cartoon includes
Subject: cartoon includes kiss
From: cruefan15 on 02/24/2008
My freind evan makes a comic series at his home and post new ones up almost daily, the newest one has paul stanley on it. It shows the fantasy of being a rock star, enjoy. I will also include the cartoon.
Big Tongue Cake
Subject: Big Tongue Cake
From: ALF on 02/24/2008
I wanna share with you my Big Tongue Cake. It was on February 8th 2008 in my 32nd birthday party. My girlfriend made it! It\'s great that KISS is on tour again! Please come back to ARGENTINA!!!! ALF
Gene\'s High School Photo
Subject: Gene\'s High School Photo
From: el_zacko on 02/23/2008
I saw Paul Stanley\'s elementary school picture, so I thought it I\'d send this picture. Hope you\'ll come to the US for the World Tour. Zack
fan respect
Subject: fan respect
From: drew43e on 02/22/2008
This letter is to all the members of KISS. First off I just want you guys to know that you\'re one of my favorite rock bands. Second, KISS to me seems to be one of those bands who respect and love their fans no matter how big and popular they get. Some artists think that just because that they are famous they can be rude to their fans when the fans made them who they are. I\'m just glad that you guys aren\'t like that. I hope that for you\'re new world tour that you come to Atlanta Georgia because I really want to see you guys live. Rock and roll night guys.
Me in my Dads Musem
Subject: Me in my Dads KISS Musem
From: Marieke Schade on 02/22/2008
Dear KISS, now here is a photo from me in my fathers KISS Museum, sadly the other one was to big. Please post it, 100.000 Kisses. I hope you will heavy rock in Germany. The small KISS Fan Marieke from Germany P.S. I like Paul Stanley
32000 ticets in 20 minutes!
Subject: 32000 ticets in 20 minutes!
From: filiprapp on 02/22/2008
I would like to congratulate Kiss for selling out Stockholms biggest arena - the olympic Stadium (32000 ticets) - in less than 20 minutes! I\'m sure you guys will recieve a warm welcome and give us the best partynight of the summer! I saw you at the Stadium back in the reunion days (the best concert I\'ve ever seen), and I feel truly blessed to be able to see you guys again... Sold out in 20 minutes - INCREDIBLE!... I\'m proud to be a Kiss-fan, I\'m happy that Kiss has keept it together for all those 35 years, still delivering the best show on earth - I mean: it\'s freakin´ 2008 and you are still HUGE! And I\'m proud to say: Welcome to Sweden! Sweden does really LOVE KISS!
in Munich Germany
Subject: Kiss in Munich Germany
From: mirelacooper on 02/21/2008
Hi,Eric!!! I'm Mirella from Croatia ,,,What i want to say to you is im so happy because i will see KISS live in Germany with my Favorite drummer,my girlfriend and I buy ticket....and cant wait!! Ok ......I cant wait concert in Munich may,11 and I think about your pets Bianca and Baby..... Keep On Rockin Eric!!!! Greetings from Croatia!!!!
Hi guys!
Subject: Hi guys!
From: paola_1466 on 02/20/2008
Hi guys! I just want them to know that I am a fan since the age of 10 I love their music ! respect paola
Athens Show
Subject: Athens Show
From: marinimi on 02/20/2008
I can´t believe it. A dream of a lifetime comes true at last. Thank you guys, we are all waiting for you. See you at Terra Vibe Miltos(father), Eleni(mother) and Petros(Son, the one in the picture)
in memorium, Laura Mercury
Subject: in memorium, Laura Mercury
From: laurelinw on 02/20/2008
Dear KISS, I am writing this letter on behalf of an extraordinary woman who died on February 8th 2008 after a 23 year battle with cancer. My aunt was the most kind, compassionate, fun-loving and truly individual person that I have ever known and, I can say without a shadow of a doubt that she was most definitely the number one KISS fan on the planet! I’m 31 years old and my aunt, Laura Rhyann Mercury, was a fan before I was born… From the time I can remember, I was indoctrinated with the knowledge that KISS was the greatest band EVER and it was accepted as the norm that one could and should go to any lengths in order to see, hear, and/or experience anything and everything related to the band. Although she never had much money, my aunt chalked up countless hours camped out on sidewalks or hanging on the telephone and spent thousands of dollars to ensure that she didn’t miss out; at last count, she had seen KISS live 39 TIMES!!! Last week, my cousin and I faced the daunting and emotional task of sorting through her things and what an experience that was! There was a set of metal trunks that travelled with her wherever she went and it was amazing when we finally got into them; an Aladdin’s cave of KISS memorabilia collected over the last 35 years ~ KISS banners, dolls, thermos flasks, trivia games, vintage T-shirts, posters, concert programs, guitar picks etc…. During the final week of my dear auntie’s life, the family and nurses worked together to ensure that she had her headphones in and rotated her entire collection of KISS music whenever we weren’t there whispering in her ear. Less than a week after she died, we had an intimate celebration of her life at the park and she would have laughed to see us dolled up in her vintage Kiss T-shirts (even my 80 year old grandmother!) and playing your music loud and proud! On behalf of all of my family, I just wanted to say thank you for all of the joy that you so clearly brought to my aunt for more than half of her lifetime. I just wanted you to know that you too have lost a woman worth remembering and I hope that you will always remember Laura Rhyann Mercury. Thank you, Laurelin Wainwright .
25 years of waiting is over
Subject: 25 years of waiting is over
From: biom on 02/19/2008
KISS, WELCOME TO BULGARIA! My 25 years of waiting is over.
A Spotting
Subject: A Kiss Spotting
From: starchild1 on 02/18/2008
Hey I don\'t know if anybody has noticed it before but I was watching the movie Elizabeth Town with Orlando Bloom and Jirsten Dunsts they go to a shop to buy an urn and on the shelf is an urn with kiss on it.... Don\'t have a pic but maybey you could find one of it... Mike Summar Roanoke VA. Kiss Army Riding Corps
You\'re welcome to Oberhausen Germany
Subject: You\'re welcome to Oberhausen Germany
From: tschade on 02/17/2008
My Name is Marieke and I\'m a small KISS Fan from Germany. My Dad will come to Meet & Greet in Oberhausen and to the show. I\'m to young. Let\'s rock. Marieke
Tshirt for Grand Prix
Subject: Tshirt for Grand Prix
From: sewchris on 02/14/2008
Here is the back of the tshirt
Photo of tshirt
Subject: Photo of tshirt
From: sewchris on 02/14/2008
Here is the front of the tshirt I made for the Grand Prix!!
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