African American Die Hard Fan
Subject: African American Die Hard Fan
From: stookey on 08/15/2007
To all past and present members of KISS. I have loved this band since 1975. I\'ve got every album possible on CD and vinyl records. The music is just as fresh as from the very first song I heard when I was 4 years old. I\'ll follow,support and love you guys to the end of life. I\'ve never been to a concert and hopefully you guys can get back to Lexington, Ky and play a concert at Rupp Arena. I promise to be there and watch the greatest in band world blow Lexington, Ky. My youngest son loves the band and the music as much as I do. He draws the make up designs and put them on his bedroom wall and in his locker at school. You guys have been a huge inspiration in my life. I wish the members of KISS the best in the years to come and keep rockin\' and selling out shows. I referee high school football and I listen to your music on my way to the stadium and even getting dressed to take the field. Your music is invaluable. I love you guys forever. GOD bless you. In my pic, I\'m on the right. On the left is former Univ. Of Minnesota Men\'s Basketball Coach Clem Haskins whom I met at a basketball camp I coached at this summer.
Children\'s Music?
Subject: Children\'s Music?
From: prguy72 on 08/15/2007
Hey guys, my four year-old daughter and I love listening to KISS, especially anything off Love Gun or Destroyer. I guess I was sort of a \"minor\" KISS fan growing up, but preferred other 70s rock bands like Zep and Floyd instead. But when my daughter was around two years old, she heard \"Strutter\" on a mix CD I made and absolutely loved it. She has been hooked ever since. So my question is...have you (Paul and Gene) ever considered licensing your songs for one of those \"Rock and Roll Baby\"-type CDs that re-records rock music as electronic lullabies? We have a Radiohead disc like that. The reason why I ask is because my daughter has been asking me to \"sing Strutter like a lullaby\" at bedtime. As I\'m sure you know, it\'s a great melody that works very nicely as a ballad. I\'d love an entire acoustic CD of your songs for kids - and I know my daughter would love it as well. Thanks!
ology 2 Highlights
Subject: Kissology 2 Highlights
From: khibben on 08/15/2007
Gene and Paul, Terrific job on Kissology 2! Highlights for me... - The wide screen transfer of \'Attack of the Phantom\' was very well done. I could\'ve believe how crisp it looked. The replacement of the cheesy Hanna-Barbera soundtrack with solo album material during fight scenes was a little weird, but still lots of fun! - The Tom Snyder interview never gets old! - The \"Friday\'s\" performance brought back a lot of memories! - The video of Eric Carr from his hospital bed after the credits was a great tribute! Awesome job guys. Thanks for giving the fans what they want! Ken Hibben Plainfield, IL
Meeting the man...again
Subject: Meeting the man...again
From: kisskrazedone on 08/15/2007
I had the pleasure of assiting the Simmons-Abramsons marketing group while at Kentucky Speedway for the IRL race. I\'m one of the infiled security supervisors for the Speedway & spent the day with Gene, Rich & Lucky while they did their daily routine. I met Gene & crew last year also, but this year was something else. It\'s always a thrill to meet your childhood idol, but to spend the entire day with them, was really cool. My son and I got some pictures prior to the madness. (attached) A great day to say the least. I AM INDY!!!!!
ology DVD Series
Subject: Kissology DVD Series
From: Miguelito on 08/15/2007
Hi!! I\'m Miguel from Argentina, and I wanted to say that this is a great collection, at least we\'re having a little bit of all the footege you guys have!!! Mint condition!!! I bet this is just the begining, and more boxes like this are coming in the future. One thing I must say is missing is this package is not with subtitles and/or region free. Because you only release this in the USA, but people from all over the world buy this DVDs, not just the people in the States. Like Jimmy Page did with the Led Zeppelin DVD a few years ago, I think you should do the same (region free and subtitles). Still a great collection, but somethings are missing for people outside the States. Thanks so much for read this, all the best and one more thing.... COME BACK TO ARGENTINA SOME TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love ya... Miguel.
ology 2 review
Subject: kissology 2 review
From: nickellplated07 on 08/15/2007
Loved the 2nd KISSOLOGY , Eric Carr was the reason i started playing drums . You guys rule , keep doing what you\'re doing . Can\'t wait to see what\'s next .
