Army Session Slovakia
Subject: Kiss Army Session Slovakia
From: Robert Ivanko on 02/01/2008
Hi KISS Nation, Last weekend we organized our annual meeting of KISS fans in Slovakia. We played videos, conversed and exchanged KISS merchandise. I have tried to keep the phenomenon KISS in Slovakia, because KISS were not in Europe for 9 years. I was excited that our meeting also attracted a young generation. We remembered Paulís birthday and wished to him good health and good songs! I am excited about Kiss concerts in Europe! I hope we will see the bombastic live KISS show together with the new young fans. Yours sincerely, Robert Ivanko from Slovakia (Slovak Republic)
Subject: EUROPE 2008
From: kisslucakiss on 02/01/2008
Thank you for deciding to come back in Europe! We will see down the stage. Front usual! As I promise to Gene, this time I will jump on stage with you..(please tell to the security to don\'t kill me). See you soon. KisslucaKiss
Anniversary and Tour
Subject: KISS Anniversary and Tour
From: grimfrost on 02/01/2008
Dear Gene, Paul, Eric and Tommy Congratulations on your 35th Anniversary! This year also marks my 30th Anniversary of being a KISS fan, so I\'m especially happy that you\'re coming to Europe again:-) My wife and I look forward to seeing you in the UK and we\'ll be bringing some friends who have never had the chance to see you before! Best Wishes to you all.. John
Looking forward to The Show (TM)
Subject: Looking forward to The Show (TM)
From: Zdenek Zikan on 02/01/2008
Hi guys! I\'m you big fan and KISS has been my Number One for a long time. It\'s great decision to tour Europe I hope you\'ll come to Czech Republic (or at least somewhere nearby). I\'m looking forward to The Big Show (TM) from the hottest band in the world! Be sure I\'ll come. Let\'s rock\'n\'roll all night and party every day! Zdenek
paul snowman
Subject: paul snowman
From: toddroy21 on 01/31/2008
my 9 yr old daughter, cassie had to make a snowman for a school project! she decided to do it on her favorite subject!! ya you guesses it!!!
European tour 2008
Subject: European tour 2008
From: jarradace - KISS Army Wales on 01/31/2008
Dear KISS, Thank you so much for deciding to come back to Europe! I\'ve been a lifelong fan and this is the first oppurtunity I will get to see you guys. I don\'t know if you\'ve confirmed any venues yet but please consider playing at the Millenium Stadium in Wales UK. It\'s hosted major artists such as the Rolling Stones and Bon Jovi. I hope I get the oppurtunity to see you, it\'s going to be a dream come true! Best Wishes, Jarrad
Welcome back in Europe
Subject: Welcome back in Europe
From: dragonjay on 01/30/2008
Have you heard the news ? Kiss will tour in Europe in 2008. We really enjoy ! We pray the Lords of Metal and the Gods of Thunder : please, don\'t forget Belgium ! We\'re waiting for you since the 3D Tour (magic) !
\"Larger Than Life\" track from Alive II
Subject: \"Larger Than Life\" track from Alive II
From: eradicatorg on 01/30/2008
What can I say fellas... Hail to the Kings of Rock-n-Roll! I have to say that I particularly like \"Larger Than Life\" from ALIVE II. Its the crunchy riff and driving simple drum patterns. I just wanted to know if Peter played on this track as it does not have his usual characteristics. Most apparent the heavy kick drum and non-Peter like fills.(kind of Anton Fig-ish) This question is out curiosity alone as the line ups have not discouraged me from my favorite band in the universe. There is nothing in exsistence which can even come close to a live KISS show, all others fail by comparision. Keep preaching the gospel of Rock-n-Roll and I hope to read about some U.S. dates for 2008! A faithfull soldier in the KISS Army, EradicatorG
Sydney March show
Subject: Sydney March show
From: tracey38 on 01/29/2008
Hi Guys Just wanted to let you know that there will be 3 generations of kiss fans at you Sydney show in March this year. I will be taking my 73 year old mum as well as my 17 year old son and 10 year old daughter. We will be in the front row and we all can't wait to see you. My mum can't stop tell people about going to the show and that she has front row tickets. Thanks in advance as I know this will be the best show my mum has ever seen. Tracey Melbourne - Australia
Juan Cruz Pompei
Subject: Juan Cruz Pompei
From: jcpv on 01/29/2008
Hi Iīm from Argentina and i noticed that you are having a world tour between march and june. I think that is very good because it shows that the years had passed but you still want to do world tours. Are you going to come to Argentina again? please come i would love to see you in live °°° Congratulations Paul for your birthday°°° Argentina PS: I had your fountain for christmas
Young Fan
Subject: Young Kiss Fan
From: spacecase515 on 01/27/2008
Dear Kiss, I have to admit, I have only been a fan for a couple years now. But I must say, I'm hooked on you guys. I'm 18 years old and am inspired by all the work you have done over the years! You freaken rock! After watching all the Kissology, reading a fews books on you guys, and pretty much buying any and every CD I find of you, I just wanted each and every one of you to know that you are epitome of the American Dream! Keep it up boys!
