good luck
Subject: good luck
From: trcy_findlay on 03/03/2008
Dear KISS, Good luck with your tour. I really like your music and Paul Stanley. I'd like you to visit Australia. From Tracy Message from KOL - Thanks Tracy! KISS will be in Australia later this month...check out the tour date section for all the info!
Helsinki sold out under 10 minutes...again!!
Subject: Helsinki sold out under 10 minutes...again!!
From: kaf on 03/03/2008
Hello again, On behalf of Kiss Army Finland I proudly announce that the extra show in Helsinki, Finland in May 27th also sold out in amazing speed! All tickets were sold out in 9 minutes this morning! We\'ve shown that our KISS-hype is truly a powerful force! The earth will shake when KISS and Finland will meet this May, I guarantee. This is beyond incredible, our wildest hopes and dreams came true! Matti Martikainen Kiss Army Finland President
Expo in Indy
Subject: Expo in Indy
From: beauclark09 on 03/02/2008
I went to the KISS expo at the holiday inn in indianapolis it was my first one and i was one of the greatest things i hav ever been to i had so much fun it was a great time everyone was real nice and Eric Singer is one of the nicest guys you could ever meet Mr. Speed\'s performance was mind-blowing and chilling I have never seen KISS live (hopefully i will get a chance) but if Mr. Speed is anything like a real show i cannot wait for KISS to come to indy
From: rockavlon66 on 03/01/2008
I got a little tale of KISS addiction to share with you... I\'ve seen almost all the Classic rock bands that i would ever care to see,(about 300 concerts) bar KISS, and I reside in Europe. Nothing strange so far... Here\'s the funny part. I am supposed to be doing some compulsory army service soon and I didn\'t know when i was gonna be drafted in and it would really hurt me, if i didn\'t attend a KISS concert before, because let\'s face it, if the past is a good indication, god knows when KISS might play Europe again... soon I hope, promoting a new album ! - i know they said they wouldn\'t make one - but rules and promises, are made to be broken - and c\'mon WHO WOULDNT LOVE a new album ?!?! (this whole thing also started well before the announcement of the EURO-DATES and eric had previously told me and a bunch of other fans when we met him in Greece a while ago, that he wasnt too sure about tour plans.) Bottom line is i wanted to see KISS, badly .... So, i decided to quit my job, and take the first avail flight, to down under to watch THE HOTTEST band in the WORLD : KISS!!! All 3 shows! I CAN\'T GET ENOUGH!!! Afterwards I found out that I am not getting drafted in before August, so i \'ll also catch the band in Athens (I m readily saving money for a meet and greet package, knowing that it will be WELL WORTH it, and at the Arrow festival) I got my job offered back and even the option to really take a week off for the shows but I said no and I don\'t care anyway ,(since I m getting drafted soon anyways). I m living and breathing to see the BEST rock n roll band of the universe! KISS!!! So I m going down under, in about a week with a bunch of friends all the way from GREECE to see KISS! AWESOME, baby, just AWESOME!!! Now if i were to answer which army i \'d better be a part of, my local or the KISS one, i think theres only one answer THE K.I.S.S. ARMY BABY!!! GENE, PAUL, ERIC and TOMMY me and my buddies will be there to salute you !!! Dee
gene simmons in atlanta, ga
Subject: gene simmons in atlanta, ga
From: michellesims on 03/01/2008
hey kiss fans, my name is michelle and i live in atlanta, ga. on june 21, 1993 kiss had a autograph session at the roxy. i got a picture of me and gene. they also had monitors playing kiss videos. the night is one night i will never forget! from michelle
Bob Kulick @ EXPO in Cleveland 2/23/08
Subject: Bob Kulick @ KISS EXPO in Cleveland 2/23/08
From: Studbully on 03/01/2008
Here\'s a pic of myself along with Mr. Bob Kulick. TR!P
From: DRESSED TO KISS on 03/01/2008
dressed to kiss first ever apperance as crazy nights tribute no make up enjoy!!! . and also the last tv apperance on gold tv .
From: Jarno Tenhovuori on 03/01/2008
Helou! This is different KISS art... Picture is supplement. Big wall information: Working days 25, working hours 45h35m, cork of bottle 7740. Vertical wall (name of all KISS members 1980-96): 1530 corks Iīm a little bit crazy, but I LOVE KISS!!! Three months and They Are HERE!!! Sorry, I donīt write english very well... Jarno Tenhovuori Vaajakoski Finland
Play in the Uk pleease!!!
Subject: Play in the Uk pleease!!!
From: noakeo28 on 03/01/2008
I was very excited when i saw you were doing a European tour, but i was majorly disheartened to find out your only doing one show in the UK, and that\'s the Download Festival, it\'s cool that you are, but i can\'t make download, you guys are like gods to me, so it would be great if you could another date, just one would do, anywhere in the uk! thanks =D Ollie!
Bad Timing, resolved!
Subject: Bad Timing, resolved!
From: d7mcfc on 02/28/2008
KISS play in Britain for the first time in 9 years!!! and where am I booked to go? The USA! Living in England I was running around the room excited to see they were playing the Download Festival, until I realised the weekend of Download was a day into my holiday in Florida!!! Not to be detered, I have now booked to see the band in Oslo, Norway at the Valhall. Come on lads, add a couple more in England either before the 12th June or after the 28th June! If anyone out there is meeting beforehand \"Let Me Know\". I travelled to the Irvine, California for the Rock The Nation Tour last time around considering that they were not travelling across the pond to see us. Looking forward to this more than you can believe. Add to this I get to see the beautiful City of Oslo, couldn\'t be better. As a request, please have \"SHE\" in the set somewhere!!! Included are two pictures taken of me at New year. Fancy Dress, the theme Rock Stars! There was only one choice people! Ta very much, from Manchester, England!
From: Alex on 02/27/2008
Dear KISS! Here is the billboard on Rock Cafe in Nijniy Novgorod (Russia) featuring the great images of KISS\' current line-up! Thanks, Alex
Subject: Download
From: fanforever on 02/27/2008
I booked my holiday to Cyprus last year, departing on may 28th and coming home on June 17th. Have now changed my flights and coming home a week early so I can go to download in the UK. Bought a 3 day ticket but only going on the 1 day just so I can see Kiss. The wait is finally over. I just cant wait to hear \"you wanted the best, you got the best\"
Monster Truck?
Subject: KISS Monster Truck?
From: Suzy L. on 02/27/2008
The Monster Jam website is taking a fan vote on new monster truck design ideas. One of their design ideas is KISS. Now that's a monster truck I'd like to see! .
Subject: :O
From: tara on 02/26/2008
I can`t Believe it that I gonna see you guys Live In Nijmegen!!!! all this years I wanted to see you guys! so I can`t wait ^.^ Guys Rock on!
Show in Helsinki, Finland sold out record speed!
Subject: Show in Helsinki, Finland sold out record speed!
From: kaf on 02/26/2008
Hello all, I just wanted to inform the band and the KISS Army that the show in Helsinki, Finland sold out under 7 minutes this morning! It\'s the quickest selling concertin Finland\'s history and I think the fastest show to be sold out in KISS\'career! What a great day to be a KISS-fan in Finland!! We can be proud of ourselves and be proud of the greatest band in the world, this is pure magic! We have a huge KISS-buzz going on in Finland. We\'re all very anxious to see our heroes, welcome to Finland KISS! This is awesome... Kiss Army Finland
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