Gene and Sophie\'s trip to Camp Pendleton and VA
Subject: Gene and Sophie\'s trip to Camp Pendleton and VA
From: Brian K. McAuliffe on 07/30/2007
I truly hope that Gene receives this letter. I just wanted to write and tell him how much I appreciated his trip to visit the wounded service men at the VA. As a Marine from \'82-\'86 I was in Okinawa the Thursday night that over 200 of my brothers were killed at the Marine Barracks in Beirut. My unit was swiftly activated (and VERY willing, I might add) to kick some terroist ass. To this day I have a deep resentment too such orginzations. I am true red white and blue and would gladly protect my flag, family and way of life. I always get choked up when I see my flag waving proudly, or hear the National Anthem (and yeah, the Marine Corps Hymn--Hoorah). I have always been a big fan of KISS, for, well, lets just say a looong time, and to see the Gene I saw at the VA (on Family Jewels), just gave me a deepened respect for you, aside from the fact that you are truly one of a kind. My daughter and I were hoping to get a glimpse of you at the Kentucky Derby, she was one of the kids that was shown on the Big Screens in the infield for her poster she made of the late Barbaro. Her school gave her 2 tickets, and yes, she chose to take me (Daddy\'s girl that she is). I told her that you might see her when they made their presentation after the 6th race. Well if you do make it back to Kentucky for next years Derby, I hope to see you. Again, thank you so much for your moving actions in support of our military. And of course for Kiss. Semper Fi Brian K. McAuliffe
Soboba Show in San Jacinto, CA
Subject: Soboba Show in San Jacinto, CA
From: Vanessa Jimenez on 07/30/2007
Dear KISS, I have been a fan since I met my fiance. We\'ve been together for 7 years and he was a fan years before that. I never had heard or appreciated your music till he came along and he really made me hear and see the greatness of KISS. The show in San Jacinto was the first KISS show I have ever been to. I was sad that Paul wasn\'t able to preform, but it was amazing to see the rest of you continue on without him. The sound was amazing and everything was great. It was an awesome show and you even played my favorite song \"Parasite\". Thanks so much for that. I hope Paul is recovering and that I can see you all again some time with Paul back on stage. Peace, Vanessa Jimenez
Soboba Concert
Subject: KISS Soboba Concert
From: Rich Rose Malden, MA. on 07/30/2007
Hey KISS First I need to say that Paul, I hope you are getting well and everything works out for you. We missed you but your health is the most important thing and that needs to take front stage. When I heard that you guys were only playing four shows this year I told me wife that I need to attend at least one of them. Being from Massachusetts and noticing that all of the shows were west of Chicago I knew that some serious traveling would be involved. I would like to mention that my last KISS show was Atlantic City July 2004 so I have been waiting three long years for my next KISS show. I traveled 2600 miles from Boston, Mass to see you guys. I am a six time Platinum ticket holder and those times backstage meeting you guys were the times of my life. I never knew that you guys would be so down to earth and cool. I picked the show at the Soboba Casino in San Jacinto, CA. because I thought that the final show of them all would be the best. God, I didn’t think that it would be the most shocking and interesting KISS concert I have ever attended. When my wife and I arrived at the Soboba Casino we went straight to the arena and you guys had just begun your sound check. It was amazing to see you guys through the fence even if it was only the sound check. After you guys finished it seemed like time dragged until we were let into the arena and we got to our seats. When Doc took the stage I knew that something was not right. There was a moment that everyone in the audience just couldn’t believe what they were hearing. When Gene, Tommy and Eric then took the stage still in their war paint I knew that they were not leaving. After Gene asked us in the audience what do “we” want, I knew this was going to be a night to remember for the rest of my life. The words from Gene stating that Paul wanted the band to play were good to hear and touched many in the stands. With Gene mentioning that they had no clue how this would turn out was also good to see that they are only human too. I am amazed that anyone would want to continue with a concert without their lead singer and guitarist. I want to say that Gene, Tommy and Eric, in my eyes, did the show justice, they were amazing. Were they on the top of their game maybe not but they gave 110% on every song and every note. To pull out songs that they have not performed