To the knights of Rock\'n\'Roll
Subject: To the knights of Rock\'n\'Roll
From: ElderKnight on 07/29/2007
I\'ve just knew about Paul, about the show without him, and the speech of Gene. As a (little) french musician and a fan of Kiss since my 4 year old, i very touching about the courage of every members from Kiss, show must go on, and you : Gene,Eric and Tommy perform with your hearts & souls. I\'m very proud to be a fan from this Knights of Rock\'n\'Roll, and i waiting for watching you all again, united in Rock\'n\'Roll. To Paul : Take care of you, and be sure we are an army out there who send to you : our best wishes and love you. Regards, and merci.
Paul\'s Health Scare
Subject: Paul\'s Health Scare
From: wet_n_wildone on 07/29/2007
Paul: I know you probably don\'t remember meeting me, as you meet so many people in your travels. We met when I was 14 at the group\'s concert in West Palm Beach in 1977. I was introduced to you by my uncle, Robert Knoll and I was 14. It was my very first rock concert and I was hooked and have been a KISS fan ever since. I was shocked to hear about your health scare and send my love and hopes for a speedy recovery. My father suffered two heart attacks while I was in my 20\'s, so I know how scary this can be. Know that you are in my thoughts and that I am keeping the rest of the band in my heart and thoughts as well. Stay strong guys and ROCK ON! As always, the KISS ARMY RULES! All my love, Coral Hull-Schober
Paul\'s recovery and our thanks
Subject: Paul\'s recovery and our thanks
From: Rob on 07/29/2007
First let me say I do hope Paul is alright and is in the proper medical care. I hope your recovery is speedy. Second, I think it is time for the Kiss Army to gather to say \"Thanks\" to everyone who made Kiss, Kiss. An all huge convention with former members, producers, writers, the road crews too. Its time. I propose Indianapolis in June 08\' We need some volunteers for this and please note that you would need to be serious about this and be prepared to submit a \'kiss resume\' that would be vetted. Of course vendors and tribute bands would be central to this, but only trib bands with greater than 5 years experience would be considered for a competition and tribute to the band. If interested email Its time the Army paid its tribute. To paul God speed.
RockFest 2007-A Daughter\'s First Rock Concert
Subject: RockFest 2007-A Daughter\'s First Rock Concert
From: Dave Schoenrock and Samantha on 07/29/2007
Dear KISS, I became a bassist because of Gene Simmons and KISS way back when, in 1977... In 1978 I was kicked out of high school marching band for skipping an event to go see KISS live. It was my first rock concert. I\'ll never forget it. It was worth it!!! So, nearly thrity years later, I was fortunate enough to be performing at Rock Fest in Cadott, WI with my cover band. We even learned \"Rock and Roll All Night\" as a tribute to KISS. I was excited to see KISS again, after so many years, and what made the night even more special was being able to bring my 16 year-old daughter to see KISS live. Ironically, it would also be her first concert ever. She was so excited. What an amazing night. She screamed like a true concert goer, sang along with more songs than I thought she knew, and went nuts everytime the pyrotechnics went off. She proudly wore her KISS T-shirt, and told me later it was the \"best night of her life\". Such an awesome experience for a father and daughter, and a terrific experience for me to see my \"bass inspiration\". Without that influnce of Gene Simmons, I would have never become a musician. Thank you KISS for putting on a great show, and for being the first concert for both a father and daughter. Long live KISS!!! Sincerely, Dave Schoenrock
Subject: GENE in GREEN 07\' Soboba ROCKED KISSTORY!!
From: Scottindesert on 07/29/2007
Gene, All i can really say is AMAZING!! Absolutely STUNNING!!!! I was in awe at the KISSTORY being seen by so many yet SO FEW of your FANS!!! Your T.V. Show ROCKS, your KIDS ROCK!!!! I speak for Veterans of the United States of America, YOU ROCK!!!!! God Bless Paul, I wanna copy of KISS MEETS THE PHANTOM!!!! PLEASE!! LOVE YOU KISS Scotti Palm Desert, California
Paul\'s Heart Problem-PLEASE READ THIS
Subject: Paul\'s Heart Problem-PLEASE READ THIS
From: Joy Chanzes on 07/29/2007
Dear Paul, I have been a fan of Kiss forever and was very upset when I heard about your heart problem. I met you in Maui at the Celebrity Art Gallery I believe it was around Christmas of 2005. I just want you to know that I suffered for a couple of years from the same problem. You don\'t know if you are going to die. It is a terrible feeling. My life came to a complete halt. Today I am a new person. Back to my old self. I had what is called a Cardiac Ablation. I actually had it perform twice. I used a doctor that was highly recommended in West Palm Beach, Florida. This doctor is the best Electrophysiologist around. His name is Dr. Fischel, 5503 S. Congress #206, Boyton Beach, FL. 33462, phone 1-888-882-2463. Trust me I know what you are going thru and my heart goes out to you. But rest assured there is a cure. You will be in my prays for a quick and speedy solution to your heart problems. If I can be of any help please call me at 239-821-8804. Be assured this is not terminal if treated properly. Don\'t let it go on for a long time. Best Wishes, Joy Chanzes-----
My Prayers go out Tonight for Paul Stanley!
Subject: My Prayers go out Tonight for Paul Stanley!
From: Bubba Kelly on 07/28/2007
Paul,get well.We Love you!
Sobobo photo
Subject: Sobobo photo
From: Mike Roberts on 07/28/2007
This is the photo that was to be attached to my e-mail...guess it was too big. Hope you got the letter.
