From: Yan on 07/30/2007
My name is Yan I´m from México I live on Cancun I´m a waitress on Hard Rock Cafe in Cancun we like to make some different things and to companions it was happened to us to make our work with glamour, and that better way than of the best band, I hope please the photos to them and send us commentaries KISSes with love
I hope Paul Stanley be well
Subject: I hope Paul Stanley be well
From: Daniel Medina on 07/30/2007
Paul: I hope you will be ok, just pray a lot and your health be more well, and I want your heart will working more because I want more concerts. Regards Daniel Medina Cd. Juarez, Mexico
Paul\'s heart trouble
Subject: Paul\'s heart trouble
From: Mike from Berlin,WI. on 07/30/2007
Paul, I hope you have a speedy recovery. I give Gene, Eric, and Tommy a huge thumbs up for carrying on the show. I wasn\'t there, but I\'m sure they did a great job. I\'ve been a KISS fan since the 70s. Paul, I can\'t imagine KISS without you, or Gene. You two have kept that band in motion so well since it\'s inception in the very early 70s. I don\'t know much about Eric, and Tommy. After purchasing KISS, Rock The Nation, they sure have convinced me, they\'re both a part of KISS big time. Thanks. Mike of Berlin,WI.
Subject: Desire
From: Martín Comoglio on 07/30/2007
From Argentina, my more sincere desires so that you recover totally. With my eternal admiration. Thanks for your art and sensitivity. Martín Comoglio
Biggest Thanks
Subject: Biggest Thanks
From: Rachael F. on 07/30/2007
After flying from coast to coast, trying not to miss a single show, I cannot believe you came to my hometown. My husband is a Soboba employee, he works the department that helps stock the items you request. Sugar-free rice crispies, crystal light, and we apologize for the milk that got there late. What you did there for us that night was amazing. Not only did you blow our minds but you also touched our hearts. Paul... you should be proud, the guys really pulled it together and did a great job. I hope you know how much your fans care about you. Please have a speedy recovery, I cannot wait to see you. I know San Jacinto is small but please come back! Thanks for not only showing me how much you guys really care for us (the fans) but also for making my sons first concert (hes 18 months and had proper ear care) so special. At his age it was awesome to see Mommies collectibles come to life. THANK YOU- Rachael And Baby David
Get Well Wishes
Subject: Get Well Wishes
From: Ray Bradshaw on 07/30/2007
Hello Paul: I hope this morning finds you in better spirits, as I\'m sure this was the worst weekend of your life. To my knowledge you haver NEVER missed a venue. The situation must have dark indeed! You can never know what you have meant to me over the years, a \"Guiding Star\" you might say. Blessings to you, and your family. (Including all members of KISS!) Please take of yourself, & Get Well Soon. Your Friend Ray Bradshaw of \"The Order of The Rose\" Dallas TX 1983-1987
in\' Time
Subject: Kissin\' Time
From: Sim on 07/30/2007
Hi guys, Glad to hear that Paul is OK & I know you\'ll make a Mr Speedy recovery! Wow, a KISS show without Paul, can\'t believe it! Guys, you gotta release footage of that show, it would have to be #1 now on the most wanted KISS List. (KISSOLOGY 3 Maybe???). I live in Oz so I didn\'t see the show but we\'re all eagerly awaiting the next Downunder Tour. So stay healthy guys & we\'ll see you soon. Sim Downunder
Soboba Concert 7-27-2007
Subject: Soboba Concert 7-27-2007
From: Dale Ann on 07/30/2007
This was my first KISS concert. My husband is a huge fan and he finally got me to go and I was overcome by emotion and have a new found respect for the ROCK GODS. Truly AMAZING. I am your newest fan. MY prayers go out to Paul and his family. Gene your the MAN. The band played on. Thank You!
get well paul.
Subject: get well paul.
From: anna plummer on 07/29/2007
after reading about your heart ,i had almost feared the heart skipped for a second,but i\'m glad you\'re fine.hope you get anna.a kiss fan for 30 years,and still ya starchild.r.s.v.p.