for years and play them was simply amazing. This shows everyone that they might play the some songs for many concerts but when it comes to last minute changes, they can come through. Gene took control of this show and I have to say that he did a great job. Tommy, what can I say about him, he was great. From the great rhythm to the awesome solo work, he did not lose a beat. Let’s not forget Eric, the man is amazing on those drums. He was great singing lead on two songs and background vocals on the others. The three were just so good that I was shocked that it worked. I have a new respect for these guys after the show. Whenever Gene spoke of Paul we could tell that his condition was weighting on his mind. So many of us in the audience were concerned about Paul and we were hoping that everything worked out. Paul, get well soon and we hope to see you soon on the stage. From a person who has been a fan for over 30 years, I have to say that these guys can do just about anything. Another special thing that happened for me and my wife was the chance to see Shannon Tweed, Nick and Sophie. We found out that they were filming for the Family Jewels show and we were in the area they were using for the shots. When the concert started they remained in our area, that was so cool too. It was amazing how friendly and nice Shannon, Nick and Sophie were considering so many people were in their face for most of the night. In closing I would like to say to Paul that I hope your recovery is quick and everything works out for you. We missed you but your health is number one. Rich Rose Malden, MA
Paul - Sending prayers to you
Subject: Paul - Sending prayers to you
From: Mary-Beth on 07/30/2007
Hi Paul, Just wanted to send my prayers to you after your recent health concerns. I have loved you and the band since 1976, and need all of you in my life. Take care of yourself, God Bless you, and keep on rockin! Love, Mary-Beth
I was at the San Jacinto Show... Paul you are the best! Get Well Soon!
Subject: I was at the San Jacinto Kiss Show... Paul you are the best! Get Well Soon!
From: JAZAN WILD on 07/30/2007
I wanted to wish my best to Paul Stanley. Friday night I was in attendance at the Kiss show in San Jacinto, California when Doc McGhee and Gene Simmons announced that Paul was rushed to the Hospital. When they said his heart was beating at almost 200 beats per minute it felt as though you just didn\'t want to hear another word. Everyone (15,000 or so fans) seemed stunned and shared in only one united thought... \"Paul had to be alright!\" Paul Stanley has meant so much to millions of people and changed our lives. I was a kid from a small town with not much going for me. Kiss was an inspiration to people like me. They would always say that \"You could be anything you dream to be,\" \"Believe in yourself,\" \"Don\'t give up on your dreams,\" and so on. This meant everything to me then and still does now! So often it isn\'t until after we lose someone this special, that we say how much we admire what they have chosen to do with their lives and thank them for the wonderful impact they have had on ours. I for one, don\'t want to wait. Paul, you and the rest of the members of Kiss have changed my life and helped me believe in myself. I would have never taken the chances I have, without hearing your inspiring words at such a young impressionable age. You are the best! Thank You! Get Well Soon, Jazan Wild P.S. The courage that Gene, Tommy, and Eric showed in the face of a hard situation like that was amazing. You impressed us all! PAUL STANLEY A ROCK LEGEND!
From: Yan on 07/30/2007
My name is Yan I´m from México I live on Cancun I´m a waitress on Hard Rock Cafe in Cancun we like to make some different things and to companions it was happened to us to make our work with glamour, and that better way than of the best band, I hope please the photos to them and send us commentaries KISSes with love
I hope Paul Stanley be well
Subject: I hope Paul Stanley be well
From: Daniel Medina on 07/30/2007
Paul: I hope you will be ok, just pray a lot and your health be more well, and I want your heart will working more because I want more concerts. Regards Daniel Medina Cd. Juarez, Mexico
Paul\'s heart trouble
Subject: Paul\'s heart trouble
From: Mike from Berlin,WI. on 07/30/2007
Paul, I hope you have a speedy recovery. I give Gene, Eric, and Tommy a huge thumbs up for carrying on the show. I wasn\'t there, but I\'m sure they did a great job. I\'ve been a KISS fan since the 70s. Paul, I can\'t imagine KISS without you, or Gene. You two have kept that band in motion so well since it\'s inception in the very early 70s. I don\'t know much about Eric, and Tommy. After purchasing KISS, Rock The Nation, they sure have convinced me, they\'re both a part of KISS big time. Thanks. Mike of Berlin,WI.
