Never forget!
Subject: Never forget!
From: njmonty on 01/06/2008
Yesterday I visited Paul Stanley at the Wentworth Art Gallery in Long Island and I will never forget that day when I met him. I bought a painting that\'s called \" All you need is Love\" and let me tell you, his artwork is fantastic! So when I was next to meet him, he shook my hand and gave me a big hug! I was so excited! After I left, i admit, i cried because I never felt so happy before! Paul, thank you so much! Your an inspiration. Your the reason I pick up a guitar everyday. I\'ll live my life in art. Thanks to you, I will never forget this day! I love you and hope to see you in Jersey! Have a happy new year !
Subject: KISS Tribute.
From: eric_carr_fox on 01/05/2008
Hello and Happy New Year. I am 14 years old and i am the drummer of our band, my name is Dillon and i am from Melbourne Australia, KISS is our bands inspiration and our idols also. If it wasn\'t for KISS we probably wouldn\'t be a band because we wouldn\'t have a thought of how amazing it would be to be a band like yourselves. We have played one concert at school and we played \"Detroit Rock city\" and we got low points because the judges claim they didn\'t know the song but the audience all said to us at the end of it that we should of won becuase the song was fantastic. Thankyou keep rockin:), Dillon. Here is a photo of us playing that concert in our KISS shirts. (our Lead Guitarist isn\'t in the picture because he is near the right.)
-Colts Fans
Subject: Kiss-Colts Fans
From: scrawl on 01/04/2008
Hey these are photos from today\'s Indianapolis \"Blue-Friday\" celebration in honor of the Colts playoff game here next week. This is too cool!!! Ronn Mesarosh
Wedding Song
Subject: Kiss Wedding Song
From: hillaryr on 01/03/2008
My brother is getting married soon in Chicago. He and my soon to be sister-in-law want to have their DJ play \"I WAS MADE FOR LOVIN\' YOU\" as their wedding song. They were told they can\'t use a \'rock\' song as their wedding song so they decided it would be their second wedding song as they enter the reception. hillaryr from Brooklyn, NY
Gene\'s Show
Subject: Gene\'s Show
From: kortney on 01/02/2008
Hello, It is a privilage to have finally joined the KISS army and to write a letter to you! I really loved Gene Simmon\'s Family Jewels and i hope there is more of it. It is the only reality TV show i have ever watched! Your Loyal KISS Army member Kortney Kenney
New Years \'08
Subject: Kiss New Years \'08
From: plectrumboy on 01/02/2008
Okay-cropped the picture down to fit dimensions Here\'s a picture outside of a local club on New Year\'s Eve in Blount County, TN It\'s a Kiss World... Keep Rockin\' in \'08
Subject: ACE at JAXX
From: thommy on 12/29/2007
My ears are still ringing from Ace\'s awesome show last night in Springfield VA - Ace said \"I got what I wanted for Christmas - playing for all of you!\" and I\'d say the crowd got what they wanted too - Ace played the lighted guitar for New York Groove and the smoking guitar for the Shock Me solo and it was very cool to hear Strange Ways and Love Her All I Can among many other KISS gems...Ace looked and played like the Rock Legend he is...excellent show! Thanks Ace!
The Netherlands
Subject: The Netherlands
From: danitje on 12/29/2007
Dear KISS, I have never seen you guys live, so I hope that KISS will come to the Netherlands for a concert! Please, would you come soon in the Netherlands? Greets, Danielle
merry mas!!
Subject: merry kissmas!!
From: -jason- on 12/29/2007
yoyoyo just wanted to say merry kisssmas don\'t you want to go on tour in europe in 2008?? or come to austria?? you haven\'t been here for a so long time we miss you and we need you here greets
mass Gift
Subject: Kissmass Gift
From: llwill6 on 12/28/2007
Just wanted to send a picture of me and my kids with a Kissmass gift from a long time friend and Kiss fan!! The picture is of Leonard, Preslei, and Garrett Williams of Madison Alabama. The gift was from Jeff Andujar!!! God Bless All of Ya\'ll!!
Merry mas and a Happy New Year
Subject: Merry KISSmas and a Happy New Year
From: forpetessake on 12/28/2007
A little late, but none the less sincere in wishing everyone at KOL, KISS and all the fans, the very best for a Happy New Year and a Merry Belated KISSmas. From the staff and members of The 9 Lives Of Peter Criss.
Ace Frehley Rocks Springfield (Va. that is!)
Subject: Ace Frehley Rocks Springfield (Va. that is!)
From: slaterock on 12/28/2007
Hey guys! First off I wanna say that I have been a loyal kisss fan for 30 years! I just saw Ace play at Jaxx last night and I gotta say that my faith in Ace has been restored!!!! He kicked #$$!!! last night! I saw him play solo about 14 years ago at HammerJacks in Baltimore and he was not at his best--But last night was worth the trip and worth the wait! Ace came on about 11:30 or so. He played his butt off till 1:30. I wish I could have taken some pictures to post here but the security was even stopping cell phones. The set list ran the gamut:I think it began with Hard Times from Dynasty and the fanale included a rock medley inluding The Who,Led Zep and others. it was all so good and so loud its hard to recall just now--They ended with Cold Gin. An excellent show!!! Thank you ACE you are a real ROCK SOLDIER!!! Your playing is still stellar and your laughter is infectious! I hope that Jaxx posts some photos on their web site---Hey fans! If you got any post em!!!
From: insortediaboli on 12/28/2007
My name is Justin Kirby. KISS is the best thing I could have ever discovered as a kid. It kept me out of a lot of bad stuff as a teenager. Nowadays, I\'m more of a KISS fan than ever thanks to the outstanding Kissology series (by the way, when are we gonna see Vol. 4? I know you guys got it in ya!!!), and I hope to pass this love for such an awesome band to my child, who will be born on June 18. My girl hates the idea, but come on...KISS saved my life, KISS is my life, and with a little luck my child will appreciate you as much as I do. Rock on, guys, and thank you for everything you\'ve done for me. But now for my question: Do you remember this news clipping? They seem to have gotten you all mixed up!!!
We want a Brisbane show!!!!!!
Subject: We want a Brisbane show!!!!!!
From: manda7 on 12/27/2007
Dear Gene and fellow rock gods, My friend and i were exstatic to learn that you were returning to Australia to perform another ledgendary show. However we were devestated to find out that you were only making 1 appearence in Melbourne. We seriously considered the possibility of making the trip from Brisbane to Melbourne, but as we are both single devoted mothers we just could not stretch the budget to make the trip. So we are begging you PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE come to Brisbane...PLEASE. We love you Gene!!!!!! $$$ Thanks Forever Listening Amanda & Peita xoxoxoxoxo
Subject: Christmas
From: ozzykissfan on 12/26/2007
I got so much kiss stuff for christmas i cant even list it all im so happy because i got the Les Paul i wanted. From figures to clocks i got it all you guys rock. Jeremy George
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