ology vol. II
Subject: Kissology vol. II
From: christiananthony on 08/15/2007
Of course, like the rest of the KISS Army, I ran out to get KISSOLOGY Volume II Yesterday. Knowing most of what was going to be on it, I was still taken aback by the sheer amount of content in this collection! Like Volume I, KISSOLOGY Vol. II is a true KISS fans dream turned to reality, and an obvious labor of love from Mr. Stanley and Mr. Simmons to the people who have supported them throughout the years (not that it was that difficult to support the greatest rock n\' roll band of all time!). ALL (well, almost all- more live Lick It Up footage would have been nice- but I\'m not complaining- just being greedy!)of the classic footage that fans have craved, serched for, and bought on inferior quality bootlegs has been assembled in incomparable fashion for YOUR viewing pleasure! My personal favorite being the H.I.T.S. tour show. Not only is it a complete concert with a great set list and stage show, but the band sounds fantastic! I was fortunate enough to see that tour in Cleveland and Pittsburgh. Viewing it here further confirmed to me that with or without make-up, be it 1970\'s, 80\'s or 90\'s...Kiss were always the masters of their craft. NO band could touch them when they hit the concert stage.(Could you have imagined a Worldwide Live tour with Eric Carr on Drums? Wow! We miss you Eric!) If you have any interest whatsoever in KISS or simply great Rock and Roll performances (and I assume you do or you wouldn\'t be reading this), GO OUT AND GET KISSOLOGY VOLUME II NOW! Just like Vol. I, this collection is INDISPENSIBLE and will bring you HOURS and HOURS of ass-kicking entertainment that you will enjoy viewing OVER and OVER again! The price is ridiculously cheap, even without the bonus disc (I selected the LARGO 79 show- a huge improvement over my videotaped copy) and would be a value at nearly twice the price(...but don\'t tell Gene that!)Thank You Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons for yet another gift to your fans!! We wanted the best ...WE GOT IT!!!
OLOGY 3 - re: Eric Carr
Subject: KISSOLOGY 3 - re: Eric Carr
From: bahu12 on 08/15/2007
I just want to thank KISS and especially Paul for the way he handled the commentary regarding Eric and his death. The openness and sincerity shown in Paul\'s comments is amazing and it means allot to fans who never knew what happened. It is quite moving. The clip of Eric at the end is precious to every fan who loved Eric and we thank you for including it. I assume thanks must go to the Caravello family for providing that. Through my tears as I watched him, Eric made me laugh once again. With that said, I really love the non makeup concert footage. Paul\'s voice especally just absolutely shines and the whole band is so precise. Hope to see more footage from 1985-1990 in the future. Thanks for putting such a wonderful gift together for your fans! Mark in North Carolina
Amazing Follow on ology Vol 2
Subject: Amazing Follow on Kissology Vol 2
From: kisstiangail1 on 08/15/2007
This was what I was waiting for. More perspective on the band, once Peter and Ace left it. And I got it. Never will you see a drummer like Eric Carr work the drums like he did in that era. The band still managed to function extremely well without the makeup and continued to push the limits when it came to touring and entertaining their fans. I would have liked to see more Animalize and Asylum stuff but that is OK. What a great tribute to Eric Carr and I cannot wait for the Vol 3.