Sabobo Show
Subject: Sabobo Show
From: Mike Roberts on 07/28/2007
Dear KISS, First of all I want to send my best wishes to Paul...get well soon. I have been a KISS fan since day 1. There was always an excuse as to why I could never make a live show close to our home in western Canada..I never made it, and never thought I would. It was a dream come true the day my son told me he absolutely loved the rockband KISS, that was 10 years ago. What great times we have listening to the music, discussing the band and watching the dvd\'s...I told Travis (about 4 years ago), If KISS ever played a show anywhere in western Canada or USA, I would take him. What an amazing day when he went to his favorite website ( and found announcement for a show in southern California...and it\'s an all ages show! We have to go! 10 am Monday morning the tickets go on sale, I\'m on the phone, he is on the web...WE HAD TO GET TICKETS. We got them 20 rows back right in front of Gene! Now the planning of the trip, the flights the hotels, the 3000 miles! It\'s all set, WERE GOING TO SEE KISS! Needless to say, we were at the show in Sabobo on Friday night. Travis and I in full face makeup, he as Gene and I was Paul. You can\'t imagine the concern and disapointment when Gene came out and told us of Pauls heart concerns. All this way and no show? Oh YA! There was a show! Gene, Tommy and Eric put on a show of a lifetime, It ROCKED. Best show of my life, I can only imagine what it would have been like with Paul playing and singing his songs. I just hope Travis and I have the chance to see another KISS show together. What a fabulous thing to share with my son...we will never forget it. Thanks guys. And Paul, get well soon...we look forward to seeing you, and the the rest of the band...soon? Sincerely, Mike Roberts Vernon BC Canada
From: Benno on 07/28/2007
to paul hoping that your feeling better Rock on regards Benno- Australia
Get Well Soon Paul!!
Subject: Get Well Soon Paul!!
From: Paul Templeman on 07/28/2007
Paul, My daughter and I went to the show in San Jacinto on 07/27 and were truly saddened to learn of your condition while we were waiting for the show to start. Your concern for the fans who came, even in your condition, just proves what everyone already knows- KISS is all about the fans- and the ARMY loves you guys for that! Gene, Eric, and Tommy did you proud last night- they put on an amazing show in your honor- nothing but the best for the best. Get well soon! Paul T.
San Jacinto CONCERT 7/27/2007
Subject: San Jacinto CONCERT 7/27/2007
From: Kim on 07/28/2007
Dear KISS, THANK YOU for going on last night in San Jacinto, it meant a lot to me as well as many others in the sold out crowd. I\'m sure you were all quite rattled by Paul\'s cardiac event. You showed true professionalism and dedication last night. I appreciate you for turning out a unique concert experience. I saw you back in Hartford CT. during your \'79-80 World Tour. I must say that was the greatest concert of all time, especially for a 17 yr old. I came out to see you last night for my 45th birthday just for the hell of it. We\'re all a little older, a little wiser and all more compassionate. Your health means everything. Thank you for being you, Kim
Paul Get well soon
Subject: Paul Get well soon
From: seandawg on 07/28/2007
Dear Paul; It is hard to put into words how we all felt when we heard of your heart issues last night. I saw kiss at the Irvine medows in Ca. I was 4 row right in front of Gene. I had never seen kiss before Irvine medows & I see why you are the greatest front man alive.!!!! At Soboba Casino in San Jacinto, California, was my second show. The guys put on a hell of a show in your honor. You have givin us fans soo much of yourself never missing a show till now. If you need any physical therapy work, I\'m a licened massage therapist. & It would be a honor to help in any way I can. Please consider my offer Sincerly Sean Gallup
Are thoughts and prayers are with you PAUL!
Subject: Are thoughts and prayers are with you PAUL!
From: ROCK MARTONE on 07/28/2007
As a fan I was taken back once I read what had happened to you Paul during the last stop of the \"Hit and Run\" tour. I sincerely hope a little rest will get you back on track and not prevent you from doing what you do best, performing and pleasing so many fans. Which leads into how amazing you and the entire band are. Not only for the music you produce but how that music has so many different feelings and memories for us fans. I can honestly say since seeing the band take the stage in the Sault friends and I who were in attendance left that evening wanting more and hoping for another tour in the near future. But as fans and people we understand one\'s health comes first at this point.Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Get well soon STAR CHILD!
get well soon starchild <3
Subject: get well soon starchild <3
From: kitty roxx on 07/28/2007
to paul (and fam , freinds n rest of band) paul i wish u well soon. you are in my thoughts and prayers. when i heard the news i was in tears im still in shock . i know gene and the rest of kiss went on w/ the show because thats what u would want . i know you feel bad n think u let fans down , but u didnt paul, your health is so much more important , it is precious n dear to us and to yourself . please take care of yourself my prayers n thoughts are w/ u my thoughts travel to u . i have been a huge kiss fan since i can remember ik u dont want to let fans down , but we love you n we care about you and your health . i know in my heart of hearts you will return soon n better n stronger then ever . you are deeply loved by me and many others n we all just want u to get well soon . so please do all you have to do , to get better, get your rest your fans will always b here always ..... ~~~~F0REVER~~~~ i wish i can go on and on btu then ill be writing a book *smiles* LOVE N HUGS N SO MUCH MORE BEAUTIFUL STARCHILD , GOD BLESS YOU PAUL MUCH LOVE ALWAYS , KITTY
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