Subject: yankees1
From: dlock on 01/26/2008
Dear, Gene, Paul, Ace , Peter, Eric, Tommy, Bruce....and the late Eric....Ilove you all! Just wanted to show my appreciation for the Best Band in The Land! Here is a pictue of me in makeup ......I hope I make you website. Love, Dylan (Fountain) Kort
Army -The Creatures of The Night
Subject: KISS Army -The Creatures of The Night
From: ryandazombie on 01/25/2008
There is one thing to be said about every single letter(224 ages worth) on this site: KISS ARMY RULES!! When I\'m feelin\'down in the dumps, I go right to KISS online. I know it can always bring me up. 1)Really impressed artistically by Paul\'s art. 2)Shandi -Beautiful song, Beautiful name----Awesome letter! Happy 16th! 3)Thrills in The Night--Listen to it. If you can catch the video, it\'s tremendous. Should have been on Volume 2. KISS and the KISS army is my drug of choice! Thanx!!
It\'s Pretty Crazy ...
Subject: It\'s Pretty Crazy ...
From: bunneh on 01/25/2008
Wow, can I first start off with saying that you guys are absolutely the greatest. I know you hear that more than enough, but it\'s true, you guys are so amazing!!! My name is Angelia. I\'m sixteen years old, and I was brought up listening to you guys my entire life. Hehe. I guess my dad taught me well. But anyways, you guys have always been my inspiration. I mean really, take for example, I took up playing bass guitar. There have been times I\'ve wanted to give up so badly, but then I look back at all of you and see how hard you worked to get where you are now, and that one thought keeps me going. \"The Hottest Band In The World ...\" I would love to one day hear that for myself. So I\'m going to keep on rockin and see where it takes me. Your music is just so ... beyond awesome. Whether I feeling really down, or just extremely hyper, when I hear one of your songs, I can\'t help but to want to get up and rock out! And you guys were never afraid to be different! Which is great! You never seemed to pretend to be something you\'re not. And all of this sets off something inside me. Something that just screams out, \"I want this! I want to do something different and have my own music that people can relate to! I want it all to be, in some sense, just like these guys!\" But for all of this, and just the thought of you guys that keeps me on track with music and such, I thank you. And I do hope to meet you one day. I know many people do, but it would just be the highlight of my life and make me so happy. And again ... thank you. Oh!!! Before I forget!!! This is a pic of my 15th birthday cake!!! Keep on rockin you guys!
its been a long time
Subject: its been a long time
From: laurieforty on 01/24/2008
Ok I have never sent you guys a letter before, it has been a crazy 34 years (thatís how long I have been a fan). I come from a little town in the prairies of Canada. The middle of no were. In a town of what 30 people, I am safe to say I am the biggest Kiss fan here lol. I feel sorry for my daughter and my sisterís kids they know every song of kiss I own. They think of me every time a kiss song plays on the radio. I have an extensive kiss collection in my opinion anyway. My daughter says itís her inheritance, The oldest thing I own is a concert poster of Kiss and Cheap Trick.1975. Well just wanted to say hello and rock on.
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