Hy guys!
Subject: Hy guys!
From: steffi1905 on 11/23/2007
I know I\'ve been writing to you the third time about the same concern. But everytime my file was too large. Sorry for this. I hope it works this time. You know it\'s just a little photomontage. Nothing to be angry about. I found the original photo somewhere on my computer and thought it would be better with KISS on it. So I and a friend, who is also a big fan of you, made this for you. I hope you like it.
Jayden with her Gene duck
Subject: Jayden with her Gene duck
From: kao8741 on 11/20/2007
This summer we went to Orlando, FL and purchased a Gene Duck for my daughter Jayden, she carried it around with her everywhere she went. She will even stick her tongue out when you ask her \"What does Gene do\" Here she is with her Gene duck.
From: Arauka on 11/20/2007
Hi KISS: Thought I\'d act like a proud grandfather and share this photo of my grandson, Dawson, with everyone. He\'s been a KISS fan forever - all 6 months since his birth this past May. Parents Crystal and Mike can attest to the fact that Dawson rocks and rolls all night (unless that\'s just the teething ...). Anyway, we\'re one more three-generation KISS family. Cheers, Arauka
New York Groove on October Road Premiere!
Subject: New York Groove on October Road Premiere!
From: pacarp7 on 11/20/2007
Hey Guys, Just saw a preview clip for the ABC show October Road, which premieres on Thursday night. The main characters were taking a trip to New York City to find their friend, and \"New York Groove\" was playing in the background while they were driving in downtown NY. Just goes to show Kiss is everywhere!! Have a great Thanksgiving Kiss! Paul Carpenter Indiana
Country Giant DJ's Play Again!!!
Subject: Country Giant DJ's Play KISS Again!!!
From: yobaby11 on 11/19/2007
Once again, The Country Giant, 94.7 in Cookeville, TN. dressed up as KISS for a country show! It was a St. Jude Benefit which raised over $4000 with Mark Chesnutt headlining, and JC Andersen opening. JC invited the DJs to play a song with him and we surprised him with our KISS show! See the video here: http://myspacetv.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&videoid=22366932 . By the way, my wife Angie made the Paul Stanley jacket I'm wearing, everyone thought it was a real Paul jacket, what an awesome job!
me and my daughter for halloween
Subject: me and my daughter for halloween
From: zingo on 11/17/2007
Hwllo here are me and my daughter dress up as our favorite rock stars .Me as paul and her as Hannah Montana enjoy ...
in DeKalb Marching Band
Subject: KISS in DeKalb Marching Band
From: yobaby11 on 11/15/2007
Every Halloween the students of the DeKalb County High School Marchnig Band in Smithville, TN (www.dekalbband.com) have the opportunity to drop the band uniforms and dress up in their favorite characters during the football game. We had no idea that \"Gene\" would show up and play trumpet for us. Students from the opposing school were stopping him for pictures with their cell phones.
The Demon meets The Wiggles
Subject: The Demon meets The Wiggles
From: rjbordonaro on 11/15/2007
I am an Active Duty Marine stationed at Yokota AB in Japan. How better to celbrate holloween at the Officers\' Club then to dress as my favorite member of Kiss. I figured I would do a \"Dress to Kill\" look and were a suit. As soon as I walked in the Dj played a few KISS songs. My wife, being the supportive woman that she is, dressed as a Groupie...and she looked HOT! Some of our friends dressed as The Wiggles. What a sight, the Demon meets the Wiggles!
Rock Denver
Subject: Rock Denver
From: dsilvano on 11/13/2007
I sent a letter a while back asking you to consider coming to Colorado. I don\'t think it went through, so here is the biggest sum of my letter. You should come to Denver, Colorado. My band and I have wanted to see a Kiss concert ever since we heard the band. We love you guys. Please consider it. You are the only ones who can make our dream come true. Thank you. You guys are the greatest. Sincerely, David Silvano of Recluse Here is a picture of my bassist on the left as the demon, and me on the right as the starchild.
From: COLLEEN on 11/12/2007
Hi KISS, I wanted to share this picture of my new truck that I recently purchased. I have been a fan since 1976 and I wanted to do something special - a tribute to the GREATEST BAND EVER- KISS. With the help of my friend John (Kiss Army Missouri) we got it done. Thank you KISS for being the Greatest Band in the World Colleen KISS ARMY Louisiana
Subject: kiss bar
From: evillee on 11/11/2007
heres a update on the kiss bar
hallowen costume
Subject: hallowen costume
From: kissarmysoilder89 on 11/10/2007
as the biggest KISS fan i decided to go as Gene for halloween.the face pant took and hour and half to do. espically with 3 layers of face paint. it turned out so freaken awsome
another attempt to post the picture
Subject: another attempt to post the picture
From: shandi29620 on 11/10/2007
Loooool, okay, fourth attempt to post the picture of Gene and myself. Now I really do hope you will post this picture on the main page. Have a great day, the ultimate european Kiss fan
Subject: KISS Expo
From: ozzykissfan on 11/10/2007
Please have a KISS Expo in Birmingham Alabama. Im a 14 year old KISSaholic. Please visit Alabama.KISS ARMY FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!
convention \'07
Subject: KISS convention \'07
From: leroy/kiss on 11/10/2007
Hey my name is Leroy and i just want to say that Eric Singer was so cool on that day in Secaucus.I am 46 from North Bergen N.J. And have been a KISS fan since 1974
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