t wait for new KISS music though! John Felton Demotte, IN
Lovin\' in S.E. Kansas
Subject: Lovin\' KISS in S.E. Kansas
From: slw on 09/05/2007
Hey KISS- I have been a Kiss fan since I was 14(36 now)and had to keep my \"love\" hidden as my mom was raised Mormon and my dad was a catholic. I would go cruisin\' with my friends after school and rock out to your music until I had to go home. It was always a party if your music was playin\' loud and proud! Now I am married with 3 kids\' and I am still a devoted fan, all by myself and lovin\' it. I have a special CD burned that I listen to EVERYDAY and it never fails to lift my spirits when I am feeling low. I live in the country so life is pretty QUIET to say the least, but I still take time to jam out in my car every time I leave the house!!! I wanted to know if you guys will EVER make it back to K.C. Kansas, as that\'s pretty close (3 hours away)for me and I have NEVER had the extreme pleasure of seeing you play LIVE! I am dying to get the opportunity to rock out with fellow KISS fans and eagerly await the day when KISS will hit K.C. once again! Until then, I burn for you guys in the \"sticks\" of Southeast Kansas!!!!!! Hot For Kiss, Sheri WIlliams
End Of ology Vol 2
Subject: End Of Kissology Vol 2
From: nickelback00 on 09/05/2007
Hi Kiss, just wanted to comment on how great the end of kissology vol 2 is. It really ends the volume on a high. Thank you for sharing that with the world, because he was, and always will be THE greatest drummer of all time. Many regards, Chris, 14 years old, UK Fan
Subject: Adrian
From: The Vallejo Family on 09/02/2007
Hey Gene, Just wanted to send you a picture of my 8 month old son Adrian Vallejo a young Kiss fan. We also wanted to say \"HAPPY BIRTHDAY\"! The Vallejo Family
Camp Massad
Subject: Camp Massad
From: Jessica Romanoff on 09/02/2007
Some kids from our local Camp Massad made this last year. I don\'t read Hebrew but since I\'ve started watching your show I thought you might enjoy this. Jessica Romanoff Winnipeg, Manitoba
From: Rich Breeding on 09/02/2007
Hey KOL, Just got back from seeing the new Halloween movie. WOW,what a great surprise it was being a big KISS fan to see the movie open to the KISS classic God of Thunder!!!!!! Another surprise was seeing a young Michael Myers wearing a KISS Destroyer T Shirt. Lets here it for Halloween producer and fellow KISS fan Rob Zombie for representing the greatest band in the land KISS!!!!!!!!!! Thanks KISSONLINE! Rich Breeding
anniversary to Love Gun Tour
Subject: anniversary to Love Gun Tour
From: rock4kiss on 09/01/2007
SUP KISS!!!! YOU GUYZ KICKASS!!! Well to let ya know exactly 30 years ago you guys kicked off your Love Gun tour here in Houston Texas at the Summit!!!!! One on 9/1/77 and 9/2/77!!! Happy Annerversary to the Love Gun Tour
gene on girl\'s breast
Subject: gene on girl\'s breast
From: mavie66 on 09/01/2007
i see gene on the shirt that is wore by korean actress. by the way, i\'m a big fan of paul stanley.
Concert in Whistler
Subject: Concert in Whistler
From: bonntown on 08/30/2007
Hello Paul, Gene, Eric, and Tommy, I feel like I am on cloud nine, I was able to get VIP tix for the Whistler concert! I have been a KISS fan for 23 years. I am also a nurse and busy mom of a 3 yr old boy and 8 yr old girl.... this concert will be a night I will remember for the rest of my life. I can\'t wait to rock with you, seeing you all truly is a thrill of a lifetime. My husband and I will be flying in from Grande Prairie AB (it is also our 11th wedding anniversay), I can\'t think of a better way to celebrate. A great venue and the world\'s greatest rock band, a perfect night indeed! I love you all Bonny.
From: Wayne Gauvin on 08/29/2007
Hello, Please check out the attached photo of a KISSOLOGY 2 store front display at the Virgin store in Downtown Disney / Pleasure Island in Florida. I stumbled across this while on vacation, coincidentally I took this shot on Gene\'s b-day. Thanks, Wayne Gauvin
Rekindling the American dream
Subject: Rekindling the American dream
From: sprocketship on 08/26/2007
Mr. Simmons, At the age of 35, I\'ve only recently discovered KISS (thanks mainly to GENE SIMMONS\' FAMILY JEWELS). For the first time in MANY years I\'ve become fanatical about rock music and have rediscovered the joys of CD hunting. (Yeah, I could just download it, but there\'s no fun in that!) I\'m an entrepreneur in the entertainment business, and like most everyone else in it, I\'ve taken my share of knocks and frustrations, which recently brought me to all time low. This Summer, I read your book, KISS & MAKE-UP, and was fascinated by your childhood experiences. I was reminded that my Grandfather had a similar experience as yours coming to NYC, not knowing any English, and eventually becoming very successful in his line of work. Indirectly, KISS & MAKE-UP brought me to a realization: For all practical purposes I, like your children, have been granted the greatest possible gift in life, to have been born in a land that is abundant in freedom and opportunity. As a part of my grandfather\'s legacy, the immigrant\'s legacy, it\'s my obligation to make the most of the opportunities in my life and even when times are hard, never to lose sight of the brass ring of success. The American DREAM IS alive and well. My grandfather was living proof. You\'re living proof. Your book has re-instilled a fire in me to give 1,000% in my hard work and efforts, and it has reminded me that if success can be found anywhere in the world, it can be found here in America. Thank you for the inspiration. Please, keep on writing. Best wishes to you, your family, and to everyone else in the greatest rock band in the world. Sincerely, Randy PS: If the band could find it\'s way back Atlanta sometime soon, that would kick ass!