Subject: Desire
From: Martín Comoglio on 07/30/2007
From Argentina, my more sincere desires so that you recover totally. With my eternal admiration. Thanks for your art and sensitivity. Martín Comoglio
Biggest Thanks
Subject: Biggest Thanks
From: Rachael F. on 07/30/2007
After flying from coast to coast, trying not to miss a single show, I cannot believe you came to my hometown. My husband is a Soboba employee, he works the department that helps stock the items you request. Sugar-free rice crispies, crystal light, and we apologize for the milk that got there late. What you did there for us that night was amazing. Not only did you blow our minds but you also touched our hearts. Paul... you should be proud, the guys really pulled it together and did a great job. I hope you know how much your fans care about you. Please have a speedy recovery, I cannot wait to see you. I know San Jacinto is small but please come back! Thanks for not only showing me how much you guys really care for us (the fans) but also for making my sons first concert (hes 18 months and had proper ear care) so special. At his age it was awesome to see Mommies collectibles come to life. THANK YOU- Rachael And Baby David
Get Well Wishes
Subject: Get Well Wishes
From: Ray Bradshaw on 07/30/2007
Hello Paul: I hope this morning finds you in better spirits, as I\'m sure this was the worst weekend of your life. To my knowledge you haver NEVER missed a venue. The situation must have dark indeed! You can never know what you have meant to me over the years, a \"Guiding Star\" you might say. Blessings to you, and your family. (Including all members of KISS!) Please take of yourself, & Get Well Soon. Your Friend Ray Bradshaw of \"The Order of The Rose\" Dallas TX 1983-1987
in\' Time
Subject: Kissin\' Time
From: Sim on 07/30/2007
Hi guys, Glad to hear that Paul is OK & I know you\'ll make a Mr Speedy recovery! Wow, a KISS show without Paul, can\'t believe it! Guys, you gotta release footage of that show, it would have to be #1 now on the most wanted KISS List. (KISSOLOGY 3 Maybe???). I live in Oz so I didn\'t see the show but we\'re all eagerly awaiting the next Downunder Tour. So stay healthy guys & we\'ll see you soon. Sim Downunder
Soboba Concert 7-27-2007
Subject: Soboba Concert 7-27-2007
From: Dale Ann on 07/30/2007
This was my first KISS concert. My husband is a huge fan and he finally got me to go and I was overcome by emotion and have a new found respect for the ROCK GODS. Truly AMAZING. I am your newest fan. MY prayers go out to Paul and his family. Gene your the MAN. The band played on. Thank You!
get well paul.
Subject: get well paul.
From: anna plummer on 07/29/2007
after reading about your heart ,i had almost feared the heart skipped for a second,but i\'m glad you\'re fine.hope you get anna.a kiss fan for 30 years,and still ya starchild.r.s.v.p.
\"Guitar Eyes\", Painting- Get Well Gift For Paul Stanley
Subject: \"Guitar Eyes\", Painting- Get Well Gift For Paul Stanley
From: Kari Celestine in Diboll, Texas on 07/29/2007
Paul, I\'m very sorry and shaken up to receive news of your recent heart illness. I know how important giving a live performance is to you, but you made the right decision to put your health first. I\'ve met you a couple times, kissed your hands, and told you what your music means to me. You continue to be my mentor and inspiration, I\'m hard of hearing in my right ear, and I\'m a freak. You\'re one of the greatest blessings God ever gave me. I love you more than words can say. Here\'s one of my paintings I call, \"Guitar Eyes\". I hope it will make you feel better, and bring a smile to your beautiful face. Love and Prayers, Kari Celestine in Diboll, Texas
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