From: ghosthunter on 08/14/2007
This is for Paul and Gene. This volume of KISSOLOGY is TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!! From the moment that I inserted the first disc in, I was just totally captivated. I have always been a huge KISS fan and just let me say that that the 1990 \"Palace\" show is simply amazing. As for the rest of the content of the DVD\'s, the concert footage is great, the interviews, the \"Fridays\" segment with songs from \"The Elder\", the bonus discs (all 3 are superb collector\'s items), you name it. This is what every KISS fan looks forward to. The first one literally blew me away, this one just keeps me wanting more , and I cannot wait for KISSOLOGY 3!!!!!!!! KISS will always be the best!!!!! Get well soon, Paul. I know what you are going through with because I have the same thing with my heart and I have been dealing with it and on meds for it since 1995. It\'s a scary thing when it happens to you, that\'s for sure. Take care and GOD bless! Much Love, Lee Miller
ology vol.2 1978-1991
Subject: Kissology vol.2 1978-1991
From: kissrocks410 on 08/14/2007
Hi to everyone in the kiss army and to the people at kissonline. First i want to say that the band is and has been my all time favorite band and everytime i see and listen to them its a thrill. So as im sure most kiss fans like myself went out to stores all across the US and other countries and bought Kissology vol.2 which is needless to say great like the 1st vol. Seeing and hearing them through out the different era\'s was a great treat to any kiss fan. The different performances and shows was a great way to show kiss is timeless and will never die.Some parts i was kind of dissapointed like how they cut out rise to it from the detroit show and how they cut out the cursing that paul did but other then that the DVD\'s were amazing and awesome and i cannot wait for the third installment everyone keep rockin and i hope to see kiss touring soon. sincerly one of the biggest kiss fans Mike Mcgrath of Philly
From: Brenda from Norwalk, CT on 08/14/2007
Hi Gene, Just wanted to let you know that my husband and I were in Myrtle Beach a couple of weeks ago and stumbled upon the KISS Coffeehouse - what an unexpected treat! We became completely addicted to the frozen Rockuccinos in short order and now that we\'re back in Connecticut, we\'re JONESING for them! I certainly hope that you\'re planning on opening more KISS Coffeehouses soon - there needs to be one somewhere in the Northeast so I don\'t have to drive 14 hours to get my fix...maybe Mohegan Sun or Foxwoods casino??!! We love watching you guys on Family Jewels - you keep us laughing! Brenda from Norwalk, CT
OLOGY: Volume 2 - 1978-1991
Subject: KISSOLOGY: Volume 2 - 1978-1991
From: anthonytyler on 08/14/2007
Hi All, I, like so many others (I know because I made some new friends today!!!), went out this morning and hunted down all three bonus discs included at various outlets exclusively for KISSOLOGY: Volume 2. Needless to say, once again KISS has done it right and maybe more importantly - done it right for the fans. Seeing and HEARING the concert footage in this pristine format is truly amazing from my perspective. Yes, I\'ve seen all the bootlegs and so-called definitive versions of such...guess what? They DO NOT compare to what\'s on this second edition of KISSOLOGY. (that comment is specific to those who claim to have already seen this stuff...uh...think again). The BONUS discs are fantastic and quite honestly, I had never seen the Ritz show or even heard it until now. It\'s great to own. My only constructive suggestion would be a simple one: MORE COMMENTARY please. I absolutely love the stories behind the shows and the times. More commentary guys. It\'s great stuff. Can\'t wait for #3... Anthony Tyler
ology II Review
Subject: KISSology II Review
From: austinstarchild on 08/14/2007
KISS and KISSonline, I bought KISSology 2 at midnight. And watched it last night. And all i can say is it is simply the best concert dvd ive seen in front of KISSology one. Everything about it is just terrific. I think the best part of the entire set is the Countdown. It took so may takes! Well to end this simply THIS IS THE MOST AWSOME DVD EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Austin Peppers
Thank You for always being there!
Subject: Thank You for always being there!
From: paulchilds on 08/14/2007
Dear KISS, I just want to thank you for all the years or great music and great times. I have been a fan since almost the beginning. In 1975 at age 9, I was with my folks in a local department store and I saw KISS ALIVE! and had to have it, Mom and Dad were glad to buy it for me, and in the years to follow, they began taking me to concerts, Zeppelin, KISS, cool parents or what? Well at that point, I had already been playig the drums for about 3 years, but that day in \'75 changed me forever! I started jamming with kids in my neighborhood and it was blasphemy not to play KISS songs, if there was any argument from anyone, well there\'s the door! No matter what was going on in my life, putting a KISS record on the turntable was the just what the doctor ordered. Well about 20 years later, my dad passed away and I was absolutely devastated. During that time, what really helped me get through was KISS and I thank you guys very much for that! Today is the day that KISSOLOGY VOLUME 2 is released and I am eagerly awaiting UPS\' knock on my door. All of my KISS DVD\'s are lined up and the big screen and surround sound are at the ready! Paul, I\'m glad to hear that you\'re feeling better and that all is well! Thank you again KISS for everything! With respect and gratitude, Paul Childs
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