Picture of Sophie/Shannon while at Gene Simmons Birthday Bash
Subject: Picture of Sophie/Shannon while at Gene Simmons Birthday Bash
From: zachrockafellow on 08/26/2007
Dear Gene, I just got back from your birthday bash here at Infineon Raceway (which was a lot of fun by the way), and while reviewing the many pictures that I took while I was there, this one stood out among them. I was sure that you would like seeing it, so, here it is! - Zach Rockafellow
OLOGY Vol. 3
Subject: KISSOLOGY Vol. 3
From: b5erik on 08/26/2007
I just wanted to give some input into what should be included on KISSOLOGY Vol. 3. First and foremost - the set MUST include a FULL Revenge Tour Concert. Like the Hot in the Shade Tour, the Revenge Tour featured a great stage set, and the band was playing at their best - and the set list was fantastic! (If a song WERE to be cut for some reason - like \"Rise To It\" was cut from the HITS show, which I\'m not very happy about having been cut from the DVD - then \"Take It Off\" would be the ONLY song I would cut.) After a COMPLETE Revenge show I would also like to see the TV appearances on Arsenio Hall (BOTH songs, and I\'d love to see the interview), Dick Clark\'s New Year\'s Rockin Eve (RARAN & Makin Love). A full South American show from 1994 would be great (bonus disc, possibly?), any rehearsal footage for Carnival of Souls would be great, and then a Reunion Tour show, the Brooklyn Bridge MTV show with the entire set list, Unplugged - the whole thing with outtakes, THE DODGER STADIUM HALLOWEEN SHOW 1998 - THE FULL SHOW UNCUT (I was there, it was BRILLIANT, almost as good as a HITS or Revenge show), and finally a \"Farewell Tour\" show - and maybe some footage from Japan with Eric Singer on drums. The Mad TV appearance would be great (all KISS appearances on the show), the episode of Millennium would be another nice inclusion (but it would be understandable if rights issues pose a problem). Anyway, I wanted to throw my list of what I think really SHOULD be included in KISSOLOGY 3. I think if all that were on the set it would be the best KISSOLOGY of the bunch! Thanks!
thank-you !
Subject: thank-you !
From: kissarmysnumber1fan on 08/25/2007
dear members of the greatest band in the world ! i have been a huge fan of yours since i was 14. my father died of cancer in 1990 and i just wanted to say thank-you ! if it weren\'t for all the albums that you four guy\'s made i would have commited suicide. your music and lyrics helped me through the worst and hardest time of my life !i have almost all of your albums from kiss-kiss to pshyco circus.(i can\'t find \"the elder\" in canada though.) Gene you are my idol, always have been and always will be ! you made me want to pick-up my first bass and want to play! Paul your voice and stage antics are what every front man wants. Peter no one plays better than you ! not even Neil Peart! Ace you are the ultimate guitar god! Gene i watch \"Family Jewels\" weekly and have never missed an episode. Nick is so much like you.Paul i love the\"live to win\" album .it ROCKS! once again, THANK-YOU ! I OWE THE FOUR OF YOU MY LIFE!
30 Year Fan
Subject: 30 Year Fan
From: Tuck on 08/25/2007
Hey Guys, I know that I\'m not alone when I tell you this, but I felt compelled to spill my guts like everyone else. When I was kid back in the 70\'s a freind of mine was given the KISS Alive album (on vinyl!) by his dad as a birthday present. At the time I had never heard of KISS, but from the second I saw the cover, I knew it was something I was going love and couldn\'t wait to hear it. Once I heard it I couldn\'t get enough. Dad being the righteous dude that he is, took me to see my first show at the ripe ole age of 12. That was back in 76 if memory serves. The records kept coming and he kept taking me to the shows. You guys were with me all the way through High School and beyond. I joined the Navy in 1989 and since there were times I was deployed I had to miss a tour show here and there. Kinda sucked but what can you do? Back in 2000 I was going to a school at a base in Dam Neck, Virginia and you guys were on the farewell tour, scheduled to play at the GTE amplitheater. I couldn\'t get tickets, and was heartbroken...BUT...the owner of the hotel I was staying at slipped me a ticket after hearing how big a fan I am and just how much I wanted to go. So now I have a ticket and life is grand. Well. My luck suddenly changed. The morning before the show, I go to the school house only to find out that the guy that had to stand the duty in the barracks that night (ALL NIGHT) developed some illness and I had to take his place. The only way I could get out of it was if someone would volunteer to take the duty for me. SO...after pretty much begging every senior enlisted guy qualified to stand in for me to take the watch for me I found a taker. And take he did. I had to pay this guy $250.00 bucks for my night out. Turns out it was worth every penny of it!! Had I looked at the ticket that was given to me, I would have noticed it was a front row seat damn near center stage. Life couldn\'t have been better. The show was awesome, the beer was cold and the women....well...God bless America!!!! I want to thank all of you for being one of the longest lasting bands in history...for staying true to your fans...and for turning me on to a sound that drove my Grandparents crazy. Now my daughter is a big of you guys as well, and for her 21st birthday I had my KISS Alive II LP(never opened)framed for her. She loved it. Thanks again guys. GO NAVY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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