\"Guitar Eyes\", Painting- Get Well Gift For Paul Stanley
Subject: \"Guitar Eyes\", Painting- Get Well Gift For Paul Stanley
From: Kari Celestine in Diboll, Texas on 07/29/2007
Paul, I\'m very sorry and shaken up to receive news of your recent heart illness. I know how important giving a live performance is to you, but you made the right decision to put your health first. I\'ve met you a couple times, kissed your hands, and told you what your music means to me. You continue to be my mentor and inspiration, I\'m hard of hearing in my right ear, and I\'m a freak. You\'re one of the greatest blessings God ever gave me. I love you more than words can say. Here\'s one of my paintings I call, \"Guitar Eyes\". I hope it will make you feel better, and bring a smile to your beautiful face. Love and Prayers, Kari Celestine in Diboll, Texas
Mr. Speedy Recovery
Subject: Mr. Speedy Recovery
From: Kevin S. in Texas on 07/29/2007
Paul, Here is wishing you to live up to your self-proclaimed moniker of \"Mr. Speed\" and show the world that an \"All-American Man\" can make a speedy recovery! I know all KISS fans will \"Shout It Out Loud\" once we hear the news that Paul will once again give us more \"Crazy, Crazy Nights!\" Sincerely, Kevin Scott
get well soon, Paul
Subject: get well soon, Paul
From: robin ortiz on 07/29/2007
Heard about your heart trouble, take care of yourself, you only have one! Hope you\'re back on the road soon, I have never seen you in concert, I was a single mom and concerts were not in the budget. I have an empty nest now, so I can finally see you (hopefully) one day. God bless all of you, Robin
Face Painting for Cisco at concert
Subject: Face Painting for Cisco at KISS concert
From: CharmandHappy on 07/29/2007
That girl Rocks!!!! From concept to completion, Nina Greville of Tickled Pink Face Painting in Orange County, CA had all details relayed to each of us in a timely and professional manner. This was no small job or just a typical company event. There were about 24 face painters she had to prepare for this event at the private KISS concert. Sadly, I did not get to get photos of all the faces I did, but I figure a few is better than none at all. Carmen Tellez BLOG
Paul\'s health
Subject: Paul\'s health
From: Jim Bushrow on 07/29/2007
Dear Pual, I wish you speedy recovery! I\'ve been rockin\' with you guys since \'78, and wish you guys the best! Jim Bushrow
A Night To Remember FOREVER
Subject: A Night To Remember FOREVER
From: Von Love on 07/29/2007
To Paul Sorry to hear about your illness. When Gene came on stage and told us what had happen, It shock everybody. To have your heart beating at 190 to 200 beats a minute is crazy. I read that you\'re doing better and that your at home now, That\'s good news for your family, friends and fan\'s. For you to tell Gene the show must go on, The fans are coming along ways to see you guys, Just shows us fans what kinda person you are.We thank you for that. You were missed on Friday night ,KISS is not the same without you up on the stage. Take care of yourself, Hope to see you soon. As for Gene,Tommy,Eric what can I say but outstanding job Friday night. I\'m sure it wasn\'t easy going on stage with Paul in route to the hospital and for as hot as it was inside SOBOBA arena. To watch you Gene on stage control your emotion and stand up there and talk to the crowd, When you called Paul your brother, I\'m surprise the roof didn\'t fall down. You two have been playing together for so many years most of people I saw there weren\'t even born yet.I\'ve been lucky to have seen you play way back in the early 70\'s, I don\'t have enough fingers and toes to tell how many times I\'ve seen your shows. This show meant a lot to us fans. You didn\'t have go on, you could have cancelled and rescheduled and a true KISS fans whould have understood. Friday happen to be my Birthday and for the first time I was able to have my three sons with me. They have been to many shows to, They were still shock after the show of the news of Paul and the one thing one of my sons said was we just witness one of the greatest rock bands and shows on the face of this earth play as trio. Your never going to see that ever again. As Gene said Friday night, We just became part of KISSORY. So I\'ll say again THANK YOU KISS, Gene,Tommy,Eric and you Paul for all the years you were on stage given everything you had. Get better KISS ROCKS THE NATION VON From Santa Clarita
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